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Why the standard WE promotional pencil is still loved by marketers

Supersaver pencil, affordable for small budget marketers looking to advertise their services or product with a cheap promotional pencil.

The classic pencil design with its rounded shape and ferrule is loved in the classroom or lecture theatre by young children and students, for brands looking to engage with a studious audience the classic WE pencil is still a choice favourite.

The ease and availability of colours to the classic promotional pencil enable schools and colleges to invest in cheap promotional pencils branded with the school or college names to be handed out at volume to the school children or college students.

Historically the classic promotional pencil was branded by the foil blocking method, to the pencil body, allowing a silver or gold text to show the school’s name.  Foil blocking has been mostly replaced by screen or pad printing methods allowing marketers to better replicate their brand colours by matching Pantone colour to their brand guidelines. By spot colour printing the barrel a larger print area can also be achieved with the promotional pencil averaging 45m x 15mm, the landscape print area lends itself heavily to printing text and some longer logo designs.

Promotional pencils still represent fantastic value to your advertising campaign efforts, sitting proudly alongside other promotional merchandise items in a stationary pack or branded notebook.

A rare item in its unique ability to appeal to all individuals promotional pencils engage all audiences large or small, offer flexibility in options to customise and will allow all marketers to consider a promotional pencil as part of an advertising campaign on tighter budgets.

Diverse in its range offerings, from the cheap promotional pencil entry level product the “super saver” pencil to the higher end metal mechanical pencils, promotional pencils are still considered a key element to a promotional product campaign.


Why did graphite replace lead in promotional pencils?

In Cumbria England as far back as the 15’00s, a large section of soft clean graphite was discovered in Seathwaite. The discovery of the material allowed the graphite to be re-worked into sticks.

Due to the lack of chemistry understanding during the 15’00’ s the soft grey substance was mistaken for Lead.

Over the centuries the term “Lead pencil” has carried on throughout Europe, however the delusion to referring to the inner core of a pencil as Lead has continued, when the pencils have only ever been manufactured from graphite.

As graphite is a non-poisonous chemical, still safe even if consumed you needed worry about Lead poisoning anyone with your promotional pencil gift.

When did pencils start to include erasers?

Patented in 1858 Hyman Lipman created the tip erasers to pencils in its current loved form, with the rubber encapsulated into the tip of the wooden pencil barrel.

Joseph Reckendorfer rushed to apply to purchase the patent to the Lipman eraser in the view to make millions from the royalties. However, in 1875 the legitimacy of the invention was rejected in court as a non-unique design unworthy on a patent.

Both the USA and United kingdom embrace the pencil and eraser combination, but on a global platform other neighbouring countries have not taken up the same love for the eraser pencil and prefer to stick the pen designs without.

An explanation of FSC certified Promotional Pencils.

FSC stands for the mark of responsible forestry.  As an abbreviation if Forest Stewardship Council.

The council was founded in 1993 to change the general opinion on how the world viewed sustainable forestry practices.

Since FSC has been established they have worked tirelessly to put into place a recognised set of industry standards.

Core standards include

  • Forest sustainability
  • Economical forestry
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental concerns

To achieve the FSC stamp of approval to the range of available FSC promotional pencils the established set of standards need to be met from the forest floor to the point of sale.

If environmental causes, Eco concerns and sustainability are key to your company values, product offerings or services, consider an FSC certified Promotional pencil to advertise your brand.

Promotional Pencils for sector specialisms

With the large variety of branded promotional pencils available to companies looking for a cheap promotional giveaway, numerous pencils can be considered for multiple business sectors.

Construction and building sector

  • The traditional carpenter’s pencil is also available in the promotional market, in a wide variety of colours to consider, the branded carpenter pencil is a great promotional hit, that fits well within tight marketing budgets.
  • Promotional plastic mechanical pencils are a popular choice for the construction engineer without the concern for a sharpener or split leads, also benefits the advertising with a larger print area to the plastic casing of the promotional pencil than a standard cheap branded pencil alternative.

Architects and engineers

  • Stainless steel and executive mechanical pencils are positively received by architects, exploring metal build option, can allow an additional layer of prestige to the promotional product if supplied in a gift box or part of a pen set. Parker Jotter mechanical pencils provide the wow factor to your receiver, and practical application of regular use as no sharpening is required.

Children and youth groups

  • Novelty pencils are an accomplished favourite with children and young people globally, as a promotional pencil choice the branded novelty pencil still goes down a treat, with wobbly heads multi coloured foil, and bright neon colours, for brands looking for a relevant branded promotional pencil the novelty option will never fail to please.
  • Promotional bendy pencils are also a core favourite with children for the fiddle factor element, with the unusual shape and flexibility.

Tourism gift shops

  • Art galleries find the understand the benefit of adding promotional pencils to their merchandise shop offering. For a mono 1 colour print to the barrel the black knight pencil with its elegant matt finish draw attention and purchases from the shop visitors.
  • Promotional pencil sets are a staple popular in small tourist gift shops printed simply to the outer card packet or tube, doubles as an affordable and pleasing ROI item to have stocked in your retail shop.
  • Rainbow promotional pencils charm children visiting gift shops and seem to have a timeless pull to visitors looking to spend a little money in a tourists merchandise shop.
  • Promotional foam pencil toppers are also snapped up by visiting families with a little spending money to take home a lasting momento of the day.

Can you achieve full colour designs to promotional pencils?

Full colour CMYK designs can be reproduced to both standard graphite promotional pencils, and also branded mechanical pencils, as a full colour 360 degree wrap branded print area.

