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Why choose a Promotional pen to promote my business.

1) Promotional Pens are very Popular

Seen as a Superstar of the promotional world as the Promotional Pen will be in constant use, placed on a desk included in meetings, or left in cars or receptions will ensure your branded logo will be at its maximum exposure. For the life span of the pen.

Promotional Pens still remain as the number 1 item for promotional marketers – source BPMA

Marketing survey revealed 76% of marketers surveyed will keep a promotional item – source BPMA


Your message will be delivered repeatedly daily with multiple uses, sit upon a desk surface and reveal your brand and call to action all day.

A wide variety of choices available for all budgets and uses, allowing you to maximise your customisation using brand colours with bodies, barrels, nose cones, trims and clips. For a Metal Executive option, you could even consider a customised box or presentation tube.

Collection of Branded Pens

An Excellent Promotional item for express turnarounds for the last minute presentation, networking event or exhibition, some pens can be branded and delivered within 72 hours.

Perfect item for affordable volume promotional product handouts, for tight marketing budgets, Direct mailer campaigns, freebies and gift bag fillers.


2) Promotional Pens have many uses

Promotional pens can be paired for additional impressions in leather conference folders. Paired with conference folders and delegate packs, left in hotel receptions and room, Included in price list packs, left on meeting tables handed out for contract exchanges, attached to keyrings for writing on the go, left in cars for note taking, Gifted to children within pencil case sets in schools and colleges, sold on charity tills for additional revenue and fundraising.

Attached to lanyards supplied to delegates at exhibition events providing a useful tool whilst attending stands.

Providing cheap free pens to local schools and clubs will enhance your brand visibility and exposure to communities.

Leaving promotional pens in your office reception of meeting rooms for guest to use and take away after their visit, reminding them of your services or products, along with contact details and website links.Metal Pen in Black

Providing Promo Pens to college or university departments will provide invaluable contact details for ease of contacting departments for education support or enrollment services. Student groups or advisory services.

Promotional Pens offer Many different Options for Unique personalisation

With such a wide variety of options to consider the promotional pen is unrivalled in its offerings for customisation.

Promotional pens allow branding to the barrel & clips, in multiple positions, you have the option to include contact details, websites and your main logo all on one item.

For additional Prestige and impact when presenting your Corporate Pens, you could consider not only branding to the Custom pen itself, but you could also provide a gift box or sleeve to present, also branded with your logo.

For the ultimate Executive promotional pen gift set, you could consider a writing set to include pen, retractable pencil, and rollerball pen. Widely available in plastic sets, or metal pen sets, options will fit all budgets. Additional presentation to the individual receiving the set will further strengthen the impact of the promo gift.

To create the ultimate Custom pen you could look to create bespoke pen builds, customising the barrels, trim and nose cones to your company colours, Senator pens offer some wonderful varieties to make this work for you, along with the Prodir ranges, such as the DS3, DS5.

Cheap advertising pens can also include printed Banners for additional room to advertise your product and services or call to actions.

It may seem a bit of a mine-field picking the correct Promotional Pen to work for your Business, So many choices to consider, materials, weights, finishes and branding options. Picking the best Promotional Pen option for your company can be a daunting task, so we completed a little review to make your life a little easier.

Consider the clientele that will be gifted the pen;

  • Is it useful for their sector?
  • Does it serve as a reminder for your brand or sector offering?
  • Will it sit within your marketing budget?
  • Can it be produced in the required lead time?

Many people forget that Black Ink is a legal requirement when signing certain documents, and NHS and health sectors favour Blue Ink to show notes from the original copy, so ink colour needs to be considered dependent on the sector you are marketing towards.

Who is the audience receiving the pens, are you gifting to a design sector, they adore fine liner pens, for practical application in their design services.

Fine Line Roller ball Branded Pens would be an effective tool to gift into an architect or engineer practice, enjoyed used and appreciated above a standard Promotional Cheap Pen.

Your Branding Options

Pens ranging from plastics to composite metals allow for multiple branding options.

Plastic pens will allow you to pad or screen print to the barrel or clip, or side of the clip spot colours or in some pen designs such as the Spectrum Max to a high flat side for Digital artwork requiring full-colour branding.

Metal pens are mostly suitable for engraving to the barrels or in some cases the clip.

Which Branding Method will best suit my Promotional Pen?

Screen & Pad Printing – Spot colour

Screen or Pad Printing Spot colours will always be the best cheap Printed Pens route. This method is the best way to print your Advertising Pens as the screen is able to reach large surfaces on three-dimensional objects.

Digital Printed PenMost suited to simple spot colour logos up to 4 spot colours. Screen Printing allows a large flat surface to most pens to be printed on a rotating screen plate, to sizes on average around 50 x 35mm to the barrel. Clips can also be printed with this method, and to the side of the clip for additional printing on pens.

