What makes Promotional Products Great for Educational Centres and Organisations?

Educational promotional items are great for Education Centres and Organisations because they help them to stand out and look professional. For
example, when university or college students are out in public wearing their branded hoodie, others will see and automatically think of that college
or university. Another reason promotion products are great for Education Centres and Organisations are that they help them to raise money
for anything they may need.

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What are Education Centres?

Education Centres are fundamental to the world. They are safe places for children to learn everything they need to be able to progress in life with
a career path of their choice. The main course of action for Education Centres is to ensure the local delivery of national programmes, of teacher
professional development on behalf of the Department of Education and Science.

When would Education Centres need Educational Promotional Items?

One of the most important times for a School, College or University to have educational promotional products is during open days. This is a crucial
period whereby they will be trying to convince students to join them. At universities and colleges you will see each subject/ department have their
own stands.The reason why it is vital for colleges and universities to have educational promotional items at these open days is because they want
these students to remember them and they also want to leave a good impression on them in the hope that they choose to study with them. If they
can leave each student with a practical educational promotional product that has the logo of said university or college, it will benefit them as the
product is likely to be used often by the student.

Another time that educational promotional items are needed by colleges and universities is when they are trying to raise funds. Funds are needed
all the time for many reasons such as field trips, new equipment, improving infrastructural facilities and new uniforms. The perfect way to raise
funds is to sell educational promotional products in the College or University shop. These educational promotional items would need to be
practical and perfect for Uni Life and college students.

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What kind of Promotional Products work for Schools, Colleges and Universities?

The kinds of educational promotional products that will work for colleges, schools and universities are the practical kind. For example, a product
that would be vital for college and uni students are USB Flashdrives. A lot of the work that students do nowadays is online using computers and
laptops, therefore having a USB Flashdrive would be great as they can save work onto these USB Flashdrives and switch between working in
their own accommodation and university/ college library. Education Centres may also want to do their part for the environment by not
overindulging in plastic educational promotional items so therefore the Cardboard Woodland USB which is made mainly from cardboard is perfect!

Another product that would be great for Uni Life and Colleges is multi charging cables such as the 4-in-1 Charging Cable. This again is related to
technology and in today's day and age, nearly all uni and college students have their own smartphones, tablets and laptops. Therefore, products
such as the 4-in-1 Charging Cable are a fantastic tool for students as it would allow them to charge multiple devices at the same time once
plugged into a power source.

As mentioned previously, Branded Clothing is great for colleges and universities because the students are proud to wear them when out and
about in public or strolling around campus. The College Hoody – Embroidered with your Logo is perfect for students as it is really comfortable and
suitable to wear when doing sporting activities.

Printed Canvas Bags are useful for open days because students are constantly being handed brochures amongst other items. The 10oz Eco
Friendly Natural Cotton Tote Bag is one of the most popular choices because it is a quality sturdy bag that also ticks the Eco-Friendly box.

A product that has worked in the past for primary schools and nurseries is Branded Teddy Bears. They are usually given to the children when they
leave school either for summer or on their final day before leaving for good as a memento of their time at the school or nursery. Teddy Bears can
have either branded t-shirts, hoodies or bows and children love them!

What has Diamond Branded done to help with Education Centres?

Diamond Branded has helped many schools, colleges and Universities in the past. One that stood out for us in the past was when we helped
Bishop Burton College. They are a one of the UK's finest land-based institutions and were hosting an equestrian event for their students. What
they needed was a Horse Soft Toy with a printed scarf to hand out. The only problem was that we needed to get them done in a short space of
time in order to hit the date of the event. Diamond Branded successfully overcame this challenge and the finished product looked great!

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