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Why people still enjoy the gift of a promotional notebook

Beyond the practical application of Promotional notebooks for use in the office, branded notebooks are also acquired by individuals as a prized personal item to be used and enjoyed as the owner funnels away travel experiences, food diaries, personal stories and beloved recipes.

Promotional office notebooks are crucial to teams in attendance to a company get together, sales team meeting and brainstorming, to take down notes, actions and to do lists.

Some Individuals still take great pleasure in the logging of tasks, annotations to manuscripts and the compilation physical written to do lists in promotional notepads.
Accomplishment is still felt by those checking off completed tasks from a to-do list, along with a written log of important passwords or contact details.

Within an office environment, Leather executive notebooks are seen as a valued desk accessory, to sit alongside a plethora of handsome desk items, such as paperweights, pen holders and calculators.

For Sales representatives on the road, and new business development executives, the promotional notebook doubles as a sales tool to gift to a prospect or client, along with its practical application in field sales to place and store important business cards and pens.

Students in adult education enjoy promotional journals as they are favoured books to write songs lyrics or poetry, diary entries and dates for the academic year.

Promotional notebooks branded with a charity name and cause are generally well received by individuals who require a small promotional notepad to grab and go, joining the owner on outings for note taking at hobby classes.

Modern Journalism still has a requirement for small handheld jotter books, as the journalism values the flipbooks for its assistance with taking notes in shorthand, at scenes of investigation or reporting on the action whilst at a sports event. Promotional Jotter notebooks in the form of leather flip-up books, still prove to be a popular choice for executive gifts and collections.

Surveyors of land utilise notebooks filled with squared paper, along with many architects and engineers, squared paper notebooks are also a necessity for the science field to accurately record data charts.
Both soft feel promotional notebooks, and hard-backed notebooks can be sourced with squared paper as opposed to plain sheets or lined pages, if your marketing audience are able to actively use the promotional notebook gift, it benefits both the company message on display and the user in the practical day to day application of using the book out in the field.

The availability of pocket-sized promotional notebooks, still suit individuals who look to store both personal and business contact details, anniversary dates or appointments in a tangible book, as opposed to computer and phone logs.

Within the hospitality industry, both front of house staff, and the maître within the restaurant, notebooks are still extensively used, the usual size for a booking book is A4, and is invaluable as a hard backed appointment diary for table seating or event attendance and guest lists.

College students enjoy and actively use promotional notebooks containing academic timetables, notes sections and college department contact details. Polypropylene covers to both the front and back of the academic notebook, combined with a wire bound edge ensure the longevity of the book with wear and tear, waterproof properties if caught out in the rain, along with the added bonus of easy tear sheets for removing expired pages.

A brief history of the beginning of the Notebook

All the way back in 1902 a stationary shop based in Tasmania decided to re-work the folded stacks of parchment paper, by glueing together a collection of half sheets and finished with an additional sheet of supporting header card. The new method of collating paper created the notebook… and was named “Silver City Writing Tablet”. Notebooks are embraced globally and form a fundamental office desk and educational stationery staple.

How notebook paper is made

The average gsm (grams per square meter) of paper used and built into most promotional notebooks is 80gsm. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the supplied gsm of paper the heavier and thicker the paper build.

Paper is created from a naturally occurring tree based compound called cellulose combined with lignin and water to create a pulp which is then fed through a mechanical mesh.

Which promotional notebook is best for your audience


One of the largest most recognised brands available to the promotional market is Moleskine, made from a synthetic material, that ticks the box for those looking to avoid a genuine leather book, whilst providing an unbeaten promotional notebook built with quality, married with the considered design and trims,


  • For the refined executive audience, gentleman’s promotional gift, and favoured by the more masculine brand.
  • Considered high-end design with internal expandable pockets, self-coloured ribbon markers.
  • Lies flat with rounded corners, with FSC certified paper.


  • The premium feel and build of the higher end Moleskine notebook, does come at a higher cost than standard promotional notebooks, will your promotional budget reach?
  • Soft feel notebook alternatives without the Moleskine brand name may also be a great choice with a very similar executive spec.

