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Equipping your clients with printed promotional bags is an instrumental tool to promote your business, services and contact details benefiting the receiver with a functional practical item to be used out and about.

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10oz Cotton Canvas Tote Bag – 5 Day

From £1.12

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10oz Eco Friendly Natural Cotton Tote Bag

From £1.37

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13″ Laptop Sleeve

From £13.53

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15.6″ Deluxe Computer Messenger

From £17.20

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5oz Coloured Cotton Tote Bag – 5 Days

From £1.05

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5oz Cotton Tote Bag – 5 Day

From £0.74

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7oz Cotton Tote Bag – 5 Day

From £1.06

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8oz Black Cotton Canvas bag – EXPRESS 5 DAY

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8oz Natural Cotton Canvas bag – EXPRESS 5 DAY

From £1.22

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Bicycle Pouch

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Biodegradable Carrier Bag

Bright Coloured Tote Bag – 3.5oz

Showing 1-12 of 57 results

Promotional Bags are a roaming billboard for your brand

Exhibition attendees are given promotional conference bags whilst visiting events to carry around company brochures, promotional leaflets, and merchandise throughout the day, promotional conference bags will aid your business or services, as the delegates roam around the conference hall advertising your message throughout the venue.

Consider your Sales team walking into new business meetings furnished with printed laptop bags further nurturing and promoting your company’s professionalism and corporate image.

Does your business operate in the travel or leisure sector? Gifting promotional cooler bags, or Branded travel bags to your clients as a personal practical gift item, will allow your logo to be viewed multiple times whilst in transit, and serve as a lasting reminder to the client of your Company’s brand, and your business relationship, and offerings.

With the introduction of the single-use carrier bag charge to England on the 5th October 2015, re-usable shopper bags, and promotional Fold Up Bags as a promotional product choice is more well-received than ever.

Suitable for multi-use and storage on the inside of a smaller handbag or even pouch the Promotional Fold Up Bag will stay with the receiver for a long time.
Evidence suggests that up to 6000 marketing impressions are made during the lifetime of a promotional bag, for a small investment your brand and message will be carried all over a neighbourhood and community.

The use of the Promotional shopping bag will not only be beneficial to the visibility of your business but the receiver of your promotional bag gift, have a higher likelihood of dealing with your business or services again.

The different types of Promotional Bags

Promotional Polythene Carrier bags are best provided for one-time use, for your customer or prospect to take away provided information such as a new company brochure, price list or sample pack of goods. For printed promotional bags the plastic carrier bag proves to be very economical for volume handouts and budget conscious events, whilst contributing to advertising your brand to the attendees.

The Re-usable Cotton Shopper bag and promotional shopper bags are available as short or long-handled varieties, again offering great assistance to the receiver to carry information away from an event, open day or fundraiser, and benefiting your brand, charity or business for future use out and about with domestic shopper in the community, local public areas and schools.

The promotional drawstring bag or sports totes is a popular marketing tool to accommodate Promotional advertising to sports clubs, schools and colleges. Enjoyed by the team members as the bag associated with their favourite club or place of education.
The promotional drawstring bag is also a favourite with Primary schools to chaperone the children on day out activities or trips, and assists in the identification of youth groups.

Schools also favour the polyester document school bag, available with reflective strips for Hi – visibility of students in the darkest of winter months, with the practicality of a Velcro opening with children to easily access their school books and homework. As most printed school bags are made from polyester it further benefits the students with a waterproof build to provide the contents of the bag from bad weather.

Personalised paper gift bags are favourable to businesses in need of a promotional bag to package thank you gifts, or purchased merchandise, Presenting your items to your client in a luxury paper gift bag will provide a premium feel and outstanding impact to the receiver. With a wide assortment of sizes to choose from and laminate paper options, custom paper bags can add a charming reflection on your gifting efforts.

For sectors promoting health and well being, Branded Jute bags are a champion choice for holistic or beauty brand purchases, to re-used and valued, for further shopping in the retail park, and then used further afield around the receivers hometown and community

Printed Promotional Bags can be Eco-Friendly and SEDEX sourced for the eco-minded business and created from recyclable PET plastics materials.

