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In your working life, there are some moments that make the days go worse, the coffee machine and kettle are broken. Then there are moments that make the day go better, freebies in the break room! What do these two scenarios have in common? They are consumables. This is why promotional sweets are one of the best uses for morale. Having something as simple as some branded mints in the boardroom. Or some promotional chocolate as a sales incentive can really lift the mood. However, there is so much more to promotional sweets than getting a smile from your colleagues.

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2 Maryland Cookies Gift in Personalised Bag

Calendar Sweet Tin with Jelly Beans

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Eco Sweets Info Card – Jelly Beans

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Eco Sweets Mini Bag – Millions Candy

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Promotional sweets and confectionery

The marketing and advertising sphere has changed dramatically over the years, thanks to the invention of the internet. But as more and more people are getting tech savvy, they learn how to block out the barrage of adverts thrown at them. So how do you break through to people on a human level? Something everyone enjoys, eating! Promotional sweets and promotional chocolate will leave a lasting impression, as your audience walks away with something they can enjoy.

What scenario would you need promotional sweets.

This depends on your industry, but the most relatable would be a trade show or exhibition event. Potential customers come to your booth to see what you are all about, you have the essentials such as pens and paper bags which work great! But so does everyone else in the room. The customer goes over to your competitor and they have personalised mints; individually wrapped mints; promotional chocolates; all these freebies and all they ask is a micro commitment to contact them in the future. Your potential clients have been wooed by something as simple and effective as promotional sweets!

Another time you will definitely want to splash out on the promotional sweets is at a charity ball. Potential donors are sat by the dozens, even hundreds, and all have just finished some drinks and food. Now it is time for the after dinner mints, everyone gets a tin of branded mints! No better way than being upfront with your donors than complimentary promotional mints. Which will go in their pocket or bag, put them in the car and your brand is always with them.

For anyone working in a service centre, such as a certain German premium car dealership, will know that thank you gifts are essential. Promotional mints and promotional sweets are almost a necessity. If a client is going to be spending thousands of pounds on a product such as a car, they want to feel valued and looked after. So it comes to the day they come to collect their prized possession. It is unveiled and they sit in it for the first time. On the passenger seat there is a tin of branded mints. It adds to the service and makes your client feel special, which in turn will return repeat business and word of mouth business!

For the last scenario, I have left a very obvious option. One that almost everyone will be familiar with, gift shops. We have all seen signs for “exit through the gift shop”, where they sell promotional pens, promotional mugs, promotional rulers, promotional everything! What else do they sell? Well of course, promotional sweets. For such a small initial spend on things like promotional mints or promotional chocolate, you can make a hefty markup. If you imagine taking your child to the zoo, and they sold animal themed promotional products. They are going to love them and want to have them. This could be a blessing or a curse, but getting them a bar of promotional chocolate with a lion on could prove to be a cost effective option!

What options are there for environmental corporate responsibilities?

In one word, loads! As more and more companies are becoming environmentally conscious of their impact on the world. The demand for reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable containers has increased. Promotional sweets arriving in single use plastic is no longer good enough. So we now have our Eco Range! Made from plant based matter, the will give your promotional sweets and promotional mints a great message with a low carbon footprint. Plus they offer jelly beans, which is always a crowd pleaser.

The use of promotional sweets is evidently a positive move for any company. Promotional Mints are a great thank you gift, promotional chocolate is a fun hand out or gift shop idea, and eco friendly promotional sweet pots are just a great idea all round! Kick start your promotional products with something that everyone in the world does, consume!

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