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Branding is a logo, font, collection of images, icon, style and supporting imagery created by a business to recreate their brand message, service or product in the mind of the consumer after viewing their unique design. Cleverly crafted business branding instantly evokes memories and opinions in the consumer after consistent and constant viewing. Multiple branding impressions can be created through a wide variety of marketing mediums, such as television advertising, digital pages, such as web banners or videos, large format billboards or graphics displayed on public transport, along with branded promotional products.

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13″ Laptop Sleeve

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25cm Honey Jointed Bear

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4-in-1 Charging Cable

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750 ml drinking bottle in tritan with silicone rings

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8cm Tubby Bear

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A5 Notebook with pen holder – Various Colours

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Albion Frost Ballpen

Ali Supermini Umbrella

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Almaz Plastic Ballpoint Pen

Aluminium Drinking Bottle 500 with Silicone Strap

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Anderson Plastic Ballpoint Pen

AntiBug Marrow Mug

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Showing 1-12 of 332 results

For a company looking to establish a strong brand presence, following and recognition in the consumer’s mind, strong effective branding is the ultimate marketing and advertising goal.

Businesses profoundly benefit when their personal brand is recognised and favoured over the competitors.

Sophisticated, well planned and brilliantly executed branded messages can create a cult following in consumers, and loyalty to the businesses product and services.

For new business start-ups working on building a powerful brand, complete with brand guidelines is paramount to a company’s effectiveness in consumer interest, recognition and future success. Taking a new brand to market often requires the assistance of branded promotional gifts to expose the new brand, logo and call to action to a wide audience and increase product awareness.

How branding is important

Branding is the leading component in the implementation of marketing and advertising campaigns to increase and drive awareness of a company’s business, services and products.

Once a company has painstakingly planned, considered and worked hard to establish a perfect brand for their business, sensible companies will then trademark their design or logo to ensure it can not be re-hashed out by the competitor, or copied in any way by those looking to piggyback on the businesses success and recognition.

Companies may consider, refreshing their brand after many years have passed as the icon or colours are now viewed as old-fashioned, or out of date, yet the business is a forward thinking modern-minded enterprise that does not want to be seen as “behind the times”.

Recognising the importance of how your company logo and brand is best used, is imperative to the effectiveness of your advertising response, considerations should be made to ensure that the branding is recognised correctly and does not reflect badly on a business or product. A company’s reputation can be easily destroyed by offensive branding or thoughtless imagery that may offend certain individuals.

How branding helps companies achieve their goals

Successful businesses understand the importance of investment to create their own tailored branding, effective design, feel and imagery to a target audience of consumers.

Catchy, memorable taglines along with jingles or character designed to make the consumer remember an advertising campaign, print campaign or product, is key to upholding a strong brand impression and to elevate the interest in a company’s brand or product.

Research has shown that consumers make subconscious decisions based on the number of impressions made by the company’s marketing and advertising, forming an opinion of brands or fashions from multiple marketing impressions and logo views. Strong branding is key to successful advertising campaigns.

Advisories for companies addressing their brand, and key questions to consider;

  • When business look to invest time and money into re-brands or new product lines, they need to ask themselves what does your business offer the world? Reflect on your branding and embrace the opportunity to shout about the benefits of dealing with your company, or purchasing your product or services.
  • Consider what does your logo say about your business and identify the consumer areas that you are aiming to impress and influence.
  • Will your branding transfer across multi sectors or generations, is it classically focused to represent one area of business, or will it appeal to a mass audience? Your business branding should be tailored and unique to you.

Effective branding can be seen across the globe with some of the more worldwide success stories such as Virgin, Coca Cola, Apple, Google, Facebook, placed in an enviable position as some of the most substantially recognised logos ever!

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Why Branding is important to consumers

A company’s logo is a visual reflection of the business’s identity, sector product offerings, dynamics and ethics, ensuring your brand is spot on to target your chosen consumer will be a driving factor is how well your branding will perform for your business.

Visual recognition is key to a consumer audience, multiple impressions of logos, designs and taglines help an individual link the product or service to the symbolic designs that surround them.

Interaction will be easier to entice your consumers to become involved in your advertising and marketing campaigns efforts if your consumer is able to easily match your logo with your products and to easily recognise your brand from others if you are aiming to engage your audience through social media or interactive sales promotions. Brands that can show they are looking for an active conversation with their consumers will be rewarded with marketing engagement.

Ethics /values –  For some consumers shared ethics and values is a key choice as to purchasing habits and choices on shopping or services, Businesses looking to make an impression to consumers based on their ethical trading position or company values need to ensure this is effectively reflected in their branding. Companies who reflect a human team behind their products or services will appeal to an emotional consumer who wants to believe there are human faces behind the business.

Trends – Brands that can sell into the consumer the needs for their product or service within the consumers day to day life, are able to influence and aid the start of cultural trends through brand messages and advertising. Businesses that can show that they are changing and evolving with the times will add influence to the consumer’s concerns and communicate this through the medium of trends.

Market dominance – Strong branding will advance a business with the achievement of sales and success,

How to promote brand loyalty with branded promotional gifts.

Creating Loyalty to your brand and products should be a key consideration when exploring your advertising strategy.

Consumers gifted with branded merchandise are more likely to reciprocate the gesture back by continuing to support your business, they may even rave about your gifted branded hoodies, or branded pen online using social media profiles such as Facebook, or twitter. Advertising your business on their social media profiles will further benefit your company by creating a lasting impression on your business to a much wider audience.

New customers who may have recently joined your customer list by signing up to your services will be delighted to receive a welcome pack after the service sign up.

Branded bags containing branded promotional products of use to the consumer sent to their home or office will be well received.

Consider the right branded promotional item for your sector, perhaps your business offers mortgage services, why not consider a branded welcome pack when they come to collect the keys to their new home containing a branded mug, branded tea and coffee, along with a quirky branded coaster.

Starting your customer / supplier relationship with branded promotional gifts will also do wonders to continue to promote your brand and create loyalty through the entirety of your working relationship.

How do Branding Strategies in marketing best use branded promotional gifts.

Charities and businesses work hard on achieving polished brand guidelines. It’s key to attracting new donations or customers, without a recognisable logo how would they stand apart from the competition?

A lot of time and money is spent to create the perfect palette of considered colours to reflect the company’s image, ethics and offering, to appeal to their chosen consumer audience, whilst still standing apart from their competitors.

For larger brands market research is utilized before launching a new service or product, to ensure before the product goes to market, that the brand truly reflects and appeals to the culture and ethics of their chosen consumer, whilst also pulling in new audiences.

Subtle suggestions used in the colour schemes and fonts can be replicated in the same way, reflected in the choice of branded promotional gifts.

To reflect your brand colours or corporate themes, look to explore suitable branded merchandise, such as branded bags, or a branded pen to sit within your brand guidelines.

Working with well considered branded merchandise gifts will prove to be the most effective way to continue your consistency within your brand guidelines throughout your advertising messages.

To further ensure your spend on branded promotional products yields you the best results from engaging your consumers and aiding recognition of your unique attributes as a business, consider coordinated colours and ensure your logo is printed to the correct Pantone shades, to your chosen gifts.

Exploring bespoke branded promotional merchandise can add an additional layer to your brand guidelines having your logo or icon, in your brand colours and fonts further cultivate your brand messages and sustain your visual recognition with your consumer audience.

New start-up businesses will find branded promotional products invaluable when taking a new service, or product to market, as they enable advertising to volumes of people and extended audiences for an affordable outlay.

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