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We have all seen examples of promotional keyrings and many of us own at least one, but why should your organisation use personal keyrings? What are their benefits and uses? Here are five reasons why;


1) For many people, keyrings are a necessity

Everyone has at least one keyring or keychain, holding important sets of house keys, work keys and car keys, family photo keychains, bike or car lock, and usually a Trolley Keyring.

For some individuals working as Caretakers, Nursing, Security guards or property Manager’s keyrings and key chain sets are essential.

Holding important sets of keys into property, alarm boxes, and medical cabinets, Connecting multiple keys together with a standard split loop or carabiner, pull reels are commonly used in Health services for ease of opening doors whilst staying connected to the owner on a belt or loop with the use of a cord made of nylon, rope or wire.

Metal chains are the primary attachment used, for strength and ease of removal multiple sets of keys, and locks.

2) A budget Friendly way to promote your brand

Promotional keyrings offer diverse options to fit all budgets and sectors,

A personal, functional item to be carried around day in day out.

Available in many different materials from Plastic, recycled plastics, real leather imitation leather, PVC, felt and cast metals.

Ranging from prestige accessory for a luxury car purchase to providing support to a charity’s cause, Used by Estate Agents and hotels for room and house identification. Sports clubs for supporters.

Generally light or compact, great for mailing campaigns or to be added to a promotional product pack.

Offers longevity to the owner staying on keyfobs for many years.

Keyrings can also be provided in branded gift boxes or sleeves, for a higher perceived value.


3) Promotional keyrings can be useful

The familiar and common Promotional Trolley Coin keyring and trolley coin tokens, for personal, domestic, shopping trips. Available in nickel and composite metals, plastic with keychains attachments, long plastic tokens to sit alongside keys.

Useful practical item owned by most individuals can be acquired in Charity Shops, given out in volume by larger brands, and charities.

Branded with charity logos and calls to action, as a reliable tool used as fundraising merchandise for many leading charities. Great examples are Animal charities such as PDSA, Cats protection, found on many tills and used in Charity mailer

Bottle opener keyring for lifestyle gifting, and outdoor activities. Bottle opener keychains appeal to students, festival goers and campers alike.

Flashlights and Led light keyrings, as a functional tool in the dark, easy to use sat alongside personal keysets, allowing owners to enter cars and property at night.

Tyre Tread keyring for automotive checks, service centres or Business in the Motor Sector, mechanics, parts, Tyres and Road Assistance. New car purchases or car clubs

Promotional keyrings containing microfibre cloths, for the cleaning of glasses or screens on the go. Novelty item for the office or photographers, cleaning lenses.

USB Flashdrive keyrings for the technology gadget easy to grab. A favourite of colleges, universities, corporate business, exchanging price lists and product information at events and exhibitions.

Leather or imitation Leather keyrings used by the Motor Industry across both prestigious and used car group. Generally personalised with the Car’s Brand, to both front and back, to stay with the receiver for the lifetime of the car, or passed to the new owner.

Tool keyrings, containing screw head and spirit levels in small compact cases, ticking both the novelty and practical box for all individuals.


4) Promotional Keyrings are highly customisable

Simple affordable plastic keyrings, formed of coloured or clear acrylic, can contain printed paper inserts, allowing for full colour printed designs to both sides to appear through the window.

Plastic and recycled plastic keyrings can be moulded into multiple shapes and sizes, allowing for digital, and spot colour printing.

Leather fob keyrings can be embossed, or foil blocked with your contact details, or you could consider a metal cast plate with recessed metal designs to be fitted for a premium finish. Or a metal plate with an etched design, or die cast nickel infilled with enamel, popular favourite with car groups

Brushed metal plate keyrings can be engraved or printed, consider engrave for a more premium feel. Available in circle, rectangle, and oblong shapes, along with hearts, stars and house designs.

Bespoke Moulded PVC keyrings can be created as a 2D or 3D product in up to 6 spot colours, additional screen print to the reverse will allow you to add further contact details or call to action.

Felt or canvas keyrings are optimised for screen or pad printed single spot colours only.

For keyrings including cases, houses tools or LED ( torches) some designs are suitable for full colour print, to white plastic, or coloured plastic cases can be personalised through screen or pad print up to 4 spot colours. Some designs allow printed designs go both sides, whilst others might have openings or hinges built into the shape allowing 1 side printed designs only.

USB keyrings, depending on the flash drive case, can also be suitable for both digital and screen printing methods. If the USB is made of metal it may also be suitable for engraving.


