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Why do Promotional Mugs still remain such a popular choice?

Promotional Mugs are one of the more functional, loved, and popular choices for a person receiving promotional items, A personable item, standing proud on desks, in office kitchen cupboards, gripped on the manic commute to work, or stashed in the dash of a car.

With a large selection of styles finishes and sizes, all businesses contain cupboards of long-lasting earthenware advertisements. People take a shine to their favourite Promotional Ceramic Mug or Travel Mug,

Printed Promotional Mugs nested on every desk, all day, with its large wrap print area it’s the perfect, budget-friendly choice to carry your business logo, contact details and services, every day. Holding the Nation’s favourite hot beverage after water… Coffee.

A great gift bag filler, that can be used to store other promotional product handouts such as promotional confectionery, Promotional Pens or Printed USB Flash Drives.

Durable and affordable Marketing mailing solution in polycubes and easy storage in white tuck boxes for sales incentives or promotion, to be handed over to Customer or Prospect visits with a friendly Sales Representative.

Mug Shapes Explained

The Cambridge Mug is a reliable and budget friendly popular choice with its chunky build and straight sides perfect for its large print area. A great all-rounder for all printed options, screen printing, and Digital Dye Sub. A preferred shape for its allowance of a small bleed area to the top and bottom of the mug and between the handle. Unrivalled wrap area perfect for large designs, photographic images and designs looking to be applied to the maximum outside area of a mug.
Looking for something a little different, the Marrow Mug or Balmoral offers contemporary shapes with tapered edges, to stand out from the mug crowd.

For your customer on the go, a Travel Mug or Takeaway Mug will allow your clients a tool to drink whilst on the go.

Tall Latte Style Promotional Coffee Mugs, add impact, stand aside from the standard general square or straight edge designs.

Promotional Mugs not only come in standard earthenware but are available in Porcelain for a premium finish, suitable for retail.

Why do Promotional Mugs Have concave Bottoms?

The curved concave area at the base of Promotional Mug is also known in the world of pottery as the foot.

The foot is a useful additional design to the mug as it allows the mug to balance and be located safely with a surface enabling stability., reducing the potential for the Printed Mug to wobble and safe guiding the chance of spillage.

How Are Promotional Mugs Printed?

Screen Printing

As the most popular, and advantageous option to customise your Printed Mug will be Spot Colour Screen Printing to the wrap of the outer area of your chosen mug.
This allows both sides of the wrap to be designed to work as one large Design to the wrap Print available area, or the option to have different designs to each side or the mug ( left to Right) or the choice of repeating the design to both the left and right side. Common preference for the Screen Printed Method is due to the cost, and also the flexibility in lead times, Single spot Colour screen printed Mugs can be Express printed in as little as 3 working days.

Transfer Printing

Transfer Printing allows designs onto promotional mugs to be applied to awkward angles such as handles, inner lip or bottom base of the mug, but these need to be hand applied. Tolerances of movement need to be accepted to each design, due to the human application, along with the additional lead time to complete. Some Promotional Mugs can only be Transfer printed due to the conical shapes and lines of the Mug, making it impossible to complete as a Screen Print, due to lack of straight surfaces.

Digital Dye Sublimation

Otherwise referred to as Dye Sub Mugs, this process is limiting on the available Mug shapes it can be completed to. The Cambridge Mug and Sparta Promotional Mug are perfect for this method of Printing Mugs, as the tall straight lines of the outer wrap allow full coverage by a digital machine.
The Dye Sub reproduces bright vibrant full colour images of photographic quality, allowing full use of shades, gradients and tones to the design, no problem at all replicating small details, and minimum concern on infills for intricate tight registration designs that may apply to the Screen and Transfer Printed processes. Another great method for express print routes where your promotional mug is needed in a rush. If you have time for a pre-production sample with the Dye Sub method before proceeding to bulk, we would advise you proceed to approve before cracking into the bulk. As a digital method colours can sometimes provide different results than Pantone matching methods such as Screen Print, making time for the sample will give you the opportunity to address and rectify any colours from the design of your Promotional Printed Mug and discuss with your Promotional Mug supplier on a better colour match.

Are Printed Promotional Mugs Dishwasher Safe?

A number of Promotional Mugs are considered Dishwasher Safe.
Screen and Transfer Printed branding options are durable and long lasting. However, there is many variants on dishwater tablets, heat of water used and the amount of washes a Mug may go through in the average day; for example all Screen Printed Mugs subjected to multiple washes at a very high temperature with a strong industrial detergent on a daily basis may start to show some reasonable level of fade after 12 months of use. Digital Dye Sublimation Mugs are a little less hardy due to the attributes of the wrap and digital process,. Organically coloured inks play a part in the potential for fade from constant dishwasher use.
If dishwasher fading is a major concern for your Promotional Mug choice,the option of Dura glazes and special coatings to the mug can be added.

Are all Promotional Mugs Suitable for My Artwork?

Promotional Mugs are designed and built, with consideration on how they can best be screen or transfer printed in the Branded market.

Designs such as the Cambridge Mug will offer you the maximum print area available with both Direct screen print, transfer Print and Digital dye sublimation.

Tapered conical designs such as the Latte Style Coffee Mug range do have print limitations, due to the curved edges tapering into the base of the Mug, so are best suited to transfer printing methods. Your promotional product supplier will be able to review your artwork and advise on your most suitable Promotional Mug design for your budget and corporate image.

Which Print Method Will Work best for Me?

