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What is branding?

Branding is a logo, font, collection of images, icon, style and supporting imagery created by a business to recreate their brand message, service or product in the mind of the consumer after viewing their unique design.

Cleverly crafted business branding instantly evokes memories and opinions in the consumer after consistent and constant viewing.

Multiple branding impressions can be created through a wide variety of marketing mediums, such as television advertising, digital pages, such as web banners or videos, large format billboards or graphics displayed on public transport, along with branded promotional products.

For a company looking to establish a strong brand presence, following and recognition in the consumer’s mind, strong effective branding is the ultimate marketing and advertising goal.

Businesses profoundly benefit when their personal brand is recognised and favoured over the competitors.

Sophisticated, well planned and brilliantly executed branded messages can create a cult following in consumers, and loyalty to the businesses product and services.

For new business start-ups working on building a powerful brand, complete with brand guidelines is paramount to a company’s effectiveness in consumer interest, recognition and future success. Taking a new brand to market often requires the assistance of branded promotional gifts to expose the new brand, logo and call to action to a wide audience and increase product awareness.


How branding is important

Branding is the leading component in the implementation of marketing and advertising campaigns to increase and drive awareness of a company’s business, services and products.

Once a company has painstakingly planned, considered and worked hard to establish a perfect brand for their business, sensible companies will then trademark their design or logo to ensure it can not be re-hashed out by the competitor, or copied in any way by those looking to piggyback on the businesses success and recognition.

Companies may consider, refreshing their brand after many years have passed as the icon or colours are now viewed as old-fashioned, or out of date, yet the business is a forward thinking modern-minded enterprise that does not want to be seen as “behind the times”.

Recognising the importance of how your company logo and brand is best used, is imperative to the effectiveness of your advertising response, considerations should be made to ensure that the branding is recognised correctly and does not reflect badly on a business or product. A company’s reputation can be easily destroyed by offensive branding or thoughtless imagery that may offend certain individuals.


How branding helps companies achieve their goals

Successful businesses understand the importance of investment to create their own tailored branding, effective design, feel and imagery to a target audience of consumers.

Catchy, memorable taglines along with jingles or character designed to make the consumer remember an advertising campaign, print campaign or product, is key to upholding a strong brand impression and to elevate the interest in a company’s brand or product.

Research has shown that consumers make subconscious decisions based on the number of impressions made by the company’s marketing and advertising, forming an opinion of brands or fashions from multiple marketing impressions and logo views. Strong branding is key to successful advertising campaigns.


Advisories for companies addressing their brand, and key questions to consider;

  • When business look to invest time and money into re-brands or new product lines, they need to ask themselves what does your business offer the world? Reflect on your branding and embrace the opportunity to shout about the benefits of dealing with your company, or purchasing your product or services.
  • Consider what does your logo say about your business and identify the consumer areas that you are aiming to impress and influence.
  • Will your branding transfer across multi sectors or generations, is it classically focused to represent one area of business, or will it appeal to a mass audience? Your business branding should be tailored and unique to you.

Effective branding can be seen across the globe with some of the more worldwide success stories such as Virgin, Coca Cola, Apple, Google, Facebook, placed in an enviable position as some of the most substantially recognised logos ever!


Why Branding is important to consumers

A company’s logo is a visual reflection of the business’s identity, sector product offerings, dynamics and ethics, ensuring your brand is spot on to target your chosen consumer will be a driving factor is how well your branding will perform for your business.

Visual recognition is key to a consumer audience, multiple impressions of logos, designs and taglines help an individual link the product or service to the symbolic designs that surround them.

Interaction will be easier to entice your consumers to become involved in your advertising and marketing campaigns efforts if your consumer is able to easily match your logo with your products and to easily recognise your brand from others if you are aiming to engage your audience through social media or interactive sales promotions. Brands that can show they are looking for an active conversation with their consumers will be rewarded with marketing engagement.

Ethics /values –  For some consumers shared ethics and values is a key choice as to purchasing habits and choices on shopping or services, Businesses looking to make an impression to consumers based on their ethical trading position or company values need to ensure this is effectively reflected in their branding. Companies who reflect a human team behind their products or services will appeal to an emotional consumer who wants to believe there are human faces behind the business.

