Promotional Branded Merchandise

For businesses and companies looking to invest in marketing campaigns and shout about new product ranges or services, exploring branded merchandise to strengthen the marketing messages increase interest and additional brand impressions, marketing leads can make extra headway by investing in numerous printed merchandise to add weight to a campaign.

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10oz Cotton Canvas Tote Bag – 5 Day

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2-In-1 Music splitter keychain with stylus

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25cm Honey Jointed Bear

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2D Soft PVC Coaster

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4-in-1 Charging Cable

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5oz Coloured Cotton Tote Bag – 5 Days

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7oz Cotton Tote Bag – 5 Day

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8cm Tubby Bear

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8oz Black Cotton Canvas bag – EXPRESS 5 DAY

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8oz Natural Cotton Canvas bag – EXPRESS 5 DAY

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Absolute Extra Ballpen

Aire Ballpen

Showing 1-12 of 275 results

Why use branded merchandise?

Marketing leads, brand management teams, sports clubs, musicians, bands and charities all benefit from investing in branded merchandise to benefits their marketing exposure and assist with advertising messages and brand impressions.

Branded bags

Bags are a proven promo item to be successful in creating multiple marketing impressions once used by the consumer. Promotional bags have large print areas for marketers to layer not only company logos but icons, taglines, websites and calls to action. Designs can be created to the branded merchandise to incorporate visuals to both sides of the bag.

Charities can benefit from not only handing out branded bags to their ambassadors and sponsors during events or fundraising rallies but also including bags into the brand merchandise infantry to retail back out to a supporting audience to raise additional funds.

Schools and colleges can look to include branded bags as part of a selection of induction gifts to hand out to the new students as the start of an academic year. Branded drawstring bags can be invested into the schools branded merchandise offerings to not only incentivize the students for attendance and achievements in sport, but to also retail onto parents to raise additional funds.

Sports clubs challenged by finding funds to continue with the running costs of the club can look to invest in branded merchandise in the form of sports bags, printed tote bags and branded shoe bags to retail back out to the team supporters and club ambassadors.

Branded Pens & Writing instruments

Marketers looking to invest funds into branded merchandise that will appeal to multiple audiences can consider a wide variety of promotional pens, branded writing sets and promotional mechanical pencils.

Adding weight to a branded pen and pencil set is including a branded presentation box, with the company’s logo or contact details to the lid.

Subtle designs to promotional pen sets can culminate in an executive impression to the branded merchandise when both gifted or retailed to the consumer.


Can utilise both standard branded pens into their branded merchandise offering to be gifted to charity ambassadors and retailed in their shops and at event stalls. For a higher end gift to key fundraising partners, an executive premium pen set can champion the charity message and provide a perception to the receiver of a high-value gift.

Schools and colleges

Invest some of their marketing spend into new term start gifts for the students in the form of branded pens and stationery. As a cost effective item to come out of a branded merchandise budget the marketing communication teams can include web sites and department contact information easily to students by branding the details to the barrel of a pen or pencil.

Sports clubs

Exploring options on the best branded merchandise to hand out to club supporters or to resell onto crowds at events will do well to consider a branded pen set or writing set to increase funds for the team. Looking to print a standard promotional pen as part of the branded merchandise budget at volume will aid the club message if given out at volume to sports fans.

Promotional Keyrings

Branded merchandise campaigns benefit from including printed keyrings into the marketing mix.  With a wide assortment of keyrings to choose from to support your brand and services, a promotional keyring can be sourced to suit all budgets.

From branded trolley coin token keyrings, through to executive leather keyfobs companies and invest in one of the more practical branded merchandise items.


Know the importance of including promotional keyrings in their branded merchandise mix, to add weight to their campaign messages when handed out at volume along with the popularity of selling trolley coin keyrings to their supporters.

Schools and colleges

As part of a selection of branded merchandise items to increase marketing communications across departments and students, promotional keyring can be an invaluable way to hand out contact details and web domains to students looking to speak to departments within the college.  Schools can benefit from investing in branded keyrings such as trolley coin tokens to sell into the school supporters to provide to the parents as a lasting keepsake of their children’s time at the school.

Sports Clubs

Due to the diversity of keyrings available to marketers and events co-ordinators, including a promotional keyring to promote the club and hand out to club supporters is a good way to allocate budget from the branded merchandise kitty. Executive style keyrings is a champion choice for clubs looking to re-sell club merchandise to its supporters, and for the volume promo items exploring a cheap branded keyring to hand out to the sports club supporters whilst attending the sports event.

Branded Mugs and Ceramics

For brands looking to make a considered choice on items to form their branded merchandise mix, the branded mug and printed ceramic route still proves to be one of the most popular promotional choices. Marketers utilising the large available print areas to the wraps of the mug, along with transfer stamps and full colour images will benefit their brand impressions with every consumer use.


