Promotional Golf Umbrellas

The promotional industry is well equipped to cover all specs of promotional golf umbrellas in accordance to the needs and budget of the promotional marketer, taking into the account the huge variance in build and frame options,

As your choice of promotional golf umbrella will keep your receiver out of the rain, it may also need to keep them out of the sun, the brolly will most likely be employed in the great outdoors so weather proofing is also another important element to consider.

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Automatic Storm Umbrella – 23′

From £10.24

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Bedford Medium – Stormproof Iron

From £10.21

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Budget Golf Umbrella

From £6.69

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Budget Windproof Golf Umbrella

From £6.42

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Fibreglass Golf

From £8.40

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Fibrestorm Umbrella – Stormproof

From £11.41

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Fibretec AC regular

From £9.21

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Golf Umbrella With Metal Shaft

From £5.23

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Karl 30″ Golf Umbrella with Wooden Handle

From £3.82

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ProSport Deluxe

From £12.33

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ProSport Deluxe Double Canopy

From £17.34

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Spectrum Sport Golf Umbrella – Stormproof

From £11.93

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Showing 1-12 of 14 results

What are my options to consider when choosing my branded golf umbrella?


Size of frame and canopy

Are you looking for a full sized golf umbrella with a maximum canopy coverage to the spectator and if not in attendance at a golf event, will be able to shelter two people from the rain, a large gold canopy will be around 60 inches in diameter.

Wind Proof or storm proof

For outdoor sports viewing out on the golfing range you may need your choice of branded golf umbrella to withstand the wind and weather elements, ensuring your spec of chosen custom golf umbrella will not be blown inside out during a windy competition, or collapse in a spindly framed mess at the slightest gust of wind.

Consider a windproof golf umbrella option if you are supplying your outdoor events team with event wear, or if your employees need to escort visitors around a factory site, or potential customers onto a forecourt to discuss cars, a custom golf umbrella spec that that will hold up to the ailments is imperative.

Automatic Opening

Because no one likes a struggle with a manual opening option to the custom golf umbrella, pricing on manual opening varieties can be a little lower, as the build does not include the automatic opening mechanism. However, your receiver would much prefer the auto option to their promotional golf umbrella to help with protecting them quickly when the heavens open during a match or site visit.

Frame and shaft

Aluminium metals have been the traditional material used, but can feel heavy to the user, and over prolonged use and carry, will be a real chore to carry around a golf course, look to explore a fibreglass frame branded golf umbrella, for its ease of carrying around a course, without compromising on the strength and robust properties of standard metal frames..

Double Canopy

Aids in the creation of a wind resistance on the branded golf umbrella spec, as it helps to reduce the chance of the canopy turning inside out, exceptionally important on a windy golf pitch, with the additional canopy the umbrella also benefits from a larger branding area, to allow you to place further advertising to your choice of promotional product gift.

Does your umbrella need a stake

Historically custom golf umbrella come complete with a metal shaft to the top, this allows the umbrella to be rooted during a golf match, and not allow the umbrella to fly off down the golf range in the wind. Fibreglass is now the major player in the custom golf umbrella build, using fibreglass benefits the user in two ways, it’s light and flexible materials provides ease and comfort for use on the golf course. Whilst the movement away from the all-metal shaft to fibreglass reduces the chance of a lightning strike out on an open golf field.


Allows wind to travel through the canopy, again benefitting the weatherproof strength of the custom golf umbrella.

Canopy fabric

Most golf umbrellas will be built using 210t polyester fabric panels, a number of designs such as the StormSport UK is a promotional golf umbrella that allows you to choose from over 50 plus panel colours, and also allows Pantone matching should ultimate brand colour matching be required.

Handle Choice

Pistol grip plastics with ergonomic shaping for ease of handle holding remain a favoured choice, for a more relaxed branded golf umbrella choice consider a wooden option. Alternative promotional golf umbrella handles include rubber golf grips, standard EVA foam, and for the more prestigious finish consider a gel handle for a premium grip trim.

100 % panel coverage as dye-sub panel print

Is available to a selection of promotional golf umbrellas, allowing businesses and brands to achieve a total sublimation canopy print to the entire outer surface of the umbrella, perfect for a stunning advertising promo tool.

Personalised Decals

For companies looking to add additional flare and branding to their choice of custom golf umbrellas. Optional add-ons to the umbrella build include a fully personalised decal to the handle, adding a finishing touch to the handle suggests a superior retail quality finish when presenting to a consumer.

How are you looking to deliver to your audience?

Personalised golf umbrellas are heavy and bulky, looking at an average size and weight golf umbrella only x 20 – 25 golf umbrellas can be fitted per box.

Consider the weight of the finished branded umbrellas and how you are going to gift them out to your audience. Perhaps you need your promotional gifts to an exhibition or event stand, ensure you have enough room and your team is able to carry the boxes containing the custom golf umbrellas, or alternatively you could arrange delivery of your branded umbrellas directly to the venue, to save you and your events team the trouble of relocated large heavy boxes, around huge event halls.

For sales promotions or customer thank you’s are you looking to post an individual custom umbrella to each of your customer or prospect base? due to the size of the larger printed golf umbrella frames, you might want to consider a smaller automatic umbrella design for your promotional gift as this will allow you to easily pack and send via courier to your chosen office or home address, whilst not eating up too much of your promotional marketing budget on courier costs in the process.

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