Trends – Brands that can sell into the consumer the needs for their product or service within the consumers day to day life, are able to influence and aid the start of cultural trends through brand messages and advertising. Businesses that can show that they are changing and evolving with the times will add influence to the consumer’s concerns and communicate this through the medium of trends.

Market dominance – Strong branding will advance a business with the achievement of sales and success,


How to promote brand loyalty with branded promotional gifts.

Creating Loyalty to your brand and products should be a key consideration when exploring your advertising strategy.

Consumers gifted with branded merchandise are more likely to reciprocate the gesture back by continuing to support your business, they may even rave about your gifted branded hoodies, or branded pen online using social media profiles such as Facebook, or twitter. Advertising your business on their social media profiles will further benefit your company by creating a lasting impression on your business to a much wider audience.

New customers who may have recently joined your customer list by signing up to your services will be delighted to receive a welcome pack after the service sign up.

Branded bags containing branded promotional products of use to the consumer sent to their home or office will be well received.

Consider the right branded promotional item for your sector, perhaps your business offers mortgage services, why not consider a branded welcome pack when they come to collect the keys to their new home containing a branded mug, branded tea and coffee, along with a quirky branded coaster.

Starting your customer / supplier relationship with branded promotional gifts will also do wonders to continue to promote your brand and create loyalty through the entirety of your working relationship.


How do Branding Strategies in marketing best use branded promotional gifts.

Charities and businesses work hard on achieving polished brand guidelines. It’s key to attracting new donations or customers, without a recognisable logo how would they stand apart from the competition?

A lot of time and money is spent to create the perfect palette of considered colours to reflect the company’s image, ethics and offering, to appeal to their chosen consumer audience, whilst still standing apart from their competitors.

For larger brands market research is utilized before launching a new service or product, to ensure before the product goes to market, that the brand truly reflects and appeals to the culture and ethics of their chosen consumer, whilst also pulling in new audiences.

Subtle suggestions used in the colour schemes and fonts can be replicated in the same way, reflected in the choice of branded promotional gifts.

To reflect your brand colours or corporate themes, look to explore suitable branded merchandise, such as branded bags, or a branded pen to sit within your brand guidelines.

Working with well considered branded merchandise gifts will prove to be the most effective way to continue your consistency within your brand guidelines throughout your advertising messages.

To further ensure your spend on branded promotional products yields you the best results from engaging your consumers and aiding recognition of your unique attributes as a business, consider coordinated colours and ensure your logo is printed to the correct Pantone shades, to your chosen gifts.

Exploring bespoke branded promotional merchandise can add an additional layer to your brand guidelines having your logo or icon, in your brand colours and fonts further cultivate your brand messages and sustain your visual recognition with your consumer audience.

New start-up businesses will find branded promotional products invaluable when taking a new service, or product to market, as they enable advertising to volumes of people and extended audiences for an affordable outlay.

Examples of branded promotional gifts and how they can be best used to benefit your business.

Marketing teams will see the benefits of branded promotional items used to further increase impressions of their business or services, exploring the right product for the allocated marketing spend will do wonders for brand recognition.

Charities and clubs should consider the value of utilising branded promotional merchandise to increase supporter funds and advertise to new ambassadors of their club or charity needs.

Branded bags

  • A best seller for branded promo, due to the diverse range of uses and application for branded bags after they have been gifted to the consumer.
  • Multiple options of shapes and sizes available to branded bags will allow all businesses to find a suitable option for their needs.
  • Branded cotton shoppers are perfect for exhibition and event handouts, to be used roaming around the event and taking your additional branded merchandise gifts home or to the office.
  • Branded jute bags are seen as a champion branded gift to hand out to potential customers purchasing an item from your product line, and to be used out and about in the domestic setting, and enjoyed as a practical item to further advertise your brand.
  • With the added benefit of printing to both sides of a branded polythene carrier bag, businesses can explore the additional advertising area for further tag lines or calls to action.
  • Options are so diverse to branded bags that even schools and charities are able to pick a relevant and applicable option to suit their cause, such as branded cooler bags, branded drawstring bags and branded shopper bags.
  • Clubs and sports groups can look to explore the potential to increase club funds by retailing Branded sports holdalls to supporters and team members.
  • For businesses looking to provide a mid-range gift to an executive prospect whilst in attendance at an industry event, gifting a branded laptop bag or branded conference bag will be well received.
  • Branded colour cotton shoppers can really bring an advertising campaign to life used in a company’s brand colours can add an additional layer of impact to a businesses marketing and brand campaign, standing out from the standard natural branded cotton shoppers.
  • Branded bags can be printed and delivered within express lead times. Stuck for a last minute bag to hold your catalogue or price lists for your company’s open day? then look to a branded cotton shopper, or branded reusable shopper bag.


