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Why should marketers invest in Business Gifts?

Promoting and advertising your brand – Investing in promotional business gifts if a valuable tool in the marketer’s infantry, promotional products with your company’s, logo, contact details and tag lines will provide you with multiple brand impressions and create a positive image that your business invests in your marketing messages.

Staying ahead of the competition – Your competitors will be supplying business gifts to your prospects and potentially your clients, think ahead and invest in promotional items to ensure your company is at the forefront of your client thoughts next time they look to buy your products or ask for your services.

Saying thank you to your clients and brand ambassadors – The importance of thanking your existing clients is imperative to show you care about their support and business, and that you recognise their contribution to your success.

Strengthening existing client relationships – When your sales representatives or account managers meet your customer base, for a service review or discussion on further product or services of interest, arm your team with promotional business bags, executive business gifts and personalised business pens.

ROI – Business promotional giveaways are an excellent way of thanking your loyal clients, whilst also promoting a feeling of goodwill, consumers that have received an executive business gift, are much more likely to work with your business again, and provide positive feedback about your product and services.

An exchange for their time to attend a sales meeting – New business meetings can easily be warmed up by providing your prospects with a gift to take home, business promotional giveaways will ensure that your brand and logo is taken away from the office for use at home, on the golf course or on the desk, creating further marketing impressions of your brand whilst still providing a valuable sales tool.

Contract renewal. – Business gifts handed out to you customers upon a repeat renewal of a service contract or plan will incentivise your clients to remain with you and your company for a longer term, and also instil a positive view of your company for taking the time to thank them for their business.

Invitations to come and view offices or production centres – Open days are a fantastic way for your prospects and clients to come and meet your team, whilst exploring the factory equipment that produces their product, and the office team that services their account. Face to face is an important component to sustaining relationships, and a guided tour further instils confidence in your business, providing a promotional business gift at the end of the day will leave the visitor with a positive lasting impression.

Celebration of a trading anniversary  – If your company has reached an important milestone in trading years, such as 25 years, or 100 years in business, shout about the celebrate the success, sourcing and gifting business pens, and business diaries to both your internal team and clients will raise your company’s profile.

Handover gifts for high purchase sales – Car groups are champions in providing business gifts to new car owners, with executive branded umbrellas and executive business gifts, displayed within the car showroom to be presented to the customer at the point of sale. The business gift serves a dual purpose for the car group as it not only provides a positive reward to the buyer but also advertises the car group’s brand.

Golf days or new product launches – Hosting client event days in the form of golf events, or looking to hold an evening ball to launch a new product line or service, promotional businesses gift will provide an additional tier of professionalism when your customer and prospects attend, whilst also providing a lasting memento of you logo and contact details.

Anniversary dates to celebrate the start of a working relationship  – Sending your customers a little something in the form of a business gift, will not only impress your client that your company took to the time to acknowledge their custom, but also contribute to the feeling of gratitude towards your services.

Moving offices and looking to communicate change of details. – Marketing communications can be an expensive and time consuming campaign when a business moves premises, if your company is already investing in a direct mail campaign, in the form of letters, include a business pen, or business calendar in the post. This will ensure that your company’s new address details are close at hand when your prospect next requires your services.

New website launch – Your business has just invested in a smashing new fresh website, with new products or services. Boast to your client about the new URL, by promoting visits to your new site by producing a choice selection of business promotional giveaways, consider business pens, calendars and desk items, so that your new website is easily found when needed.

Things to consider when choosing your Business Gift

Executive mid range items and business gifts, are promotional  products that once gifted to the consumer is viewed as more highly valued gift than a standard promotional item.

Your client once gifted should view your choice of business gift, as a promotional product that will continue to remain with the individual or business that can be enjoyed and valued.

You need to consider while choosing your promotional items for business, is gift reflective of your particular industry or service and is it likely to be well received by you client or prospect.

Mid range promotional business gifts include branded power banks, engraved USB flash drives, embossed leather folders, quality moleskine notebooks, executive branded pens and large tins of confectionary.

Consider trying something different, a business gift that is truly unique to you and your company

Don’t shy away from confectionary gifts such as branded tins or chocolates or cookies to be enjoyed and shared by an entire office team.

Personalised sweet tins are bound to get an office floor talking about your company whilst sharing and enjoying its contents.

Develop an idea on how many companies you are looking to provide business gifts to, and set a marketing budget. Aim for a mid range executive item and explore the cheap promotional product offering for another campaign or volume hands out at events or exhibition.

Mix up your business promotional giveaways and consider investing in a few different tiers of promotional products. Explore different types of business gifts for you many different types of clients.

