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The Different Shapes of Promotional Water Bottles

Promotional Base Sports Bottle

With its ergonomic design with unrivalled branding area as the main consideration, the design leans towards straight edges to maximise the print area to the bottle to make it a leader in promotional merchandise.
Perfect for activities in leisure such as gyms, football, rugby, and also useful for in the office to ensure water and liquid intakes are consistent.
Glossy finish plastic allows for quality look and feel to the promotional bottle, with many colours of lids to choose from
Ticking also the ECO box for business looking to source promotional giveaways made from recyclable PET materials. BPA free with a medium sized capacity, design with adult use in mind.
The promotional base sports bottles are a leading choice for corporate promotional giveaways.

The Finger Grip Promotional Sports Bottle

Designed with ease of grip in mind for premium use during sport and athletics. Available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 300 – 750 ml.
The finger grip bottle is a popular promotional sports bottle choice as it acts as both a practical grip bottle for activities but also provides an impression of fun to the user.
Designed to benefit the user for ease of grip and hold whilst on the run or move around a sports field. A wide and varied choice of colours of promotional sports bottle base and combinations of lids, allows businesses looking for a cheap promotional giveaway to marry a bottle with their corporate colours.
Considered design also includes a wide neck to the promotional bottle allowing ease of drinking whilst on the move.
A Popular choice for schools and clubs for both the affordable cost, great colour options and a choice of caps including push and pull or opening valves.
Due to the finger grip area moulded for ease of grip to the branded sports bottle, the available print area is a large wrap, but a little more limiting compared to the straight edge baseline designs.
Some of the promotional finger grips bottles are available with calibrations increments for fluid measurement to the side, benefiting sports teams and youth teams with the ability to keep an eye on the amount of fluid consumed during a match.
BPA free plastics used and safe for children’s use.

Promotional Jogger Bottles

Designed with both a wide neck for ease of drinking whilst on the move, with the added benefit of a plastic moulded design to allow the jogger to hold the promotional water bottle whilst out on a run.
Multiple options for sports bottle caps to include valves and push pull options and a variety of bright colours designed to appeal to runners, athletic clubs and fun runs. With the added safety benefit of opting for a glow in the dark options for businesses looking for a custom promotional item that also doubles as practical tool for those using the sports bottle during the evenings.
With the handle grip to the promotional water bottle, this options is a perfect choice for use during runs and jogs.
Due to the unique shape of the bottle screen printing can be achieved to a maximum size of 80 x 80mm suited best to a logo and small body of text or call to action.

Promotional Aluminium Sports Bottles

A metal aluminium sports bottle option designed and manufactured for strength and with the aid of aluminium build to the promotional bottles build included to insulate the fluids allowing the beverage or water to remain as cool as possible whilst in use.
With the use of the sports bottle at the forefront as a sports accessory, lids have been designed to contain a carabineer attachment for ease of travel for the user, the added benefit of the attachment to the promotional water bottle allowing hikers, ramblers and outdoor lovers to take the bottle on adventures.
The active promotional water bottle option is mostly available with screw on lids for use whilst attached to a hiking or sports bag.
With many glossy colours available to the sports bottle, companies looking to invest in a marketing campaign and opting to gift branded promotional items into outdoor activity lovers will find the aluminium sports bottle a champion choice.
As the bottle is manufactured from aluminium metals branding options are extended to both screen and pad printing colours, but also with the option of engraving directly to the promotional water bottle itself.
Due to the metal build of the water bottle, a specialist screen ink is used for printing to the aluminium that will require 3 days drying time before being boxed for delivery if express is a service you require on this particular promotional bottle, then engrave will be your fastest route.

Foldable Promotional Water Bottle

Designed to bring an option for something a little different to the cheap promotional sports bottle market.
Unique and fun in the water bottles ability to fully fold when not filled with liquid.and secured by the carabiner.
Loved by children and youth clubs, as the sports bottles affords the novelty factor when in use.
Aimed at the younger audience, with a colourful vibrant mix of bottle options, the foldable promotional water bottle is a popular choice for children and nursery clubs, youth football teams and even charity fundraising teams.
Due to the flat surface of the unfilled bottle, the promotional sports bottle allows for a large printing area that can be completed as both a spot colour print and also a digital print for full-colour designs or photographic images.
An additional added benefit of the water bottles build allows the bottle and the liquid within to be frozen, perfect for hot summer days, or holiday clubs.

