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Branded umbrellas are a huge success with the consumer as it’s a product with a set purpose and practical application to the owner, to be taken out of the house and promote your services and brand to a wide external audience whilst the consumer stays dry and out of the elements.

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Ali Supermini Umbrella

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Auto open and close Umbrella

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Automatic Open Umbrella

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Automatic Storm Umbrella – 23′

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Bedford Medium – Stormproof Iron

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Budget Golf Umbrella

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Budget Windproof Golf Umbrella

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Classic Wood Crook

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Eclipse Medium Black

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Eco Friendly Manual Opening Telescopic Umbrella

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Eco Friendly Umbrella – Spectrum Sport

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Executive Foldable Umbrella

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Showing 1-12 of 27 results

Why consider a branded umbrella as part of your promotional marketing campaign?

With on average 154 rainy days per year in the UK, consider that your choice of promotional golf umbrella or customised automatic umbrella will benefit your receiver and brand with a walking advertising board, around all outside spaces and streets.

Along with the additional impressions created to a large audience of your logo, brand or charity name whilst the custom umbrella is in use, in the community parks, streets and cities, the umbrella receiver will appreciate your gift with the assistance of cover from the use of the branded umbrella to protect from wet weather whilst walking around and advertising your logo and services to a viewing audience.

Branded umbrellas are an exceptionally well-received product once gifted, that is highly likely to be passed to another user if the consumer already has a functional personal umbrella and is unlikely to be thrown away within a short period of time, due to the help it provides in outdoor activities and the practical application in the wet British weather.

A custom umbrella is a highly effective tool in advertising, due to the volume of Impressions during its lifetime of use, research suggests nearly that during the life of the brolly, your logo or brand will be viewed 1500 times.

Video – How screen printing is applied to promotional Umbrellas

Apart from a favoured marketing tool for promotional campaigns a printed umbrella will provide feel good, reciprocal feelings towards the company that has gifted the branded umbrella. A perfect promotional item to consider for increasing client-customer relationships, and saying thank you to your valued client base.

All individuals will appreciate a custom umbrella gift, but sectors, where the personalized umbrella gift will really shine in advertising your brand or charity, include the tourism and leisure industry, financial services sectors, sports venues and insurance brokers.

Making room for a promotional umbrella in your marketing budget won’t provide a huge challenge, as the promotional industry is packed with a comprehensive collection and variety of customised umbrellas for your business to consider and explore for varying budgets and needs, and levels of required personalisation.

A cheap branded umbrella can be purchased for sale in a fundraising fair or event, sold to the attendees should the rain make an appearance and send the crowd running for cover from the wet weather and across to the charity stall to purchase protection from the passing rain, a sure way to add some additional funds to your charity campaign.

Charities also favour the budget custom umbrella to be sold in their retail charity shops as a favoured promotional merchandise item. Sometimes offered at a till or self-promo shelf to raise additional much-needed funds for the charity cause.

Large brands and businesses with a large promotional marketing budget champion custom golf umbrellas as an unsurpassable advertising tool to be used at sporting events. Benefitting the company with large levels of exposure by generating extensive huge levels of impressions, to be used at the event. Should the sport be televised and shown on multimedia news reports, streams and videos, generating an extensive amount of additional logo and brand views by a TV watching audience.

Considering a budget-friendly, and economic custom umbrella option is easy, as many designs and sizes are available for business with a little less marketing spend, but still looking to invest in a promotional marketing tool but not blow their entire marketing budget on only one product.

Cheap branded umbrellas are available to explore with a large variety of panel colours available to consider, there will be a perfect choice for all businesses, brand and charities.

Whilst delving into your options to find a suitable choice of printed umbrella, it will be easy to pair a custom umbrella with your brand colours, and the promotional item will be loved for its ability to continue to benefit the receiver as a cheap promotional umbrella may not be storm proof but will still protect the user from the British rain.

Are you looking to market to a mature sophisticated audience, a promotional umbrella will be a distinguished choice to support your advertising campaign. as reports suggest people over the age of 65 are more likely to take an umbrella out with them, as over this age preparation is more likely when leaving the house.

People will still love receiving your personalized umbrella and here’s why.

  • An unrivalled promotional gift for usefulness, once gifted to your consumer the custom umbrella will always be to hand during wet weather, to be grabbed on the way out of the door before leaving in the pouring rain, or to be stored in a bag or suitcase just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse
  • Personalized umbrellas can be branded in quirky and unconventional ways to really grab an audience’s attention, think bright panels and a unique tag line or call to action.
  • Standard umbrellas can we expensive to purchase in a retail environment, and consumers tend to purchase only when they are caught out in the rain, get in first and gift a branded umbrella.
  • Customised umbrellas are not just for wet weather and stormy days, some individuals will look to use the umbrella canopy to protect them from the sun during strong rays emitted in the summer month in parks or outdoor venues, the canopy can provide much-needed protection from heat stroke or sunburn.
  • Telescopic umbrellas small enough to fit into handbags and shopper bags enable your receiver of the customised umbrella to keep the brolly close at hand, just in case they are caught out in wet weather.

