Promotional Coasters

With the considerable space to the surface of a printed coaster, advertisers and marketers continue to invest in the versatility of the coaster.

With alternative tiers of coasters to consider from the entry-level budget Beer Mat Coaster, to the standard laminated and foam backed popular choice, to the superior Metal coaster for the more exclusive gifter.

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2D Soft PVC Coaster

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Bottle Opener Coaster

Branded Leather Coaster – Digital Print

Brite-Mat Coaster

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Eco Natural Leather Coaster

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Foam Backed Coaster

Heart Shaped Coaster

Heat Reveal Coaster – Great Alternative Office Gift

House shaped coasters

Metal coaster

Non-slip Coaster

Plastic insert coaster

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Why are Promotional Coasters Still so popular?

The coaster offers great value for money, flexibility on lead times, and it’s slight and compact nature allows for ease of Mailing to clients.

5 Reasons To Still Use Promotional Coasters

  • Used as a visitor is seen as a reflection of respect and etiquette whilst visiting a company’s office or meeting room
  • Protection of multiple services from water or coffee stains, particularly important for wood surfaces in need of protection from water damage
  • High gloss surfaces are saved from marking created by warm rims to the base of coffee mugs sitting on top
  • When printed with a great design text or logo, Promotional Coasters can be a great way to start off a conversation
  • If the design for the Personalised drinks Coaster is considered, key messages can be relayed and internal contact details can be within easy reach

The Invention of the First Promotional Drink Coaster

It is widely believed that the Promotional Beverage Coaster was first used in Bars as far back as the 1880’s. The dual purpose of the Beermat was to advertise Ale, alcohol and spirits to the Bars Punters, as well as protecting the wood tables and Bar from rings and stains caused by cold condensation and spillages.

The first Promotional beermat was engineered and printed in Germany by a renowned print house called Friedrich Horn.

The challenge to produce an absorbent, easily printable, affordable beverage coaster, drove manufacturers to produce a coaster from Paper pulp and board. The Beermat coaster was born and is still an established advertising staple in most Public Houses for Businesses and Brands to advertise their Sports Club, Lager, Spirits and Sales Promotions to a wide audience of pub visitors, advertising to masses in a relaxed recreational environment.

The Benefits of Considering a Plastic Promotional Coaster

Custom printed plastic promotional coasters are one of the more affordable choices you can consider to promote your business and services.

With various options available to you from Solid Plastic coasters to plastic insert coasters, for businesses looking to provide a long-lasting promotional item to a customer or client, the options are assorted with the added benefit of a cheap promotional product.

Many of the available plastic coasters are also made in the UK, with a wide variety of colours and finishes to choose from. Options such as the Brite-mat coaster, as a rigid plastic promotional coaster are finished with grain to the reverse halting the coaster from slipping on a desk or table and minimising spillages.

Plastic coasters are also available in a diverse selection of shapes, such as the house shaped coaster, heart-shaped coaster or jigsaw shaped coaster. This aids the business in further brand sector recognition.
For instance, a Housing Association would further benefit from a house shaped promotional coaster to brand contact details, call to actions and contact details. Coupling your service sector with a shaped Promotional Item boosts the message to the individual using your branded product.

Consider the plastic insert coaster should you need to reproduce a full-colour image or photograph to be printed to a paper insert and placed within the Promotional Coaster, an additional benefit to choosing this particular style of drinks coaster is the ability to print to both sides of the inserted paper at no additional cost.

Should you wish to look at your options to plastic coasters another variant that is attractive to businesses is vinyl welded coasters. These are seen as a slightly more substantial drinks coaster option, that also benefits from longevity and ease of use to the user.

When combined with Promotional mouse mats and Branded Pens, the Plastic Drinks coaster is a valued contributor to a gift pack, lightweight and economical to the Promotional Marketer.

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Who Uses Branded Coasters?

The Hospitality Industry still very much embraces the use of Promotional Coasters, From paper thin paper coasters to catch drips from a sparkling champagne or mojito, to the cork backed coaster used in classic restaurant set-ups and quirky cafes.

Many Hotel chains utilise the Personalised coaster in receptions and lobbies worldwide to establish a synergy with their main brand and corporate image.

Sports Clubs and Charities will often use Promotional Coasters as part of a fundraising campaign or look to retail the coaster to generate additional revenue.

Businesses invest in branded coasters for their office team and sites, viewing the coasters as a helpful tool to mobilise key business ethics, core services and contact details, pulling in the human resource function to communicate internally, through the medium of printed product used by the internal office team.

Consider the Promotional Coaster Use.

Printed Card bar Coasters is the popular choice for bars and cocktail lounges. The card pulp drinks mat is the preferred generic option used within the hospitality industry as it represents a low cost when purchased in volume, this advertising option is very affordable to be thrown away and replaced once saturated by liquid and past its best.

For a longer lasting alternative, but still including promotional coasters in your advertising, a Moulded 2D PVC Coaster, or rubber coasters will be waterproof and functional in the bar arena, suitable for spillages and condensation from cool drinks without affecting the longevity of use after regular cleaning and wiping down.

If an exclusive and executive theme is required for you to create the true impression on your visitors, to either your boardroom, car showroom or restaurant lounge then Metal Promotional Coasters will serve you well. Built from metal they are easy to clean, steady and solid to support a cocktail glass or espresso mug, sure to encourage the feeling of prestige and elegance to your surroundings.

The Increasing popularity of Metal Coasters.

With so many varieties and the wide assortment of coaster options available, the metal promotional coaster is an effective marketing tool, for multiple sectors and industries.

Variance and print options to metal coasters such as mixtures of shapes, sizes and finishes, ensure an option is available to you regardless of your budget or industry.

Metal finishes include brushed aluminium to a solid white metal coaster. If looking for the higher quality polished silver effect, you can take advantage of the large surface area for an elegant, engraved design.

A set of promotional metal coasters sitting in showrooms, boardrooms and meeting spaces reflect professionalism and respectability to your audience in the room.

Gifting a metal coaster to a prospect or appreciated client, will be well favoured by the individual over more generic cheap promotional gifts and will sit proudly on the given desk space.

The Ever Popular Foam Backed Drinks Coasters

Non-slip bases are one of the many perks to exploring a Foam backed Drinks coaster for your next Promotional Product campaign.

Promotional Coasters such as the Q-Mat coaster, are both light but durable, for a small marketing investment, gifting a robust foam backed coaster will grant your brand to sit upon a receiver’s desk or table, and be in reaching distance to confirm your businesses services and offers at arms distance.

As a lightweight option, the foam backed drinks coaster is matchless in its ease to be included in a volume direct mail campaign, fitting neatly into a sealed envelope or packet for a cost effective, light but fully functional promotional tool.

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