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Promotional t-shirts can be used for a wide range of things. This is why we have a range of branded clothing for you to choose from.

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American Apparel T-shirt – Printed with your logo

From £4.60

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Custom Printed Kids Value T-Shirt

From £1.79

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Embroidered T-Shirt – Great Value

From £3.45

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Glenmuir Golf Polo Shirt – Embroidered with your logo

From £21.31

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Glenmuir Golf Polo Shirt – Printed with your logo

From £20.35

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Heavy Cotton T-Shirt – Embroidered with your logo

From £3.61

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Heavy Cotton T-Shirt – Printed with your logo

From £2.16

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Lightweight V Neck T-Shirt – Embroidered with your logo

From £4.44

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Lightweight V Neck T-Shirt – Printed with your logo

From £3.03

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Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Embroidered with your logo

From £5.13

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Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Printed with your logo

From £3.28

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Performance Contrast T-Shirt – Printed with your logo

From £4.91

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Showing 1-12 of 21 results

Explanation of the best positions to customise printed -shirts

  • Sleeve – surprisingly large area, depending on garment size, 7-9cm across around the arm can be achieved, big enough for a logo or icon, or sponsor logo if required.
  • Chest – commonly used for logos and sometimes staff names and positions, optimum size 7.5cm to 10cm across
  • Front or Back – largest of available branding areas, averaging 250mm x 250mm perfect or large designs, huge logo replication, calls to action and taglines
  • Reverse neck – perfect for web domains, larger taglines or calls to action up to 12cm across

Positions for custom printed logo


How do I know the best weight of custom t-shirt for my needs?

Consider what your actual needs for the t-shirt are, how do you need the garment to perform for your brand or services.

Will the printed t-shirt be worn as workwear by your team, throughout the week, or perhaps you only need the branded t-shirt to be worn for a number of hours at a charity fun run.

Perhaps you would like to resell your choice of branded custom t-shirts at an event, concert, festival or gift shop, as a retail quality item you need your garment to appear expensive, expertly made and desirable as a purchase for the consumer.

Maybe you are considering sponsorship of a local youth football team or tennis club, exploring your printed t-shirt options with a technical sports build and breathable material, will aid your sponsors in sports performance whilst doing wonders to advertise your company logo and services in the local community, or even television.

Are you looking for the perfect promotional t-shirt to throw into a crowd as a sales promotion tool, following a new product launch and raising brand awareness. Your business will need to consider costs of completing a large scale sales promotion with volumes of promotional clothing handed out to the audience, perhaps your choice will be based on cost alone, the less you pay per unit, the more branded t-shirts your marketing campaign budget can provide.

Basics of weight and recommended use;

Heavyweight / Top End   – 180 – 220GSM

For brands looking to invest a little more into a quality promotional t-shirt, for either workwear to be worn by the company’s team, to custom t-shirts to be used as a retail item in a club or gift shop.

Businesses looking to choose a heavyweight custom t-shirt are looking for longevity in the workplace and withstanding multi washes and wear.

A sales team in attendance to a conference or event and manning a corporate stand will represent your company image and brand to a wide audience, choosing a heavyweight t-shirt will provide the quality of garment your team are proud to wear.

  • Quality build and heavier blend provide a premium t-shirt feel and fit,
  • Likely to benefit the wearer with lycra collars for a comfortable yet considered shape around the neck.
  • Top end custom t-shirts will be safe to wash at 60 degrees perfect choice for workwear and event team wear.
  • Taping to shoulders for a well-constructed shape and fit, aids a smarter and more professional appearance of the individual wearing the t-shirt, a champion choice for corporate events team aiming to create a professional impression.
  • If your event is potentially taking place in a humid or warm environment, or under hot LED lighting, the heavier 200 –  220gsm weight may be a little heavy for the team to remain comfortable whilst wearing the company’s choice of custom t-shirt.

If you are looking to explore your options of personalised t-shirts classed as a Heavyweight with the described spec, the GD02 Gildan Heavy T-shirt, and the DG08 Gildan premium cotton t-shirts would be a great place to start.

Midweight  / Slim Fit T-shirts – 130 – 180GSM

For companies searching for the perfect promotional t-shirt to use whilst fundraising or attending a conference, industry exhibition or event, the midweight t-shirt would be a champion choice. Its affordability and a wide variety of available colourways and fits, make this choice of custom t-shirt the perfect marketing tool to advertise your brand, identify your sales representatives from the crowd and to equip your staff with a comfortable team garment.

