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How did the first Promotional Teddy Bear get Its name?

The first teddy bear got its name when in 1902, Theodore Roosevelt, who at the time was the President of the United States, refused to shoot a bear when invited on a hunting trip. The story goes that Roosevelt was invited by the Mississippi Governor named Andrew H. Longino. Three days into their hunting trip, Roosevelt still had not spotted a bear. Subsequently, some of the hunt guides had found a mature black bear that had been injured by the dogs.
The bear was then tied to a tree and Theodore Roosevelt was called to the scene. The guides had told The President that it should be he who shoots the bear. After taking one look at the animal, the President decided that it would be unjust to kill the bear and refused to do so. The news of this story quickly spread and was soon in newspapers across the states.

A political cartoonist named Clifford Berryman got wind of the tale and drew a picture revealing Theodore Roosevelt with his back turned to the guide who had tied up the bear for him. In the original cartoon created by Clifford Berryman, the guide and bear are both of similar size. However, as more and more cartoons were recreated of the scenario the bears became smaller and looked afraid, bringing about the character of the first teddy bear.

The origin of the Teddy Bear connection was made in Brooklyn, New York when a sweets shop owner who went by the name of Morris Mitchom had noticed the original drawing of Roosevelt and the bear by Clifford Berryman and had a lightbulb moment. Mitchoms bright spark led to two stuffed Custom Toy Teddy Bears being placed in his shop window.

He had asked for permission from the President to name these toys “Teddy Bears”. The first ever Personalised Teddy Bear and stuffed animals became so popular that Mitchom started to manufacture them on a very large commercial scale and the world still continues to this day, the trend of Teddy bears has still not died out, only increased in popularity.

Who would Look To Use Promotional Teddy Bears?

Brands and Business who are looking to improve their brand visibility by choosing to give out Printed Teddy Bears to their clients or prospects.

Schools looking to gift bears to their students as a memento of their time with the school or to raise additional funds.

Nurseries or Playgroups are also likely to give away bears to their children as a token of affection.

Sports clubs looking to raise additional funds for the club and provide a Custom Club mascot in the form of a Promotional Teddy Bear or Printed Stuffed Animals.

Youth groups may use personalized teddy bears as rewards or incentives for their children. Furthermore, these can also be used as memorabilia.

Charities looking to resell to their patrons and increase the available revenue for their charity causes.

Leisure and Hospitality Venues, with active gift shops, are able to generate more turnover by retailing Promotional Teddy Bears to their visitors.

Why Would You use Promotional Teddy Bears?

The main Benefits For Brands and Business.

One of the key reasons that businesses invest in Promotional Teddy Bears is the visibility of their contact details when their service is needed. Furthermore, the strength of existing relationships with clients is increased by providing a toy to be appreciated by the younger members of the family. This then allows for the business name to remain in the household.

For Businesses working with a Mortgage or Family insurance product Sales promotions can be created around the Business development objective by inviting potential clients to discuss a service and giving a bear to the children after the meeting, to be taken home.

Main Benefits for Charities

The logic behind charities using Custom Teddy Bears is that it allows them to raise additional funds for the charities and their cause. This entices people to donate as they not only get the ‘feel good factor’ for donating but they are receiving a gift for doing so. Additionally, this then raises the profile and causes of the charity.

Main Benefits for Retail Resellers

Retail Resellers can often do well for themselves by selling customized merchandise to very engaged audiences. For example, anything music related usually draws engaged audiences, whether it be a music festival or a concert. Especially if the genre of music is child-friendly then Printed Teddy Bears can go a long way.

Main Benefits for Clubs

Sports clubs look to expand their popularity by using mascots. They can then sell merchandise in their stores to raise funds for the club and also try to bolster their fan base. Nine times out of 10 these mascots are animals, therefore making Personalised Teddy Bears and stuffed animals their best way to go. Sports clubs are normally very family friendly and when parents take their children to matches it is inevitable that the child is going to want a toy of some sort, and to the child, there is nothing better than seeing their favourite mascot in the form of a Personalised or Custom Team Teddy Bear.

Main Benefits for Leisure and Hospitality Venues

A huge part of leisure venues such as theme parks, aquariums, museums, art galleries and even holiday parks are the gift shops. For the majority of these places, the only way to exit once you’ve finished your day is via the gift shop. This allows for these leisure venues to stock up on Promotional Bears and stuffed animals amongst other promotional products to sell to their customers. Printed Teddy Bears are always a great memento, especially for children to remember their fun experience. An additional benefit that helps the retailer is having promotional teddy bears in the gift shops of their venues is that it also allows for their venue to be advertised with the new owner of the personalised Teddy bear when taken home.

Hotels and holiday parks often sell a selection of promotional products behind the desk at reception or even have their own gift shop in the lobby area. Seeing as these are very family orientated venues it is quite often the case that the parents buy their children a gift at the end of their stay, and a Promotional Teddy bear in a Printed T-shirt is always a popular choice.

Main Benefits for Schools and Nurseries

A convenient way for schools to raise funds is to sell Personalised Teddy Bears and stuffed animals to their students and younger children at a school fete or fair. This could include games that involve winning the Customised Teddys Bears as a raffle prize. Moreover, some schools and nurseries may want to use the Promotional Teddy Bears as incentives for students to show good behaviour or reward those that perform well in class and exams by giving them as tokens if these standards are met.

