Promotional Stress Balls

Promotional stress balls are available in 1000’s of unique shapes. Marketers should be keen to explore and consider the options available to them to reflect their brand or product services, but for businesses looking to propel they product into the marketplace and offer a truly unique promotional stress ball to their clients and prospects, considering a custom stress ball can provide a champion marketing tool, to engage an audience.

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Cloud Shaped Stress Toy – 2 Colours

Cubebot® Medium

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Cubebot® Micro

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Cubebot® Small

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Dizzy Duo™ with bottle opener

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Fidget Box

From £2.29

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Flip and Click Key Light

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Flip and Click Pen

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Football Stress Toy

Fun twist football Toy

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Giant Stress Toy Brick – Large Print Area

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Heart Shaped Stress Keyring

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Stress Balls

Why do personalised stress balls remain so popular?
Beneficial to brands in all sectors looking to increase sales and increase brand presence in their marketplace.

Health services utilise promotional stress balls to gift out to their audience within mental health services and also as a promotional gift to aid the receivers in stress relief during difficult periods. Antistress balls can provide relief from those suffering from anxiety or stressful periods.

Colleges and universities understand the novelty factor pull for students in attendance to their open day events, and how students love the “fiddle factor” of a promo stress ball, whilst playing with the marketing hand out.
By including a printed stress ball into their promotional product gifts for attendees educational providers are able to hand out a promo item that will provide a lasting impression of the facilities and course offerings along with the ease of providing contact details to enrol, should the student wish to be part of their establishment.

Holistic therapies understand that utilising a promotional stress ball to promote their business and services perfectly reflects their core offerings in relaxation and stress release. Handing out printed stress balls to potential clients and existing clients will ensure that their contact email and telephone number is never too far out of reach should they need to book a health therapy appointment to re-start them on a less stressful path to deal with life events or workplace stress and pressures.

Gift shops will often incorporate custom stress balls or promotional stress balls into their gift shop offerings to re-sell onto visitors of their zoo gift shop or animal sanctuary store, to increase revenue.
With the wide and varied selection of shapes, to purchase and resell to visitors as a souvenir of their visit, in the form of a stress shaped zoo animals such as a monkey or tiger. Unique stress balls in the form of cute animal stress shapes are guaranteed to appeal to the children in the gift shop and will be taken home and enjoyed, and provide a lasting memento of their day trip, carrying the zoo’s logo.

Utility sectors benefit from including a promotional stress toy into their marketing campaigns as with shapes such as pound signs and house shaped stress toys can be utilised in marketing messages and campaigns to strengthen brand impressions to a wider audience or to promote a new product launch to a vast market.

Fruit and vegetable sellers or farmers have a wide choice of shapes to consider to hand out to their key produce buyers as a thank you for their business and to also give out to prospective buyers at key industry events, and businesses visited by business development executives and account managers.
Produce producers and sellers can certainly bring fun to their promotional marketing by exploring promo stress ball options in the form of stress apples and bananas branded with their company logo and contact details, to ensure their business can be contacted with ease when produce is required.

Sport event organisers should explore the many different available stress characters sport and promotional stress sports shapes to support their event promotion to a wide audience. With shapes such as karate men, runners and gymnasts there is an authentic promo stress shape to reflect all sporting events and provide a promotional tool for event organisations to incite interest in attending the event.

Medical equipment and drug manufacturers can take advantage of pill-shaped stress balls, eye-shaped stress toys and tablet promo stress balls to leverage their products in the marketplace.
Shaped promotional stress balls will create an unrefuted talking point and events with delegates, create a buzz around an industry stand and add to the key marketing messages presented by the company offering and unique selling points. A unique eye shaped stress ball with certainly give a new business meeting a talking point when presented to the receiver.

How does branded stress balls appeal to large audiences?

The modern world creates stress for people that manifest in emotional stress and anxiety, such as physiological challenges with work, personal life and the fast pace of modern day living.

The three main hormones responsible for the stress felt by individuals are, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol, helping the body to create energy to react as a “fight or flight” mechanism response, from our primitive days of survival.

Promotional stress balls are proven to provide a relief from stressful situations or periods of anxiety or pressure in the workplace or home.

Printed stress balls are believed to be a great aid in the release of tension and anxiety by squeezing, as this can help relieve the body of nervous energy, as the activity of a printed stress ball squeeze and release, can provide a relief from pent-up tension and allow the individual to focus on the motion of the ball and give of the foam in their hands.

Promotional stress balls are also seen as toys and are enjoyed by children and young adults due to the soft and squidgy nature of the moulded foam, and the amusing nature of squeezing.

With the many different available shapes and characters available, add a novelty factor to the promotional stress ball, and the opportunity for charities, animal sanctuaries and zoos to re-sell them within their gift shops will

Why choose to include a printed stress ball in your promotional marketing.

With a wide variety of shapes and sizes available to marketers, the perfect promotional stress ball can be sourced to reflect your brand colours and industry sector. In multiple colours to choose from, brands and businesses are able to explore the perfect colour match to their logo or corporate colours.