So you have been caught in the rain, what can you do to dry your umbrella quickly once indoors.

We have all heard of the superstition regarding the perceived bad luck brought about by opening a custom umbrella indoors, but in order to promote longevity to the lifetime of the umbrella frame after you have used the umbrella outside in wet weather, you will need to consider how to best dry the panels and internal frame.

Umbrella etiquette is conventionally seen as shaking off all of the rain from the umbrella before bringing it indoors and soaking floors and doorways, creating a wet floor risk for other passing.

If room allows once you reach your venue, look to open the canopy to the umbrella, to allow the moisture to leave the frame until next use.

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Things to consider when choosing a personalised umbrella.

Are you looking to provide your audience, prospect or customer with a custom umbrella for all weather, to be used for many years at work, home or en route to the office?

Or perhaps your choice of branded umbrella will be based on price and cost effectiveness for you to complete a promotional merchandise campaign.

If your marketing budget allows looking to pick a promotional umbrella that not only works well with your business branding guidelines and logo but also allows your gift receiver to enjoy longevity to the umbrellas lifetime.

Cheap promotional umbrellas will limit your choice to a budget frame, that is not guaranteed as windproof, so bear this mind when gifting you your audience that the umbrella is a token merchandise gesture, many colours are still available in the budget umbrella range but Pantone matching the panels will not be an option on pre-build umbrella stock.

Budget custom umbrellas are a choice favourite amongst charity fundraisers and event executives.

Is your business a premium brand and are you looking to advertise into an executive consumer group, then a medium to a premium spec of branded golf umbrellas will work best, reflect the professional image of your organisation, and leave a lasting impression on your gift receiver.

A custom golf umbrella is likely to be used in the domestic scene by your receiver as it is taken to the local rugby match, or park whilst walking the dog, provide shelter for wettest of weathers on the golf course or cricket match.

Also consider your consumer audience.

Who are you aiming your promotional product gift towards, are you looking to gift a custom umbrella out to a female audience or golf lovers, or perhaps your target audience is city workers or individuals working in the travel industry.

For the female audience branded telescopic umbrellas are a champion choice for businesses looking for the correct promotional gift, that ticks the practical and useful box for their marketing spend, Due to the compact size of the promotional telescopic umbrella it can be easily stored in handbags or small travel bags.

A smaller branded umbrella option will go down a storm with a female audience for its dual purpose to be stored for rainy days and at close hand, just in case the heavens decide to open, along with the added benefit to the consumer is the lightweight and compact build for ease of bag storage. For the medium level smaller automatic umbrella sizes, you can also consider branding to the sleeve for an additional advertising area to further maximise impressions of your brand.

City workers can have limited space whilst travelling into the city by cab or tube, if you look to explore a branded umbrella, as your choice of personalised promotional gift, the shape of the City walker umbrella will greatly benefit your consumer with additional legroom than a conventional large golf sized umbrella and frame, that would provide great difficulty once taken on public transport. Considering the city walker shape, with the crook handle design to be gifted to city workers will also allow the custom umbrella choice to look sharp in the visitor’s foyer and make a lasting executive impression once placed to dry in the office umbrella rack.

How many panels shall I print to my custom umbrella?

Your most cost-effective way to print to your choice of a cheap branded umbrella will be 1 colour to 1 panel only.

For further impressions, businesses often look to customise the umbrella by exploring additional printed panels to alternate sides of the branded umbrella canopy.

Utilising multi-panel designs to the custom umbrella with benefit your business with large areas of space to print your promotional messages, logo and call to action along with website and tag lines, with the average panel print area at 200 x 300mm there is plenty of room to place your design.

Businesses can also explore multiple designs to each panel, further adding the beneficial branding space to the canopy, exploring your logo and call to action to 1 panel, and a website domain to the other, spreading your marketing message across multi panels will stop a cluttered design from running the overall aesthetic and impact of your corporate design to your chosen branded umbrella.

Additional personalisation can be achieved with considering a branded sleeve to your custom umbrella, to use an additional level of available advertising space.

Bespoke decals can be added to the handle of the executive and higher end specs of golf umbrellas, a useful aid of adding an additional layer of branding and providing your promotional golf umbrellas with a premium luxury feel.

For businesses with complex full colour designs, in order for your brand and artwork to run the full length of the canopy, you may will need to explore custom umbrella options that allow a dye sublimation print technique, using a dye sub printing method to personalise your umbrella will be limited to exploring a choice of brolly where this particular method can be achieved, such as the Pro-Bella, and the spectrum city club.

Can I order express branded umbrellas on short lead time?

If you are in need of a quick turnaround for a custom umbrella in time for an event, or visitor day, you may have to slightly compromise on the available print method or umbrella design.

We would advise generally that standard lead time for a screen printed canopy umbrella is 10 – 15 working days from approval of artwork. Complex full-colour dye sublimation designs may take nearer 15 – 20 days for the panels to be full printed and the umbrella canopy to be assembled.

Should you wish to explore a shorter date for turn around there are other umbrella frames available to you, that are currently built on the shelf and ready to be placed through an express print route, aiming for delivery within 3 – 5 working days.

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