Promotional Executive Gifts

Your business will benefit by considering the reasons for your executive gift campaign and if the promotional items sit within your advertising or marketing campaign messages, your promo product spend will reward you with additional business support, stronger client relationships and advertising impressions.

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13″ Laptop Sleeve

From £13.53

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15.6″ Deluxe Computer Messenger

From £17.20

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A4 notebook bound in a PU

From £4.14

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Antibacterial Notebook Wirebound A5 Notebook

From £3.29

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AntiBug Marrow Mug

From £2.41

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Ascot Leather A4 Conference Folder

From £16.74

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Ashford Plus 450ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle

From £4.99

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Automatic Storm Umbrella – 23′

From £10.24

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Bamboo 4000 Powerbank external charger

From £11.22

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Belgian Chocolate Duo Bars with Personalised Names

From £3.38

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Bluetooth Headphones – Great Business Gift

From £6.88

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Bourton- Calculator Business Folder

From £8.70

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Showing 1-12 of 129 results

How to decide on the best promotional executive gifts to work for your audience

Unique executive gifts will elevate your brand presence in the marketplace, reward your existing clients for their continued support towards your sales and business goals whilst also carrying your logo and tag lines to a wider audience with additional visibility and impressions of your branding.

Contemplating the wide selection of executive promotional gifts, and exploring a choice of industry relevant products with a practical benefit will best ignite a positive response from your receivers.

Research your customer and prospect base, explore and consider executive items that would work well within their industry, invoke reciprocal business after gifting and provide enough impact that your customer will be thrilled to receive your choice of executive promotional gift.

Decide on a marketing spend drill down on your available budget for your gifts for executives and see if you can work the gifting into a timetable for a new brand and product launch. Exploring executive items within your price range and the expected number of promotional products required will allow your business to set aside the funds when ready to address your advertising spend.

From all of the promotional products available why is the executive pen still the most popular?

With a varied and diverse selection of executive pens that can be sourced for all available marketing budgets and advertising spends, executive pens are still a choice favourite for marketers.

Deciding on whether or not you want to provide your executive pen in a gift box or sleeve, or with additional trims such as stylus attachments or tools will further drill down your choice of promo pen within your allocated marketing budget.


  • Executive pens provide a wow factor to an executive product campaign, as they are distinguished from the standard plastic promotional pen by the heavier weight, higher end build and can be purchased with a well-respected and recognised brand name such as promotional Waterman pens, providing impact and value to your executive gift campaign.
  • A varied choice of infills and nib types are available to executive pens such as rollerballs, gel inks, quality replaceable ink refills and standard ballpens.
  • Gift boxes will advance the recognition of a higher end executive gift to your chosen executive pens due to the additional layer or presentation once handed to your client in a branded box, whilst benefitting your company’s advertising with the extra branding position to the lid of the box.
  • For companies exploring the best option to present their executive pen to the receiver but looking for an alternative presentation tool, a pen sleeve can advance the executive feel and perception of your gift to your consumer, whilst enabling a screen printed logo to be applied at the same time.
  • Business that want to benefit their marketing campaigns whilst gifting a pen within an executive gift category can also explore their options on mid-level executive pens that will be easier to work with a smaller marketing spend or budget, options such as promotional Parker pens and mid-level metal pens made from composite metals are generally more affordable than promotional Waterman pens.


  • When choosing your ideal executive pen gift, you need to consider if your company logo is suitable for screen printing or engrave branding techniques. Engraving is considered a more prestigious finish for a premium promotional pen and will enforce a feeling to the receiver that they have been gifted a higher end executive business gift.
  • Perhaps your business may want to explore executive pens to reward your hardworking team in-house, or to celebrate a sales milestone or companies trading anniversary. Your employees with thrilled to receive your choice of executive gift.

Reasons why an executive notebook is still a champion choice for marketers

Marketers still understand the value of including an executive notebook into their promotional marketing mix, due to the popularity of notebooks as an executive gift, combined with value added to a marketing campaign and the distinction of a premium feel once gifted to the receiver.

The benefits of exploring executive notebooks

Budget friendly 

Promotional notebooks can be sourced to fit within all marketing budgets and available spends, cost effective executive notebooks are available in a wide variety of sizes, cover finishes and trims.

Large range of colours 

For brands wanting to move away from the standard executive colourways of black and greys, executive notebooks can be branded in a wide variety of bright primary colours and pastel colour schemes. Perfect for businesses keen on sourcing executive gifts that are completely true to brand.