  • Branded t-shirt choices within this range, include soft-spun cotton blends for a soft fit, favoured by brand looking to add a bit of fashion fit retail styles into the marketing and advertising spend.
  • A Softspun cut custom t-shirt tends to be tailored on the slim fitting angle perfect to advertise to a student university audience of consumer brands looking to reach out to the younger generation of buyers.
  • Some value personalised t shirts still benefit from ribbed collar, and double stitched side seams, or tapered neck
  • Midweight t shirts can be sourced with unbranded labels to the neck, allowing businesses looking to retail their own personalised t shirts without the concern of the t shirts manufacturer featuring on the neckline.
  • The fashionable tri-blend custom t-shirt is a favoured garment for a retail finish for larger brands looking to appeal to brand ambassadors and utilise a advertising tool for sales promotion and social media engagement.
  • Appealing to retail businesses looking to source a personalised t shirt to resell in a shop or market stall.
  • Champion choice for promotional merchandise marketing, to assist touring bands and musicians in creating an additional revenue stream at gigs and festivals.
  • Although slim fitting custom t-shirts will be popular with your younger members of your events team, not all of your events staff may be 100% happy with a skinny fit garment, best of checking in with your staff before assuming they will all feel comfortable in slim fitting team wear.

When you are sourcing your options for mid weights, a great starting point for garments is the SS605 – Fruit of the Loom, softspun t-shirt, SS6 Fruit of the Loom value t-shirt, and the SS12 Fruit of the Loom SS12 original t-shirt.

Sports performance personalised t shirts – 140 – 150 GSM

Companies looking to sponsor a sports team as part of their promotional advertising and marketing mix, will need to explore a custom printed t-shirt spec, that will allow the sponsor team members to compete is comfortable sports performance garments.

Promotional t-shirts are available in garments built for performance wear, such as breathable wick fabrics and microbial materials allowing the t-shirt to breathe during athletic events.

  • Choosing a custom t-shirt with a technical fabric spec will be of huge benefit to the sports team or club performance whilst wearing the garment.
  • Look out for the terms wicking t-shirt or Neoteric fabric as this allows the wearer to remain cool and dry whilst running, or competing.
  • Microbial properties are included in some garment mixes and stops the build up of odour or unpleasant sport sweat marks to the affected areas of the garment.
  • Exploring quick-dry performance fabrics will be well received in sports gift shops for businesses looking for an additional revenue stream by retailing branded t-shirts to your customers whilst they visit your shop for health and fitness stocks.
  • Technical branded sports t-shirts are aimed at sports teams, this is reflective of the wide availability of bright colours perfect for clubs and teams looking to put together a team kit of matching garments.
  • Panel colours are available in a comprehensive collection of popular sports colours, benefiting companies who want to best match their brand and corporate colours to the choice of team sponsored garments, further aiding the custom t-shirts with advertising impressions.
  • Options are available in the technical t-shirt category with an optional tear out label to the neck for sports businesses to retail out to consumers without the garments brand name clearly visible.
  • Due to the moisture wicking fabric blends used in technical garment specs, some of the lightweight properties of the clothing and garment build, some custom t-shirts may only be suitable for low heat print processes such as screen printing, heat transfer methods may alter the fabric make up to the garment and the fabric may not withstand the heat and potentially discolour and change the finish.

When choosing your technical custom t-shirt spec, review if you would like to explore a comfort fit or a high stretch fabric, Mesh side panels can also be found on select designs. A good place to start is the AWDis JC011 SuperCool performance T-shirt, and the Regatta Activewear range BA001.

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The benefits of printing a T-shirt with your company logo

Custom T-shirts printed will boost your brand in multiple ways.

  • Retail environments with an active shop floor team, wearing branded t-shirts will allow shoppers to easily locate a member for help and assistance.
  • Charity fund-raising teams decked in fund-raising printed t-shirts with the charities cause and messages will be able to rally more more support and sign ups.
  • Industry shows and exhibition – A well considered logo to the right customised T-shirt will increase a company’s visibility.
  • Corporate t-shirts worn in the workplace encourage a team environment and inclusion.
  • Leisure sector – Promotional printing to work wear will allow gym members to differentiate between reception teams and instructors on the gym floor.
  • Bands or performing acts Printed merchandise in the form of printed T-shirts can be an effective re-seller tool, to be staged at merchandise stalls during gigs to sell onto attendees for additional profit.
  • Charity campaigns and awareness events can benefit from custom printed t-shirts for volume rallies or hand outs to spread the message for urgent fund-raising appeals, the Red Nose Day appeal is famously successful example of how logo t-shirts aid the visibility of the charity cause.

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