PU Leatherette & Leather Notebooks

Real leather notebooks truly reflect the executive audience receiving the promotional gift. Multiple options of real leather hide allow a notebook option to all marketers. Ranging from smoother grain leather to the quality aged hide, both PU Leatherette and real leather notebooks reflect maturity and experience in the corporate office environment.


  • Wide variety of different types of paper, lined, squared, and plain sheets
  • Some available with dividers, pockets and pens
  • Notebooks for sketching and drawing along with scrapbook collections are created on a heavier gsm paper.
  • Glued sheets, taped or bound, or sheets attached with a sewn spine, causes a paper drape effect to the open book.
  • Organiser notebooks are created with pre-printed pages, such as to-do lists, calendars and important diary dates.
  • Offers a variety of branded options as most can be embossed, screen printed and UV full colour digitally printed.
  • Perforated pages, ribbon markers, and pen loops on the hard cased varieties as standard.


  • The Leather notebook option can be more expensive than a general hard backed standard notebook option.
  • Should you need a full-colour design to go down onto the cover then a smooth PU cover notebook may be a much more cost effective route.
  • If gifting to ethical organisations or vegan individuals, real leather will not be well received so try an alternative option.

Wirebound Promotional Notebooks.

Exploring a wire bound notebook option works well for schools, colleges and business, the wire build of the book allows for ease of tearing sheets away from the book when finished.


  • Affordable notebook option for volume giveaways and student promotions.
  • Cover options include hard card covers, plastic and card
  • Smaller A5 promotional notebook sizes appeal to children and students with options to include a pen as a promotional pack.
  • Bright colours also benefit the youth audience on these notebooks, as varieties of colours include bright reds, blues and greens
    Very cost effective as a charity merchandise option.
  • Card covered wire bound options, allow full-colour printing to both the front and back notebook covers, flexibility of print methods allows the cover and the inner sheets to have alternative designs.


  • The receiver will regard the promotional notebook as fun and handy to have around, but it will not be regarded as a highly valued promotional gift, falling more into the merchandise spectrum.
  • Costing to the wire bound notebooks will vary in accordance with your print spec, printed full colour to both the cover and each sheet, will be the more expensive option for notebook spec.

Value Promotional Notebooks

If you are looking to consider a branded notebook within a value or budget range, there is still plenty of varieties you can explore, even if your option to spend on branded notebooks is a little lean, perfect option for small clubs and charity fundraising, to be retailed for profit at fundraising events or club stalls.


  • Perforated pages, ribbon markers, and pen loops on the hard cased varieties as standard.
  • Hardcovers still available with a brushed soft feel finish; but made from budget wrapped paper card materials as opposed to leathers or PU.
  • Varieties with polypropylene covers are easy to keep clean, can be sourced with vibrant colour trims for youth audiences.
  • Smaller pocket options are available with pens attached, and elastic closure bands.
  • Valued by resellers looking to raise funds for a charity cause or sold on stalls.
  • Popular choice for Tourist merchandise buyers, as they can be purchased for a budget spend, and resold for additional profit.
  • Ideal item for volume hand out in large marketing campaigns for education students.


  • As a value item, consider if the budget promotional notebook range will be well received by the corporate audience, they may be too small to be practical.
  • Reflect on value notebooks more as novelty items to be enjoyed by children as opposed to a more practical application in business.
  • Some of the cheap notebooks may have fewer pages within, than a standard notebook.

Things to Consider when choosing the right promotional notebook

Your choice of promotional notebook will impact the receivers’ opinion on your business and services.

Give some thought to the use and purpose of the promotional notebook once received by your audience.

Branding to the inner pages and to the cover of the notebook, further reinforce your logo, brand message and company details, you may wish to include a call to action or tag line, as the promotional notebook offers you a tremendous print area.

Consider how a promotional notebook will add additional value to a promotional pack of products when included as part of the gift bag.
A well-chosen promotional product collection, to include product such as A5 soft feel notebooks, included with branded pens and other stationary items such as sticky notes and highlighters will provide an effective positive reception from the individual gifted.

