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Marketers may ask with a large number of people using technology such as Kindles, netbooks and Ipads to read books, newspapers and articles, along with students using online facilities to research for coursework, and complete essays, is there still a place for the physical bookmark, or will promotional bookmarks be obsolete?

Promotional bookmarks are still an effective promotional marketing tool for businesses, charities and organisations looking to invest in promotional materials to advertise their brand or services, or to drive support for brand causes.

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Why people still enjoy promotional bookmarks

Educational facilities also understand the importance promotional bookmarks can play in providing education incentives to school children to encourage reading, and aiding in internal marketing campaigns within colleges and universities, to provide students with the correct contact details or helplines for internal student departments.

For clubs and sports groups, the promotional bookmark can act as a lasting memento of the sporting year, or provide a lasting memento of a celebration of an anniversary, such as a 250-year celebration of a church, or a 10 year anniversary of an established bowling club.

Charities can invest in promotional bookmarks to thank their supporters for contributions to their cause of time spent on fundraising efforts. With the lightweight personalised bookmark ideal for mailing campaigns to charity donors or to raise awareness for the charity cause, and increase funds, the promotional bookmark is still a popular and relevant choice for a number of sectors and marketing goals.

As promotional bookmarks still provide the receiver with a physical promotional item to be used to mark a place or page position within a book or magazine, marketers can embrace the opportunity to include personalised bookmarks within their marketing strategy and utilize the chance to promote and advertise their brand or services with multiple prospect impression with every use.

The benefits of including a promotional bookmark in your marketing campaign.

Marketers understand that promotional budgets and marketing product are needed to propel their business or services to a larger audience, and marketing spend and Investment is needed to provide repeated exposure to your brand. Cost-effective


Promotional bookmarks are a cost-effective, functional promotional item that is likely to stay with your prospects or customers for a longer than average amount of time.

Product support for the campaign

For businesses looking to complete a social media campaign in the theme or reading or study, promotional bookmarks can be an ideal marketing tool to include in the marketing message to send out to a large audience if they choose to participate.

Low postage cost

With the low postage cost to send a promotional bookmark out to a marketing base, businesses investing in personalised bookmarks can ensure that the cost of mailing their choice of promotional item is super budget friendly.

Promotional giveaways

Personalised promotional bookmarks are often used by many businesses and brands as marketing giveaways at conferences, trade shows and schools.
Due to the lightweight nature of a promotional bookmark, your events team can take the marketing item to your exhibition or industry event with ease, and minimal storage.
For businesses attending conferences for education, promotional bookmarks are the ideal marketing item to convey the importance of reading and any associated services that encourages school children to take more time to read, and improve their English and desire to continue to further reading, and embrace literature as a hobby.

Internal giveaway

For businesses looking to invest in a promotional product that they can include in their internal marketing campaigns, promotional bookmarks are an ideal item to go alongside gifted company diaries and internal business calendars as they provide a key practical solution to keep you and your team organised. Why people still enjoy promotional bookmarks.

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A brief guide on choosing the correct promotional bookmarks.

Looking to explore the best promotional bookmark to support your key marketing messages or business development campaign need not be problematic.

Your first “port of call” as a business is to decide who your target audience is for your promotional messages, and tailor your advertising campaign and choice of promotional bookmark accordingly.

Should your business or brand be looking to focus on a particular sector or age group, promotional bookmarks can be sourced for all marketing agendas and budgets.

Children’s promotional bookmarks

For both businesses and educational marketers, promotional bookmarks are a great marketing tool to be utilized for schools and brands.
For brands investing in marketing bookmarks, they can rest assured that they have made an excellent marketing choice in promotional bookmarks as children will both use and enjoy in study books and sketchbooks, in both school and home environments.
For gift shops and souvenir shops, including promotional bookmarks in their resell offerings will be an effective attraction for children of all ages, as personalised bookmarks, such as the character bookmarks as a great seller as they are viewed as a “pocket money friendly” novelty for visiting children.
Educational facilities understand that investing in promotional bookmarks is a great way for schools to reward and acknowledge achievements with the students, in both attendance, improvements and most importantly reading, acting as a champion giveaway to encourage and reward home reading.
Doubling as a giveaway from the school to strengthen the relationship with students and reading, schools are also aware that promotional bookmarks offer a great budget-friendly end of year gift for the children to take home and use to encourage further reading during the summer holiday.
For igniting excitement within schools educational facilities with a particular theme such as “reading owl” educational facilities can look to invest in promotional character bookmarks to hand out to the children to create fun and engagement.

