Promotional Hats

When it comes to increasing brand awareness, promotional hats are an excellent way to get seen. They’re also great for uniforms and even work as giveaways at events.

In short, there are many uses and even more benefits for promotional hats. If you’re not sure how they can benefit your business, here’s everything you need to know!

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What Hats Are Available?

In loose terms, hats can be defined as head-wear that at least covers the top of the head, as opposed to headbands, for example. However, this still gives plenty of variation, as hats serve a variety of roles.

Diamond Branded offers the following:

  • Hard hats, for construction sites and other areas where safety is required.
  • Baseball, Snapback and Trucker hats, which help to keep the sun out of your eyes.
  • Beanies, which offer extra warmth.

All of these can be customised to include your logo and come in a range of colours. Whichever type of hats you choose, we always offer high quality items that anyone would be happy to wear!

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How To Use Promotional Hats

There are many ways to use promotional hats. The simplest is to provide them to your staff. They can wear these in-store, or any other periods when they engage with the public, as part of their uniform or to simply reinforce your brand. This also works at conventions and other promotional events: custom clothing with your brand and logo will help people identify you and remember your business.

Another way to use promotional hats is to give them out as freebies. This works great at conventions and events, but you can also give them to old customers and clients as rewards, or even new customers as a signing on bonus, for example.

Has As A Promotional Opportunity

Of course, the main goal of any promotional material is to increase brand exposure and improve awareness. Hats serve this very well, as they showcase your branding and logo very close to eye level.

As a giveaway item, this also works well, as people can wear your hats wherever they go, increasing the amount of places – and people – that are exposed to your brand. If people receive a high quality product that they enjoy, they have more reason to wear it, giving you free exposure as a result.

Why Should You Choose Diamond Branded For Promotional Goods?

When purchasing promotional materials, there are three primary factors to consider: cost, quantity and quality. Diamond Branded is a dedicated supplier for these materials, so we can offer cheap hats that don’t cut corners when it comes to production.

As proof of our dedication to quality, we can work with you to find the right products. Let us know about your company, or the events you’re attending, and we can recommend the right type of hat to give away or wear.

Furthermore, if your current logo isn’t at the right quality for clothing, we offer a free artwork re-draw as part of our service. That’s our dedicated to ensuring you receive high quality promotional hats and products that truly reflect your company!

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