5) They are readily available

From the 1950’s onwards manufacturing changed to allow unique shapes and designs to be produced in plastics. Increases in the affordable of volume plastic keychains for novelty momentoes, merchandise uses and hospitality, and the marketing and Advertising industry.

Prior to the improvements to plastic manufacture, keyrings has been mainly created from Nickel metals and wood. With the easy availability of alternatives to be made from plastics, novelty retailers and advertising campaigners embraced moulded cheap keyrings to hand out at volume as freebies and marketing giveaways.

Plastic keyrings became a popular choice at Seasides, holiday parks and theme parks, as tourists purchased from the merchandise shops as a lasting memento, as a reminder of their visit or holiday.

Larger brands created plastic keyrings to retail in their merchandise shops, increasing revenue, a great example would be Disney.

Further advances in technology and plastic manufacture sees the car keyfob allowing keyless entry into motor vehicles and keyless starts to engines.

Great Examples of Promotional Keyring Use

The Trolley Coin keyring or token.

Favoured by Charities and larger Brands. Created in plastic, Silicone or Stamped Metals. Charities incorporate into their Merchandise infantry to retail and gift patrons or supporters. Often found at tills of leading Supermarkets, Charity shops and Petrol Stations. Additional profit made for the charities, as the Promotional Trolley coin in purchased at an affordable cost, and sold off to add in fundraising. Charities and larger brands will often mail out to their patrons keyrings, with call to actions and donation information. Creating further exposure for the charity, increasing funds for charity work.

Metal Enamel Trolley coin keyrings can be manufactured at volume in the Far East for a very cost effective promotional giveaway, the metal coin can be stamped, enamelled or printed.

In March 2017 the £1 coin is undergoing a redesign, expected to enter circulation in the Spring, the new coin has been designed to have multiple edges as opposed to the current circular coin, it is believed that the old £1 shape will start to be decommissioned
in Nov 2017, Taking into account the change of design, people will be looking to replace their existing Trolley coin tokens this year to the new £1.00 shape, great timing for charities to look to renew their stock and offer the keyrings ahead of the competition.

Plastic Trolley Coin Keyring - 3 days

Plastic Trolley coin keyring, Perfect for volume marketing, sales promotions, and charity fundraising.Available in the new £1.002017 design and the euro.

From £1.62

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Acrylic & Plastic Keyrings.

Used throughout many sectors as a promotional keyring giveaway, solid plastic in many colours and shapes allow business and brands to choose a fitting design or style reflective of their business. Housing Associations may use them to provide contact details to their tenants when presenting a new tenant with a set of keys, in a house shape to distinguish the services. Colleges and universities may hand them out to the students to advertise student service, departments and contact details, Sports Clubs and Youth groups, present to the audience, Examples such as Girl Guiding or Scouts give them to their attendees, as a keepsake for a camping weekend.

Plastic keyrings can also contain a clear insert window, with a digitally printed insert for photographs and full colour images, flexibility in print, and highly cost effective, great for fundraising or cheap merchandise to be sold in tourist shops.

Lightweight and easily to mail out, following advertising campaigns or discounted offers, examples such as the plastic Tesco club card keyring fob.

Keyfobs build into plastic casing allow LED lights and small tool kits to be encased, for both practical and novelty use, Businesses offering energy and Trades services could consider Promotional Merchandise keyfobs & keyrings to include the functions. Tape Measure keyrings and spirit level keyrings can also add impact to a marketing campaign will Company Contact details and call to action.

Flexible Plastic Shaped Keyring

Customised thin lightweight shaped keyring printed in full colour, shapes such as cat faces, cars and feet

Leather And Imitation Leather Keyfobs.

Embraced by Estate Agents and Motor Group’s, Leather will stand up to multiple uses, and wear and tear, options to Print, Deboss, and include Metal plates, offer multiple options for each budget. Large car brands such as jaguar included with a new car purchase, Jaguar leather Keyrings include a Jaguar Metal Emblem to the front for prestige, Land Rover utilise Leather keyfobs with a full colour domed decal, adding value to the keyfob in keeping with the lifestyle promoted by the car groups and classic car connotations and traditions. Foil blocking or screen printing the reverse acts as a constant reminder and ease of contact, with the car showroom, dealership or service centre.

Estate agencies will include a leather keyring with house purchases or rentals, branded with the contact details email, and websites to remind the owner of the Estate agency contact details, or Property Management Team.