Branded pens

  • Still one of the most well received branded promotional gifts for a consumer to receive, a well considered branded pen will work wonders for your advertising and brand impressions
  • Branded pens can be sourced in a variety of finishes, trims, colourways and price points, with a printed pen choice to suit all budgets and advertising spend.
  • All sectors and industries can apply a branded pen to their promotional branded marketing mix, with a little consideration to design of pen and available print area, the perfect branded pen can be sourced.
  • Considerations should be made to the consumer that you are aiming to gift a branded pen to, and what sort of pen will aid them in a practical application at work or home, examples such as engineers would enjoy a branded tool pen, and children embrace novelty branded pens.
  • Advertising campaigns involving large scale mass marketing to volumes of individuals will benefit from adding a branded pen to the advertising spend, due to the low cost of branded plastic pens and the cost efficiency of purchasing for a volume hand out.
  • Mail out marketing campaigns can be increased in their effectiveness if a branded promotional pen is included. The receiver will enjoy the free gift and look to use the pen, further spreading your message, and with your contact details easily at hand may generate more sales enquiries for your business.
  • Branded pens can be created in bespoke Pantone colours, for brands and businesses looking to source the ideal pen that sits exactly within their branding.  Barrels, nose coins, clip and trims to the branded pen can be matched to Pantone colour of choice for an exact match.

Branded pencils

  • Loved by children the branded pencil acts as a novelty stationery item merchandise staple in a gift shop, branded pencils can be sourced in metallics, rainbow wraps and bright neon colours, appealing to children allows the pencil to be re-sold by the tourist gift shop as an additional revenue stream.
  • Schools utilise branded pencils to incentivise the children on attendance and academic achievements, with the pencils handed out once milestones have been achieved.
  • Charities benefit by gifting branded pencils to individuals supporting the charity and also as a token thank you gift included in a charity supporters newsletter.
  • Branded pencils are a lovely addition to retailers offering if branded with a considered logo or design.
  • For businesses looking to spread the cost of their promotional marketing budget further a branded pencil is a deserving promo item to consider for value and advertising impact.

Branded USB sticks

  • For businesses looking for an effective and practical branded business gift, branded USB sticks are still a choice favorite for a consumer.
  • With an abundant selection of cases, sizes, and finishes, all companies will be able to match their brand with their chosen audience.
  • Bespoke pantone matched can be achieved on over 500 USB pieces on models such as the branded USB twister, ever popular with schools, colleges and universities for the compact side, keyring loop and cost effective economy for marketing campaign spend.
  • Branded USB sticks provide companies with the perfect opportunity to pre-load data to the sticks before businesses hand the gift out to the consumer, doubling up as a positively received gift from your chosen marketing audience and a practical drive for the application of sales related documents.
  • Executive branded gifts often include a branded usb stick forming part of a gift pack, given out to customer executives as a thank you and acknowledgement of appreciation from the business that has been received and an opportunity to continue.
  • Metal executive branded USB sticks can provide real impact and weight to effectiveness of branded promotional merchandise campaigns, offering engrave and print options for branding, standing apart from the more common plastic branded usb flash drives often favored by business as part of their promotional marketing.


Branded t-shirts and Hoodies

  • Embraced by charities, sports clubs and larger brands to promote their services, causes or products.
  • Businesses can find it opportune to support local sports teams and clubs by providing a branded sports kit to the team including branded t-shirts for match support. Companies can benefit from the added exposure whilst the team are playing on the pitch to local consumers for smaller clubs, along with the supporter clubs, and friends and families. Advertising for larger brands through sports kits can provide a lucrative marketing impression opportunity if the game is televised.
  • Branded T-shirts can be sourced to aid in fundraising efforts for leading charities, as the sports runner or performer can act as a running advertisement board for the companies brands or products.
  • Smaller charities looking to increase funds can also look to re-sell branded t-shirts to their charity patrons, at market stalls, fundraising events or in store among their charity shop merchandise.
  • Marketing teams understand the benefit of including branded clothing for sales promotion activities, holding online competitions to engage their audience and ask for social media interaction to win a branded t-shirt.
  • Branded hoodies are a champion choice for Universities or colleges looking to provide branded clothing to their open day events team, students also embrace a branded hoodie as a keepsake for uni days.
  • Events teams working outside will require a form of outerwear during their time spend outside, a branded hoodie will provide them with both warmth and protection from cooler weather when the evening draws in, alongside benefiting the business with advertising to the front and the reverse.
  • For school leavers, branded hoodies are a popular choice amongst high schools, as it enables the children to purchase a lasting reminder of their time at the school, whilst raising additional funds for the school.