Which size of Promotional Water Bottle to Choose?

Once you have made a decision on the most relevant type of sports bottle type to explore, your next decision is which size?

Consider your audience for the promotional marketing gift, are you looking to reach out to children and parents, perhaps your business is launching a new product into the health and leisure industry? or your marketing campaign is tailored towards outdoor activity lovers.

For children’s hand and grip, consider the finger grip promotional sports bottle or the branded foldable water bottle option, holding a fluid intake of 300 ml will ensure little hands can hold the weight of the bottle and still maintain grip whilst in use. At this stage fluid spillages are kept to the minimum and beverages are light enough to be carried to a club or activity.

Moving up to a larger volume promotional bottle for adult audiences from 550ml onwards up to 750 ml for larger branded water bottles will enable the user to carry more water during their sporting activities or event.

Promotional drinking bottles will add value to an advertising campaign for health, fitness and outdoor pursuits, consider if the bottle is both light and practical for use by the receiver and if it is large enough to hold a reasonable amount of fluid for functional use on the sports field or in the gym.

Other available promotional water bottles to consider.

Promotional bottled water can also provide a great one time refreshment to your event delegates site visitors or reception guests, a popular choice for Car groups and service centres to be given to customers whilst awaiting a service or placed within a dash after the car is collected, providing a large digital wrap area to the whole outer area of a bottle allows business to full customise water bottles with their logo or product. Further personalisation can be achieved by matching the screw cap colours or level lids to their brand colours.

Promotional pet water bottles can be a valuable tool for fundraising for charities will animal welfare concerns, to both gift to leading ambassadors of their charity efforts, along with re-selling into their charity shops, fetes or events.

Promotional fruit infusion water bottles are now a trendy and crowd-pleasing alternative to the more common promotional water bottle, allowing the receiver the option to increase their vitamin intake whilst in the office or home. For brands looking to invest in promotional marketing to the health-minded audience, the promotional fruit water bottle is a fantastic and unique choice for a branded customised product.

What are your options if you need to print full-colour artwork to a promotional water bottle.

A number of promotional plastic water bottles are limited to spot screen printing techniques only, usually 1 – 5 spot colours,

If your company brand guidelines do not allow for single spot colour reproduction and a CMYK print if your only option to personalise your water bottle as a full-colour print then there is the option of an aluminium sports bottle that can be printed full colour to the wrap.  Full colour is achieved by dye sublimation printing to the wrap.

From 300 pieces the shiva promotional sports bottle can be personalised with a full-colour digital wrap to the body, whilst still remaining dishwasher safe.

The concerns of BPA plastics contained within promotional sports bottles.

Personalised water bottles remain as one of the most imperative tools for advertisers within the health and fitness sector, sports clubs, youth teams, schools and council facilities, choosing your appropriate style and size of personalised water bottles should also include the assurance that the bottles are BPA free.

BPA stands for Bisphenol A, and industrial chemical used during the manufacture and production of plastic moulded drinkware and storage containers. The chemical forms a compound in polycarbonate plastics and resins BPA first made an appearance during manufacture and in sports bottles as early back as the 1960’s.

Following research into the chemical, following concerns of affected health with plastic containers, sports bottles and infant beakers in 2007 the food and drug administration issued warnings on its use on food and beverage containers. Anti-BPA campaigners applied pressure for a total ban.

BPA is listed as a chemical of concern as research has highlighted that it is believed to mimic the hormone oestrogen, as BPA shows estrogenic activities within cells all mammals including humans can be affected by consuming (EA).

Repeated uses of bottles containing the chemical are proven to have negative health effects on the human system, infant and fetal development.

Symptoms of over consumption include reduced sperm production, impact on reproductive organs, metabolic disease, and as a believed carcinogenic, the chemical may also cause cancer.

Further guidance to ensure you are not using BPA promotional sports bottles include checking the base of the bottle for a plastic manufacturing number, numbers to the foot of the bottle to be avoided are 3 or 7, as these are plastics moulded using BPA, avoid if you are concerned about the bottle’s use.

Evelyn 800ml Drinks Bottle

800ml transparent plastic drinks bottle with a straw, sipper, coloured lid and coloured band.


Print Area : 110x170mm

From £2.55

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Sparrow 650 ml Tritan™ with a Cork Lid

Sparrow 650 ml Tritan™ sports bottle with cork lid. Single wall bottle with push-on cork lid. Volume capacity is 650ml. BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ Material.