Can increase revenue for their fundraising and causes by investing in branded merchandise to resell into their supporters. Exploring two tiers of branded mugs to include in their branded product offerings, enables charities to hand out cheap branded mugs to a wide audience to promote awareness and engage new fundraising support. For key patrons and ambassador fundraisers, charities can invest a little more funds into the choice of branded ceramics and invest in promotional china mugs as a thank you.

Schools and colleges

Key internal messages and marketing communications can be included around the large print area of a branded mug, and educational departments can ensure key contact details are at hand for all students and teachers. Branded merchandise gifts for the new term starts will have added impact for the students if the gift offerings include a branded thermal mug or travel mug, sure to be a hit with the students.

What’s new in branded merchandise?

New promotional product developments increase year after year, keeping on top of new effective branded merchandise offerings to promote your brand of services will ensure your business stands out against a crowded market place, your brand grows in visibility and your key services are remembered by your target marketing audience.

A few tips to ensure your branded merchandise has impact.

Engaging branded merchandise

Explore products that grab your audience’s attention, that will have those in receipt of your promo item, taking to social media to discuss the branded gift, or engaging with you on social media to thank you.  Perhaps your business wants to run a social media campaign or sales promotion, including a piece of engaging branded merchandise will ensure your consumers or target market audience speak to you.

Guerrilla marketing techniques involve the advertising of your brand or services in an unconventional method or advertising practices.

Large companies and FMCG brands look to include a volume giveaway to the attending watching audience, items such as bespoke shaped stress toys are given out for the consumer to take home and play with, confectionary items branded with key messages is also a popular choice to bring about a discussion on social media about the flash event and the goods provided to the crowd.

Increasing interaction

Increase interaction with your marketing audience by exploring an alternative set of branded merchandise selections that break the mould of the normal promotional product giveaway, can push your existing customers or prospects to interact with you and your brand.

Gifting branded merchandise with a retro factor, such as bright coloured sunglasses or a large selection of 80’s sweets will be a champion way for your business development team to get to speak to a key prospect to discuss your services and products.

Fiddle factor branded products

Branded merchandise products, are at the most effective when they promote a discussion about your brand, business and services. Ensuring that your investment in the promotional item is not wasted once the product is received and placed in the bin, can be a challenge.  If you branded merchandise gift has a fun fiddle factor to the audience, the product is likely to remain with the consumer, on their office desk, or within their home or car. Rubik’s offer a wide selection of toys in both keyring form and full sized retro cube toys, gifting an iconic toy from the 80’s is a sure way to add impact to you gift and allow as many brand impressions as possible during the lifetime of the gift.

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Using branded merchandise at events

So your business has invested heavily in time and funds to attend an industry event, or perhaps your company’s offices or production center is looking to invite customers and prospects along for an open day.

Fundraising golf days or sports events prove to be a lucrative way for charities to appeal for additional funds and donors. Entertaining key patrons of charities at evening events and thanking the individuals for their ongoing support requires branded merchandise support.

Branded Food and drink

Handing out refreshments to you event visitors is imperative for faultless hospitality, Branded water can be handed out during a golf event, or passed to event attendees as they approach your stand and interact with your sales team.

Branded tea bags can add a special touch to your branded merchandise offering if your company is inviting guests to attend an open day at a new restaurant and bar, providing them with a token confectionary item will also increase impact and awareness.

Branded Notepads and paper

Branded merchandise can also fulfill a purpose once handed out to your delegates.

For businesses looking to host a networking event, or a service review and invite delegates to attend, become involved in a the learning sessions or groups, ensuring they are armed with notepads or paper will further prepare the audience for their session.

WIth the added bonus that the attendees will take the promotional desk pad away from the event, back into their home or office, allowing your brand messages to extend further out away from the venue.

Branded Sports Bottles

Sporting events are a perfect opportunity for you to consider sports bottles as part of your branded merchandise mix. Provided a marketing gift to the attendees and guests to the event to take away after the competition has ended back home, to the gym or sports club, will benefit your brand identity with every use.  With large branding areas available to the wrap of the sports bottles, marketers can include not only logos and tag lines, but include “calls to action” along with contact details.

Umbrellas   – Golf days or outdoor events

With the unpredictable nature of the great British weather and seasons, event coordinators can look to include a branded umbrella as part of their branded merchandise collection. Equipped with promotional umbrellas to shelter your event guests from downpours will leave a lasting positive impression to the attendees. With umbrella acting as one of the more popular choice for a consumer to receive as a marketing gift, you brand management team will looking at a champion choice for promo products.

Companies looking to place their artwork and marketing message across a large print area can take advantage of the generous panel sizes available to the promotional umbrella and print on 1 or multiple panels to advertise their marketing messages.

Branded Awards and prizes

Glass awards and plaques are a fantastic way for companies to award their key performances within their business and provide recognition to the contributions made to their success.

Charities looking to invest in thank you items as part of their branded merchandise spend, can gift to their key fundraising ambassadors a branded award to recognise their importance to the charity cause and concerns.

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