Printed USB Flash Drives

The initial commercial sale of the first promotional flash drives entered the promotional merchandise market back in 2000. A promotional tool and executive gift with purpose as a portable data storage device. Benefits with flash memory and Promotional USB sticks are seen by the receiver as the modern replacement for data CDs and the old fashioned floppy disc.

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4-port USB Hub

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Brick Man USB Flashdrive

Cardboard Woodland USB – 4GB

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Cork USB – 4GB

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Eco Bamboo USB – 4GB

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Exec Embossed USB flashdrive

Executive Key Ring with Charging Cable and USB

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Executive USB Flashdrive

Executive Wrap USB Flashdrive

Gloss Metal USB Flashdrive

Key ring with USB type C and micro USB connector

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Keyring USB flashdrive

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The Benefits of Gifting Promotional USB drives.


A modern executive business gift with multiple options available for all budgets, ranging from a diverse choice of cases from moulded solid plastics, twist cap shapes, such as a the Twister USB flash drive, through to bespoke 2D and 3D PVC moulded shapes for the ultimate corporate merchandise custom design, to imitate a product sold within a company’s range or product selection.

Will never suffer damage from electromagnetic interference, along with the ability to withstand surface damage and scratches.

Lightweight and generally robust for many years of use, perfect for businesses with an active field sales team presenting to prospects on a daily basis, or event team staff looking to exchange data files, price lists and product sheets to stand visitors.

Branded USB sticks are favoured by IT support staff and consultancy services for assistance in carrying data content to meetings and service support issues.

Promotional USBs still remain favoured by marketers as part of their promotional product mix, to gift to customers or prospects. Receivers of branded flash drives see the benefit of the technology gift as a valuable tool for data transfer and for the ease of overriding the data and removing from multiple devices. With the added knowledge that the branded USB is supported by all modern operating systems and will work with multiple devices, such as laptops, office computers and even some tablets with a micro USB adaptor.

Student and education support teams treasure the support that branded USB wristbands can provide whilst in school, college or university, the Promotional Twister USB flash drive is still a favoured design due to the compact build and ease to attach to keyrings and lanyards.

The data tool attached to the wrist in bright striking colours, matched to the college or university brand, aids the students in retrieving education materials and coursework whilst allowing the collection of further information for research and study.

How Promotional USB’s Work

A micro printed circuit board, with a USB connector allowing connection to multi devices ranging from desktop to personal computers, laptops and servers.

The promotional flash drive chip remains protected from the elements in a wide choice of cases made from plastics, woods and metal.

There are numerous metal options including; metal trim, gloss metal, solid metal block, and metal hook as well as novelty version like metal robots.

Additional fittings include keyring attachments, lanyard and loops for ease of carrying around whilst travelling.

Due to no moving parts, Promotional USB drives are incredibly durable, easy to store, transport, contain in folders and laptop bags along with attaching to key fobs or lanyards.

A USB plug is the standard fitting for branded USB’s, however some models allow for a micro USB plug for ease of plugging directly into devices such as mobile phones.

Once installed into your device dragging and dropping files into your drive will allow for the safe transfer of data between the promotional USB and your computer.


USB Flash drives with hardware encryption

Branded USB flash drives can be considered a leading part in corporate merchandise support.

For companies looking to invite delegates to an event to discuss a new product launch or large re-brand, or even sensitive industry news, the hardware encryption to a promotional USB will be of champion choice to consider.

Hardware encryption is paramount for businesses to hand out sensitive information, or private corporate information, to not be shared outside of the internal team or leaked into the media.

Due to the small size, compact build and petite nature of the branded flash drives they can be easy to lose or misplace.

The promotional USBs protect corporate data by encryption technology and password protection, ensuring your corporate information never falls into your competitor’s lap or leaves your business in any danger.

How are promotional USB flash drives made?

The factory production uses different levels of technology from high-value electrical components to lower value tech parts.

Onto a branded circuit board the promotional flash chip holding surface mounted integrated circuits is then adhered. At this stage Quality checks are completed to fully screen for issues and the memory storage achieved.

A probe card is used to mount the flash memory to the motherboard. Metal needles for electrical contact are used and placed through thin edge stips comprised of metal.

Production of promotional USB flash drives is still completed in stages by hand, such as the mounting of the printed circuit board. After the chips have been mounted, a factory machine then completes the process by wire bonding the two together.

Promotional USB Flash drives Vs Branded Micro SD cards

Both branded USB Flash Drives and promotional SD cards are a fantastic merchandise tool for businesses looking to invest in corporate promotional giveaways to advertise their brand, products or services.

Promotional USB Flash drives benefit the receiver with the ease of plugging into multi devices from personal computers, laptops and desk based devices, they can be easily taken out of the office, stored in laptop cases, bags and even on keychains, as a relatively robust product the longevity of use is amplified that that of a SD card.

Promotional micro SD cards are very compact in comparison to printed USB Flash Drives,. A favoured choice for businesses looking to gift a corporate branded item that can be easily stored and used by the receiver, with a micro portability. SD cards can limit the user in use as the card can only be used to transfer data with a device that has a micro card slot available.