Children and youth teams will enjoy and be fond of a small A6 or even A7 notebook, due to the compact and novel nature of the size, perfect for small hands.
The slightly older youth would find an A5 notebook as more favourable for its practical application within the high school or university setting.
Smaller promotional notebooks are favoured by schools and gift shops as they appeal to children as a lasting memento of their visit to the tourist destination, adding additional revenue to the shop and attraction.

If you are focusing on hospitality or a middle manager marketing target audience, the larger size promotional notebooks, in A4 will be your best-suited size for an effective advertising campaign. .A4 branded notebooks will be better equated with stationary use, in an office or boardroom, or to sit alongside a reception desk and kiosk.

Offering an abundance of colours and options for branded notebook cover finish, with a wide range; from leather notebooks to soft feel card and plastic covers, there is an unrivalled selection of personalisation options to fit within your company brand colours and themes,

Should you be challenged with full-colour artwork, that needs to be replicated digitally with the consider the benefits of exploring a promotional notebook with the option of a card cover.
For ease of CMYK reproduction, you can still consider a cost effective wire bound notebook for your promotional product campaign, and also have a design printed to each of the inner sheets again in both full colour, or just spot colour for text or website details.

For the ultimate personalised promotional notebook, Mix and match options are available tailoring the band, pen and pencil together for a great brand fit. This benefits and strengthens your advertising message with defined colour schemes fitting perfectly within your brand guidelines, product offering and sub-brands.

Desk Pad notebooks and pens left displayed in the boardroom, reception or meeting room, helps your guests and attendees take notes or topics from the meeting with ease, take away from the venue or your offices to be used back in their own premises or home. Take away desk pads carries your brand out of your four walls and into the world to create more impressions to a fresh audience of potential clients.

Strong considerations need to be made on the choice promotional notebook cover, due to the available branding methods.
Early into the sourcing process make a decision on if a hardcover or a soft cover notebook option is best for you.
Real leather and PU notebooks are padded to allow a deboss design to be laid down onto the front or back cover, however soft feel card covers are not suitable for this method or branding, but can often be a great affordable option for spot colour printing, and full colour if required.

Decide how many pages do you require in the notebook, would a standard 50 sheets work fine for your promotional campaign using desk pads, glued edge notebooks with a standard x 50 sheet paper stack, will always be your more affordable options, with your logo branded to each sheet.
The benefits of considering a covered Notebook with a laminated card cover allows print to both the covers, and a different design to the internal sheets, further aiding you in the marketing goals as additional branding options offer another layer of customisation.
Or would your advertising spend be better applied if your business was to explore a promotional notebook with nearer 100 unique pages, as you would prefer the receiver to continue to the notebook over the course of a year, to maximise your brand impressions and new audience

Moleskine 12M Weekly 2018 Calendar Notebook

The weekly notebook has days of the week on the left hand page and lined notepaper on the right hand page.

Dated from January to December, it contains 144 ivory-coloured pages.

Soft cover with rounded corners, elastic closure and page marker.

Size: 190 x 250mm



From £13.63

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Colour Panel Notebook Book A5

This notebook is designed to stand out on customers’ desks. The PU cover has a coloured top section with a white band along the bottom. We’ll add your logo to the white section. Supplied with 96 sheets of 70gsm cream lined paper.

Dimensions: 141 x 210 x 15 mm

Colour Options: Aqua, Black, Blue, Lime, Pink and Purple

From £1.72

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Classic Soft Cover Notebook A5 – Debossed

Classic Soft Cover Notebook. Soft touch cover notebook (A5 size reference) with built-in elastic closure, ribbon page marker, document pocket on the interior back cover and 80 sheets (80gsm) of lined paper.

Colour Options: Solid Black, Royal Blue, Red, Light Blue, Lime and Yellow.

From £3.55

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Tri-Fold Desk Set

Natural Tri fold eco desk set including approx 100 sheet kraft paper notepad, approx. 25 yellow sticky notes, flags in 5 colours, 8cm ruler and pen with black ink. Flags in orange, yellow, pink, green and blue.

