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How will my business benefit from providing promotional giveaways?

Business giveaways are a proven marketing investment that is key to developing relationships and engagement whilst constantly reinforcing your brand, marketing taglines, calls to actions and enables prospects to easily make use of your contact details.

Corporate promotional giveaways as also a fantastic way to thank your customer base for their continued support towards to companies success and sales. Marketers and sales managers should embrace the right choice of business promotional giveaways to benefit their sales figures.

Promotional items for business can increase brand engagement, if the chosen products include a call to action along with a social media marketing message, to entice the audience to give your company a mention on Twitter or facebook.

Providing business giveaways to your sales team can increase a positive reaction to new business development calls, and warm up the reception to your telesales calls.

Promotional gifts can provide a reason for your sales and businesses development team to follow up an initial meeting at an event or networking session.

Smart marketing teams embrace corporate promotional giveaways for the continued support in creating multiple brand and logo impressions whilst in use and creating a larger audience view and forging greater brand awareness.

As a business supplying promotional giveaways allows your company’s contact details, and sales email address to stay close and be easily bought to hand when the opportunity arises, placed on a desk or home environment. Further helping to generate new sales enquiries for your companies products or services.

Promotional items for business allows your company and products to remain at the forefront of your prospects mind and benefits your sales and customer relationships whilst allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. If you are not investing in business gifts how do you know that your competition isn’t already prospecting your client base with promo gifts.

A lasting relationship can be further strengthened with your customer base after supplying business gifts by creating a reciprocal feeling from your customers or prospects and urging them to work with your services and increasing sales revenue.

Referral business gifts can also be a choice investment for businesses looking to source a solution to aid lead generation and engage their customer base in putting forward new potential business leads.

Perhaps your HR team is challenged with relaying internal communications to all of your company’s divisions and departments, exploring promotional items for businesses that can be branded with your company’s ethics, core products and department contact details can do wonders for marketing communications within an existing business. Effective promotional items such as desk pads, branded mugs and pens will work well for your agenda.


The importance of still investing in a business calendar as a promo gift

Traditional paper calendars are still believed to have a place in the modern world, even though consumers are able to log the same information into electrical devices like mobile phones and desktop email calendars, but without the annoyance of digital alerts. Consumers still enjoy the act of checking todo lists and dates.

Desk calendars still used and featured in the business gift arena, due the lightweight build, quick turnaround times, ease of delivery into the audience and large available branding area.

Marketers can have fun with their choice of business calendar, with shapes such as the CD case desk calendar design. Branding to the template is no burden on the marketing team as they take advantage of the wide pool of available stock images or look to bespoke each page with an image of completed work or sites, benefitting the brand with further engagement and brand recognition to your customer and client base.

For a marketing team looking to provide some amusement to the consumer, they  can also look to source business calendars with humorous quotes or caricatures to entertain your audience and bring about a talking point for your sales representatives and customer contact teams

Business calendars benefit your audience by allowing a the consumer to organise their life without all of the alerts and alarms of a digital calendar, whilst it helps bring structure to a busy working day.

Having a physical calendar helps individuals memorise events, a business calendar in hard copy form allows a quick view and referencing point from the desk or the wall.

With a wide variety available to consider, to pick your perfect choice of business calendars, ranging from the larger wall hanging A4 or A3 sizes, to the smaller business calendars designed for the desk, a considered choice can be found for all brands looking to invest in a business gift that still work wonders for your brand.


Additional Benefits

  • Relevant and Important for both domestic and business appointments.
  • Allowing a physical log of personal dates and birthdays.
  • Referencing point for the entire office regarding the dates of team members on leave or out of the office.
  • A quick look up tool for UK Bank holidays.
  • To log a record of work events,  and aids in quickly taking down phone numbers.
  • A rolling log of expenses, dates for sports and hobbies.
  • Benefits ease of access for entire office to discuss dates with colleagues.

Business wall planners are incredibly useful for the receiver, the entire office or warehouse team, plus benefiting your business with the constant visibility of your logo and brand.

A recent report into how consumers regard receiving a business gift in the form of an advertising calendar, reported positively on how the consumer will view your brand favorably and also after receiving the promo gift, that  77 % could remember the company’s name and marketing messages displayed.

Marketers looking to include a business calendar as part of their business gift offerings will be rewarded for the investment in increased customer supplier relationships, multiple brand impressions and generous branding area for key marketing messages.


How personalised business diaries will remind your customers of your brand all year long

Personalised business diaries can be a champion choice for companies looking to provide a business gift to its chosen audience that will stay with the receiver all year long.

Business diaries can be branded in easy to carry pocket sizes to be taken out and about by your audience to multiple sites and meetings, further increasing your brand recognition and exposure.