Reusable fold up shopper bags will be well received as a gift from Charities. As it benefits the owners with the ease of storage in cars and handbags whilst allowing the owner to visible show they recognise the charity cause and provide the individual with recognition as a supporter of a course they below strongly in.
Charity Supporters carrying around Promotional Bags branded with the Charities messages and “calls to action” will drive additional observation to their fundraising activities and concerns, and may benefit the charity with brand new ambassadors and drive new contributions.

Printed Cooler bags and Custom Can coolers add a little fun and novelty to a promotional advertising campaign, if used as a marketing tool to students and individuals in camping or caravan clubs, can prove very beneficial for ROI and engagement to an outdoor loving audience.

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Things to consider when choosing the right promotional bag

Consider are you looking to provide the promotional bag for multi-use, or one time use such as an event or retail purchase.

Do you want the receiver to continue to enjoy using your custom bag and spread your company’s message?

Does the printed bag need to contain A4 or larger sized brochures or catalogues, with pricing or product information for your prospect or client, such as an A4 portfolio or printed brochure? If so consider the dimensions of the bag and the items to go within, your promotional bag will need to be large enough to hold your required contents

How many promotional items are you going to include in the custom bag, perhaps a printed brochure, promotional mug and branded pen set, you will need to consider a promotional gusset bag, with enough depth and width to comfortably hold your promotional products.

Consider will the printed bag need to be waterproof, or utilised at a sporting event, explore the waterproof Promotional drawstring bag options and check on the specification for the materials used to ensure the bag will stand up to wet weather use.

Perhaps your promotional bag needs to appeal to students in higher education who will need to use the bag for the day, out and about around university campus and departments, Promotional Backpacks are sensible and considered popular among many leading Universities and Colleges, transfer printed with the crest of their favoured University, and cherished as a memento after the student has left higher education.

Not all custom printed bags are suitable for all logos

Consideration needs to be made regarding your choice promotional bag, to its suitability for branding with your chosen design or logo.

Non woven promotional bags and polypropylene bags are only suited to 1 colour, single spot colour printing to 1 side, examples such as Non-Woven bags, due to the material blend (recycled plastics) are limited with screen printing as 1 colour only (mono) as the ink will thicken and bleed, leading to uneven messy reproduction of artwork as a multicolour design.

Promotional cooler bags and travel bags are manufactured and built to consider the opening and closing of the bag, to include Velcro strips or zip mechanisms. With the introduction of such trims to the bag, this can limit the access to Screen or transfer printing plates, so the print area may be somewhat reduced, or limited to 1 colour and not suitable for full transfer printing process, due to the lack of availability of the promotional bag for the printing machinery plates.

Promotional conference bag options such as custom printed polythene carrier bags, cotton shopper tote bags and drawstring bags can offer a comprehensive selection of print and branded methods for you to select, such as spot colour screen printing, digital transfer for full-colour reproduction, and UV Print offerings for full colour to be applied to a darker coloured promotional bag of your choice.

Branded sports bags, promotional holdalls and customised backpacks and business laptop bags can offer screen printing, full-colour transfer print options with the additional options to explore embroidery to set areas or panels to the bag, that have been thought-through when the bag was designed to be used in the promotional merchandise market.

What to put in your promotional bags

A collection of promotional items placed into the custom printed bag of your choice will help endorse your business services and brand message across an exhibition venue.

Take into account the size of your custom bag and if it is suitable for multiple catalogues and promotional items, or better suited to a small gift offering to your visitors to your exhibition stand or offices.

Preferred items to be handed within a cotton shopper promotional bag include a branded promotional mug, printed pen, promotional notebook and a little-branded confectionery.

If you are looking to achieve a more executive premium gift experience, laminated paper promotional gift bags with rope handles will excite the receiver about the hidden contents.

Consider higher-end personal items such as engraved compact mirrors for beauty brands, alongside a sample of the new product to add to the enjoyment of the promotional present.

Electrical power banks and technical promotional gadgets work wonders for a technical service sector or brand, suitable bags for the sector include coloured promotional tote bags and reusable shopper bags.

