Promotional Rulers

Marketing leads may ask is investing their promotional budget spent into promotional rulers going to be an effective way to spend the available marketing budget and will the choice of a personalised ruler be well received by the audience and be a capable promotional item to create multiple marketing impressions of the company’s brand and services.

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15 cm Plastic Ruler with Magnifier and Protractor

2M Double Side Foldable Ruler

From £1.64

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300mm Metal Ruler

From £2.74

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Architects Scale Ruler – 150mm (Full Colour Print)

Architects Scale Ruler – 300mm (Full Colour Print)

From £1.12

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Carpenters Pencil with Ruler – 3 Colours

Engineers Scale Ruler – 150mm (Full Colour Print)

Engineers Scale Ruler – 300mm (Full Colour Print)

From £1.12

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Full Colour 300mm Transparent Ruler

From £0.92

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Full Colour Logo 300mm Triangular Scale Ruler

From £1.59

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Mindy 8-piece Pencil case set

From £1.27

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Plastic Ruler 15cm – 100% Recycled Plastic

From £0.49

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Showing 1-12 of 18 results

Why do people still enjoy receiving a promotional Rulers?

Ideal desk accessory

A promotional ruler is a perfect promotional gift for audiences based within offices.
Providing a practical, functional stationary item to your prospects or client will ensure your contact details are never too far away, for the next enquiry into your product or services.
Office workers will make full use of your gifted promotional ruler for the measurement of objects less than 12”, and your printed scale ruler will be appreciated for its general purpose use to access sizes of objects or paper within the office.

Children and Teenagers

For brands and business looking to create marketing impressions to students of all ages, promotional rulers are a champion choice for ensuring your marketing messages are always in full view during study.
With a wide and varied selection of budget-friendly rulers, in 6” and 12” sizes, the perfect promotional ruler can be paired with your marketing message.
As your marketing gift fits the practical application to aid the audience with schoolwork and study, schools, colleges and universities understand that investing in promotional rulers as marketing gifts to the students in attendance to the educational facility, enables the internal marketing teams to present their students with a stationary item, packed full of important internal college contact details and department emails or helplines.

Promotional merchandise opportunity for souvenir shops, and charity shops

The promotional ruler can be incorporated in merchandise spend for shops looking to resell to their visitors or charity patrons. Effective as a budget-friendly option for smaller charity shops looking for a token stationary item alongside promotional pens to sell in their shops for a fundraising benefit to support their charity or cause.
Promotional rulers are also a popular seller for souvenir shops to retail to the visiting children and families for an additional revenue stream to contribute to the attractions profits.

Construction or engineering professionals

Promotional rulers build to appeal to construction and engineering audiences are seen as a champion promotional marketing choice for precision measurements in build and construction.
For marketers looking to invest in a promotional ruler, that will aid the receiver in a practical sense, a wide variety or rulers are available such as an engineers scale ruler or a triangular ruler, in both plastic and metal builds to fit all marketing budgets.

Why are promotional rulers still such a popular choice for promo gifts?

Children love promotional rulers

Education institutions such as schools regularly utilise promotional rulers to gift to the school children, as they understand that promotional products can act as an incentive for attendance, punctuality, and achievements, paired with pencil cases, pen and pencils sets, promotional personalised rulers for schools act as a great budget reward.


Marketers exploring merchandise and giveaways offerings, invest in printed rulers due to the affordability of promotional merchandise campaigns and availability in a wide range of cost and design options, to fit all budgets and target audiences.

Reseller Merchandise

For charities and visitor attractions, promotional rulers are a champion promotional item to re-sell in charity shops or gift shops as souvenirs to visitors or patrons, providing additional revenue and income for charities and venues, and supporting a shopping experience, for the people visiting, their venue or tourist attraction.

Large print area

Promotional rulers still have a leading advantage in the large available print area, for plastic rulers allowing full-colour prints and full-colour digital print inserts, the promotional ruler can also offer a stationary marketing gift option for brands challenged with logos that require full-colour replication.

Practical application for the receivers.

Marketers will see their investment in promotional marketing, greatly benefit from multiple uses, and increased marketing impressions, as receivers will see your choice of promotional rulers as a desirable promotional giveaway item due to the practical application and use on an office desk.
If marketers consider the best choice of promotional ruler that is useful to their customer or prospect base the printed ruler can is likely to remain with the receiver for a great length of time as part of their personal desk stationery.

