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Neapolitan Chocolates – Milk Chocolate

U.K. manufactured Neapolitan chocolates in dark or milk chocolate flavour, printed full colour to the wrap. Choice of either gold of silver foil wrapper.

Chocolate Computer

Novelty a chocolate in the shape of a keyboard.

Flavour: Milk chocolate

Size: 205 x 140 x 18mm

Expiry Date: 6 Months

Offset printed Full colour.


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Calories Fitness Calendar

Sweat Treat reward post workout for those with a Sweet Tooth!

Content: 24 chocolates – 50 g

Flavour: Dark Chocolate

Expiry Date: 6 months

Size: 197 x 284 x 10mm


From £1.59

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8 Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

Contains 8 Art Deco Inspired decorated Truffles

Size: 195 x 65 x 25mm

Shelf Life:  6 Months


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Chocolate Robot

Contents: Milk Chocolate Robot – 65g

Product Options; You are able to place a motive on the robot  – speak to us for pricing.

Size: 182 x 132 x 15mm

Shelf Life: 6 months


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Classic Advent Calendar

Content: 24 Belgium chocolates, x 25 Chocolates (50g total)

Flavour: Milk chocolate

Dimensions: 250 x 345 x 10mm

Min order x 100 units.


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Mini Advent Calendar

Content: 24 chocolates ( 50g total)

Flavour: milk chocolate

Dimensions: 197 x 284 x 10 mm

Min order x 100


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Desktop Advent Calendar

Content: 200 x 142 x 10 mm.

Flavour: milk chocolate

Min order: x 100


From £1.09

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High Quality Chocolate Treat Tablet

Content: A tablet of chocolate with various options of additions  – 65g

Flavours include: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate with additives.

Dimensions: 175 x 107 x 15 mm



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Large Chocolate Treat Bar

Content: Milk,, or dark chocolate with additions – 100g

Dimensions: 258 x 85 x 12 mm

White chocolate also available at additional cost – contact us for pricing.

Long list of content additions available, contact us for a visual guide



From £2.36

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Personalised Chocolates – 3 Piece

Content: 3 Chocolates with a personalised decoration  – 30g

Flavour: White Chocolate

Dimensions: 180 x 43 x 15 mm

Min order x 200 units

Expiry Date: 6 months


From £1.21

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Personalised Chocolate in Box

Content: 1 chocolate with a personalised decoration – 10 g

Flavour: White chocolate

Dimensions: 75 x 43 x 15 mm


Truffles and Chocolate Gift Tin

Contents: 10 Art Deco decorated truffles & Chocolate medal

Tin Dimensions: 195 Dia x 34h

White chocolate also available at additional cost, contact us for pricing.

Min order x 100 units.


From £6.68

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Winter Special Edition Chocolate Pearls Tin

Special edition luxurious Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, milk and white chocolate pearls in a gold push-to-open round tin.

Size: 73 x 21 mm

Print Area: dome label 25.5 mm flat label 150.435 x 52.9 mm

Filled with 50 g of chocolate

Shelf Life: 6 Months



From £2.39

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Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies – Custom Share Tin

Our Sunray share tin is filled with Belgian chocolate chip cookies and has a fantastic print area for a fully personalised domed label on the lid.

Size: 58 x 197

Print Area; 98mm

Contains 560G of Cookies

Shelf Life: 3 Months


From £6.44

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