Branded Micro SD cards are reliable and promise high speed data transmissions for the accelerated data exchanges.

Promotional card readers are now a sought after choice to bridge the cap of Micro SD cards and Branded USBS by benefitting the receiver with the option to read multi data card applications


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What size of Memory for Promotional USB Flash Drive will work best for my needs?

Consider firstly your required data to be uploaded to the branded flash drive and this will be your easiest route to actualize your required amount of memory size required for your promotional marketing campaign.

Debate how the Promotional USB will be used after gifting out to your recipient, do you want them to continue to use your branded flash drive in the home, office or external meetings, advertising your logo to a wider audience with every use.

Perhaps your customer may want to continue to use the branded USB for personal storage of music, photos, documents and video. The flash drive may also be of use for the owner to store apps or software.

Promotional USB flash drives generally come as standard with an optional pre-load of up to 150mb.

Memory suggestions.

2GB – Designed for a more moderate business use, will allow a business to include a standard price list, some photo images and still allow the recipient to continue to use for a handful of additional storage data needs.

4GB – A branded USB flash drive choice with double the capacity of the standard 2GB, ideal for students who will appreciate the the additional room to photos, videos and music, gifting a memory of this size will provide a useful tool for the student, for both educational and personal storage requirements.

8GB – Promotional flash drives with this volume of available memory size, will benefit both the business investing in the device to hand out large portfolios of images, corporate videos, price lists and spreadsheets, whilst also enabling the user to enjoy further room for personal storage and data transfer use.

16GB – Considering this very generous memory size, will benefit your business with the memory option of transferring large media files and artwork files from devices and drives, imperative tool for those in design service or media production.  Gifting this size of promotional USB will be greatly recieved by your audience, and likely to migrate into the receiver’s personal use, as it will be large enough to double up for storage of domestic files.

If you feel that your business needs to explore an option on an even larger Branded USB flash drive even larger memory sizes are available such as as 64GB, 128GB and 126GB.


Alternative designs of Promotional USB Drives to consider

Consider the appearance of your chosen Promotional USB flash drive and if it will appeal to your target audience once gifted. As a popular executive promotional gift, you will want your business gift to really stand out.

For maximum impact and a positive ROI on your advertising gift, evaluate and explore a design that reflects your product or service, a memory size that will reflect the expected data usage and requirements to the sector you are planning on gifting the promotional USB’s into.

Perhaps your business is looking to promote a new product, you can explore a fully customised promotional USB, in a 2D or 3D Pvc moulded shape. A custom USB can be a fantastic and quirky bespoke option to consider if your new product can be molded into a 3d shape.

Custom USB’s

  • Perfect for businesses looking to cement a little wow factor into your promotional product gifting.
  • Have some fun with your USB design, as a custom shape can be to your exact specifications.
  • Wide variety of memory sizes to consider ranging from 1 – 16GB.
  • As a custom flash drive design, the drive will appeal to all ages, sectors and industries.
  • A design unique to your product or service with benefit your brand in two ways;

1 – A memorable design that is exclusive to your business.

2 – Due to the promotional USB shape a constant reminder of your brand and product with the added fun element to ensure multiple use and maximum advertising impressions.

Clip USB Flash drives

  • The clip design to the promotional USB allows the receiver to keep the flash drive in attached to a pocket, folder, desk pad or board, benefitting the user with ease of leaving in a place that allows the drive to be easily retrieved when needed.
  • Sectors that will appreciate the promotional clip usb as a gift include educational teaching staff, consultancy services, IT supporters and financial advisors, the smart design with the clear and simple lines relate to no fuss approach of the industries that will enjoy receiving them.
  • Additional benefits of the clip flash drive include the opportunity to pick between a plastic case or a soft PVC rubberised finish.
  • Due to the flat surfaces on the promotional usb outer case, flexibility on print methods can be explored, from standard spot colour printing to digital CMYK, and to both the front and back of the body.

Credit card Flashdrive

  • As a favoured design and shape for many marketing executives looking for a stylish slim, compact pocket sized promotional flashdrive, the slim credit card flashdrive is a thought after data device,
  • Benefiting marketing campaigns with the ability to print stunning full colour reproduced designs and logos to both sides, the print area is champion in CMYK reproduction.
  • Appealing to both the executive user and the larger brand campaigns, a popular choice for car groups and retailers.
  • Can be packaged in a wide variety of gift boxes.

Executive Metal USB flash drives

  • Considered as one of the best executive gifts to receive, due to the metal build and executive feel to the case.
  • Perfect choice for businesses looking to personalise their flash drives with an engrave branded design as opposed to a standard print.
  • Can be added to a branded corporate folder for a higher perceived value gift item.
  • Perfectly paired with an executive pen or promotional notebook, for the added wow factor to your marketing campaign.
  • Due to the higher end spec of the promotional flash drive, the usb is likely to stay with the receiver for a good length of time.
  • Champion choice for business looking for the perfect conference item.

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