Branded Jackets

  • Providing warm, and waterproof outer garments is imperative if your workforce are working outside, branded jackets allow for your team to stay warm and dry, with the added benefit of branding the garment with your name and logo, for businesses with staff working on forecourts or garden maintenance, sourcing a key outer branded garment is imperative.
  • Branded jackets when included in full workwear uniform for team members can provide a professional impression to your visiting customers onto your store or car forecourt.
  • Branding area to jackets are large enough to include a web domain, call to action, tag line and logo, utilising the maximum area for branding will benefit brand impressions to a wide audience.
  • Charity fundraising teams rely on branded jackets to allow them to stand out in crowds to grab a potential charity contributor, and increase fundraising donations, with the added benefit of remaining warm and dry.
  • Security teams need to be easy to locate in times of emergencies, and to warn potential thieves of their presence, branded jackets such as high visibility bombers are a champion choice for security workwear needs.


Branded Lanyards

  • Events and exhibition representatives and event teams want to create the correct and professional impression of the business and services they are their to represent. Branded lanyards will sit atop their events clothing holding event passes and branded usb flash drives to exchange product information to interested parties.
  • Branded lanyards are great promotional items to hand out to delegates attending industry events, as the lanyard will hold a map of the event halls or a program for the day’s speeches and guest seminars,
  • Charity fundraisers benefit from a branded lanyard to allow donors to easily identify their charity number contained within their passes, and feel assured that the individual is legally working for the charity’s cause.

Branded Tablecloths

  • Considering a branded tablecloth to cover your exhibition table is a commendable choice for businesses looking to create a professional  and approachable image to the attendees walking through the door.
  • Branded tablecloths can be produced in polyester fabrics suitable for both screen printing and full colour dye sub methods for complex all over designs.
  • The average size of branded table cloths is 6ft x 9ft, allowing an overhang to the front and sides for a completed finish.
  • Charities benefit from the use of promotional branded tablecloths as it draws attention to the charity’s branding and allows for calls to action, tag lines and websites.
  • University open days benefit from an events table covered in a branded table cloth to greet visitors exchange details and allow a space for form filling or prospectus requests.
  • Fundraising event tables covered in a branded tablecloth will draw attention to the area and drive in visitors to discuss the charity cause and offer sponsorship support, with the added bonus of a flat surface for charity boxes and buckets.


Branded calendars and branded diaries

  • A sales representative armed with an annual gift of branded calendars and diaries will be welcomed into the client’s workplace to discuss business over the course of the year. Branded merchandise gifted at the end of the year can enhance a customer client relationship.
  • Companies with a large number of branches in the UK and internationally can utilise branded calendars and diaries for corporate marketing communications, to send out the diaries at the end of the year and include internal office addresses and branches, key company dates and messages.
  • Branded calendars in the form of wall charts and A4 hanging calendars are appreciated by consumers working in site offices or construction, as they provide a central place for adding key holiday dates or project information.
  • Branded diaries are seen as a premium branded gift for most consumers due to the practical function and application throughout the course of the year, multiple branded dairy options are available for different budgets and company needs from the smaller pocket sized branded diary to the larger A4 corporate branded diaries.

Watermen Graduate Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

Graduate ballpoint pen. Based on a classic design, Graduate is resolutely functional and modern. Graduate is ideal for everyday use or as a gift. Incl. Waterman gift box.

Supplied with one ballpoint refill. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.

Item can be printed or engraved to Side of Clip or Barrel.

Box can be printed at additional cost.

Crown cap of pen can also be engraved, contact us for pricing.




From £9.70

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Promotional Teddy Bear – Elephant Shaped

Promotional Elephant Teddy Bear – 15cm

Contact for options regarding Colour of the T-shirt.

