Promotional Confectionery

Marketing leads within small and large organisations, often struggle with inspiration on how to re-engage and reward their current workforce. Promotional confectionary is great way to promote your business internally and externally.

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2 Maryland Cookies Gift in Personalised Bag

8 Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

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Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies – Custom Share Tin

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Belgian Chocolate Duo Bars with Personalised Names

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Black Treat Tin – Butter Shortbread Biscuits

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Calendar Sweet Tin with Jelly Beans

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Calories Fitness Calendar

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Candy Cane on Mounted on Full Colour Custom Card

Chocolate Computer

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Chocolate Medals (75mm)

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Chocolate Robot

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Classic Advent Calendar

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Showing 1-12 of 79 results

Why promotional sweets will be loved by your clients, prospects and employees alike.

Promotional confectionery is a champion choice for human resources to incentivise and reward internal teams, or thank them for their continued support of your organisation and creating an opportunity to create a seasonal theme or team building game as part of an internal marketing campaign, change management program, or sales competition.

With promotional advent calendars and promotional sweet tins offering the opportunity to place large marketing messages and internal contact details to the entire business, internal marketing can be made a little easier with a sweet bribery, create a long-lasting positive impression of the organisation whilst allowing for some engagement within departments.

When planning new business campaigns and looking to find a promotional product that will allow your business development team to work on warming up your potential clients for a meeting to further discuss your products or services.

Before deciding on promotional sweets consider if they are right choice for your audience

Before you commit to investing in your promotional product spend, consider who your promotional sweets are going to be given to.

Are you going to arrange for your event executives to have the promotional confectionery clearly on display at your exhibition table or stand to attract an audience over to explore your products or services, or perhaps you wish to hand them out at volume to a wide prospect audience as soon as they walk through the exhibition door, to grab their attention and seize the opportunity to get your logo and brand in front as many people as possible.

For marketing gifts to your important clients and customers, promotional confectionery in the form of personalised chocolates can prove to be an advantageous gesture of how important your working relationship and their support to your business truly is. Arming your business development executives with promotional confectionery whilst attending new business meetings will also enable your sales force to leave a lasting reminder after the meeting that be enjoyed by a few key decision makers of the rest of the office, branded food gifts in the form of personalised cookies are a great way to ensure an office is talking about you and your services after the meeting has finished.

If your business or organisation is actively looking for a promotional item that will create opportunities for your telesales executives to warm up leads, investing in promotional sweets, and arranging for sweet treats to be sent out to key decision makers will create a business development advantage when your telesales team call back to request an appointment. Promotional confectionery in the form of promotional chocolate bars or customised sweets is a sure fire way to engage your prospect audience and create opportunities to discuss your products or services and how they can benefit their businesses.

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A brief overview of the most common promotional mints and promotional sweets.

Promotional chocolate

Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate, and even better who doesn’t enjoy receiving free promotional chocolate? Marketers should look to invest in chunky chocolate bar in personalised wrappers,they wish to appeal to a sweet-toothed audience, With personalised chocolate bars starting from 25g, chocolate gifts can really propel your brand into the spotlight and into easy conversations with your next potential customers, open doors to new business meetings and provide a conversation point for your business development executives when they next call to discuss your brand or services.

Promotional Milk chocolate 5g Neapolitans with silver foil benefits from the digitally printed wrapper, and wrapped in gold or silver foils. Promotional Neapolitans are available on express lead times and can be a very cost-effective way for companies to hand out promotional confectionery to both prospects and visitors to your office or production site.

Ideal for: Promotional Neapolitans are a perfect choice for hotels and guest houses looking for a little promotional chocolate token to supply to guests after their room has been cleaned or they have just finished an evening meal, as a token gesture.

Promotional chocolate bars can serve as a novelty way to thank customers but can also be personalised for.

Luxury Bulk Chocolate Truffles, in wrapped foils…

Perfect for larger lux brands, looking to gift into a buyer audience and make some real impact, available in netted bags or small boxes for a premium presentation.

Single twist chocolates

Elegant single chocolates with personalised twist wrappers, in choice of standard truffles or praline chocolates.

Ideal for: restaurants and hospitality looking to leave a promotional gift for a visitor after they leave, and support the overall brand image, as a luxury and premium venue with a top level service.

luxury novelty chocolates in the shape of solid golf balls, and other themes work wonders for gift shops and souvenir shops looking to retail branded confectionery as part of their shop offering. Brands and businesses looking to hold a themed corporate day, should explore themed promotional chocolate to add to goodie bags or leave on tables at award ceremonies or events.

Ideal for: brands, charities and businesses looking to bring a little novelty and flair to their personalised chocolate gifts, in the shape of themed confectionery, perfect for golf days or corporate events, also a cost effective cheap chocolate gift for goodie bags and thank you’s.

Popping candy

Unique choice for brands looking to provide something different to their client or prospect base to advertise a new service or brand, exploring a promotional chocolate treat,  that ticks the novelty box, will have your brand discussed at meetings or within a team, after you have put together a Business Development campaign that drives prospects to want to engage with your team and discuss your services or brands.

