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Diamond Branded offer a range of promotional jackets. These include the Multi-Function Midweight Jacket, the Soft Shell Jacket, the Unisex Rain Jacket, the lightweight Waterproof Jacket, the Hi-Visibility Jacket, the Unisex Rain Jacket, the Windbreaker Jacket, and the Fleece Jacket. These jackets are made in a range of materials, including polyester, acrylic, PVC, polyamide, and cotton.

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Fleece Jacket – Embroidered with your logo

From £11.49

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Hi-Visibility Jacket – Printed with your logo

From £23.03

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Multi-Function Jacket – Printed with your logo

From £19.04

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Soft Shell Jacket – Printed with your logo

From £15.41

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Waterproof Jacket – Printed with your logo

From £19.29

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Showing 1-5 of 5 results

The history of jackets

No one actually invented the jacket. It is an item of clothing that developed and evolved over time. In the middle ages, perhaps as early as the 1300s, the jacket established itself from earlier types of jerkin, or tunic, as a practical clothing style. It had the advantage of being a short coat, essentially, but without the cumbersome nature of a full coat’s length. This made the early jackets useful for maintaining warmth and mobility when working.

By the 19th century, the jacket had become a formal style of dress wear and there were etiquette ‘rules’ governing what complementing items a person should wear with a jacket. However, by the turn of the 21st century, the jacket had taken on a much broader and wider meaning. It could still be a type of formal wear, but it had also become a kind of blanket term to mean a whole range of styles. The jacket also left behind the restricting traditional materials of wool, cotton and tweed, to include materials like leather, linen, suede and various types of plastics, such as nylon.

Promo Jackets

Breaking with tradition as an item of formal wear also allowed the appearance of a jacket to be whatever was possible. Sports jackets often have team logos or mottos embroidered on them, as well as being in the team colours, of course. Companies often have various items created for promotional purposes, such as T-shirts, baseball hats, polo shirts, and of course, jackets – all sporting a company logo to promote the company.

Jackets work well as promotional items. Light bomber jackets, either mens of womens styles, for example, are practical and stylish. They are inexpensive to produce and popular. These are excellent items for a company or sports club to order. They can be given away as a promotional item. Their stylish nature will mean that people will be happy to wear them and not mind being what is effectively a walking advert.

Lightweight bomber jackets, along with T-shirts and hats, are excellent for promotion and extra revenue at music festivals. Popular bands can cover a jacket with the band name and image, which devoted fans will gladly wear. The promotional value is considerable, while the extra revenue gained is always useful. Music fans can develop a kind of rabid devotion to a popular band or solo entertainer. They will then need little persuasion to wear a promotional item.

All of the Diamond Branded jackets are modern and stylish, and they can have a company logo printed or embroidered on to them. The logo can be subtle and not overpowering, which make these jackets quite suitable for normal wear in everyday situations. Diamond Branded promotional products are the perfect choice for any company looking for practical and inexpensive promotion. Take a look for yourself…

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