How are you going to customise your chosen business gift, leather business gifts are stunning when embossed or blocked. Metal business gifts such as business pens or metal executive USBS are best engraved for the superior finish

Are you looking to include a theme to your chosen business gifts, perhaps to indicate a new product or service offering.

How are you planning on giving out your executive business gifts, by hand, or post? Considering the size and weight of your promotional branded item at an early stage allows you to calculate the postage costs or courier charges into your marketing spend, before you have committed to the products and failed to factor in the additional costs to get them across to your customers.

What do you know about your customers sector what could you give them as a business gift that they will truly enjoy and appreciate for some time.

Are you aware what your competitors are gifting to businesses ? you want to outshine them with your choice of executive business gift and make it unique to your company and services.

When investigating your options to business gifts, avoid the entry level promo products if you wish to leave a really strong impression, no cheap built pens or diaries will provide an executive impression or perception but look at suitable items that work within your set marketing budget.

Is the chosen business gift an item that allows you the correct branding area to achieve your message, a branded leather folder gift will accommodate a large icon logo along with calls to action website and tag lines, whilst an engraved business pen will have a significantly smaller available area to brand your chosen design.

Do you have a current marketing campaign, will your chosen business gift sit within your existing marketing strategy, utilising business gifts to call out the same messages and be in full sync with your company’s brand messages, will add additional weight to the impressions creating with your marketing plan.

How do you want your business gift to be used by the receiver, do you want your customer and team to enjoy the product over the course of an afternoon, such as shared treats, or do you want the consumer to feel the item is of great use to them in the office or home. Consider if you wish to spend on a one time use item or a multi use branded gift.

Think over if the chosen promotional business gift is relevant to your brand and services? if your business offers financial services then an executive business desk calendar will be relevant to your company and display a lasting reminder, with your contact details at hand for your prospects and customer base.

Perhaps your company supplies IT or technical support to a number of sectors, IT businesses should consider exploring branded technology businesses gifts such as a powerbanks, device chargers and promotional USB flashdrives.

The many types of business awards to consider

Addressing which executive business gift will create the best impression of your company can be a bit of a minefield, it need not be a headache if you take some consideration into account on the following scenarios where business gifts can be best applied to a company situation.

New team member recruited

So your business has invested time in finding and interviewing a fantastic candidate to fill a role within your team, how do you make sure they feel at ease with their position in a new team, understand the company’s core values and quickly become accustomed to your ethics and marketing messages. Providing considered business gifts to be presented to the new team start will do wonders to help them settle into their new role.

Business gifts to consider for a new starter;

  • A welcome pack containing a business pen, branded with the company logo alongside a business diary, will set up a new start straight away for handover meetings and taking down notes.
  • Consider gifting a promotional mug, containing all of the branch contact details, will help the new start to understand additional company offices.
  • Desk pads are a tremendous opportunity to print marketing tag lines and a business’s core values and ethics to be placed on all new starts desk from day one.
  • Promotional business bags are a lucrative way to kit your new sales team member with a work laptop device before meeting with their new client base.
  • Should your new team member be representing your business at trade shows or events they will need to be sourced a business t-shirt full branded with your companies details to reflect a professional company look.

Internal staff recognition

Corporate rewards and recognition in businesses can often by overlooked by marketing and HR departments. Investing in business awards for your internal team can be beneficial to staff retention, motivation and attendance. Appreciation can go a long way to thank those who have achieved results for your business and gone the extra mile to make sure your company is successful in its business goals. Praise and communicating thanks to star employees will see an increase in productivity and performance across the business as a whole.

For internal motivators consider the below business awards

  • Executive business gifts in the form of metal powerbanks, executive desk gifts, such as metal letter openers or paper note holders, all of which can be subtly engraved for a clean and simple text or tag line.
  • Glass awards available in optical crystals to mark an employment anniversary such as  10 or 25 years of service with your business, will instil pride and motivation in the employee when presented at an event or business ball.
  • For companies and brands looking to explore a unique business award, bespoke acrylic awards can be designed in tailored shapes to represent and reflect your company’s products, such as tyres or
  • Service awards can be sourced in the form of stamped medallions or die struck badges, to be handed to employees to recognise workplace achievements such as service time within the business and exceptional customer service.
  • Consider if your business if looking to supply business gifts and thank you’s to an individual team member by name, or if you are looking to reward and entire office team or internal department for their achievement and efforts.

Golf day awards

Hosting a golf day for your clients is a great way to build relationships with your customers or prospects.  Enjoying a competitive golf day and concluding with business awards and gifts can leave a lasting positive impression of your company and team, and enhance existing relationships.

