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Branded promotional products are everywhere. You cannot really escape them. We are all used to seeing the “big branded promotional items” out there. Promotional water bottles; branded promotional gifts from businesses; branded promotional merchandise; the list is virtually endless. But why do they do it? What is the value of a branded promotional product? I mean what even is a branded promotional product?

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100% Recyclable Plastic Drinking Bottle (500ml)

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10oz Cotton Canvas Tote Bag – 5 Day

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10oz Eco Friendly Natural Cotton Tote Bag

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12 Sided Trolley Clip

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13″ Laptop Sleeve

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15 cm Plastic Ruler with Magnifier and Protractor

15.6″ Deluxe Computer Messenger

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15mm 3D Logo Lanyards – Various Colours

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15mm Reflective Lanyards – Various Colours

2 Maryland Cookies Gift in Personalised Bag

2-In-1 Music splitter keychain with stylus

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20mm Executive Woven Lanyard – Ideal for Events

Showing 1-12 of 1308 results

What is a promotional branded product?

Put simply, promotional branded products are gifts, merchandise and stationery that have some sort of recognisable information on them. Something that when you give it out at a show or at a conference, people remember your brand. Imagine if you could have that level of exposure that your customer base is passively engaging with your marketing all the time. Now think about how you may already be subject to this. The pens you use; the mug you drink from; the water bottle you use to be more eco-friendly; you may think it doesn’t work on you, but it does.

Why would you use branded promotional products?

There are loads of reasons to use branded promotional items and the main one is to increase your brand recognition. Getting your branded promotional merchandise into the hands of your clients, new and old, is a reminder. A reminder that you exist, that you have been in contact before, that you are an option. The more they see your branded promotional products, the more your company becomes synonymous with their needs. They stop seeing you as an option and see you as the option. This doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to be effective! Your sector, brand message and timing can make all the difference when it comes to promotional branded products.

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How can you make your promotional branded products effective?

The first thing that you will hear from the executives and managers in the office is, “What is the potential return on investment (ROI) for branded promotional items?”. Let’s be realistic, having branded promotional products for the sake of it is not going to be very lucrative or effective. So here are a few ways to get the most out of your branded promotional merchandise:

Know your audience.

This may sound obvious, but it is not quite the same as “what does my target market do?”. This is more, “what would my target audience find useful?”. If it is for internal use , such as memos or on boarding starter packs, look into useful items like stationary. If your branded promotional products are going to existing clients, what are they like? Do you work in a very corporate “old business” sector? Where a shirt and tie is the normal attire, then keep it smart, invest in a more premium feeling promotional branded product. In insurance and finance, a solid pen made from metal and engraved will stand out more than the cheapest plastic pen you can find. On the other hand, if your audience is students, coming for an open day, you don’t want to spend your entire budget on expensive promotional items. Triangular highlighters, and the contour range of pens will be a great way to get yourselves in front of potential academics. If you want to show that not only is your University the best place for them academically, but also a fun experience for their first time away from home, Fidget spinners are a winner, and they can also come with charging cables too!

Know your message and impact.

Following on from your audience, perception is equally as important. Having a potential client lined up and missing the mark with their needs could be a drastic setback. Imagine if you worked in construction and promised to use FSC wood and delivered the cheapest wood you could find, they would never use you again! Well, branded promotional products are no exception to this. As more and more companies are more concerned with their ecological impact, it is important to choose the promotional branded product that reflects your ethos. If you are sending single-use plastics to an environmental charity, you will never hear from them again. Not only that branded promotional gifts need to be useful and inclusive. If you are working with a charity that helps children with autism, anything loud or has a bright light on it will not let the world know you are sensitive to your audience.

Look around your office.

If you are struggling for ideas on what branded promotional products are useful, just look around you. There will be branded promotional item ideas on almost every desk. Or even imagine the day to day life of the office. Colleagues start turning up to work; turn the kettle on; make a coffee; this is the first instance of any branded promotional product for most people. They make their drink and sit down at their desk, using a coaster, branded by one of your suppliers. They go to the water cooler, using the water bottle the gym gave them when they signed up. They sit back down and plan their day, on a branded calendar using the branded promotional pens you got from that conference last month. These are already great everyday examples and this is all before 9am!

What would you use?

This does link with the branded promotional products used in the office but can also offer insight into items you use personally that you know similar people would use day to day. You have documents for a meeting on a Promotional USB drive for example. You are giving them the information on branded memory stick. As far as branded promotional gifts go, memory sticks are cool, technology and extremely useful. Why not on Monday morning, as you go to do anything, grab anything or use anything, note it down. If that is your journey, then it will be other peoples too! Branded promotional products are everywhere. Make sure you are the one sitting on someone’s desk and not your competitors!

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