For the promotional pencil option to recreate your design in full colour, a digital wrap will be branded as per your supplied artwork, and then built and laminated to the rounded body of the pencil, the wooden pencil as a natural wood finish will see be will be underneath your branded wrap.

Looking to replicate your company logo or photographic design to the body of a promotional mechanical pencil the Schiffer mechanical pencil allows for logo replication directly to the plastic body at a 360 degree print option, amplifying a well considered design and advertising impact once presented to your client or prospect.


Things to consider when choosing the correct promotional pencil for your campaign.

Who are you looking to gift the branded pencil to?

Are you aiming to appeal to a young or mature audience? If your company or brand looks to parents with children as their influencer in the home, perhaps a novelty promotional pencil aimed at children will be suit your needs, with options including rainbow foil wrapped printed pencils, through to the interchangeable popper pencils adored by children and adults for the retro facture.

Promotional merchandise to be retailed in the gift shop often includes a well considered promotional pencil, pencil tubes or pencil sets, these items work well for convincing customers to purchase especially if the artwork is text only and printed as a 1 or 2 colour print for a subtle elegant branded finish.

How far will your promotional merchandise budget go? what are your cheaper options for printed pencils?

Charities and small youth groups are often challenged with very small budgets for advertising, consider investing in cheap promotional pens to support your marketing, pens such as the classic WE promotional pencil and small promotional coloured pencil packs can be very affordable for fundraising and ROI for small charity teams looking to increase their revenue.

Are promotional pencils safe for children’s use?

Printed promotional pencils and branded colouring pencil packs should always be CE certified to ensure the pencils are safe for use by children under supervision and will not contain any harmful chemicals if accidently digested. Please bear in mind children should always be supervised with any toy including the use of promotional pencils to ensure the pencils are being used and enjoyed in the correct manner and not chewed, swallowed or deliberately broken.

Gifting a promotional mechanical pencil, how long will it last?

Varying specification to advertising mechanical pencils make the question “how long will they last question” a difficult one to answer.

As promotional mechanical pencils work by pushing down the graphite infill though the nib mechanism by pressing down on a button, where no sharpening is required.

Considering a cheap entry level promotional mechanical pencil even with its simple plastic body will enable the receiver to refill the pencil lead when depleted as long as the user looks after the body, the longevity of the promotional product should be longer than that of a standard promotional pencil that will need to be sharpened until expired.

Promotional Mini Golf Pencil with Eraser

Premium quality printed or laser engraved pencils available with or without an eraser. Pencil colours available Black or Light Grey (PMS 7541), with black wood. Optional eraser colour choices of Black, White, Red & Blue, all with black Ferrel. Other colour options include White or Natural with optional white eraser with silver Ferrel, and natural wood.

Contact for option without an eraser.

From £0.16

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Black Knight WE Pencil

Dark and mysterious pencil made from solid black wood, with black ferrule and black eraser. Suitable for single colour printing only.

Standard WE Pencil

Wooden pencil with silver ferrule and pink eraser, suitable for printing with up to three colours in close registration. Available in a wide range of popular colours.

Rainbow Pencil

Vivid rainbow-coloured pencil to add a splash of colour to any campaign or promotion. The wooden pencil is finished with a high-quality American rainbow foil to give an appealing effect. The Rainbow Pencil has a pink eraser, gold ferrule and is suitable for single-colour printing.

Oro Pencils – Many Colours

Classic wooden pencil with white eraser and gold ferrule, available in a wide variety of barrel colours.

The Oro Pencil can be printed with up to 3 colours in close registration, ideal for any logo or message.


Triside Pencil

Triangular pencil with domed end in a range of barrel colours. The Triside Pencil can be printed with up to four colours on each side, while the white barrelled version can benefit from full colour printing.

Mini NE Pencil

Half-sized pencil with painted finish and no eraser, available in a wide range of colours to suit any promotion.

Hauser Mechanical Pencil

Plastic mechanical pencil with durable 0.7mm Japanese lead. Includes two additional leads. Choose from a range of barrel colours with a complementary coloured eraser. Suitable for spot colour printing.

FSC ® Carpenter Pencil

Traditional flat carpenter pencil made from FSC ® -certified wood. Suitable for both multicolour and full-colour printing.

FSC ® Wooden Pencil

FSC ® -certified wooden pencil with silver ferrule and pink eraser, available in a wide range of colours.

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Natural Varnished Pencils

Dimensions: 7mm (w)  x 187mm (h)
Colours: Natural

Print area: Print – 45mm (w) x 15mm (h)

Funky Pencil

Neon rounded pencil with eraser, in a choice of 4 colours.

Colours: Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow.

Dimensions: 7mm(w) x 187mm(h)

Print – 45mm(w) x 15mm(h)


Pencil Set with Sharpener

Pencils supplied as plain stock, branding is to the outer card.

7-piece pencil set. 6 coloured pencils in cardboard cylinder box with sharpener in plastic lid.  Cardboard.

Size: 10.5 cm x 2.5cm

Print area: 12mm x 50mm



Promotional Crayon Set – 6 Piece

6-piece crayon set. 6 coloured wax crayons. Decoration not available on components. Cardboard.

Size: 9.10cm x 1cm x 5.10cm


Natural Promotional Pencil Set

12-piece pencil set. 12 colouring pencils in wooden gift box with sliding cover, which has a ruler function on the back. Decoration not available on components. Wood.

Size: 21.5cm x 3.5cm x 4cm

Print Area: 70mm x 20mm


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