Explain my options for promotional bags for life.

Since the carrier bag tax of 2015 was introduced in the UK, promotional bags for life have never been more popular!

With a large array of available fabrics, sizes build, trims and gussets, a reusable shopper bag option is available to all brands.

For ease, we have put together a brief on some leading benefits and considerations for the more popular choices.

Promotional Cotton Canvas Shoppers

  • Variety of cotton weights to suit all budgets, ranging from 4 – 10 oz as standard
  • Choice of long or short handles
  • From the natural cotton colour, usually, a shade of beige to a stunning array of dyed cotton colours, for brand matches
  • Sedex varieties, perfect for companies sympathetic to Eco causes
  • Compact versions are available to be re-used after the exhibition or event, to contain lunches or small items
  • Lightweight yet durable for re-use
  • Promotional cotton shopper bags are also available with a gusset, do you intend on placing multiple products, catalogues and brochures into one bag?
  • The canvas bag offers a diverse range of print options, ranging from screen printing spot colours to full-colour transfer, however on a standard size the promotional cotton shopper bag the max branding area is 250 x 250mm, if you require a larger print area, consider an alternative bag.
  • Consider Long handles as your choice of cotton promotional bag as this will help the receiver carry the bag around the exhibition whilst freeing up their hands to explore the venue, and take refreshments, and interact with you at your stand.

Promotional Non-woven polypropylene bags

  • Differing weights build, shapes gussets and sizes
  • Available in portrait, and landscape sizes
  • Short and long handle options
  • Very cost effective, for the budget conscious
  • Laminated promotional bags are considered as the main “bag for life” favoured by large brands and retailers
  • Looking to pick a laminated non-woven promotional bag will allow for complete print coverage and Pantone matching
  • Promotional Folding non -woven bags benefit the receiver, for ease of storage packing away in a small handbag or car door
  • Bespoke custom sizes can be manufactured on volume, for an exacting promotional requirement
  • The cheapest option for promotional bags are usually a non-woven variety
  • Some of the more affordable non -woven promotional bags available may only be suitable for 1 colour screen print, due to the thicker ink required to brand to the polypropylene blend.
  • Consider the weight of the non-woven material, you may want to request a sample of the bag before moving forward with an order, some of the value ranges are very thin.

Promotional Jute Bags

  • Due to the natural colours and blends of the jute, the Jute style of bag is favoured by retailers of holistic and health brands, plus food schools and produce retailers.
  • The inside of the Promotional Jute can be PP laminated for additional internal support or waterproofing.
  • Coloured web handles and multiple options of coloured panels, allow for an additional level of personalisation.
  • Variety of landscape and portrait shapes to consider, along with mini jute bags for the smaller, quirkier promotional gift.
  • Printed Jute bags are considered Eco-friendly, and sustainable.
  • Jute bags are also available in tall builds suitable for wine bottle gifts.
  • For an additional layer of Eco consideration, Promotional Jute bags are also available in Biodegradable materials.
  • If you are a larger brand or food retailer consider a bespoke custom sized Promotional Jute Bag.
  • Looking to retail the Jute bags for your charity or fashion chain, contrast colour Jute Shopper bags will be sure to sell.

Exploring options for best bags to be used for exhibitions

Convention promotional totes will serve you and your business well, for handing over company information, price lists and samples, but which shape or style of bag will offer you the most assistance.

Exploring the long-handled promotional shopper bags available will free up the hands of your prospects whilst mooching around the venue.

If you are expected to see a large footfall at the event and need to consider volume handouts than a budget-friendly promotional tote bag will be one of your main concerns.

Considering your required logo and print colours will also drill down on your promotional bag options further, the non-woven varieties are often only suitable for single spot colour printing, if you are able to replicate your logo as a mono design, then the non-woven bag will be your front-runner.

A promotional cotton shopper bags utilized at the event stands a fighting chance of being re-used by the receiver away from the event, further increasing your number of impressions.

If your budget allows a little more spending, and your sector touches on the holistic or food sector a customised jute shopper will engage your audience further, hold a higher perceived value to the receiver and will continue to carry for brand and contact details for the lifetime of the bag.

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