Promotional Giveaways

Promotional Giveaways are a great way to reach out to your customers and tell them that you appreciate them.

They can be in the form of a gift with purchase, whereby every time somebody buys from you a product or service over a certain value, they receive a Promotional Giveaway or Branded corporate gift.

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12 Sided Trolley Clip

From £0.18

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13″ Laptop Sleeve

From £13.53

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15 cm Plastic Ruler with Magnifier and Protractor

2-In-1 Music splitter keychain with stylus

From £1.40

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25cm Honey Jointed Bear

From £3.31

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2D PVC keyring

2D Soft PVC Coaster

From £0.83

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3-in-1 spoon, fork, and knife

From £0.53

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4-in-1 Charging Cable

From £2.44

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45mm Magnet – Available in Circle or Square – White

6-function key light keyring

From £1.02

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750 ml drinking bottle in tritan with silicone rings

From £3.42

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Showing 1-12 of 500 results

How Promotional giveaways are a perfect choice to thank your customers

For businesses looking to increase sales, retain customers and reward for further spend, Promotional Giveaways can benefit your business with an additional turnover.

Promotional giveaways are extremely useful because you can invest in cheap promotional giveaways at volume to send to your customers or prospects every time a purchase is made, or service is renewed. For example, a policy expires and they renew, or they renew subscription service from you.

Novelty Giveaways and cheap promotional giveaways, such as promotional pens, promotional keyrings, promotional coasters, promotional mugs and many more, can be an effective tool to reach a wide audience and not break the marketing purse.

Furthermore, Promotional Giveaways can also be tailored to the corporate audience if you have a list of loyal Business customers that are really helping your business to thrive.

How can you take advantage of Promotional giveaways?

Our experience suggests that the Best Promotional giveaways are most effective with a ‘Call to action’, contact details or web domains.

For example, having your company logo and a tagline on the Promotional Giveaway is a great way to let your important people know what you do, and the services you offer, along with your contact details.

Cheap Promotional Giveaways a great way to invite potential customers to check you out, and find your details easily at hand, at the right opportunity of need and see if you can be of service to them.

There are loads of promotional giveaways with an effective branding area that will allow you to do just that. For example, if you were a company that is involved in motor, promotional ice scrapers would be the perfect giveaway idea for you to send out to people as they have a large branding area that would allow you to have your logo, a call to action and your contact details on. Subsequently, they are of a size that would enable you to fit them in an envelope if you wanted to reach out to people through direct mail.

Another way to take advantage of promotional giveaways is, of course, to try and keep the product relevant to your business, but also to try and keep the recipients engaged by giving away a fun/fiddle factor product that will be unique and memorable. These can include, stress items, beach balls and frisbees.

Reciprocal thinking is a recognised method employed by Businesses and brands, who use promotional giveaways, as an effective part of their wider marketing strategy.

The theory behind the method is that by showing a client or customer that you appreciate them, in the form of sending a Promotional gift, the next time they require services that you offer, they most likely to choose you again!

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Promotional Giveaways Ideas Include

Gift with Purchase

  • Brands looking to incentivise sales but offering a Free Promotional Giveaway with purchase.

Events Delegate Bags

  • Great opportunity to promote your brand at events when the attendees arrive, include samples of new products and practical items for the day ahead.

Festivals and Events

How Cheap Promotional Giveaway Ideas can be so effective:

Because cheap promotional giveaways allow you to invest at volume, it gives you the chance to launch a new product and reach out to a large audience to shout about it. Furthermore, you can introduce your brand at volume without having to invest heavily.

According to the BPMA, 96% of people believe that promotional products increase brand awareness. Also according to the BPMA, 83% of people could name a brand or company featured on a promotional item they had received. This just shows the power of promotional giveaways.

Some of the best promotional giveaways include:

Practical Products: Such as Multi-functioning charger cables, keyrings, bottle openers, USBs, Portable Chargers and more.

Fun and Stress Relieving products: Such as stress balls, fidget spinners and stressometers.

Corporate Products: Such as Notebooks, Pens, Umbrellas, Powerbanks, Travel Mugs and RFID cards.

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