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The number one reason to contemplate the use of promotional printed sunglasses in your next promotional marketing campaign is to provide UV sun protection to your consumer.

Promotional sunglasses are not only cheap for volume promotional product campaigns but also tick the box for brands looking to add a little cheer and novelty to an advertising mix.

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Why choose promotional sunglasses?

The sun plays a considerable part in the enjoyment of all outdoor events, whether attending summer festivals or fetes, custom sunglasses are the embodiment of summer fun.

Looking to advertise your services or brand to large crowds and event attendees partying at festivals in the summer sun, consider handing out your branded promotional sunglasses, as they will favour some form or eye protection whilst partying. You may also find your brand and logo spread around social media sites as event images are shared, or even appear on televised coverage of the festival. Large companies advertising alcohol and consumer brands benefit from promotional marketing to mass audiences in the freedom of the festival environment.

Printed custom sunglasses continue to be favoured by large brands promoting services and goods into the leisure industry. Considering promotional glasses as part of your promotional marketing mix will provide positive exposure for your business, along with multiple impressions once the sunglasses have left the venue, travelled home with the consumer and be worn to additional events or festivals during the course of the summer.

Companies can benefit by investing in printed sunglasses to then be resold at festivals and outdoor events by charities and bands as promotional merchandise to raise additional revenue.

A dual purpose can be accomplished with the custom printed sunglasses, as individuals regard certain designs as a fashion and novelty item, aimed at trendy students, children festival goers and teenagers.

If your business is looking to create a trend or marketing craze, consider printing on the lens, this allows for large statement linked to your branding and can include text and taglines.

Custom printed sunglasses can offer multiple variations of print and branding along the side of the sunglasses, the plastic arms allow a generous print area perfect for text and smaller icons.

Promotional sunglasses are well received by larger audiences at large scale events, making the sunglasses choice champion to drive forward a promotional marketing campaign.

Custom sunglasses can form a fun and novelty component of a social media marketing campaign, by using the available print area to brand a call to action or twitter shout out, providing the opportunity for customer engagement.

Diverse in personalisation offers the ability to Pantone match certain custom sunglasses frames to your exact brand Pantone, allows for another layer of promotional branding.

Exploring and choosing custom printed sunglass designed for retail will add additional revenue streams for your charity or cause.

Printed sunglasses will be a hot seller for summer promotions, utilising the perfect opportunity for individuals to purchase from your promotional merchandise stall whilst attending an outdoor events or festival.

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Are your cheap printed sunglasses offering  UV protection?

On a bright sunny day with the sunshine streaming down into the festival field or sports event spectator area, it’s important to consider the damage that may be occurring to your eye from the sun’s ray.

Too much exposure to the sun can aid the development of cataracts, growths to the eye can also occur due to eye strain under bright light conditions. It is estimated that extended UV exposure is responsible for at least 20% of cataract cases. Macular degeneration from age-related eye stress can be quickly increased by repeated UV exposure

Ultraviolet light is the cause of damage to the eyelids, and corneas as well as the eye itself, UV radiation can seriously damage your vision.

Gifting a pair of promotional sunglasses to your marketing audience at a festival or outdoor event will be well received if the weather takes a sunnier turn than expected, and will protect the attendee’s vision even if they are exposed to a small amount of sun.

Promotional sunglasses that offer protection from damage caused by the sun’s rays will clearly state UV 400 to the lenses, the safety mark means that the frames have been tested to absorb 99 – 100% of the dangerous UV rays.

What is UV light exposure?

UV protective promotional sunglasses will take care of the wearer’s vision even if the individual spends a small amount of time in the sun outside on a daily basis. Taking care of vision from constant exposure by UV daily is really important to eye health.

The eye contains multiple fragile tissues that can be easily injured by constant exposure to UV light stress.

UV is the ultraviolet light emitted in the form of radiation from the sun’s rays. Ultraviolet radiation enormously increases an individual’s potential to develop skin and eye cancers.

Clouds do not necessarily protect from UV rays, some types of clouds can actually increase the UV ray exposure as it reflects the power of the rays, only strengthening radiation risk.

There are different types of Ultraviolet radiation;

UVA acts in a detrimental way to an individual’s DNA by permanently ageing the cells in a person’s skin. The damage is found to be responsible for the formation of wrinkles, and also plays a part in a number of skin cancers.

UVB, The next most powerful form of radiation responsible for sunburns, sunstroke and a large contributing factor to the skin cancers, as it also affects DNA and skin cell formation.

UVC The strongest of the rays, due to the strength of the energy created, luckily earth’s atmosphere stops the radiation from hitting earth.

Signs to look out for after too much UV exposure.

  • Swelling of the eyes and eyelids
  • Eyes can appear irritated and dry
  • Eyes can show severe sensitivity to light exposure of any kind
  • Sunburn to the eye itself can be visible
  • After many years of overexposure, yellow spots to the eye appear as the early signs of cataract.
  • Eyelid cancers are more common in individuals with known exposure to UV without eye protection.
  • A constant gritty feeling to the eyes, as if a foreign body has managed to lodge inside the eye.

By avoiding UV radiation at its strongest during the day, keep out of the sunlight between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, exposure is also increased dependant on season, spring and summer months are when you are most at risk, so cover up and pop on your custom sunglasses!

The many different styles of promotional sunglasses available

Personalisation can be further achieved by exploring the option to Pantonematch the plastic build of the glasses frame over 500 pieces. Pantone matched sunglasses are favoured by brands looking to achieve a fully personalised promotional merchandise gift, bespoke to their brand colours. If your business cannot stretch to x 500 pairs then a wide variety of bright colours be available to choose from.

Custom printed sunglasses benefit from a great branding area to the arm allowing for the addition of a call to action text, company logos, websites or tagline.

The many shapes and designs available to businesses looking for cheap printed sunglasses, distinguish sunglasses as a champion choice for marketers considering their options on promotional merchandise.

Glow in the dark – Consider how much fun glow in the dark shades will bring to your promotional merchandise campaign, increasing engagement with your target audience, this option of promotional sunglasses needs a little exposure to sunlight in order to glow into the night.

Retro sunglasses – A choice favourite for brands looking to appeal to a young audience, with an abundance of colours available to choose from, a colourway will be suitable for most companies. The retro promotional sunglasses choice is a cheap budget-friendly solution for businesses looking to have a little fun with their promotional merchandise.

Sports sunglasses – The custom sunglasses designed for the sports industry with category 3 lenses and UV400 protection. Polycarbonate is used to build the glasses. as a mid-weight promotional sunglasses option, they come complete with a glasses box and cleaning cloth.

Print on lens sunglasses – A choice novelty item for brands looking to inject a bit of fun into their marketing mix whilst utilising the large print area available to both lens.

Shutter sunglasses – Full fashion novelty drives the design of these custom sunglasses. Perfect for marketers aiming for maximum impact and uniqueness in their marketing campaign.

Bottle opener sunglasses – Unisex style concedes to appeal to both male and female audiences, with the added bonus of a bottle opener tool to the arm of the promotional sunglasses.

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