Branded Powerbanks

A Powerbank is an extremely convenient portable charging device that allows you to boost the battery of your smartphone or tablet whilst on the go. They come in all shapes and sizes and some have more charging capabilities than others.

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Branded Powerbank – Crevix

From £7.14

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Branded Powerbank – Shades

From £20.59

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Branded Powerbank – Skinny

From £12.89

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Candy Powerbank 2200mAh

Emergency Power Bank Keychain

From £4.70

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Hue Powerbank – 2200mAh with Keyring Hole

Kracken Charger

Mini Keyring Powerbank

From £2.96

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Mobile Power Bank 1200 mAh on Keyring

From £1.67

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PowerKey 1000 Powerbank

From £4.65

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Rubber Coated Powerbank

From £3.08

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Rubik’s Mobile Charging Cable Set

From £8.20

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Showing 1-12 of 24 results

What is a Power bank?

In recent years, smartphones and tablets have become ever popular and are forever evolving, meaning that we use them more and more each day whether it be for work or personal use.

As much as we wish this weren’t true, their battery life doesn’t last forever. That’s where Power banks, wireless chargers and other Portable Chargers come in. These devices are made up of a unique battery with a circuit to control power flow. Meaning that whilst on the go and when a wall socket is not available to us, we can still charge our phones.

How do you use a Power bank?

First of all, to use a Powerbank you must make sure the device is full of power itself to be able to provide your smartphone with a battery boost. The way you do this by plugging the USB cord that is supplied with Power charger into the Powerbank and then into the wall socket, or computer. Initially, when the Power bank is not fully charged, a red light will appear indicating this. The device must then be left on charge until a green light shows up letting you know that the device is now fully charged and ready to be used on the go. The Power bank is now at your service for when your smartphone needs a battery boost. When this time comes, using the USB cord connect the Powerbank to your smartphone or tablet and it will begin charging.

Seeing as these portable chargers come in a variety of shapes and have different charging capabilities, the question is often asked: “How many times can my Power bank charge my device?”.

This will all depend on the mAh of your Power bank and also your smartphone. “mAh” stands for milliAmpere hour, which is a measure of a battery’s energy storage capacity. The way in which you can calculate a rough estimate for how many times your device can be charged using these Portable Chargers is by dividing the mAh of the Power bank or portable charger by the mAh of your smartphone or tablet. Below is a table to help you better your understanding of the different types of Power banks and their capabilities.

This table shows a rough estimate of how many times certain smartphones and tablets can be charged by different kinds of Power banks and Portable Chargers.


DeviceDevice Battery Capacity (mAh)Portable Charger (2200mAh)Portable Charger (4000mAh)Portable Charger (8000mAh)
iPhone 71960mAhCharges device around 1.1 timesCharges device around 2.0 timesCharges Device around 4.0 times
Samsung S83000mAhCharges device around 0.7 timesCharges device around 1.3 timesCharges Device around 2.6 times
iPad 5th Generation8820mAhCharges device around 0.2 timesCharges device around 0.5 timesCharges Device around 0.9 times


As you can see from the table above, the larger the battery capacity of the Power bank or portable charger, the more battery life it will be able to give your device. Generally, tablets such as the Ipad or the Samsung Pad have much larger batteries than smartphones and therefore Power banks and portable chargers with up to around 8000mAh won’t have the same effect on them as they will on a smartphone. This means that these types of Power banks are more suited to smartphones. Although some of our higher-end models with a larger battery storage capacity can accommodate for this.
However, due to the size of the batteries in tablets, they are made to last a considerable amount longer.

Why would you use a Branded Power bank?

Power banks provide a large branding area and investing in a branded Power bank is a fantastic way to promote your business and brand name as they have become so popular, due to the practical and executive builds.
This would enable your contact details and logo to be visible and mobile as people are always using their smartphones whilst on the go whether it be for work, keeping in contact with someone, checking train times, using them for social media and many more reasons.
All of the latter use up your device’s battery and investing in a branded Power bank to keep your battery full benefits the user with a great convenient product. Therefore, investing in a Printed Power bank would be worth your while, and very well received as a Branded Power Bank gift.

Who is likely to use a Promotional Power bank?

Everyone in Business – Benefits

Promotional Power banks are likely to appeal to anyone involved in business as they enable them to work from out of the office using their smartphone and not have to worry about battery life knowing they have a Power bank as a backup. These Branded Portable Chargers are easy to carry around and simple to use. Furthermore, business people often commute via public transport due to working in a busy city. Public transport can not always be trusted and can often be delayed. Consequently, gifting a Custom Power bank as a corporate giveaway is ideal for the user as it will allow them to use their device to potentially make urgent calls whilst waiting.

Students– Benefits

Students too have a very busy lifestyle with consecutive lectures and classes all throughout the day. This normally means that a wall socket isn’t always at hand for them. All the while, students are constantly using their smartphones for social media, contacting their friends and family and also for their studies. Their education may require them to access work whilst on the go whether it be checking times and schedules for lectures or accessing documents. As a result of this, having Branded Power bank at hand is an extremely useful way for students to maintain battery life on their smartphones during the day. A great way for Universities and Colleges to engage with the student’s needs would be to hand out these Promotional Power banks at either open days or induction days. Both the Mini Keyring Power bank and the Hue Power bank with Keyring Hole would be hugely popular amongst students.

Event teams – benefits

Custom Power banks are extremely helpful for events teams, as during these events they are on their feet for most of the day interacting with the people around them with limited availability for charge points. For the majority of these events teams, Tablets are a way of storing contact details and data for the event goers. Having your tablet run out of battery during the day would be a critical issue for these teams. This is where a Branded Power bank would become highly convenient by not only providing a battery boost for their device but also displaying the brand logo and contact details.

Festival-goers – Benefits

The main benefit of a Power bank, in general, is that it permits you to charge your smartphone or tablet when you are well without the reach of a wall socket. This applies greatly to the vast amount of festival goers each year. Supplying Promotional Power banks at festivals is an effective way of creating a brand impact as these devices will most certainly be taken back home and used again with the brand image on display.

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