Businesses awards tailored to golf day events

  • Branded golf umbrellas presented at the beginning of a golf event can do wonders for supporting a positive experience with your attendees.
  • Companies can impress the keen and competitive golfer with a set of dual branded Titleist Pro golf balls to take away after the occasion to come out on regular visits to golf courses.
  • Embroidered tri-fold branded golf towels will be appreciated well after the golf event has finished.
  • To complete the golf event consider awarding a promotional business bag or glass golf business awards to the winners.

Moleskine 12M Weekly 2018 Calendar Notebook

The weekly notebook has days of the week on the left hand page and lined notepaper on the right hand page.

Dated from January to December, it contains 144 ivory-coloured pages.

Soft cover with rounded corners, elastic closure and page marker.

Size: 190 x 250mm



From £13.63

View Product

Inox Zeppelin- Steel Ball pen

A traditionally shaped, ultra stylish, steel ball pen made by Inoxcrom.

Size: 135 x 10mm

Print: 35 x 20mm

Ink Colour: Black

Weight: 25gms

From £3.93

View Product

Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Carabiner


Bluetooth round speaker with fabric cover on the front and rubber finish. Item includes an aluminium silver for your logo. Rechargeable 300 MAH Lithium-ion battery.

Dimensions: 11 X 8.9 X 4.3 CM

Colour Options: Black, Burgundy, Grey, Heaven Blue, Royal Blue, Turquoise and White

From £6.09

View Product

Executive Key Ring with Charging Cable and USB

Key ring with integrated cables, USB, micro and Type C.

Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.6 x 0.9 cm

Colour Options: Black, White

From £3.68

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Executive LED Time Display

White LED time display alarm clock and thermometer in a mirror finish. With night light mode. Not included 3x AAA batteries. Includes USB charging cable.

Dimensions: 14 x 5.5 x 3.5 cm

Colour Options: Black

From £6.18

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Quadra Gloss Mug

The angular lines of the Quadra mug make an attention grabbing platform for your message.

Size: Cap:370ml, H:105mm, Dia:86mm, Weight:335g

From £2.47

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Tri-Fold Desk Set

Natural Tri fold eco desk set including approx 100 sheet kraft paper notepad, approx. 25 yellow sticky notes, flags in 5 colours, 8cm ruler and pen with black ink. Flags in orange, yellow, pink, green and blue.

Sie: 119 x 90 x 50mm

Print Area: 100 x 80mm


From £2.42

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Metal Push Button Ball pen with Torch.

Push button ball pen in aluminium with torch. Blue ink. LR621 batteries included.

Available in White or Black,

Print Area to the side of barrel: 45 mm x 6 mm


Ash Bone China Mug

The simple proportions and comfortable feel of the Ash has made it a consistently popular mug.

Transfer Print Area: 220 x 80mm

Size: Cap:390ml H:89mm Dia:85mm Weight:218g



From £2.99

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Cafe Latte Mug

The tall modern styling of the Café Latte mug will not look out of place in any modern business.

Transfer Print Area: 155 x 40mm

Size: Cap:480ml H:150mm Dia:88mm Weight:469g


From £2.63

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Self-Adhesive Sticky Notes – 100 x 75mm

A promotional favourite: self-adhesive notes supplied with 50 sheets of 80gsm paper, glued to a backing sheet.
Adhesive is on the short edge.

Pricing based on white paper

Size: 100 x 75mm


Valentino Noir Ballpen – Glossy Classic Design

A classically designed, gloss lacquered prestigious, twist action ball pen. The pen has a chrome undercoat to the top and bottom barrel for a mirror finish when engraved ( at additional cost)

Pen can be supplied on its own or as a set with the matching roller pen.

Branding Area: 30 x 20mm

Ink Colour: Black, Weight; 37g.


From £2.87

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Newbury Mug

The classic fluted style of the Newbury mug is the perfect alternative to our standard earthenware shapes.

Size: Cap:300ml H:92mm Dia:82mm Weight:255g


From £1.33

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Real Wood Coasters

A great way to permanently represent your environmental consideration to your customers, these stunning coasters made from the most natural of materials. Responsibly sourced, individual and 100% recyclable. nb. Wood products may vary to that shown. Being a completely natural material, wood varies in colour, blemishes, grain and other inconsistencies – it adds greatly to the individuality of each order. Size: 90mm square + round

From £2.81

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Black Knight WE Pencil

Dark and mysterious pencil made from solid black wood, with black ferrule and black eraser. Suitable for single colour printing only.