Choice of two sizes 6” or 12”

For marketing leads exploring their options for the best promotional item to support their marketing messages and campaigns, and looking to find an affordable promotional item that is sent to a customer or prospect base by mail, promotional rulers can be the perfect choice for mailing campaigns.
With the lightweight nature or promotional rulers, benefits can also be applied to the purchaser as they are so easy to store, not taking up too much room in small shop stock rooms or offices.

Combined with additional promotional products to create a promotional gift pack

Promotional rulers can easily be paired with other stationary items to create a promo pack. For brands and businesses looking to provide a selection of promotional merchandise as an internal incentive or marketing campaign to a prospect base, promotional rulers can add weight to a marketing gift bag and act as a cost-effective filler.

Lead times

Standard promotional plastic rulers can be printed on short lead times for the promotional product rush if needed in time for the last minute event,
For marketers looking for an ideal promotional stationery item, some promotional rulers can also be completed small min order quantities, for marketing departments with smaller available marketing budgets.

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Guidance on how to pick the perfect promotional ruler

All promotional rulers contain both the Imperial and metric measurements, for the measurement of objects and scales and practical application of use.
Picking the correct promotional ruler will add additional impact to your promotional marketing campaign, drive more interest into your brand and services, and may be a champion choice to introduce what you can offer your prospects, by gifting a practical promotional accessory.

Standard promotional rulers

Plastic promotional ruler

We are proud to support UK manufacturer and a number of our plastic promotional rulers available are manufactured in the UK.
Available in two sizes, such as 30cm / 12” or the smaller 15cm / 6” variety.
Promotional rulers in a standard plastic are a perfect choice for budget keen promotional marketing campaigns and appeal to a wide audience of office workers, through to students.
A wide variety of colours are available as standard, so businesses looking to include a promotional ruler in their marketing gift offerings will be sure to find a great colour match to their brand.
Offering great value for money, and a fantastic print area, brands investing in plastic promotional rulers can benefit from including their logo and contact details to be on hand when they need to make an enquiry, and educational departments can arm their students with an easy to reach practical promotional item with department contact details and telephones for an queries or support.

Recycled materials

Standard rulers in both sizes can also be sourced in recycled plastics, along with options for recycled flexi ruler designs for promotional ruler fun.
For brands conscious of the environment and looking to invest in promotional materials that reflect their company ethics, exploring recycled promotional rulers will provide a marketing campaign with product support that mirrors their own belief in recycling and re-working materials to conserve the environment.


For brands looking to provide promotional products to their client or prospect base, standing outside of the normal promotional ruler gift choice, can explore printed scale rulers manufactured from sustainable wood, If your brand or business works with wood or supplies carpentry services, promotional rulers made from wood will offer reflection of your industry and act as a lasting reminder to the receiver to get in contact should their require your services.
Wooden promotional rulers paired with a mechanical pencil or included in a wood themed gift set will be guaranteed to create a long lasting impression when gifted to your target audience and sure to replace a generic plastic ruler on a receiver’s desk.
Gift and souvenir shops champion the wooden promotional ruler for merchandise reselling opportunities to visitors as they search for a momento of their visit.


Promotional rulers made from metal in stainless steel or carbon metal blends are a key choice for marketers looking to source a promotional product to appeal to engineers and customers and prospects working in the construction industry.
Alternative measures of scale can also be applied, speak to us to discuss your requirements and we can explore your best route to manufacture your bespoke scale of measurement.

Paper insert rulers for full colour tailoring and coverage

For brands and businesses looking for a promotional ruler that is ideal for displaying calendars and product images the paper insert ruler is a perfect choice, available in both the 12” and the 6” sizing, a perfect choice for marketers looking to find a cost effective digital promotional ruler to support their marketing messages.

Magnifying ruler

Marketers keen to gift a handy promotional ruler to their customer and prospect base, can look to invest in marketing ruler that also incorporates a magnifying lens.
Perfect choice for marketing campaigns to deliver messages to those who need assistance with magnifying lens for reading, or school children to use within the classroom for studies that require a detailed look into the subject. Due to the novelty element of the promotional ruler, gift shops and charity shops will make a champion choice to include in part of their merchandise offerings.

