Promotional Corporate Gifts

Promotional pens are a champion marketing tool to be used for all businesses and sectors. With the multiple logo and brand impressions created to the consumer audience once viewing the pen in use, along with the practical application for the receiver, corporate pens are still a favoured choice for marketers looking to invest in promotional marketing.

Corporate gift pens can be utilised in multiple campaigns re-establishing marketing messages alongside a media or print marketing strategy.

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13″ Laptop Sleeve

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15.6″ Deluxe Computer Messenger

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A4 notebook bound in a PU

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Ali Supermini Umbrella

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Antibacterial Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

AntiBug DuraTough Counter Mat

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AntiBug Marrow Mug

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Ascot Leather A4 Conference Folder

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Ashford 500ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Ashford Plus 450ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Automatic Storm Umbrella – 23′

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Bamboo 4000 Powerbank external charger

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Showing 1-12 of 160 results

Why successful businesses still use pens as Corporate Gifts

As part of a wider corporate promotional giveaway spend, corporate pens can be included in corporate gift bags along branded promotional products to be handed out to delegates at conferences or events, trade shows and new product launches.

Seen as one of the more popular choices for corporate promotional items by branding leads, a corporate pen well matched to a company’s image, brand colours and sector can be presented around an office complex meeting room or reception desk. Businesses benefit from an arrangement of corporate pens in foyers and receptions as it presents the company as a professional, established enterprise to all that visit their premises, with the added benefit that the individual may pop the corporate pen into their bag and take the company’s logo away from the building.

Companies looking to provide a thank you gift to new or existing customer utilise corporate gift pens to show gratitude and acknowledge the importance of the customer /client relationship.

Executive corporate pens include a large selection of mid to high range branded options such as Parker, Waterman, and A.T Cross, perfect for corporate promotions. Executive metals pens will be extremely effective in rewarding your clients or internal teams, seen as a prestige gift the executive metal pen will be valued and admired by the receiver.

If you are looking to source a promotional product that combines a few executive desk items, consider exploring a corporate pen and mechanical pencil set. Supplied in a gift box, your business can take advantage of a large branding area to the lid and engrave or screen printing to each item within the set. Gifting a branded set rewards your business with more impact upon presentation, and extended print area for logos, calls to action and marketing messages.

Is the corporate calendar still relevant to businesses?

Although all offices contain laptops, mobile devices and desktop computers, a corporate calendar is still widely appreciated as a corporate gift.

Research has shown that calendar dates are stored upon electronic personal and office devices, but a corporate wall calendar or desk calendar is still acknowledged as a functional and informative corporate gift, people still like to log important dates on calendars.

Including a corporate calendar into your promotional marketing mix will benefit your businesses with a large advertising print area, to include businesses addresses, contact details and product information.

Corporate calendars are available in a wide range of styles shapes and sizes to accommodate all sectors of business looking to include a calendar into their promotional marketing campaigns.

With such as wide variety of sizes from corporate desk calendars to wall hanging calendars, an appropriate design can be found to meet a marketer’s need to target their corporate promotional giveaway to the desired audience.

Companies can benefit from the ability to include personalised stock images and bespoke photography into their choice of corporate calendar, to engage the consumer with images of their completed projects, product ranges or brand offices, very few alternative corporate giveaways provide the same level of bespoke personalisation.

Due corporate calendars being light and flat, the product is perfect for mailing out in envelopes to a customer or prospect lists, keeping the cost low to get your corporate gift to your audience.

If your sales team and representative are tasked with handing out the calendars during clients visits, corporate calendars in volume sit happily in car boots until presented to the customer.

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Why use corporate clothing at events

When your business has heavily invested time and money into attending an industry exhibition or event, your goal is to create an excellent polished professional image.

After arranging banner graphics and detailed exhibition stands to represent your product, service or brand, you need to consider how best to make your sales and events team stand out from the competitor crowd.

Corporate clothing plays a key role in ensuring your team are presenting the best possible image of your business to potential customers, competitors and passing traffic.

Attending events is a perfect showcase of your outstanding business and products, your sales team uniforms should reflect this.

Consider corporate jackets for events, as this allows a generous area for embroidery or transfer printed design across the shoulders or across the back, allowing a large advertisement in the form of text, web domain or tagline to advertise your services to the full.

Corporate Polo shirts and corporate t-shirts are well suited to most industry exhibitions and unisex fits can facilitate sales reps and new business teams. Allowing an individual’s name and role within your company to be included to the chest, provides a prospect with a personable and referable link to your services, embroidery to the sleeves accommodate an additional branding area to your corporate clothing, such as a logo, tagline or call to action.

Corporate name badges should be sourced to allow attendees to the event to easily read a representative’s name and position and help with recognition when the potential lead is followed up after the exhibition.

To add an additional layer professionalism and branding to your designated event area, explore corporate tablecloths.

A fully branded corporate tablecloth in your company’s colours with a large printed logo, and tag line will be advertising champion to your business as it forms a large reflection on your brand appearance. For an additional layer of finish, hanging weights can be applied to the corners to allow a perfect drop from the cloth from the events table.

How do marketers decide on which corporate executive gift will work best for their audience?

Corporate promotional items work best when chosen to represent the nature and meaning of the gift and the business /client relationship.

Explore different tiers of corporate promotional giveaways and adapt the gift in accordance to the customer visit, anniversary of working relationship, or to award a sign up to a sales promotion or new contract.

Corporate gifts to multiple office divisional teams consider promotional confectionary to award a large team based at multiple site offices or divisional teams.

Corporate executive gifts

Financial industries will appreciate a more executive set of gift items, such as branded leather folders, executive desk accessories or a higher end corporate pen, brands such as gift boxed Cross pens will be grateful for such a high end promotional gift, and the pen will be likely to sit on the receivers desks for years to come, as a lasting reminder to your client of your business and creating multiple brand impressions to those visiting.

Corporate gift bags

Inviting individuals into your facilities, office and factory aim to produce a corporate gift bag containing a number of branded items.

Promotional products such as branded mugs, corporate pens, corporate calendars and promotional notebooks. A leading example of how promotional corporate gifts can be be implemented to a factory visit would be a cosmetic producer, launching a new brand and product can provide a corporate gift bag to the event attendees containing a branded makeup up filled with a sample selection of your new ranges. Considerations need to be made on the correct choice of promotional products to work well with your event theme and to be a relevant corporate gift handout for your industry or sector.

Corporate awards

Recognition in the workplace and industry is an important factor in maintaining motivation, commitment and positive moral. Businesses looking to reward their hard working team, and recognise achievements in long service, can look to explore a large range of corporate awards.  Popular choices for employee awards include engraved or printed glass awards and trophies, bespoke acrylic awards and glass clock awards. For stellar achievements and staff members that always go over and beyond for your business gift vouchers and corporate achievement awards can do wonders for staff engagement and company goals.

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