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Executive Pens & How They Increase Customer Client Relationships.

Client and customer relationships benefit when your customer feels appreciated, and rewarded, then you will see your client or Prospect reciprocate in kind.

Nothing says I appreciate your Business, you as a client are important to me and my Team, than a well considered Executive Pen.

Multi-tiers of Executive pens are available to you, in Metal anodised aluminium finishes, Gloss Barrels, Stylus Nibs and Heads and even screen cleaning clips. A varied and wide variety of presentation boxes, tubes, pouches and cases can all be branded also with your Business Logo and Details.

Combining an Executive Pen choice with the right gift box can do wonders for the Pen presentation once handed over to your client.

Executive Promotional Pens

Leading Executive Pens Brands;

  • Cross
  • Waterman
  • Parker
  • Sheaffer
  • Harvard
  • Balmain

Which Branding Method Works Best to An Executive Pen?

Consider the build of the pen, is it made from a chrome metal, or perhaps you need to brand a gloss Black Lacquer barrel? If possible to the build of the pen, engraving will work best for you.


Engraving to a lacquer barrel Executive Pen will reveal the Metal Base underneath, On the Mid to higher range Executive pens, a mirror engrave finish can be achieved, flattering the trims and metal appointments, further enhancing the executive feel. Laser Engraving will create a permanent branded finish.

Your Choice of Business Pen may also allow you to engrave to the Clip, or to the side of the clip, perfect for tag-lines, contact telephone number or brand icon.

Screen Printed

Consider Screen Printing to your Executive pen if you are looking to achieve a crisp colour finish with your branded logo and design, take into account that inks used to lay down print to a metal medium will need 3 days to cure before they can be used, taking away the option for an express lead time should you need the pens in a hurry.

What Packaging Should I Consider To Present my Pen?

If you are spending your budget on an Executive Pen of your choice, consider allowing a little more spend to apply to your choice of Presentation.

Most Corporate Pen choices will come as standard with a Presentation Box, Tube or Case.

Standard Presentation boxes are built from a covered rigid card, with an opening hinge or lid.

A presentation box allows for additional branding to the gift.
Assess if Screen Printing to the box lid or sides, adds an additional prestige to the Pen, with the added room for more information, lines of text such as web domain or “Thank You“ would favour the final product.

Entry-level Executive Pen varieties will favour acrylic plastic pen tubes to present, these are best left without any pad or screen printing to the outer, to allow the pen to presented with maximum impact.

Executive Pens & Refills, What you need to know

With the cost of Corporate Executive Pens being more than a standard Plastic Ballpen, take into consideration the refill specification.

Your choice of Promotional Pen should include a high specification ink refill that will significantly out -perform other Cheap Promotional Pens.

Ink refills should be easy and convenient to change for the user, and easily available to replace once depleted.

Do all Executive Pens Come With a Lifetime Guarantee?

A Lifetime Warranty does apply to some of the High-End Executive Pens ranges, including the A.T Cross Pens.

“All Cross writing instruments and desk set penholder mechanisms are unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure, regardless of age.”

Other Brands will offer a longer guarantee, such as WATERMAN®.

“Your WATERMAN® writing instrument is guaranteed for three years from the date of original purchase against defects in materials or workmanship. If found to be defective within the warranty period, your WATERMAN® product will be repaired or replaced free of charge.”

Siena Ballpen

A high quality twist action ballpen in diamond black or sonic silver anodised aluminium with bright chrome styling.

From £5.17

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Tegel Executive Ballpen

A highly innovative twist action ballpen superbly engineered with an all metal construction and unique style of clip. Fitted with a German hybrid ‘easyFlow’ refill. A ballpen with the writing characteristics of a rollerball!

From £5.21

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Daytona Ballpen

A superb quality metal ballpen in three durable matt anodised colours with a high quality self return twist mechanism.

From £5.19

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Mirage Touch Stylus Ballpen

A multi-function twist action ballpen with a soft rubber stylus tip. Available in silver or black matt ( gold finish at additional cost) anodised aluminium with bright chrome fittings and a high quality self return mechanism. Black ink.

Design origination at £25.00 per colour per position.

Lead time 7 working days.

From £5.18

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Sakhir Ballpen

A creatively designed high quality twist action ballpen in two gloss lacquered colours with a unique cut out barrel and diamond shaped mesh feature.

From £5.62

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Perla Ballpens

A new superb value twist action ballpen with a spring loaded clip. Available in pearlescent white or matt black lacquer with bright chrome styling.Metal cross style black refill

From £1.39

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Savoy Ballpen

In black or dark blue gloss lacquer and brushed stainless steel with a self return twist action mechanism and a German made Super Smooth Parker style black ink refill, Engrave available at additional cost.

From £4.19

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Trident Black Ballpen

Black Trident ballpen by Inovo Design in matt black anodised aluminium with gloss black fittings and a German made Super Smooth Parker style black ink refill., engrave available at additional cost.

From £3.21

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Watermen Graduate Ballpoint Pen

Graduate ballpoint pen. Based on a classic design, Graduate is resolutely functional and modern. Graduate is ideal for everyday use or as a gift. Incl. Waterman gift box.

Supplied with one ballpoint refill. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.

Item can be printed or engraved to Side of Clip or Barrel.

Box can be printed at additional cost.

Crown cap of pen can also be engraved, contact us for pricing.




From £9.70

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Pro Metal Ballpen

Push button metal ballpen, with silver nose cone and clip. Available in Black or White.

Great weight at 20g, for a higher perceived value as a promotional gift.

Pen can be printed to the side of the clip or barrel. Pen can be engraved at an additional cost.



Palm Metal Pen

Stunning Metal Pen, with the added benefit of weighing in at 20g.

Available in Silver, White and Black,

Great print area; 35 x 35mm Barrel, or to the side of the clip: 35mm x 7mm


Rio Ballpen

A superb value all metal push action ballpen in matt metallic silver or gloss lacquer with bright chrome fittings.

The Rio is also available as a set of a ballpen and mechanical pencil in the gloss lacquered colours only, contact us for pricing.

Item can be engraved for an additional cost.

Print Area: Barrel: 27mm x 10mm or Cap: 30mm x 6mm





Valencia Ballpen – Gloss

A contemporary styled ballpen in brushed stainless steel or gloss black, red or blue lacquer with bright nickel fittings.

Speak to us about our Gift Box options to add an additional layer of ‘Wow’.



From £1.44

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Valencia Ballpen – Stainless Steel

A contemporary styled ballpen in brushed stainless steel, with bright nickel fittings. Fitted with a metal Cross style black ink refill.

Print area: 32mm x 10mm – Barrel.  Cap; 27mm x 6mm.

Item can be engraved at additional cost.



From £1.46

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Evora Rollerball

A new superb metal rollerball in a unique conical  shape in matt black or gloss white, red and blue lacquer or silver satin chrome with bright chrome fittings.

Fitted with a high quality German made Roller Writer black ink refill.

Print Area: Barrel: 32mm x 10mm, Cap: 30mm x 6mm

Item can be engraved at an additional cost.





From £4.97

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