Branding Method –  Wrap

Max Colours –  1

Print Area – 130 mm x 170 mm

Alternative Branding Method – Padprint

Max Colours  – 4

Print Area – 70 mm x 25 mm

From £3.95

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Baseline® Plus Grip Water Bottle with Flip Lid – 500ml

Baseline® Plus grip 500 ml flip lid sport bottle. Single-wall sport bottle with integrated finger grip design. Features a spill-proof lid with flip top. Volume capacity is 500 ml. Mix and match colours to create your perfect bottle. Contact customer service for additional colour options. Made in the UK. LDPE, PP Plastic.

From £0.92

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H2O Base® Water Bottle with Flip Lid – 650ml

H2O Base® 650 ml flip lid sport bottle. Single-wall sport bottle with ergonomic design. Bottle is made from recyclable PET material. Features a spill-proof lid with flip top. Volume capacity is 650 ml. Mix and match colours to create your perfect bottle. Contact customer service for additional colour options. Made in the UK. PET, PP Plastic.

From £2.11

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750 ml drinking bottle in tritan with silicone rings


750 ml drinking bottle in tritan with silicone rings and foldable mouth piece on the lid.

Available in colours, orange, black, white, lime green, black

Print Area: 60mm x 30mm

From £3.42

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Promotional Glassware – Glimmer Glass

Glimmer Glass. Metal glass in a trendy copper finish. Volume capacity is 400 ml. Aluminium.

Colours: rose Gold, Deep red, Deep Blue, Anthracite, Silver, Burnt Gold

Print Area 50 x 20mm

can be laser Engraved at additional cost.


From £2.71

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Titan Water Bottle

Spring water bottle. Single-walled bottle with an aluminium twist-on lid. Volume capacity is 600ml. BPA-free Tritan. Dimensions: 210 x 70mm

From £3.59

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Drinking bottle in Tritan 650 ml steel trim


Drinking bottle in tritan 650 ml with stainless steel details and foldable mouth piece.

Print Area: 70mm x 35mm

Colours available in Orange,blue, black, clear, red

From £3.36

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Branded Hydrater 1890 ml water tank in tritan.


1890 ml water tank in tritan.

Branded label area; max ; 40mm x 80mm.

From £6.88

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Custom Fitness hydration water tank 850 ml


850 ml water tank in tritan.

Pad printed area; 25mm x 30mm

From £3.99

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Utah Slim Travel Bottle – 300ml

Travel bottle in Tritan 300 ml with stainless steel lid.

Colour Options: White, Pink, Grey and Heaven Blue.

Branding Area: 30 mm x 59 mm


From £2.21

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Utah Drinking Bottle in Tritan 500 ml

Drinking bottle in Tritan 500 ml. Leak-free.


Print Area: 100 mm x 110 mm

From £2.75

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Plastic Drinking Bottle – 100% Recyclable

100% recyclable plastic (HDPE) drinking bottle (500ml) with a drinking nozzle that is easy to close by pressing. With 4 grooves for extra grip. HDPE is perfectly suitable for recycling after the bottle has served its purpose for a longer period of time.

Print Area: D4 pad 30 x 55 either side of the bottle

Maximum Print Colours: 2

Product Dimensions : 6.7 x 19 cm

Product Colours: white, green, blue, yellow, orange, red, pink

From £0.83

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100% Recyclable Plastic Drinking Bottle (500ml)

100% recyclable plastic (HDPE) drinking bottle (500 ml) with a drinking nozzle that is easy to close by pressing. With four grooves for extra grip. HDPE is perfectly suitable for recycling after the bottle has served its purpose for a longer period of time.


Print Area: D4 pad 30 x 55 on the left in between the grip and the seam


Product Colours: white, green, blue, yellow, orange, red, pink



From £0.82

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Bio Bottle 500cc

The Bio-Bottle is made from polyethene and a revolutionary masterbatch additive.
The masterbatch works by encouraging and supporting the bacteria present.


Food approved, free of BPA and phthalates
Dishwasher safe
Recyclable plastic
20% post-industrial recycled plastics
All caps are fitted with lockable pull lids

Available in Shanti and Shiva, 500cc and 750cc white
Large print area 500cc: 100 x 235.5 mm

From £0.89

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