A champion choice of business gifts for marketers looking to gift an item that will be kept close to the receiver to constantly remind them of your company branding, logo and contact details. Generating additional sales enquiries as your email and telephone details are constantly visible to the consumer.

Benefitting business relationships as your customer will rely on your company providing the gift of a business diary on an annual basis, and will expect to receive and utilise as they had the previous year before, great invitation to meet and review the previous year’s trade.

Including a business diary in your marketing mix, to gift out to your clients and prospects is a premier way to keep your brand visible and current to your customer base. With a huge variety of paper types and personalisation options available to diaries such as embossing, and screen printing, promotional diaries are a distinguished choice for businesses investing in corporate promotional giveaways.


What promotional products can you source for business awards

Looking to ignite a reward culture within your business and engage your workplace team and support network, sourcing and deciding on the right type of business award and corporate promotional gifts does not need to challenge your marketing leads, as multiple suitable options are available within an available budget or lead time.


Recognition items

Is your business looking to reward an employee for continued years of service or perhaps exploring business gifts to thank the employee for outstanding service within your company, corporate glass awards and bespoke medals and pin badges will suit all budgets and will further engage your existing team to strive and achieve in order to be included in the recognition awards culture.


Event Refreshments

Business gifts such as tinned complimentary mints can do wonders to draw additional attention to your brand and marketing messages. Leaving free promotional items on the diners tables in the form of branded confectionery and printed mint tins, will be enjoyed by the evening’s guests.


New product launch

Create a buzz around your new product launch, by exploring your business gift bag options to hand out to the event attendees. Generate interest and additional support with a promotional gift bag filled with goodies. Your corporate promotional giveaways can be handed to the attendees in a luxury paper bag with rope handles containing multiple tiers of business gifts that work in unison with your marketing message or new product. Think about adding extra weight to your gift bag by including discounts to be redeemed against full priced products promoted at the launch.

Bet Ballpen

Featuring glossy chrome trim on a sleek streamlined barrel the Betty D is the perfect full-colour promotional ballpen. Digitally printed, to photo-quality, 360° around the barrel. All together an impressive and cost-effective choice!

Garland Stylus Ballpen

The Garland Stylus is a full-colour digitally printed plastic ballpen with black trim and soft stylus on the nib suitable for all tablets and smartphones. Shiny chrome trim.

Siena Ballpen

A high quality twist action ballpen in diamond black or sonic silver anodised aluminium with bright chrome styling.

From £5.17

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Tegel Executive Ballpen

A highly innovative twist action ballpen superbly engineered with an all metal construction and unique style of clip. Fitted with a German hybrid ‘easyFlow’ refill. A ballpen with the writing characteristics of a rollerball!

From £5.21

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Daytona Ballpen

A superb quality metal ballpen in three durable matt anodised colours with a high quality self return twist mechanism.

From £5.19

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Sakhir Ballpen

A creatively designed high quality twist action ballpen in two gloss lacquered colours with a unique cut out barrel and diamond shaped mesh feature.

From £5.62

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House Trolley Coin Keyring

A superb, personalised business gift for mortgage companies, estate and lettings agents and building societies. These attractive and practical £1 size shopping trolley coins come in a stylish zinc alloy house-shaped clip. The coins are iron and can be branded or personalised on one or both sides with a stamp and a printed soft enamel infill of up to four spot colours.

From £1.28

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Key light keychain

key light. 3 white LED key light. Metal split key ring. Batteries included. Aluminium.

From £1.09

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large Real Leather keyfob

Extra Large Square Shaped Keyfob, made from real leather,

Square Real Leather Keyfob

Square Shaped Keyfob, made from real leather, other sizes and shapes available Size: 62mm x 34mm

Leather square keyfob with Dome

Large Square Shaped Keyfob made from real leather.

With a full-colour dome badge Size: 62mm x 40mm other sizes and shapes available, blocking to reverse available at additional cost

Oval Leather Keyring

Manufactured in a genuine pebble grain black hide with a brushed stainless steel plate and a flat split ring fitting. Supplied in a silver card gift box.

The reverse of the keyrings can also be engraved at additional cost.


From £3.23

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Corvus Metal Keyring

High quality solid oval metal keyring. Branded with a domed decal on both sides giving a classy 3D look and making it perfect for FULL COLOUR designs.

From £1.27

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Lynx Metal Keyring

High quality solid metal keyring. Branded with a domed decal on both sides giving a classy 3D look and making it perfect for full colour designs

Gold Coloured Metal Keyring

Gold coloured metal keyring with spring hook fastening and removable card insert feature.

Large gold split ring, available with a printed insert to one side.

From £2.06

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