Also available in a neck-scarf or bandana – Contact for details.


From £4.35

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Branded Powerbank – Crevix

CREVIX 2500 Stylish flat powerbank with a capacity of 2500 mAh and input/output 5V/1A.

The design makes this item ideally suitable for digital printing, to give your powerbank an even greater exposure. Produced at a SMETA 4 Pillar factory and passing all required product compliance test, this is one of the safest powerbanks on the planet. Including built-in micro-USB charging cable.


Subject to stock availability at the time of ordering.

From £7.14

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Branded Powerbank – Shades

SHADES 8400 SHADES 8400 is a slim design aluminium Powerbank with 2 USB ports, 2 built-in charging cables (for both micro USB and lightning), a battery capacity of 8400 mAh,
input 5V/2A & output 5V/2.4A and comes in 6 trendy colours. Including charging cable.

Gold, Pink, Grey, Green, White, Black

Subject to stock availability at the time of ordering

From £20.59

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Branded Speaker – Sound Block

SOUND-BLOCK A fantastic stylish Bluetooth V4.1 speaker with that will upbeat your expectations of its sound with its 2 x 5W power. It even supports hands-free phone calls and an operation range up to 10 meters. The fully charged 500 mAh Li-ion battery lets you enjoy your favourite songs up to 5 hours. Including micro-USB charging cable.


Subject to stock availability at the time of ordering.

From £19.86

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Branded Rotating Speaker

FRANK Welcome to the world of Mr O, where fashion meets technology. FRANK is the first Bluetooth (V3.0) wireless speaker designed by Rodrigo Otazu. Its special design is able to rotate 180 degrees giving you the best sound quality in any position. The speaker (3W) will play up to 5 hours without charging (battery 400 mAh) and can be used up to 10 meters from your music device.

This speaker will be an absolute eye-catcher in any environment. Including charging cable.

Red, Black, Silver

Subject to stock availability at the time of ordering.

From £20.25

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The Universal Tumbler – Full Colour

The full-colour Universal Tumbler can have any design wrapped around the body of the mug. Manufactured and printed in the UK, this microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe mug is a great product for everyday use.

Print Area: 241 x 126mm

From £2.46

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The Universal Tumbler Mug

The orange Universal Tumbler is new to the range. Each tumbler has a range of lids available and can have a black or white inner. The Universal is microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe, BPA free and keeps drinks warmer for longer.

Print Area: 235 x 80mm

From £1.73

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The Universal Mug – Full Colour

The Universal Mug can have a gloss or matt full-colour print wrapped around the entire body. Perfect for photographic images, the full-colour print is accompanied by a choice of coloured handle and lid.

Print Area: 241 x 126mm

From £2.72

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The Universal Mug

The black Universal Mug comes with a choice of coloured handles and lids. The mug is both manufactured and decorated in the UK and is a perfect reusable travel mug.

Direct Print Area: 235 x 80mm

From £1.99

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The Universal Vending Cup – Full Colour

The full-colour Vending Cup is a small travel mug with unlimited printing possibilities. A full-colour image or design can be wrapped around the body of the mug and is perfect for coffee machines and cup holders. Available with a range of coloured lids, and manufactured in the UK.

Direct Print Area: 200 x 55mm

From £1.52

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The Universal Vending Cup

Manufactured in the UK the Silver Vending Cup is available with a varied choice of coloured lids. It is microwave and Dishwasher safe (top rack only) and it’s unique small size is perfect for the office vending machine.

Direct Print Area: 200 x 55mm

From £1.19

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The Challenger Tumbler

The Challenger Tumbler is a new addition to the Universal range, available with a red body. This stylish tumbler comes with a choice of coloured lids and a print to the body. Manufactured and decorated in the UK.

Direct Print Area: 240 x 40mm

From £1.81

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Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Carabiner


Bluetooth round speaker with fabric cover on the front and rubber finish. Item includes an aluminium silver for your logo. Rechargeable 300 MAH Lithium-ion battery.

Dimensions: 11 X 8.9 X 4.3 CM

Colour Options: Black, Burgundy, Grey, Heaven Blue, Royal Blue, Turquoise and White

From £6.09

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Executive Key Ring with Charging Cable and USB

Key ring with integrated cables, USB, micro and Type C.

Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.6 x 0.9 cm

Colour Options: Black, White

From £3.68

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