Promotional Calendars

As a standard full colour printed design, marketers are able to explore a great collection of stock images for seasons and sectors, but also benefit from the opportunity to provide their own images for use with the templates.

As the advertising calendar is supplied flat packed, the mailing cost to send is minimal. Leading choice for businesses looking to invest a little in promotional printed calendars.

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A4 Wall Calendar – 12 Leaves

From £3.55

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Calendar Sweet Tin with Jelly Beans

From £3.99

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Calendarpod – Standard Full Colour Cover

From £2.18

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Calendarpod Mini – Custom Full Colour Cover

From £1.47

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CD Case Calendar – Full Colour – 12 Sheets

From £2.20

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Classic Advent Calendar

From £2.08

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Classic Corporate Large Desk Diary

From £4.99

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Classic Corporate Pocket Diary – 5 Colours

From £1.39

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Commercial Desk Calendar – Memo Style

From £2.39

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Custom Desktop Calendar with Room Thermometer

Karenda Bamboo Desktop Calendar – NEW!

From £6.13

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Landscape Wiro Desk Calendar – 6 Leaves

From £1.99

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Showing 1-12 of 19 results

How will a promotional calendar benefit my business?

Staying power by sitting on a desk or wall for 365 days, and then you send your client or prospect a new one, where your advertising message is viewed again for another year. Even in the modern age of technology, computers and desktop phones people still prefer to use both physical and mobile calendars together, so promotional calendars still pack a punch with your marketing merchandisegoals.

Constantly viewed for date reference, re-approached, picked back up and left close by for a date grab, a helpful tool for booking appointments, scheduling meetings, checking in on dates and reminding themselves of important holiday dates and bank holidays. Day planners are still a popular promotional merchandise gift, preferred by sectors in recruitment, engineering and construction for the practical application of the advertising calendar.

Easy to mail and store – Wall calendar due to the size is still one of the preferred sizes to be gifted into the receiver, as the large area allows the consumer to place dates and notes the weeks and months for reminders. Both businesses and households enjoy receiving branded calendars as gifts. The smaller tent sized advertising calendars,wall calendars and desk calendars are constructed flat for ease of storage and delivery, perfect for popping in the post, or sitting in your sales representatives boot for handing out to prospects or clients during visits on Dec.

Multiple options for sizes and designs

Low-cost large advertising space – With the large area available for carefully considered stock images to ordain the pages for visually pleasing advertising gain

Full reigns for attractive designs –  Also options of quality stock photo images for companies to select within their industry or services to further remind the receiver of their business and service offering, does your business provide a health and beauty service, look to choose a selection of stock images that reflect health and well-being or do you offer a dog grooming service, how about a collection of dogs for your choice of promotional calendar to entertain your clients and future-proof your bookings from your existing client base.

Useful office referencing tool – To be hung up in an open space for all to view, provides an effective advertising tool to marketers looking to invest in a promo calendar that will be used and enjoyed by a commercial office audience.

Wall calendar, standard sizes include A3, a huge print area benefitting companies looking to embrace a promo calendar with loads of advertising space.

Ticking the relevant box for an abundance of stock images to be paired with a business’s services or products for a full customised calendar choice, you can explore the standard layout available or look to create your own, due to the flexibility of the print process as full colour as standard.  With the added bonus of supplied mailing envelopes to get them out to your client, the advertising calendar is completed on silk art paper for a superior finish and enforced with a micron board backing to the reverse, perfect all-rounder ever popular promo calendar option

Desktop calendarEasel design option in various compact sizes

Benefiting a marketer who still wishes to use full-colour images or supply their own photographs, with the wire bound mechanisms making it easy for your consumer to flick or tear away the pages after every expired month.

Own photographs can be supplied enabling your business to further increase your advertising influence with choice product images or sector relevant stock artwork to be used to create your own visually stunning promo calendar.

CD case Calendar – A quirky alternative to a standard desk calendar, but still with all of the benefits of a small lightweight promo calendar, to mail with ease out to your customer or prospect base, giving careful consideration to your choice of design to each of the sheets can do wonders for your brand recognition. Excellent advertising calendar choice for businesses wanting to try something a little removed from the more traditional calendar choice.

Calendapod – Fantastic choice for marketers looking for a slightly different personalised calendar to help with marketing campaigns, client relationships and even sales promotions.

Many different build options including wire bound calendars, with paper inserts sheets, index tabs and sticky notes, a champion choice for something a little different.

Your target audience will enjoy receiving the promo calendar, and it will happily sit alongside other stationary items upon an owner’s desk, due to the practical functional office stationery additions.

Another added benefit to this particular choice of calendar is that is also easy to mail out to your client base, before the start of the next calendar year.

Desktop chocolate advent calendar, tis the season to be jolly…. And say thanks to your wonderful customers for all of the business they have given you over the course of the year, plus is full of chocolate, need not say anything more! A fun novel festive promo calendar.

Explore a full A4 size for large advertising impact, that will have a loop to the reverse set into the card design for hanging in your customer or prospect’s office. For budget-friendly mailing, the desktop sized promotional advent calendar will work wonders for your brand and pop a smile on your customer’s face.

The chocolate used to create the shapes behind the windows doesn’t have to be nasty. Varieties are available made from true Belgian chocolate.

As the promo calendar is printed full colour, benefitting your marketing message with the ability to print full photographs and images, you can rampant on the festive fun.

Consider the bespoke advent calendar if you are looking to source a promotional item that will induce some customer engagement on social media, the advent calendar will provide a great advertising tool to entice your customer base into involving you in social media shout outs.
Tent calendar /

Trifold CalendarA well-considered budget-friendly choice for businesses looking to invest in their promotional marketing, but remaining in a tight marketing spend.

This unique promo calendar design allows for a full 12-month calendar but with 2 sides of the card printed, with 6 months to each side.


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Main points to consider before ordering your Promotional calendar.


Do you have your company logo and branding available in full colour? will it work well laid into a standard promo calendar template or will you need to re-work your design to the optimum size of the available print area.

How much detail

Due to the larger area of the promo calendar available for you to print your marketing message, you can consider including a number of text details, such as website, call to action, even office opening hours, and full company addresses.

Utilising the additional calendar space you could provide a list of your services, product ranges or office multi-branch offices. The unrivalled print area to a promo calendar is a blank canvas for you to get busy with details and not just your logo.

Own images or stock images

Consider how you can best tailor a calendar bespoke to your business, reflecting your ethics, service or sector. Perhaps your business is a steel manufacturer, using images from your own steel projects will provide a stunning showcase for your work directly to your target audience, with the images viewed over a 12 month period.

Maybe your business works in the travel and leisure consultancy service, there is a wide variety of template options for you to choose from, matching your services with images of sensational city scenes found around the world, and posting a scenic serene desk calendar to your key accounts, will ensure your message and services are close at hand when your client looks for their next jolly in January, they can get pick up your custom calendar and get straight in contact.

Brief history on how the calendar was invented

October 1582 brought in the birth of the modern calendar known as the Gregorian calendar, used internationally it’s also known as the civil calendar.

The calendar was created as an evolution of its predecessor the Julian calendar but was to affect the date Easter fell upon.

It is also believed that the Julian calendar was amended to reflect the need to amend the regularity of the leap year and the length of the days.

Britain and the British empire adopted the new calendar in the year 1752. The modern view on weeks, weekends and weekdays were also born at the same time.

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