Can be supplied with a matching pen 

A5 and A4 sized executive notebooks can be sourced with a pen loop and matching pen, adding an additional dimension to the advertising space available for your personalisation, if branding to the pen also.

Options to emboss to an executive notebook cover

For a premium executive finish to leatherette and real leather notebooks, embossing to both the front and back of the branded notebook cover will provide a subtle and polished finish of your branded logo, website or strapline. Embossing to the cover provides a long lasting finish to the notebook, whilst not creating a loud impression to the cover and subtle enough for the receiver to enjoy and not be put off from using the gift in multiple office or corporate situations.

Elasticated straps and additional trims

The Lanybook Flex System is available for an additional level of bespoke tailoring to executive notebooks. Options such as polished leather buttons and gel domes to the band closure can open a magnitude of additional branding solutions to businesses looking to create a truly unique executive gift.

Strong branding solution due to a large available area

Very few executive gifts offer the same vast branding area to the front and back of a promotional product than executive notebooks.With options of screen printing, full-colour UV transfers and embossing, the promotional notebook is a champion choice for businesses looking to invest in business gifts that allow a large area for marketing message and calls to action.

Casebound in leather and PU leatherette

Premium executive gift campaigns can benefit from a quality, premium executive notebook in a leather or PU as part of their promo offerings. Gifting a leather bound notebook will serve as an outstanding option to impress your customers or clients. For marketers looking for a premium notebook offering but with a slightly smaller budget, a PU leatherette will be the perfect fit, offering the leather look but at a smaller cost from the marketing budget.

Pocket sizes to A5 and larger A4

For businesses with a marketing audience that would appreciate a smaller executive notebook gift a smaller promotional notebook will prove to be a great hit with their target audience. Certain industries appreciate a corporate gift that is small and convenient to carry around the workplace and to aid in organisation, sectors such a healthcare require will grateful to receive a smaller executive gift.

Journal style notebooks

Exploring a journal style notebook to propel your promotional campaign, will give your executive gift offering an additional edge from the competitor. Executive journal style notebooks include lined paper as standard, perforated edges for consumers to remove unwanted notes and tick the premium notebook box for finishes.

Castelli notebooks

Castelli is a renowned quality brand, providing executive notebooks in a wide variety of sizes, paper finishes and journal notebook styles. For businesses looking for an executive notebook with a contemporary selection of designs, Castellii offers an option for all budgets.

Flip covers

Marketing leads looking for a unique style of executive notebook to appeal to a particular audience or industries such as journalism can source a practical and appealing executive gift by considering a flip cover promotional notebook. Product offerings include real leather, PU leather and soft feel.

Option of internal pockets

Perfect choice for executives working in business development, and attending networking and site visits. An executive notebook containing inner pockets to the front or back is a supreme addition to a quality executive promotional gift. Enabling the receiver of the promo book to use the pockets to store parking tickets or business cards will really add value to the gift once handed to your customer or prospect.

Premium executive notebooks such as Moleskine provide a premium feel to your executive gift offerings, but for marketing spends that are a little tighter on budget there is a wide variety of soft feel cover notebooks available as an alternative, more cost effective executive notebook solution.

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What to consider when exploring gifts for executives

As a business do you have a goal in mind to justify your executive gift spend, such as an event or open day, sales promotional or a thank you to your customers for their continued support.

Who are you looking to target with your promotional items? Are you planning to gift only to your key accounts, or to all customers?

Consider a few different tiers of corporate executive gifts to advertise your brand and thank your customers.

For your key accounts, you could consider allocating a slightly higher spend per item exploring higher end executive gifts such as leather executive notebooks, executive technology gifts such as promotional power banks, promotional chargers or premium executive pen brands such as Waterman.

For smaller spend accounts explore promotional gift items such as metal executive pens, soft feel promotional notebooks and confectionary, all forms of executive desks items will be well received by your audience.

Allocate a budget to the corporate executive gift campaign – Make a decision on who you are planning on gifting items to. Perhaps you want your sales representatives to attend a new business meeting and leave a lasting reminder of your company’s visit, by leaving an executive business gift behind.

Do you have prospective future clients coming to visit your company’s premises for a site visit or new product launch, consider gifting a lasting reminder and affirmative message of your product or services by ensuring they leave armed with your advertising messages and brand with your executive promotional pens.

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