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Huge events such as the 2018 World Cup and the upcoming Euros are a great way to promote your business or charity because everybody will be talking about it. Businesses use this opportunity to engage with customers and clients in a fun way.


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30 Panel Football Slazenger

From £8.48

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A5 Size Football Notebook

From £1.83

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All White Promotional Football Size 5

From £4.49

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Chocolate Medals (75mm)

From £1.12

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Cube with Chocolate Footballs

From £1.89

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Custom Printed Match Football Size 4 or 5

From £8.90

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Custom Printed Trainer Football Size 4 or 5

From £6.32

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Custom PU Match Football Size 5

From £10.39

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Custom Vintage Real Leather Football Size 5

From £14.19

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Football Chocolate Coin

Football Shaped Rucksack

From £1.15

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Football Stress Toy

Showing 1-12 of 38 results

How could you promote your business using Football?


There are a huge variety of promotional products that businesses and charities can invest in, such as Promotional footballs, promotional flags, promotional mini footballs, promotional football stress items and many more.

With the Football being as popular as it is, everyone wants to get involved. You can invest in promotional flags of teams in the Football for internal use to boost motivation within the workplace, Promotional footballs can be included as a gift with purchase and promotional stress footballs to be handed out at events, exhibitions and sports clubs.

When choosing your Promotional Footballs, Size 4 branded footballs are generally the most popular size purchased due to their size being not too big, and great for Youth Teams and training.

Promotional Footballs at size 2 ( Skill balls) are more affordable when compared to the other larger sizes, they are easier to store and ultimately can be used for office fun without causing too much damage!

You could also consider investing in Promotional Mini Footballs for offices short of space, and to stretch a promotional budget or marketing spend that little bit further.

Custom Printed footballs, don’t need to be a huge expense but can bring a lot of team engagement internally and externally when gifted to clients.

For a promotional product investment, gifting a Branded football will ensure that your logo stays around to remind your clients or prospects about your services and contact details.

Here is a guide to the different sized promotional footballs and their dimensions.

Ball SizeRadius (mm)Circumference (mm)
Size 5 109 – 113690 – 710
Size 4 100 – 105634 – 660
Size 3 93 – 97584 – 610
Size 2 81 – 89508 – 558
Mini (Size 1 )69432

What kind of World Cup promotional products are out there?

Promotional Euros gifts can range from promotional clap banners, branded footballs, promotional stress footballs, promotional flags, branded bang bang sticks and many more.

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