Spot colour Printing to pens benefits the Logo and colours by providing a client gloss finish to the pen body and allowing your Logo or Text to pop.

Pad Printing is a cost effective fast print production method to Branded Pens, modern print houses can run through 3500 per hour. This method also allows Pantone Matched inks to go down onto your Logo pens for express Turnaround Lead times. Screen & pad Printing still remains the most popular method for volume production on Promotional Plastic Pens.

Taking your required artwork into account.

Best For – Solid colour Logos & text without tight registration marks, fine text, shades and gradients or tight and intricate lines set within the design.

Limitations – Screen & Pad Printing, can prove to be a challenge to metal pens, as the ink used is a thicker specialised blend to cure onto metal allowing all least 3 days drying time, as a thicker ink it may lack in the same longevity as screen printing pens to plastic.

Laser Engraving

If your choice should be a Metal Promotional Pen, Generally laser engraving to the body or clip will work best for your pen.Usually to the barrel, some metal composites may show through after laser engraving as a different base metal for additional effect. For example; some Metal marketing Pens may show a brass base metal underneath the Silver body, or a darker grey. You can request this information from your Promo Pen supplier.

Digital Printed PenEngraved Corporate Pens are proven to have a higher perceived value when presented to receivers, the metal build and engraved personalisation will add additional prestige to the owner.

Depended on the style of the pen, laser engraving to the barrel, clip or side of the clip allows a generous branding area, averaging 45 x 25mm. 360-degree engraving is now being completed on a small selection of metal pens.

As Laser etching into Metal Pens works only as a mono design, consider if your Company Logo or design will work well as a monotone only, or if this method will not best replicate your brand due to the mono limitations.

Best For – Branding to your choice of metal pens, finish is seen as a higher quality, cost of engraving very affordable to your choice of Business Pens, gifting into Corporate or executive client base. Engraving can be completed within express Lead times, should the Advertising Pen be needed in time for a last minute presentation.

limitations – Composite Metal Pens may show an undesirable metal colour underneath the top metal coating, check in with the Promotional Pen supplier, the expected finish on your choice of Metal Pen

Digital Print

Should your logo need to be reproduced in full colour, digital print will be your best approach, speak to your promotional product supplier about your digital pen options, as not all pens are suitable for the Direct Digital printing method, onto the surface of the pen.

Cheap Promotional Pens designed for Direct Digital print methods are readily available, designed with flat high surfaces either side of the clip, to allow for added height to be achieved on a full-colour logo or design. The Full-colour digital method does come with some height limitations, specialist pens angled toward Digital Print include the Spectrum max ball pen , the maximum print area, unlike the Screen & pad Print methods is at 45 x 10mm, generous in landscape room for the branding but limited in the Height that can be achieved at only 10mm. Consider is your Company Logo can work with these dimensions.

For Businesses still looking to achieve a Full-colour design, but challenged with a tall or square logo, Full-colour wrap Plastic Promotional Pens may be a choice option. Digitally wrapped pens will be a perfect choice for a Business looking to create a photographic Image to the barrel., as your logo or photo is adhered to the surface of the pen by a laminated transfer.

Best For – Companies with Intricate Designs and full-colour images, those looking to achieve a photographic reproduction to their Promotional Pens, Logos that require printing in full colour with shades and gradients throughout, Company logos that would lose impact once printed in Solid or mono colour only.

Limitations – Mostly available on only Promotional Plastic Pens, for Businesses looking for A more Executive Metal Pen, the available designs suitable for marketing Pens, may be a little limiting in choice. The production time to the more complex Digital print Method or digital wrap print is reflective in the cost, Digitally printed pens are not the cheapest Printed Pens available.

Promotional Pens & The Choice of refills & Nibs

Cheap Printed Pens are often fitted with a standard black or blue refill. It is accepted that the average lifespan of an entry level ink refill will be around 12 – 18 months, if stored in a cool and dry position, before use.

Ink refills used to build the personalised pen will be tested by the factory and quality checked before leaving the building to be delivered to the buyer. Accelerated testing machines will test each batch until the ink expires, to ensure the quality on how the ink performs, writes and lasts is to a standard suitable for the customer to accept.

Ballpoint pens are often Water-based Ink refills, available in both Blue and Black Ink. The water-based ink choice is a quick drying option, allowing the user to quickly move around the paper and pen with limited smudges and smears.

