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One of the reasons why Pens are such a popular promotional item is that they are available to suit even the smallest of budgets. In many cases, our cheap promotional pens will be an excellent choice, but how do you know if they are right for you?

Why Pick a Cheap Pen?

Your choice of pen will reflect your business, but you need to consider the right pen to fit within your allocated Promotional budget.

For some sectors such as Charities, Schools, Sports Clubs & Colleges, cost plays a big factor in affordability and choice of Promotional Pen.

There is a wide variety of fit for purpose Cheap Pen options, in multiple colourways, some with Grips and the ability to print to both the clip and the barrel. Popular pens seen as cheap to the buyer include the Stick Pen, Contour Pen and Supersaver range. Bulk Cheap pens can be a very budget friendly way to spread your cost on marketing spend.

Cheap Promotional Pens

Cheap pens can be found in solid plastic, frosted plastic and composite metals, with options to fit all budgets.

Looking for a low-value additional item to include alongside a collection of other Promotional Items, a cheap promotional pen will add bulk to the pack with minimum spend.

Many Charities will find cheap pens a fantastic affordable product to resell at Charity Balls, sat in baskets on tills on the charity shop counter, or exchanged in the street for donations.

Volume marketing campaigns, combined with Direct Mail marketing plans often include a cheap promotional pen included in the post, due to the affordability and lightweight construction. Further keeping the postage cost to a minimum for the company Prospecting by Mail.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Cheap Pen

Explore the colourways of the cheap pens available, do they fit within your brand guides, such as the right shade of red or blue?, many cheap pens will be available with white bodies and colour grips, including clips and trims, making it easy to find a colourway that works for you and your brand.

Do you want your cheap pen to appeal to a younger audience or a more mature student?

Appealing to children consider bright primary colours such as vibrant pinks, yellows and blue, on orders of over x 250 your Promotional Product Supplier should be able to assist in mixing and matching the pen colours in the total order quantity so you can have a colour mixture to use in your campaign.

Students will appreciate a Cheap Promotional Pen give-away in a gift pack or gift bag, for use throughout term, to take out and about around campus and lectures.

A cheap Branded Pen does not need to be a poor quality pen. Entry level pens still prove to be a very effective tool for the Marketing Mix. Considered “bread and Butter” in the promotional Product infantry, affordable pens provide impressions with minimum spend.

Pros to a Cheap Promotional Pen

  • Perfect choice for volume marketing campaigns & Product launches
  • Great choice of options for Businesses with small Marketing Budgets
  • Charities looking for a low-cost Promotional Solution for fund-raising and Charity awareness
  • Colleges looking to provide a supportive tool to their student population
  • Lightweight and practical once included in Mailing Campaigns
  • Can be paired with desk pads, notebooks, and folders as a promo pack
  • Fun Item for Small Clubs and Groups to identify dates and anniversaries
  • Little impact on marketing budgets to test the ROI on promo items

Con’s to Cheap Promotional Pens

  • Trims and Barrel of the cheaper entry level pens may be a little flimsy and not built for longevity
  • Standard ink refills to keep the cost as low as possible for the buyer
  • Lacking in diversity and uniqueness for the receiver, often the cheapest of promotional pens is also the most common, you and your Competitors Business will have been likely to have given the same person the same pen
  • Limited branding areas; many cheap pen options are suitable for print to the barrel or clip only, and are not suitable for digital print or engraved branded
  • Cheap pens are not going to provide a “wow” factor to any receiver, which can be achieved with other Promotional Pen types
  • Competitive pricing can also be reviewed for Plastic Pens into the next entry level category, perhaps you could consider slightly less in volume of pens, for a better build Promotional Pen

Contour Argent Ballpen – Best Seller – 3 Day Service Available

Great budget buy, perfect for clubs & charities and also childsafe BS7272 Best-selling push-button plastic ballpen with coloured rubberised grip and chrome trim. The large print area makes this a very popular promotional pen. Choose from a wide range of popular grip colours.

Contour Colour Ballpen – Great Value in 3 Days

Push-button ballpen that takes the best-selling Contour Ballpen and adds a black grip with a wide range of vivid barrel colours to choose from. There’s bound to be a colour to suit any brand or campaign.

Available in Frosted Finish, and Black Grip Combinations, contact us for images and samples.

Design Origination £25.00 per colour per position

Supersaver Extra Ballpen

Excellent value for money plastic ballpen available in a range of clip colours. The white barrel is ideal for printing to a large area making the Supersaver Extra perfect for an impactful campaign on a budget.

Alaska Diamond Ballpen – Great Value in 3 Days!

The Alaska Diamond Ballpen is perfect for campaigns mindful of budget and deadline, offering great value for money and fast turnaround. Choose from a range of popular colours, each with a translucent finish. A spot colour design can be printed to the barrel or the clip.

Absolute Extra Ballpen

The perfect promotional pen, the Absolute Extra Ballpen has a large print area that can be printed with up to six colours. Choose from a range of bold clip colours to complement the white barrel

Panther Plus Ballpen

Incredible value for money plastic ballpen with a large print area, perfect for a budget-friendly campaign. The white barrel is the ideal canvas for a printed design, complemented by a wide range of translucent coloured trims.

Panther Diamond Ballpen

The contemporary-styled Panther Diamond Ballpen makes the ideal promotional pen when mindful of budget. The brightly coloured translucent barrel.

Koda Colour Ballpen

A top quality push action ball pen with a large capacity parker style refill. Also a great print area to both barrel and clip.

Lynx Ballpen

A low cost click action pen with a wide range of vibrant solid colours making for a low-cost stand out pen

This pen has a great print area to the barrel at 45 mm x 20 mm.




Bet Ballpen

Featuring glossy chrome trim on a sleek streamlined barrel the Betty D is the perfect full-colour promotional ballpen. Digitally printed, to photo-quality, 360° around the barrel. All together an impressive and cost-effective choice!

Senator Superhit Basic Ballpen

Evergreen and million seller. Opaque high-gloss finish ballpen fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill. Now available with our HD Digital print ( extreme branding) for unlimited colours and gradients (white barrel only). Ink colour black

Candy Ballpen

Vivacious push-button ballpen with brightly-coloured translucent barrel. Choose from a wide range of vivid colours. Can be printed to a large barrel area and to the transparent clip,

Supersaver Click Ballpen

Representing incredible value for money, the Supersaver Click is a push-button ballpen with an opaque white barrel and coloured trim. The barrel can be printed to a large area, with the clip also printable, meaning the ideal pen for any campaign mindful of budget.

Albion Frost Ballpen

Push-button plastic ballpen made from high-quality ABS. Available in a wide range of colours with frosted barrel and solid coloured clip. The huge print area can be spot colour printed and the clip is also available for printing

Absolute Colour Ballpen

High-quality plastic ballpen made from ABS available in a wide range of coloured barrels, complemented by a black clip for an appealing design. The barrel can be printed to a large area and the clip is also printable