Ideal for: Brave brands looking to do something different, great warmer for business development and opening doors to discuss your services further and perhaps even allow for a face2face. Also due to the slim size, a cost effective mailer gift, that can also be applied to support a new product launch, or social media engagement campaign.

Seasonal chocolate gifts

Businesses understand the importance and the many added benefits of getting involved with seasonal celebrations, whether this is to motivate internal team, thank existing customers for their support, or to put together a seasonal marketing campaign that includes promotional sweets as motivators to engage.

Social media campaigns can involve marketing teams sending branded confectionery out to individuals tweeting about new product launches or promoting their business or services. As most seasonal promotional chocolate or personalised sweets are lightweight and easy to mail out to competition winners, promotional confectionery is a fantastic way to boost a brand’s impression.

Valentines chocolate

Popular choices include chocolate lollipops or bags of chocolate hearts. Options to have set to a backing card and individually sealed in a clear plastic bag for freshness.

Ideal for: brands working a marketing campaign around a valentine theme, and how they can fall in love with your brands, services or product, or just to tell your hard working internal team or customers that you love them!

Chocolate coins, coins are generally supplied in standard coin designs but are supplied in netted bags with personalised swing tags for marketing messages. Printed full colour as standard and allowing plenty of room for marketing messages, logos and contact details, companies can include a lot of marketing message for a very cost effective outlay.

Easter eggs Looking for the perfect promotional chocolate gift to supply to your sales representatives when visiting key accounts, or a customised chocolate gesture to hand out to your hard-working internal teams, a promotional Easter egg is a fantastic way to pop smiles on faces. With the added benefit of a branded box to present to your customers or team, your marketing messages will create multiple marketing impressions, plus bring about a talking point about your business and services.

Tubes of mini eggs For brands looking to get involved with the spirit of Easter, promotional mini eggs are a cost effective solution to present your clients or team with a token promotional sweet treat.

Advent calendars

Companies looking to see the end of the year out with a promotional chocolate gesture, customised advent calendars are a champion choice.

Available in desktop size and full A4, options to fully customise allow for a full personalisation to the promotional sweet gift, and the option of good quality milk chocolate or Belgian chocolates are available. As the promotional advent calendar is supplied as shrink wrapped, this promotional gift makes the calendar safe for consumption, and ideal for mailing or to be taken to see clients and pop a smile of faces upon presentation.

Ideal for: Companies and brands looking to thank existing customers or engage prospects in marketing campaigns by enticing engagement with promotional chocolate.

Classic chocolate boxes

Brands looking to provide a little luxury to their promotional chocolate campaigns or customised gifts , can explore a classic promotional chocolate box.

Usually supplied in a personalised rigid boxes with a selection of luxury chocolates. An option for all budgets is available as promotional chocolate box sizes can be sourced as just single chocolates to units of 2 ,4,8,12.

Ideal for:Perfect for sales promotions, and large luxury purchases, or as an onboarding gift for a new client as they commit to sign up for your services, or products.

Chocolate Sweet tins

Companies investing in promotional confectionery, and looking to source a practical chocolate gift, where businesses benefit from being able to fully personalise the outer tin and domed lid, along with the potential of the receiver continuing to view your marketing messages or contact details, will benefit from placing their marketing spend in promotional sweets and chocolates but presenting in a tin. Its likely that your client or prospect will re-use the supplied tins, and your brand continues to benefit.

With many different variations of tins available from promotional slim tins, to promotional calendar tins, made different options are available for all available marketing budgets.

Idea for: Brands and businesses looking to invest in promotional sweets, but aiming to invest in continue marketing impressions long after the personalised chocolate has been eaten

After dinner chocolates

Promotional after dinner chocolates are flow packed for volume giveaways and large retail or hotel chains, to be used as complementary offerings following a guest stay, or meal within the facility.

Available in milk, white chocolate and orange.

Ideal for: large hotel chains and venues, looking for a cost effective promotional sweet to be given out to volumes of visitors and guests as part of a complimentary service. For venues that do not have an issue with storing the promotional sweet within the venue, and to take advantage of the cost saving by investing in volumes at one time and seeing a saving in the economies of scale.

Personalised Bags of Sweets

Event marketing executives are often challenged with sourcing an ideal kick promotional handout to a large prospect audience, a personalised bag of sweets ticks many boxes in benefiting brands looking to create a quick impression on an audience.

With digitally printed labels applied for express turnarounds or full colour printed headed card inserts, popular filling choices include jelly beans, and cola bottles, mini eggs, jelly shapes. The perfect promotional sweet filling can be found to reflect your brand or services.

For larger scale marketing campaigns promotional flow bags for volume campaigns in bags as small as 25g, allows the entire bag to be branded, for a fully customised marketing giveaway.

For smaller production runs, to support brands not needing thousands of promotional sweet bags you can consider full a full colour label applied to the front of the bag.