Choosing the right colour inks

Black Ink recommended For Official Use:

  • Financial Services, such as banks, mortgage brokers
  • Government, parliament and court
  • Business Contracts and signatures
  • Legal Services or documents
  • Official passport and Visa Documents
  • Voting and Electoral registers
  • Black Ink must be used for birth certificates
  • General Formal Correspondence

Blue Ink General Uses

  • Nurse and Ward Sisters
  • School & College, University essays and grading
  • The signing of writing correspondence such as signatures
  • Used in publishing for editors notes
  • General Social Correspondence

Black ink is preferred for authentic signatures to be scanned and saved, Blue ink challenges digital readers as it can often appear to light on the scans to be readable. Blue ink is easier to erase.

Watermen Graduate Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

Graduate ballpoint pen. Based on a classic design, Graduate is resolutely functional and modern. Graduate is ideal for everyday use or as a gift. Incl. Waterman gift box.

Supplied with one ballpoint refill. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.

Item can be printed or engraved to Side of Clip or Barrel.

Box can be printed at additional cost.

Crown cap of pen can also be engraved, contact us for pricing.




From £9.70

View Product

Eco Friendly Wooden Ballpen

Retractable wooden ballpen with chrome trim. Distinctive “top-hat” style shaped wooden push-button.

From £1.05

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Touch Stylus Ballpen – Coloured

Plastic stylus ball pen with a twist mechanism and blue ink X-20 refill.

Colour Options: Light Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, White and Black.

From £0.26

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Markie Dry Marker Pen

Markie® Dry is a whiteboard or dry wipe marker.  With quick drying, non-toxic, alcohol-based ink; it writes smoothly without scratching and wipes off easily with a dry cloth.  Bullet tip, crush resistant fibre tip and safety cap.

Ink colour: Black

Material: Plastic

From £0.49

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Kuro ball pen

The elegant design of the Kuro metal ball pen delivers style with a comfortable and balanced writing experience. A quality product combined with generous branding areas. Supplied sleeved with black ink refills as standard.

From £1.83

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Bergman Highlighter Ballpen

Unique twist action ballpoint pen with long-lasting yellow, blue, green or pink highlighter. The Bergman Highlighter is an innovative 2-in-1 pen featuring a clear protective cap and a soft rubberised grip. Digitally printed to photo-quality 360° around the barrel.

From £0.58

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Kelly Ballpoint Pen

Bet you thought this was a metal pen? Even in your hand its impossible to tell the difference. With its sleek matte barrel and shiny chrome trim, this plastic ball pen with a cap is a classic favourite. Now including the new Eversmooth German ink refill, which offers a noticeably smooth and unique writing experience due to its premium 1.2mm tungsten carbide ball.

Contact for more colour options.


From £0.52

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Marksman Roller Ball Business Gift – supplied in Box

Executive rollerball pen.

Exclusive design rollerball pen. PU leather wrapped bottom barrel with matte black upper barrel and chrome accents. Pen includes premium black roller ball ink cartridge. Packed in a two -piece Marksman® gift box. Metal.

Engrave Area: 40 x 6mm  -Landscape.


From £4.09

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Dylan Gel Pen

The Dylan is a smooth writing gel pen with a traditional, upscale design. It features a soft comfort grip encased in a classic capped pen with chrome accents. One colour print only.

Colour Options: Burgundy, Blue, Black, Dark Grey, Purple, White, Red, Pink, Orange, Dark Blue and Cool Grey.

From £0.66

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Flip and Click Pen

Flip and Click Pen. The Flip and Clip Pen is the perfect ballpoint pen for fidgeting away stress or boredom. Click, flip, roll and write your way to concentration and relaxation. ABS Plastic.

From £0.99

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Premium Executive Gift Pen – Cross Stratford Chrome

A smooth distinguished silhouette with all the historical charm of a classic Cross Product. Comes in the Premium Gift Box, Carries CROSS Lifetime Mechanical Guarantee.

Supplied in Cross Gift Box. Also available in satin finish and Black.

Engrave Area: 38 x 6mm


From £11.19

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Puzzle Pen with Maze

Puzzle pen. The perfect ballpoint pen for fidgeting away stress or boredom. Roll one of two balls to the end of the maze and write your way to concentration and relaxation. Plastic ABS and AS.

Landscape Print Area at 5 x 60mm

Various Colours available


Senator Superhit Basic Ballpen

Evergreen and million seller. Opaque high-gloss finish ballpen fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill. Now available with our HD Digital print ( extreme branding) for unlimited colours and gradients (white barrel only). Ink colour black

Noir Executive Gift Pen Set – Stunning Etched Design

Premium Marksman Brand

Etched design pen pouch gift set. Exclusive design gift set featuring a ballpoint pen and pen pouch. Laser etch design on lower barrel. Packed in a two-piece Marksman® gift box. Incl. premium quality black ink refill.

Material; Metal.

Pen Suitable for Engraving only.



From £9.97

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Lightup Ballpen

Combines the convenience of a pocket flashlight with a smooth writing pen in one unique product. The flashlight is activated by a slide on/off button. Button cell batteries included.