Best options to appeal to children

Club and Team mementos

Clubs in a wide variety of colours, looking for a long lasting traditional, personal promotional item, that can be completed in smaller quantities for smaller club budgets. And also double up as a potential item to resell onto club patrons to raise additional funds for the clubs.
Card bookmarks are a very cost-effective way for a club in invest in promotional bookmarks, but bonded leather bookmarks still prove to be incredibly popular choices for clubs, due to the durability and classically made stitched leather.
WIth branding options such as gold blocking, embossing or screen printing to aid the clubs in customising their own bookmarks, promotional leather bookmarks are still a best seller, due to the great price, and traditional nature of a promotional bookmark token.
Promotional leather bookmarks are also available in 11 leather colours, this provides the perfect flexibility for clubs and groups to find a great match for their club colours.

Popular choices for clubs

  • Card bookmarks
  • Bonded or recycled leather bookmarks

Souvenir or Gift shops

Visitor attractions looking to stock their souvenir or gift shop with a profitable selection of promotional merchandise, understand the additional revenue that can be generated by investing in promotional bookmarks to resell to visitors.
By offering a selection of promotional bookmarks to the public they can ensure a suitable personalised bookmark with an appeal to all audiences.
Children in gift shops are drawn to bright colours or if visiting a zoo or wildlife attraction, will be sure to want to take a lion, or seal promotional bookmark home as a memento, and part with their “pocket money”
For adult visitors, a gold blocked bookmark branded against a real leather will be seen as a valuable bookmark to encourage a visitor to purchase and take away as a lasting souvenir to advertise your venue or attraction to a wider audience.
For gift shops looking to add a premium range bookmark to their available retail items for purchase, promotional meta bookmarks can be a real hit for shoppers looking to take home a gift for a loved one.

Church Anniversary and celebrations.

For churches and groups looking to celebrate a centenary year or important date for the church, find promotional bookmarks a token option to gift to the parish or churchgoers.
Promotional bookmarks are the budget-friendly option to celebrate dates of importance and provide a token gesture to mark the occasion.
For the children of the parish, a small magnetic bookmark or card bookmark can be a fantastic gift to be taken home, used and enjoyed.

Domestic large Audience

For large scale promotional marketing campaigns, where marketers and brand management teams face the challenge of finding a promotional item that will be both cost-effective and benefit their brand of services with multiple marketing impressions whilst I use, the promotional bookmark can be capable product for consideration to support a new product or brand launch in a social media or mailing campaign.
Charities understand that personalised bookmarks sent out to their existing patrons and financial donors, as a “thank you” in the mail for their continued support, does wonders to grow the relationship with their supporting audience. As well as thanking existing donors, Charities can also benefit from investing in promotional bookmarks to aid in a direct mail campaign to potential fundraisers and financial supporters to raise additional funds for the charity cause or objectives.
As promotional bookmarks are so light and easy to store, for brands and businesses looking for a promotional marketing item that can be mailed out to prospects or clients, in a cost-effective manner, the promotional bookmark is a champion choice.

Suggestions for volume campaigns

  • Shaped magnetic bookmark
  • Card bookmarks
  • Foam bookmarks
  • Plastic bookmark with a magnifier

Business Gifts

Marketing executives looking to promote a new service or brand to a chosen prospect base can explore promotional bookmarks to support a marketing campaign.
Promotional bookmarks are seen as a personal item for domestic use for a keen reader, but bookmark designs such as the card bookmark include sticky tabs for desk use.
Providing a marketing gift in the form of a promotional bookmark will ensure that your company’s logo, contact details and key marketing messages, are constantly providing impressions to the receiver, and an even larger audience if clearly visible on an office desk.

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