Ideal for: large exhibitions and shows where an events team can look to hand out as many bags as possible for a large prospect audience. Perfect for new event launches, or larger brands that are looking to create a volume of marketing impressions to a larger than average audience.

Also great for venues who see a large footfall through the building or reception area and want to spread their marketing messages, or sales promotions, as the visitors pass through their venue.

Retro sweets have a large appeal to multi audiences, the young and the old. For businesses and brands looking for a quirky marketing sweet, the retro sweet selection stands out against the more generic promotional sweet offerings.

Perfectly matched with marketing messages relating to previous trends or era’s marketers can create impact combining with a cleverly created marketing communication plan.

With many choices of quantity and container to consider for promotional retro sweet spend, ranging from small bags through to promotional slim tins, marketing leads can find the correct fit for each budget.

Lucky bags Containing a selection of fun, novelty confectionery items also ticking the retro box for some marketing leads, create the perfect opportunity to engage with your prospect and client base. Promotional lucky bags establish a talking point once gifted to your marketing audience that will warm up leads for your business development team once gifted.

Benefiting from lightweight slim packaging, marketing spend it kept to a minimum if sending to a prospect base my mail.

Ideal for: Brands willing to invest some time in putting together a smart marketing campaign that includes considering how the “lucky bag” theme can convert as an overall marketing message, that pulls interest toward their business services, products or brands.

Promotional Health conscious sweets If your business is keen to be seen as caring deeply about the health of others, promotional sweets containing more natural ingredients, and suitable for vegetarians will be an ideal choice to consider should you wish to invest in marketing gifts.

Options made from real fruit juice and only containing natural colours., will be well received with a health conscious crowd of prospects or customers.

With different varieties of packaging available from clear tubes to small personalised bags, through to desk tins, marketers are spoilt for choice on choosing the best promotional sweet option to work for them.

Branded food gifts

Branded chocolate chip cookies supplied in individual poly bags with personalised labels, will provide a wave of impact if placed on an exhibition venue table or stand, for delegates to take away from the venue to be eaten in the car, office or at home,

Fortune cookies

Personalised options of 5 messages within the bulk order, and wrapped in coloured foils for freshness, promotional fortune cookies can bring some real fun to a marketing campaign and allow marketers to include a promotional message set within the cookie.

Promotional Mints

How to choose between promotional mint cards mint pots or mint tins ?

Promotional mints are still as favoured as ever my marketers looking to promote their companies brands or services, mainly due to the affordability to include in promotional marketing campaigns and the large available print areas to the lids of the tins for branding logos, contact details and marketing messages.

Well considered artwork will entice the receiver to continue to use the promotional mint tins long after the mints have gone, as a desk accessory to store stationary item, or even refill the mints themselves over time.

Promotional mints are also a stable promotional sweet used by the car group industry to gift to their service or new sale clients by leaving the promotional mint tins in the dash of the car, acting an easy reminder to the client of their service centre contact details for when the car is next due a service or any in need of any maintenance work.

For businesses attending industry events or exhibitions, promotional mint cards are a common promotional merchandise choice for a budget friendly handouts to potential new clients or stand visitors.

For charity fundraising balls or evening events a token gesture of a promotional mint tins is a popular choice for event executives to include in their promotional product gifts, to event attendees or charity patrons, leaving a promotional mint tin on a table after a large formal meal will ensure the visitors will take the tin away after the gathering for use in the home, car or work environment, further creating additional marketing messages for the charity cause away from the venue.

Promotional mints work to support your marketing messages but which one will work best?

Shaped mint cards such as a car, van, house and heart are price keen for marketing spends and also offer businesses and brands the opportunity to utilize the large print area in single colour prints or full colour digital designs. Due to the compact size of promotional mint cards, delegates to your stand or event can easily be placed into a pocket or bag and taken away from the venue into the home, car or office, spreading your company message and ensuring your contact details are easily at hand should they require your services.

Due to the lightweight nature of a promotional mint card, and its compact size, the promotional confectionery will be easy to store, and carry into the venue by your accounts team.

Promotional click clack mint tins are an budget friendly solution, and continue to be a popular choice for marketers due to the entry level cost, extremely popular with charities and school clubs as the wide selection of bright colours available allow clubs and organisations to best match their logo and colours to the perfect matching promotional mint tin. Ideal for storage due to the compact size and fun to re-use for general nick nacks,

Some varieties of promotional click mint tins are ready sealed for freshness, but should you explore alternative promotional confectionery fillings that may be picked and filled just for your custom order.

Hinge mint tins, or metal travel tins, Prove to be a cost effective promotional mint giveaway. Tins with hinges containing mints for refreshment or other promotional sweets, when branded with your company logo are likely to be re-used by the receiver and sit alongside stationary items on a desk, containing paper clips or even a confectionery refill. As they are generally lightweight they are also a great promotional giveaway to include in a mailer marketing campaign, or to send out to an existing client base.

Promotional hinge mint tins are available in the perfect compact size for car dashboards. Marketers understand that custom mint tins can also serve as a great goodie bag filler for visiting clients or event attendees.

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