Sourcing the correct branded stress balls for your marketing campaign will add impact and relevance to your brand or services.

With custom stress balls in bespoke shapes and colours also adding to the marketers’ options. Exploring the correct and considered option for promo stress balls will ensure that the businesses promotional marketing campaign unique to their company services and brands.

With shapes as varied as promotional heart-shaped stress toys and printed cow shaped stress toys, there will always be a promotional stress ball available to pair with your marketing messages and engage your audience, adding fun to your marketing campaigns, providing a talking point with customers and prospects.

A well-considered promo stress ball, married to your brand will be taken away from the event or meeting to be placed upon desks in clear view of the office for a workplace stress relief, or to provide some entertainment and novelty to the receiver at home or in college.

Promotional stress balls seasonal gifts for internal handouts of adding novelty factors to a gift bag to be handed to existing customers, items such as promo stress balls in the shape of Santa or snowman will be sure to make the receiver smile, and embrace some festive spirit.

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Guidance on including a custom stress ball in your marketing promotional gift bag.

Before you commit to a bespoke or custom stress ball order, you need to discuss and explore your production lead times.

Many shapes and designs of promotional stress toys can be sourced within existing stock sat in UK or European warehouses ready for branding and can be pad printed and delivered within 3 weeks, sooner if needed in time for an event.

For custom shapes made bespoke to your requirements, manufacture will take around 6 weeks for production including a pre-preproduction sample before proceeding to bulk, you will need to consider if your business can allow a longer lead time,and if the custom promotional items can be delivered in time for the event or marketing campaign.

Considering the custom stress balls route to create impact for your promotional marketing campaign will set your business apart from your competitors and will allow your account managers and business development team to action an initial chat, to discuss your products and services.

Presenting your prospects with a novelty custom stress ball in the shape or your electronic product or medical machine will leave a long standing impression of what your business can offer the world.

The many benefits of promotional stress balls and how they work within a considered promotional products campaign.

For smart marketers looking to include a promo stress ball into their promotional marketing mix, the large assortment of shapes and colours allow for a great fit to support marketing campaigns and add additional value to giveaway bags or visits to exhibition stands.

To consider which of the best shapes will work best with your brand and service explore the below routes and selections to see if they will best fit your marketing messages.

Geometric stress ball shapes

For businesses offering a service such as marketing or training in the B2B sector, exploring options of promo stress balls in shapes such as decision dice or cubes, allow your marketing team to apply catchy tag lines and questions about the services your business can offer your prospects. Another added benefit of a stress dice is the multi sided possibility of adding not just your company logo and tag line, but also marketing messages or text, creating an additional branding layer for a more competent marketing message hit once given out to your prospect base or marketing audience.

Shapes created for games and group activities

Brands who are looking to incorporate an internal marketing campaign or competition can look to explore promo stress ball options in shapes such as building stackable blocks, or Number 1 shapes to aid HR departments in communicating key company messages to their internal teams and departments.
Internal competitions within teams can be supported with promo stress toys to award the players and winners on sales or improved performance.
Jigsaw puzzle stress shapes can also provide a unique marketing tool to brands and businesses hoping to increase brand exposure and presence to a wider audience along with considered tag lines such as “ we are your missing piece”, perfect for quirky marketing operations with a little flare.

Stress shaped people and characters

Business and brands can have some real fun with their marketing by stepping away from the stand conventional printed stress balls by working with character stress shapes.
For brands and businesses looking for a promotional route to market their services or products, stress characters in different poses and positions replicating a wide range of emotions such as crazy, stressed or smiling can create impact and conversations with your clients and prospects whilst allowing room for appropriate tag lines and unconventional marketing messages to allow your brand to really make an impression on your potential client base.
Stress superhero characters give brands the perfect opportunity to include a cheeky message about your services and values, and prove to your prospect base that you are fun to work with.

Electronic devices and products

Are perfect for businesses looking to create their own unique promotional stress marketing campaign, with relevance to their electronic devices or electronic services, promo stress shapes such as computers and photocopiers can unquestionably create impact and constant marketing impressions with a receiver and ensure that a your businesses contact details are close by, when the photocopier is in need of a service or IT problems are rife in the office.

Industry symbols and tools

Plumbers and trades looking to reach a larger marketing audience and investing in promotional marketing, can begin exploring their options of promotional stress balls, here you will find stress shapes such as stress toilets and stress spanners, to aid in your marketing efforts. A little humor in a marketing campaign can really set a trade apart from its competitors and provide additional opportunities to open conversations on your services whilst be remembered as the plumbers that handed them a promotional spanner should they ever need any tradesman assistance.

Engineer or construction shapes

For building and engineering sectors or trades, common promo stress balls in alternative shapes include stress house bricks, stress hard hats and even a stress bag of cement.
Companies looking to include a promotional stress shape in their promotional marketing campaign can explore a stress shape that reflects their business sector and trade to the marketing audience.
Promotional items given out to prospects can greatly increase a company’s marketing impression if the product is reflective of the services or sector that is promoted on the marketing gift.

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