Sports clubs and teams will often look to leather keyfobs for anniversary dates and sports event reminders, given to visiting teams or groups as lasting reminders of the date and locations of the visit. Commonly used in Bowling clubs and Rotary clubs.

large Real Leather keyfob

Extra Large Square Shaped Keyfob, made from real leather,

Metal Keyrings

Regarded as an executive gift, offers great flexibility for branding, more often engraved. Being made of metal as a promotional Gift or Merchandise keyring, perception of a higher value that is not reflective of the true cost, Finishes of full polished or satin effect metal to form the keyring can be a very cost-effective thank you from most business that can be applied to many sectors, Added to a gift bag with a selection of promotional items effective item to include in an executive gift set.

Multiple metal keyring shapes including rectangular, circle, heart and house shaped can be sourced to reflect most business sectors, again used by estate agents, recognition for employees or a thank you to clients for your business. Engraved heart shaped metal keyrings can be acquired by health or fitness centres for new sign ups for membership gifts.

Retailer or card shops often stock and include Heart shaped keyrings for valentine’s day or anniversary token gifts.

With recessed metal plates added to a metal build keyfob, allowing additional design or personalization will add value to the build and feel of the product once presented to the receiver as a Promotional Gift.

Consider a Metal keyring as a long lasted keyring which will stand apart from the alternatives used in plastic or silicon, carrying your promotional Message or logo for a respectable length of time. Usually supplied in a white tuck box or clear presentation box adding additional impact to your promotional gift, a great option for keyrings to be presented to Executives or Sales Incentives.

Budget Metal Keyring

If you're looking to give your customers a premium quality gift at a budget-friendly price, we have our Tokyo Metal Keyring.This stylish keyring has a smooth rubberised finish which looks stunning with our mirror engraving. Plus, it's supplied within a gift box for added perceived value.Size:84mm x 34mm, can be engraved to the reverse at an additional cost.

From £1.56

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PVC & Silicone Keyrings

Diverse range of shapes, bright colours and additional option to include screen printing, makes PVC and Silicon keyrings a popular choice for most business, tourist centres, theme parks and children’s brands.

The keyfob can be created to bespoke shapes and custom sizes, build in 2D or 3D layers. A choice favourite for larger brands and automotive industries, thicker in build and more substantial than a plastic keyring, and less heavy than a Metal alternative. Provides cost effective marketing support to multi campaigns and handouts.

PVC can be used to create intricate details and sharp replication of logos and characters. Used in retail for licensed brands aimed at Children, incorporating characters and action figures, mass produced in the Far East. The reverse of most Silicon and PVC keyrings provide a smooth surface to allow for additional contact details and brand messages onto the reverse.
PVC keyrings cut to intricate shapes are often used in Leisure Tourist shops, such as Zoos or themes parks, to be purchased by families and children.

2D PVC keyring

Great Bespoke item!Cut to any shape within 50mm with upto 4 moulded PVC spot colours.Supplied with Split ring and chain fittingSize:  within Moulding - 50mm(w) x 50mm(h)

Foam & Felt.

Floating keyrings are popular amongst boating and sailing clubs and brands, ticking both the novelty and useful box for marketing and retailing into the sailing sector, Brands marketing to consumers of all Boating, Yachting and sailing industries, utilise floating keyrings and both a gift to their subscribers, members or buyers, Retailed in Yacht club shops or included with a boat purchase, lasting reminder of the brand and details, along with security of key retrieval once dropped from a boat.

Printed Foam Backed Keyring

Lightweight 2mm thick foam backed keyring, cut to any shape within 30mm x70mm rectangle or 50mm dia circle.

USB Keyrings

Flash Drives sourced with a keychain attachment will add an extra level of use to the receiver. Popular amongst businesses attending exhibitions and events, attached to lanyards and keychains, provides an easy way to exchange information such as price lists and product catalogues, for companies attending events, gifting visitors and potential new clients flashdrive on keyrings to take away business information is a considered way to educate and inform future clients.
Employees within companies provided with USB flash drives on keychains for internal use will see the keyring as a helpful functional accessory for their day to day duties.

Metal Robot USB Flashdrive

The ultimate quirky robot USB keyring!Memory Size: 64MB – 16GBMinimum order from 50 units.Product Size: 75mm x 52mm x 13mm Logo Printing Area: Front: 15x18, Back: 15x12

Heart Shaped Recycled Plastic Keyring

50mm Heart shaped keyring, supplied with split ring and jump ring fitting. Made in the UK from recycled plastic and digitally printed in full colour as standard. The plastic material is available in 8 standard colours, or custom coloured (PMS) at an additional cost.