Tape measures

For brands and businesses looking to place an promotional marketing investment into promotional ruler or tape measure, that will be an effective marketing product to tradement and individuals interested in DIY and home improvements, a promotional tape measure will be powerful giveaway for brand impressions.
Coupled with the practical application of the promotional product, marketers can also choice from a wide variety of promotional tape measure builds from plastic to metal, along with additional trims such as removable belt clips and sizes of tape measure from 2M through to 5M.

Flexible rulers

Of all available promotional rulers, the flexi ruler is most appealing to children, due to the wide variety of bright primary colours, and the novelty element of flexibility.
Marketers and gift shop owners can look to explore standard flexible ruler designs and promotional flexible rulers made from recycled plastic.

Custom shaped Rulers

Marketers can embrace the ability to add weight to their promotional marketing campaigns by investing in a custom shaped promotional ruler.
Available in shapes such as lorries and trucks, custom shaped rulers in bespoke shapes can be moulded to a unique design but will come with larger min order quantities.
Popular choices are lorries, trucks, and promotional rulers in cut plastic shaped including icons such as hearts and houses, perfect for brands looking for a promotional item that represents their sector or product offering.

Transparent rulers

Complete with metric and imperial measurements, the transparent ruler appeals to both children and adults.
With a practical application to the transparent promotional ruler, as the plastic is clear the user can see the area of the page or design they are currently working with for a higher level of accuracy and detail.
For marketers looking for a budget friendly promotional ruler to work within their marketing campaigns and messages this is a champion choice.

Professional promotional rulers

Architects ruler

Promotional rulers are designed to appeal to architects for their practical professional application.
As a functional marketing product the promotional architects ruler has several different scales, and is made from either wood, metal or plastic.
For budget sensitive promotional marketing campaigns, companies looking to invest in promotional plastic architects rulers, provides a very affordable option for businesses or brands looking to create an impression to the engineers sector or individuals, reaching key decision makers within architectural practises, and opening the doors to an initial new business meeting.
For businesses looking to invest more of their promotional budget into a considered ruler, and aiming to create maximum impact to target their choice prospects, investing in a promotional metal architects ruler will surely create the right impression of professionalism.

Engineers ruler

The promotional engineers ruler includes professional scale measures with technical increments for engineers.
For businesses looking to explore their options of promotional scale rulers engineers rulers are ideal promotional rulers that can have a practical use in the construction industry, for those receiving the marketing gift.
Available in both metal, wood and plastic, and ideal promotional ruler can be sourced for a marketing campaign or company gift.
Promotional engineer metal rulers are perfect for use in a tooling workshop or production floor.
Consider also a promotional carpenter’s pencil with ruler, for a nifty little promotional ruler with a dual application for tradesmen on the job,, and an excellent affordable promotional tool for business or brands looking to interact and engage with their construction sector prospects.

Oval scale rulers

For businesses looking for a marketing product to appeal to builders and architectural designers
Metal for industrial use, thinner for accurate measurements, for individuals calculating mathematics, and also engineering calculations, perfect for those looking to provide a marketing gift into a profession that will often complete technical drawings for clients or construction.
Promotional rulers built in the oval scale design to allow for a higher accuracy, and durability within professional use.

Engineer and construction ruler pens

For brands looking to genuinely break the mould with an alternative promo ruler, considering a construction profile ruler pen, with both a centimeter / inch ruler, 1:20 / 1:50 m scale, spirit level and an inbuilt phillips screwdriver and also including a stylus, will blow away your competitors promotional gifts due to the unique and considered premium ruler pen, handed out to your prospects.
Construction and engineer industries will be impressed by any company that looks to gift a marketing product, that can perform within their industry sector but also be aesthetically pleasing.

Triangular Scale ruler

For marketers tasked with sourcing a promotional ruler that will appeal to engineers and architects for its practical application, the promotional triangular scale ruler is an impressive choice.
Aluminium options for a more premium promotional gift to prospects and customers will be well received, and the promotional plastic scale ruler is a perfect choice for businesses working with a smaller promotional budget to support their marketing messages.
The plastic variety also comes complete with a plastic case, and is perfect for digitally printing, creating a solution for business and brands who are challenged with complex logos or marketing designs.

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