Promotional Mugs offer a wide and varied mixture of options for you to consider when picking the right method to print your chosen mug for maximum impact when gifted, or handed to your internal team.

Transfer Print to Branded Mug Handle

Why not try a unique and original route to print your Logo, Company Name, Contact Details, website or Telephone Number, to the handle of your mug, something a little bit different that isn’t requested on volume or taken up on mass scales by businesses sourcing their branded mugs, will stand out from the Promotional Mug Crowd.

Flash Print to the Promotional Mug Handle

A cost effective way to further personalise your chosen mug, with a little added detail of colour to bring your brand or design together on the whole of the mug design, Great way to add a little flair to a Cheap Promotional Mug Option.

Banded Colour to the Rim of The Printed Mug

A wonderfully versatile route for additional branding to not only Coffee Mugs but also a selection of glassware.
Bands can also be branded to tableware, as well as a Promotional mug and add to the impression of quality to a finished piece.

Gilding In Gold Or Silver

A metallic Guild finish to your choice of Promotional Coffee Mug is marvelous for adding distinction and prestige. You can also consider the width of the gilding on the edges and rims of your chosen Promotional Mug, allowing for an additional layer of customisation.

Transfer Printing to the Base of Your Promotional Coffee Mug

Consider tailoring a Transfer print to the base of the mug further enhancing the perception and image of the final finished mug. You can really have some fun with this process, why not consider a relevant line of text or tagline, to be viewed once the beverage has been finished.

Transfer Printing to the Lip of Your Branded Promotional Mug

Further personalisation can be achieved by the transfer of a design, text, or company logo icon to the inner lip of the Coffee Mug. The additional layer of printing to your chosen Promotional Mug, will catapult your unique branding, ahead of the competitions as it stands proud on your client’s desk.

Printed Backstamps

Your design at the base of a Mug will endeavor to be viewed by the entire office or meeting whilst the user takes a drink. Working in favour to increase your brand’s key messages, or tag line to a wider audience the backstamp can also be used to advertise the fact that the Promotional Mug is made from “Bone China”.

Atlantic White Mug

Capacity (ml): 300

Weight (g): 275

Height (mm): 93

Diameter (mm): 81

Print Area (mm): 185 x 70

From £1.29

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Hayward White Mug

Capacity (ml): 580

Weight (g): 480

Height (mm): 130

Diameter (mm): 88

Print Area (mm): 210 x 45

From £1.85

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Titan Mug Red

Capacity (ml): 390

Weight (g): 432

Height (mm): 126

Diameter (mm): 80

Print Area (mm): 185 x 70

From £2.12

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Titan Mug White

Capacity (ml): 390

Weight (g): 432

Height (mm): 126

Diameter (mm): 80

Print Area (mm): 185 x 70

From £1.95

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Quantum Mug Black

Capacity (ml): 430

Weight (g): 373

Height (mm): 113

Diameter (mm): 90

Print Area (mm): 210 x 45

From £2.02

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Quantum Mug white

Capacity (ml): 430

Weight (g): 373

Height (mm): 113

Diameter (mm): 90

Print Area (mm): 210 x 45

From £1.78

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Darwin Mug White

Capacity (ml): 270

Weight (g): 247

Height (mm): 91

Diameter (mm): 76

Print Area (mm): 180 x 35

From £1.36

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Americano® Cortado

This brand new UK-made tumbler has a glass-like appearance with exceptional clarity. Made from SAN, it’s incredibly hardwearing. The tumbler is available with a silicone grip and clip-on lid in a range of colours. The tumbler has a 30cl capacity and is available with your logo or message added to the grip.

From £2.31

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The Universal Tumbler – Full Colour

The full-colour Universal Tumbler can have any design wrapped around the body of the mug. Manufactured and printed in the UK, this microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe mug is a great product for everyday use.

Print Area: 241 x 126mm

From £2.46

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The Universal Tumbler Mug

The orange Universal Tumbler is new to the range. Each tumbler has a range of lids available and can have a black or white inner. The Universal is microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe, BPA free and keeps drinks warmer for longer.

Print Area: 235 x 80mm

From £1.73

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The Universal Mug – Full Colour

The Universal Mug can have a gloss or matt full-colour print wrapped around the entire body. Perfect for photographic images, the full-colour print is accompanied by a choice of coloured handle and lid.

Print Area: 241 x 126mm

From £2.72

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The Universal Mug

The black Universal Mug comes with a choice of coloured handles and lids. The mug is both manufactured and decorated in the UK and is a perfect reusable travel mug.

Direct Print Area: 235 x 80mm

From £1.99

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The Universal Vending Cup – Full Colour

The full-colour Vending Cup is a small travel mug with unlimited printing possibilities. A full-colour image or design can be wrapped around the body of the mug and is perfect for coffee machines and cup holders. Available with a range of coloured lids, and manufactured in the UK.

Direct Print Area: 200 x 55mm

From £1.52

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The Universal Vending Cup

Manufactured in the UK the Silver Vending Cup is available with a varied choice of coloured lids. It is microwave and Dishwasher safe (top rack only) and it’s unique small size is perfect for the office vending machine.

Direct Print Area: 200 x 55mm

From £1.19

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The Challenger Tumbler

The Challenger Tumbler is a new addition to the Universal range, available with a red body. This stylish tumbler comes with a choice of coloured lids and a print to the body. Manufactured and decorated in the UK.

Direct Print Area: 240 x 40mm

From £1.81

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