Sie: 119 x 90 x 50mm

Print Area: 100 x 80mm


From £2.42

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A4 Deskpad

The promotional pads look great carrying calendars, weekly planners, to do lists, plus your company logo and contact details. Contains 50 sheets of white 80gsm paper, glued to a standard backboard. Item can also be supplied with 100 sheets, contact us for pricing.

Education Academic Planner & Notebook

Perfect for new term starts, all Education institutions, college and 6th Form.

Academic Planner & Notebook
Size: 148x210mm.
Clear 500 micron polypropylene front and back cover. With a 300gsm front insert printed 4 colour process 1 side with a 1 colour academic calendar to the reverse. 1 x insert with a
weekly time table. 50 sheets printed with a weekly planner design (1 colour both sides).

Sheets are not dated. 25 sheets printed 1 colour both sides for note taking. 25 sheets

printed 1 colour both sides for drawing. Wiro bound on the long edge with silver wire.

From £1.64

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Pocket Notebook – Acero

The Acero pocket notebook from the Ivory collection offers a wealth of beautifully crafted features for a practical and durable companion ideal for notations or sketches at work, travelling or in your free time. The Acero notebooks are available in a range of colours with a coordinating colour closure band and also feature a pen loop.
Acero notebooks are available in ruled paper on beautiful ivory colour pages (192 in total) with crafted rounded corners for an elegant look with a gold ribbon marker to complement the design. The Ivory Notebooks also include a practical expandable pocket on the inside back cover, ideal for holding tickets, receipts or any other useful paper items.
Dimensions: 90 x 140

From £4.04

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A5 Notebook – 5 Day Express

Soft feel A5 Notebook with elastic closing band and internal bookmark. Contains approximately 80 lined pages. Available for screen and full colour digital printing.

From £1.99

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A6 Desk Pad

The promotional pads look great carrying calendars, weekly planners, to do lists, plus your company logo and contact details. Contains 50 sheets of white 80gsm paper, glued to a standard backboard. Can also be supplied with 100 sheets, contact us for pricing.

A5 Desk Pad

The promotional pads look great carrying calendars, weekly planners, to do lists, plus your company logo and contact details. Contains 50 sheets of white 80gsm paper, glued to a standard backboard.
Pad can also be supplied with 100 sheets, speak to us about pricing!

Medium Noir Edge Notebook

The Noir Edge has a modern and stylish design, that’s perfect for promotions.
The cream lined sheets of the notebook have coloured edging, which matches the elastic closure and ribbon marker, for an eye-catching look.
It’s available in a choice of two sizes, small and medium, and is supplied with a plain black stylus pen for a great value promotional gift.
Dimensions: 143mm(w) x 210mm(h) x 17mm(d)

From £2.70

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Small Noir Notebook

Our Noir Notebook offers superb value for money and fantastic styling. The smooth black PU cover gives this item a premium look and the coloured elasticated strap and page marker contrast perfectly against the black. It’s now available in an extended range of coloured trims. As standard, the book is supplied with a Curvy Ballpen in a complementary colour, or for a more premium promotion, we can offer our metal Reno pen with selected colour options. Plus, we can now offer embossing of your logo to the cover for a high quality branding solution,

From £1.50

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Doppio Notebook

This exclusive design 2-in-1 notebook (A5 size reference) is a neat solution for keeping two different projects on-the-go. Two different coloured covers identify the separate parts of the notebook. Simply flip it over to switch your line of thinking. Features 2 x 64 lined pages (80gsm), packed in a Journalbooks gift sleeve. Thermo PU. 388g

Colours: Black, Black/White, Green/Black, Navy, Red/Grey

From £6.61

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Post A7 notebook

Extra small notebook with fold-over cover and 60 unruled pages. PP plastic.
Dimensions: 110 x 10 x 80

Soft-Feel Notebook A5

It has a tactile soft-feel
flexible cover, which looks amazing with both standard screen print and embossing for your company logo. The cover is available in a great choice of colours and features a useful pocket to the back cover. The notebook contains 80 sheets of 100gsm cream lined paper. To complete your promotional gift, why not choose our Liberty Gift Set? This stylish set includes our A5 sized Liberty Notebook and our Satin Twilight Pen, both branded with your logo. They’re presented within a high quality gift box.

From £3.63

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