Main Benefits for Youth Clubs

The way in which Personalised Teddy Bears could aid youth clubs is that of which is similar to schools as they could help to entice kids to work harder and achieve their goals by using them as rewards and prizes. Again like schools, they could also be used to raise funds for the club if they were sold at events or on match days. If the youth club is involved in sport and has an animal-themed mascot, this would most certainly appeal to the children involved.

What are my options for my custom teddy bears clothing?

We offer a wide range of Custom Clothing for your Personalised Teddy Bears. Some of our best sellers include;

Custom printed T-Shirt – White t-shirts prove to be the most popular choice for dressing the bears because full-colour custom designs can be replicated easily by digital transfers.

Printed sash– A printed sash allows for a simple text such as a company or club name to be printed and wrapped around the bear as a custom teddy.

Knitted Jumper – Loved by schools as it allows the freedom to embroider school crests and names easily to a wide variety of colours representative of the school.

Printed Ribbon Around the Neck – Screen printed logos or texts are branded to one side of the ribbon of which is then dressed around the teddy bears neck.

Promotional Teddy Bear – Elephant Shaped

Promotional Elephant Teddy Bear – 15cm

Contact for options regarding Colour of the T-shirt.

Also available in a neck-scarf or bandana – Contact for details.


From £4.35

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25cm Honey Jointed Bear

25cm JOINTED HONEY BEAR: Our large 10″ Jointed version of our popular Honey Bear Range!!
Your choice of a plain bear which can be dressed in a printed Sash, Bow, T-Shirt, Hoody and Hi-Vis Vest printed from one colour to full colour where possible. Please note that the bear is measured from head to toe in a standing position.

Bear can be supplied with your choice of Sash, Bow, T-Shirt, Hoody and Hi-Vis Vest, contact us for your bespoke bear quote.

From £3.31

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Sparkie Bear – 25cm

25cm SPARKIE BEAR: Our largest Ginger Jointed Bear with a little sparkle in his fur!!

Sparkie is also available in alternative sizes; 15cm and 20cm

Please note that the bear is measured from head to toe in a standing position.

Contact us for a price on alternative clothing choice of Sash, Bow, Hi-Vis Vest, Hoody or Cap’n Gown

From £3.86

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8cm Tubby Bear

8cm TUBBY BEAR: The little sitting Bear with a Big Belly in a lovely short pile fabric!! complete with sash.

All Included: Our Tubby Bear with a Satin Sash available in 15 colours and printed up to 3 colours or a polysoft sash printed full colour.

Also available with printed T-shirt or ribbon, contact us for pricing.

From £1.10

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Tubby keyring Bear – 8cm

8cm Tubby Keyring Bear: The little Bear with a Big Belly and a high-quality 35mm Split Ring and clipper attachment. Our little Tubby Keyring Bear dressed in a White cotton
T-Shirt and printed up to full colour. Can also be supplied as

Can also be supplied as bear with sash, bow, or ribbon, contact us for pricing.

From £1.73

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Hugo Hoody Teddy Bear – 16cm

Teddy bear plush wearing a hooded sweater.

Size: 13 x 16 cm.

Print Area: 25 mm x 12 mm – Front of sweater.


From £2.51

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Giraffe Soft Toy with Printed T-shirt – 21cm

Our Gertie Giraffe Soft Toy comes complete with a white full colour transfer printed T-shirt.

Sitting at 21cm tall.


From £5.46

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Horse Soft Toy with Printed T-shirt – 21cm

Our Henry Horse  Soft Toy comes complete with a white full colour transfer printed T-shirt.

Sitting at 21cm tall.

From £5.46

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Piggy Soft Toy with Printed T-shirt – 21cm

Our Patsy Piggy Soft Toy comes complete with a white full colour transfer printed T-shirt.

Sitting at 21cm tall.


From £5.46

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Lion Soft Toy with Printed T-shirt – 21cm

Our Lewis Lion Soft Toy comes complete with a white full colour transfer printed T-shirt.

Sitting at 21cm tall.


From £5.46

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Monkey Soft Toy with Printed T-shirt – 21cm

Our Marley Monkey Soft Toy comes complete with a white full colour transfer printed T-shirt.

Sitting at 21cm tall.

From £5.46

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Charlie Bear Soft Toy with Printed T-shirt – 21cm

Our Charlie Bear Soft Toy comes complete with a white full colour transfer printed T-shirt.

Sitting at 21cm tall.


From £5.46

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Stress Injured Teddy Bear with Arm in Sling

Our stress injured teddy bear is highly popular for insurance, accident or injured at work companies or even a boost of moral for the poorly in hospital. When printed with the company name or brand this offers great promoting potential.

Size: 60 x 86 x 60 mm

Print Area: 25 x 20 mm



From £1.41

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Keyring Bear with Printed T-Shirt -10 cm

Mini Bear keying dressed with style, sitting at 10 cm Tall, with a customised T-shirt.

Perfect for children’s gifts, fundraising for charities causes, Schools, and Playgroups.



From £1.43

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Soft Stan T-shirt Bear in Varied Colours – 26cm

Our T-shirt bears are an ideal and cost effective solution when promoting your company. T-shirts are stocked in white, navy, black, green and red. We can manufacture bespoke T-shirt colours when ordering 1,000 units or above.

T-shirt bears are available in 26cm, 20cm and 16cm sizes

Minimum order quantity 100 units

Rationalisation method: Embroidery

Manufactured to conform with European EN71 regulations.

We are able to supply coloured T-shirts at additional cost.


From £3.86

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