Product Size: 50mm x 40mm
Print Size: 48mm x 38mm

From £0.39

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Computer Shaped Recycled Plastic Keyring

50mm Computer shaped keyring, supplied with split ring and jump ring fitting. Made in the UK from recycled plastic and digitally printed in full colour as standard. The plastic material is available in 8 standard colours, or custom coloured (PMS) at an additional cost.  More shapes available, contact us for a list.

Product Size: 55mm x 48mm
Print Size: 53mm x 46mm

From £0.38

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Cow Shaped Recycled Plastic Keyring

50mm Cow shaped keyring, supplied with split ring and jump ring fitting. Made in the UK from recycled plastic and digitally printed in full colour as standard. The plastic material is available in 8 standard colours, or custom coloured (PMS) at additional cost.  More shapes available, just contact us for a full list!

Product Size: 50mm x 45mm
Print Size: 48mm x 43mm

From £0.39

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Pig Shaped Recycled Plastic Keyring

50mm Pig shaped keyring, supplied with split ring and jump ring fitting. Made in the UK from recycled plastic and digitally printed in full colour as standard. Plastic material is available in 8 standard colours, or custom coloured (PMS) at additional cost.   More shapes Available just let us know if you have one in mind and we can explore your options.

Product Size: 50mm x 45mm
Print Size: 48mm x 43mm


From £0.38

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Sheep Shaped Recycled Plastic Keyring

50mm Sheep shaped keyring, supplied with split ring and jump ring fitting. Made in the UK from recycled plastic and digitally printed in full colour as standard. The plastic material is available in 8 standard colours, or custom coloured (PMS) at an additional cost.

From £0.38

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Rectangular Recycled Plastic Keyring

80 x 50mm rectangular keyring, supplied with split ring and jump ring fitting. Made in the UK from recycled plastic and digitally printed in full colour as standard. Plastic material is available in 8 standard colours, or custom coloured (PMS) at additional cost.

From £0.58

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Executive Key Ring with Charging Cable and USB

Key ring with integrated cables, USB, micro and Type C.

Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.6 x 0.9 cm

Colour Options: Black, White

From £3.68

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Willis Key Ring

Promotional carabiner with mesh strap and laser engraved metal plate. Seven Colours to choose from.

Colour Options: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Grey, Orange and Purple.

From £0.87

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Heart Shaped Stress Keyring

Heart shape stress reliever keyring.

Product Size: 43 c 45 x 31 mm

Colour Options: Red



From £0.65

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Trolley Coin Keyring – Full Colour Dome

  • The stylish Montana Trolley Keyring comes complete with a metal pound-sized coin.
  • A handy magnet on the reverse holds the coin in place, ready fo use.
  • A paper insert to the front will display your full colour logo.


Shopper Trolley Coin Keyring – Full Colour Logo

Lightweight metal keyring with a trolley coin shaped end. Features your full colour domed logo to the central area.

Various colours to choose from


Universal Trolley Coin Keyring – Custom Dome

Metal keyring with a full colour domed logo. The shaped end is designed for use with supermarket trolleys. It can be removed from the trolley, whilst the trolley is in use.


From £1.11

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Promotional Cacti Keyrings with Backing card

Hope you’re having a lovely spring season! We’ve got an exciting new little product to share with you.

These lovely little succulents grow slowly in their capsules for their first 8-12 months, then will grow large enough to be replanted into a pot. Brands can have their logos printed right on the side of the enclosure, or on the packaging. Because the mini cacti also need to be tended to and watered about once a month, a special relationship with the brand will be fostered as folks care for their cacti.

The succulents come in either “Spike” or “West” variety, so your clients can choose their prickly preferences.

The product dimensions are 17mm x 40mm, while the whole thing weighs just 15g. It can have both sides of the packaging printed in full colour, and even have an imprint on the capsule.

You have 3 options for packaging for this item – contact us for further details.


From £4.38

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Mobile Power Bank 1200 mAh on Keyring

1200 mAh Power Bank. The Span power bank has a 1,200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery and provides power to charge smartphones, MP3 players, and many other devices. It also features a key ring for easy carrying. USB to Micro USB charging cable included. Input 5V/1A, output 5V/1A. Supplied in a white blank gift box. Plastic.

Various colours.

Print Area; 10mm x 70mm – can be printed digitally for an additional cost.


From £1.67

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Promotional Trolley Coin Keyring with Bottle Opener

Key ring in metal with token and bottle opener.

Engrave Area more suitable for text: 10mm x 10mm