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The Diamond Branded guide on branded social distancing products

By Mid May 2020, following the Uk governments advisory for the population to ‘stay at home and protect lives’ the message to the UK was to ‘stay alert’ as the UK economy following the decline in UK virus numbers, is starting to plan how to safely return to the office.
Office managers and Business owners are now exploring how to follow the government guides on how to ensure their workforce is safe when returning to the office of premises.
Workplace managers will be looking at completing a risk assessment for their own premises and looking for solutions to make sure their teams feel safe to return to the workplace.

The full government guide on measures to be considered to protect your team in the office as of the 12th May 2020 can be viewed here.

The Diamond Branded team are here to help your business return with Social Distancing tools and safe return to work aids. Our promotional social distancing range may benefit your team with a level of added protection from the transmission of the virus within the office environment, and help make your workers feel safer within their workplace environment.

For individuals looking to say ‘Thank You’ to key care workers or show gratitude to their team whilst they have adapted to working from their homes, we have also put together a promotional product range to say thanks! this can be viewed here.

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15ml hand sanitiser gel

From £1.22

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60 ml Hand Sanitiser Gel

From £1.41

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Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser on a Roll Clip (50ml)

From £1.62

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Bandana multi-functional scarf – All over print

From £1.74

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Comfy Face Mask Full Colour face covering

From £2.34

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Comfy Face Mask Full Colour face covering

From £2.35

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Custom Made Fabric Face Mask

From £3.08

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Double Layer Washable Face Mask

From £1.99

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Eco Bandana Scarf

From £2.51

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Eco Hygiene Hook Keyring

Fabric Multiscarf

From £1.68

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Face Mask Strap

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What Social Distancing aids are currently available?

Fabric Face Masks

Our selection of face masks for face and nose coverings are soft and breathable with comfortable textile layers. Using fabric face masks may help with transmission as it is currently considered to help with the protection given the current climate. Should you gift these to your office team or clients it is worth advising that the social distancing distance should still be respected at all times. One of the benefits of a branded face mask is the ability to wash and re-use at 60 degrees.
Our fabric face masks may help reduce the spread of aerosol droplets but as of May 2020, there is no current advisory that you need to wear a mask in the office or home if social distancing spacing can be adhered to. The Diamond Branded team are seeing a current trend for fabric face masks, for practical use and fashion trends.


Re-usable Masks

New to market face scarves are now available with filters that can be removed and disposed of after use. The face scarves can be washed and re-used in a 60-degree domestic wash at home. One of the reasons we are huge fans of this type of reusable face mask is the ability to secure to the user with a secure ear hole. Made from polyester fabric, the re-usable fabric mask is washable and wearable.

Hand Sanitiser

Once popular with our clients working within healthcare, nursing or animal care, the UK surge in requests for branded hand sanitisers in early March meant that there was little available for the branded market. Onto May 2020 we now have a large selection available once again. Our UK made custom hand sanitisers are available in sizes as little as 10ml, ideal for the small pocket of a user, letterbox friendly for a direct mail pack, refillable and with only a 5 day lead time.
All of our supplied promotional hand sanitisers will protect against 99.9% of bacteria and virus. We only supply WHO recommended formulas that comply with EN1500 standards. Our suppliers are also stocking the hand sanitiser gel options made in Europe.


Antibac pens / Antibug pens

Medipens with an all-metal construction allows easy sterilisation to remove and potential virus threats, we can also supply the medipen with a spring clip for ease of attaching to a garment or pocket.
The iprotect plastic pen range has been on the promotional market for some time, but we predict that this will be a popular pen for the coming 12 months. The i-protect antibacterial pen is effective against 99.9% of bacteria as it contains a bacteriostatic additive including zinc ions. Patented in Italy with the aim to greatly reduce the risk of potential virus transmissions between users.

Eco Hygiene hook keys and keyring

No-touch products are going to be desirable for anyone looking to reduce direct touch and contact with surfaces. Limiting the amount of touch within a workspace, such as door handles, door code entries, and alarm systems is recommended at this stage, so we have branded hygiene hook products to gift to your clients or internal team. Placed on a keyring loop the hygiene keyring will aid in limited direct contact whilst in use. Affordable and available to personalise, we predict this will be a large promotional product trend for 2020. Due to the size, the keyring can be posted so we recommend you explore this range for a letterbox friendly promo item. Our recycled plastic hygiene hook keyring can be delivered within 3 – 5 days from artwork approval.


Tissues pack

A staple office tool to aid in the spread of the virus through the air, by sneezing and disposing of the used tissue instantly. Our branded tissue packs will be welcoming in your office by your team, and also any clients that you may wish to send as a gift. Lightweight and portable, consider promotional tissues containing your logo or message for a direct mail campaign and letterbox gift.


Snood Face covering

The use of bandanas to cover the nose and face whilst commuting to work on public transport, maybe a tool to remain safe and well. Snood bandanas are used all year round in all weathers, clients will find this a very handy promotional gift. Made from polyester microfibre they are comfortable and can be printed full colour to the entire snood, allows you full customisation. For added hygiene, they will come individually bagged, for ease or posted to your clients, or storing safely in the office until they need to be used. Snood face covers are not recommended for use within the workplace where key messages to the staff on social distancing are not regularly reinforced.
With multiple ways to wear the branded bandana such as a face mask, sweatband, headband or even scarf, we predict that the promotional bandana will make a huge comeback for 2020. Eco friendly RPET bandanas are now also available and manufactured in the EU

Hygiene packs

Offices may be looking to make their team feel more secure with office safety by providing them with a hygiene pack when they return to work.
Containing cleaning and sanitising products with the added benefit of a large branding area, you can provide these to your clients with a fully customised message.

Social distancing floor graphics

We can now offer a wide range of floor graphics for the use within the office, or shared areas such as toilets and kitchen areas. the floor graphics range comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for reception areas and entrances. Speak to our team about your available options for use on carpets or wooden flooring. Social distancing signage is expected in most commercial premises following a return to work. We have plenty of design templates on file so no need to worry, we just need your logo

Social distancing banners

Roller banners provide solutions to affordable large format print for internal communications on social distancing. left in the entrance area of offices or retail, social distancing banners will re-illiterate the key
message on staying safe by reminding your team about the distance to remain apart to contain any spread of the virus, alongside a regular
the reminder of the importance of washing your hands.

Social distancing posters

Wall posters within the office reminding your team about the key messages regarding social distancing on walls within the workplace, or shared entrances and exits around the building provides a solution to safety reminders.

Desk shields

We are currently working closely with our supplier partners on the manufacture of desk shields, we will update with the option for sourcing for your office teams as soon as they are available.

Coming soon June 2020…. Sterilisation lamps and tools, ( these will be listed as soon as we have certification information in full)


As promotional product experts, we are not able to provide disposable gowns, Medical grade PPE such as surgical masks or disposable gloves. We will leave this to the PPE specialists as we firmly believe that these items as of May 2020 should be made available on volume to our wonderful NHS teams and key care health workers.

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