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How Do Ceramic Branded Mugs, help keep the liquid Hot?

A little known fact regarding the concave base is that the “foot” also acts as conservator of the heat to your hot beverage, as the gap creates a little tent of hot air to retain the heat to the base.

A flat based Promotional mug can create more issues once in contact with a flat surface, such as tablecloths, placemats and coasters as it allows the direct heat from the mug to directly contact the base and damage surfaces.

Imperfect Mugs without the “foot” can jeopardise the integrity and the stability of the mug as it’s tricky to create a perfect mug from a pottery wheel.

Promotional Mugs are still able to stand if the mug comes into contact with a flat surface on 3 points of contact. Having a fully flat base to the item would also provide challenges for the mug whilst in the kiln and having contact with the “foot” of the kiln the glaze will be stripped once removed from the kiln.

The Different Types Of Materials Used In Promotional Mugs.

Ceramic Earthenware

Favoured by many as this is the popular Cheap Promotional Mug solution.

Standard Earthenware is built from clay and mineral additives along with Feldspar a natural rock from the earth’s core that does not contain any ore. Ceramic Mugs are best fired in kilns under 1200 degrees.

Earliest known use of Earthenware Ceramic began in Persian, Greek and Egyptian society where the medium was used to build homes, homes and homeware.

The finished Ceramic Mug, after being fired in the kiln becomes opaque in appearance and malleable in finish. Varies clays and mineral blends are used, varying the finished batch of Earthenware Mugs in colour from greyish White to warmer shades of Ivory.

Potteries and Promotional Mug suppliers still favour Earthenware due to the affordability and availability of the pottery medium, and the ease of moulding due to the flexibility of the blend in the shaping of Mugs, Bowls and other Kitchen wares. Ceramic Earthenware is one of the easiest materials for use with pottery wheels and clay presses.

Ceramic Earthenware is chemically stable in its make up and fares well in general use, although hard wearing, the material is brittle in its nature and will chip and split upon impact, on the plus side Promotional Ceramic Mugs are also a natural thermal Insulator, ideal for keeping your beverage warm.

Bone China Printed Mugs

The prestigious Bone China Mug is still loved and highly valued by many Brands and Retailers.
A super fine ceramic containing Kaolin, feldspath and bone ash and classified as a soft paste porcelain.

Perfect Bone China Mugs are a pure clean white with a pearlescent finish, due to the mixture of animal bone and calcium phosphate.

Other well-versed names for Bone Chine include “English Porcelain” or China.

Considerable care is needed when working with Bone China as the Pottery medium has a low vitrification tolerance and range, along with the delicate plasticity.

Cattle bones are used due to the lower iron content than other animal bone alternatives, where the bone is refined to a fine powder particle mix, a heat of 1250 degrees creating a delicate power. The use of Kaolin to the power and clay creates an easy to manipulate medium ready for shaping. Two Firing processes are used, with estimated losses of around 20% of the Bone China Mugs lost due to breaks and pressure lines from the first kiln process. The second Stage of the process is completed after the mugs have been glazed.

The original manufacture of Bone China was the UK. Beginning in the late 17’00s and quickly taken up by leading English Potteries, In more modern times the main production of Bone China Mugs is outside of Europe in Asia and Bangladesh.

Fine China Promotional Mugs are produced in a near exact process, the main difference coming from the non-addition of the Bone Ash to the clay mix, the finished colour of Fine China is more of a brilliant white, as the mixture is not tainted by the warmth of the added bone.

Porcelain Promotional Mugs

The Porcelain medium is created from a fine powder ground thoroughly and cleaned before being fully manipulated into shape, and placed in the firing kiln. Described as Glossy and glassy in its completed stage, Porcelain Promotional Mugs are very similar as a final item as Bone China and Fine China, but benefits from additional strength and durability, as the medium is harder than is Mug cousins., and is less prone to chips or cracks in general wear and tear.

Full Colour Cambridge White Mug

Standard coffee mug, affordable, versatile and durable, perfect for small runs or photos.



From £1.92

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Quadra Gloss Mug

The angular lines of the Quadra mug make an attention grabbing platform for your message.

Size: Cap:370ml, H:105mm, Dia:86mm, Weight:335g

From £2.47

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Ash Bone China Mug

The simple proportions and comfortable feel of the Ash has made it a consistently popular mug.

Transfer Print Area: 220 x 80mm

Size: Cap:390ml H:89mm Dia:85mm Weight:218g



From £2.99

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Cafe Latte Mug

The tall modern styling of the Café Latte mug will not look out of place in any modern business.

Transfer Print Area: 155 x 40mm

Size: Cap:480ml H:150mm Dia:88mm Weight:469g


From £2.63

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Newbury Mug

The classic fluted style of the Newbury mug is the perfect alternative to our standard earthenware shapes.

Size: Cap:300ml H:92mm Dia:82mm Weight:255g


From £1.33

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Deco Mug

This angular white earthenware mug is certainly pleasing to the eye. Unlike many other curved, angular mugs the Deco can be printed using Dye Sublimation as well as Direct Screen print and Transfer print.

If you’re looking for a unique ceramic mug and are on a budget the Deco should be high up on your list of promotional products.

From £2.07

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Cambridge Mug – White – SPECIAL OFFER


The Cambridge mug’s simple straight lines make it a perfect low-cost giveaway to all. A very popular shape due to its low cost, large print area and sturdy shape.

Coloured glazes available at additional cost.
Weight; 295g, Capacity; 330ml, Diameter; 80mm

From £1.24

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Promotional Lincoln Mug – White

Taller and thinner than most other mugs on the market, the Lincoln is different enough to stand out among the field. The lincoln’s broad ranging appeal makes it an ideal winner of a mug. 280ml capacity.

From £1.24

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Bell Ceramic Mug – White

The bell mug is not a shape which you see everyday. This unique and slightly quirky mug shape will be certain to get you noticed.

Coloured glazes are available at additional cost.
Weight; 240g, Dia; 80mm, Capacity; 270ml

From £1.24

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Marrow Coffee Mug – White

Large sleek and modern, the Marrow mug certainly stands out from the crowd and not just because of its size.

Ideal for modern businesses or coffee shops the Marrow’s large capacity is perfect for all. Dimensions: 85mm(w) x 107mm(h) x 85mm(d) Available in black at additional cost.

From £1.73

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Deco Mug – Dye Sub

Sublimation Photo Mug.

The stylish Deco ceramic mug gets the full-colour treatment. Dye Sub allows full-colour photographic designs with the most vivid colours.
Size: 90mm(w) x 95mm(h) x 90mm(d)

From £3.04

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Windsor Bone China Mug

A tall slim shaped mug with a curved lip. Strong yet lightweight and durable, also available as a dye sublimation print.

From £2.32

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Oxford Bone China Mug

The Oxford Bone China Mug is the ideal shape for Cafe houses. With its stylish curves and tall presence, this is a mug for all. Dimensions: 87mm(w) x 107mm(h) x 87mm(d)

From £3.22

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Cambridge / Durham Photo Mug – 3 Day Express

The Durham mug is the most popular of our Dye Sublimation shapes, with great photography you can evoke emotions and generate ideas. Dye Sublimation enables bright eye catching full colour designs on mugs, with the brightest of colours. 100% dishwasher proof and tested to over 2000 washes, the Durham is the most durable dye sublimation mug available.

From £2.13

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Marrow Mug – Colours

The tall modern styling of the Marrow mug will certainly grab everyone’s attention.

Size: Cap:400ml H:107mm Dia:85mm Weight:293g

Print area to this mug is towards the top  : size 185 x 40mm



From £1.83

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