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We provide a range promotional products to a variety of industries.

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100% Recyclable Plastic Drinking Bottle (500ml)

From £1.06

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10oz Cotton Canvas Tote Bag – 5 Day

From £1.12

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10oz Eco Friendly Natural Cotton Tote Bag

From £1.37

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12 Sided Trolley Clip

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13″ Laptop Sleeve

From £13.53

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15 cm Plastic Ruler with Magnifier and Protractor

15.6″ Deluxe Computer Messenger

From £17.20

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15mm 3D Logo Lanyards – Various Colours

From £1.17

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15mm Reflective Lanyards – Various Colours

2 Maryland Cookies Gift in Personalised Bag

2-In-1 Music splitter keychain with stylus

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20mm Executive Woven Lanyard – Ideal for Events

Showing 1-12 of 1308 results

Promotional Products For Charity and Fundraising

For a charity, the entire purpose for using promotional products is to spread awareness and raise funds. There is only a finite amount of money people have, so when they do donate, you want to make sure it is to your cause! Raising awareness is not only important for supporting your charity directly. It opens more of the public to a cause they may have never thought about before. A great awareness tool can be silicon wristband,when worn by donors,to spread the word on the amazing work you do!

The biggest hurdle we hear about in the charity sector is the budget. With so many events and fundraisers on the calendar, the budget needs to stretch a long way. Awareness is great, but if you are seen to be throwing money around, it will have a negative affect. Our product consultants take all this into account and help keep costs down; whilst also finding exciting and clever promotional products that we think will work best for your charity! In other words, value for money is important. With nearly 50 years of sales and marketing experience, we know a thing or two about charity and fundraising promotional products. 

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Promotional Products For Construction and Engineering

In a highly specialised field, such as construction and engineering, promotional products need to be both practical and different. Quality is a huge part of the industries promotional product range. Specifically, if you are launching a new product, you need it to be in the minds of all your clients. Be them new or existing. You need to tailor your promotional products to the different audience within the construction and engineering sector. Who do you need to appeal to? The person on site working with the tools, or the person in purchasing who decides what budget goes where. For the latter, the most ideal promotional products will live on their desk. There are the tried and true pens and notebooks. A staple of the promotional product. These are great and practical, and will get used. Another option would be a coaster. This also has the benefit of practicality with the added bonus of never running out of ink or pages. We use the 2D soft PVC coaster for our promotional product branding. It stays on the desk, clients love them and we are always in front of them for when they need promotional products. Check out our promotional desk items section for more inspiration!

Another great way to get brand awareness, is to make your people walking advertisements for the business! Promotional clothing has the benefit of offering your staff and contractors safe and compliant workwear while also drumming up business! 

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Promotional Products For NHS and Healthcare

If you work for the local council, NHS, or any part of government, then you will understand the challenges of finding promotional products that will be cost effective, good quality, and accommodate all the important information. Especially at such potentially high quantities, you need to make sure what you are getting works for you. For example, a big part of the NHS is to recruit. With falling numbers of people applying for jobs, or getting the qualifications to become a nurse, it is now critical to get younger generations interested. Promotional products are a very effective way to do this. Job fares and apprenticeships are one of several events the NHS will have a large potential audience to recruit. You will most likely have one chance to impress them. Promotional hand sanitiser is a quirky and relevant promotional product, as this will basically become apart of life for the prospect. 

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Promotional Products For Council and Government 

Following on from the NHS, local government needs to use promotional products very effectively. They cannot be seen to be spending money on expensive promotional products, as this will be from the taxpayers pocket. The information needed on each item, followed by what is usually an intricate crest or coat of arms that represents a specific area, need to fit on a small print area. Let us look at pens, they are always needed, always used and easy to carry around. Depending on your needs and audience, the Aire Chrome Grip Ballpen offers a great 360 degree wrap to maximise the print area; finished with a chrome grip, the Aire Chrome Grip Ballpen offers a little more in style than the Aire Ballpen for not much more. Another alternative is the Bergman Highlighter Ballpen which offers a very similar finish but with an added highlighter. So if you are aiming to engage kids with your message, this pen would work perfectly with a call to action!

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Promotional Products For Education 

It has been said that education is both challenging and rewarding. Arguably the hardest day of the year for primary schools is the first day of a brand new year. Kids need reassurance and like normality. This time of year can be very stressful for younger children. An interesting idea from a client of ours was to offer the children a card bookmark as a welcoming gift. It read “property of the year one students”. She said she had done this before and having this bookmark was like a badge to say they belong in this school. If you feel these are not as fun as they could be, then I recommend checking out the mophead bookmarks or the animal logo bug bookmarks. But not all promotional products are aimed at the kids, a lot of the time it is the universities trying to entice freshly out of school young adults to join their university. If you have been to an open day at any University you will know the competition is very fierce. The amount of free promotional products you can get is staggering! With that said, what works best? If every University is doing branded merchandise, then how do you stand out? Well in our Uni life section, we have a few promotional product options that we feel are a little out of the box. Water bottles are becoming more popular as the world becomes more environmentally conscious. Couple that with people trying to live a healthier lifestyle, a more striking option is the Jogger Bottle!

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Promotional Products For Estate Agents and Property 

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, where you need to stand out above the rest, you need to make sure you are at the forefront of your clients minds. As more businesses move to a less personal business model; where the online marketplace is becoming saturated. It is important to keep that personal touch. Promotional products are a great way to do so. The littlest of gestures can leave a client feeling valued. From start to finish, a very expensive looking, but cost effective pen will look great and be used! If it is in your clients hands, their go to pen, then they are more likely to come back to you. The pen that does expensive looking for an incredible price, would be the Bowie Metal Ballpen – Mirror engrave.

Now you have the client, all has sold and they have moved. At this point you want to make sure the new owners of the house you sold know who you are. The best promotional product that will live in the house for years to come is a fridge magnet. Specifically, Custom Magnets – House Shaped. You can also couple this with very affordable Promotional Door Stop- Wedge. Above all this, is your company’s image and perception. Looking professional is very important, especially when dealing with substantial amounts of money. Promotional products could make or break any prospective business. While offering a quality service, the Bromham A4 Folder offers a quality look!

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Promotional Products For Exhibition or Events

Exhibitions can be one of the best lead generation tools for a lot of businesses. The event is the perfect chance to really tailor your promotional products to your target audience. Most of the time, the events are expensive to attend and you will be competing with other stands for your audience’s attention. We can look at this in 3 stages. The first stage is to get people to your stand. How are you going to achieve this? A little insider information, but we go for energy and interactivity. The most successful we have found is a “spin to win” wheel. Bright flashing lights; loud buzzer sounds; and other people engaging. Everyone who enters can win something. Just depends on what you want to offer. Top prize could be a handful of Branded Powerbank – Crevix, for example.

So now they are at your stand, you need to engage them. You need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How will we present ourselves?
  • Is it on brand?
  • How can we make it engaging and fun?
  • What is the outcome we wish to achieve?

This is where promotional products come in. If everyone wins something, then they will be taking your brand with them. A sliding scale could work here. If everyone walks away with an Eco Sweets Mini Pot – Fruit Gums just for spinning the wheel, this is low cost, fun, and eco friendly. A company’s responsibility to the environment is key to perception of a business. 

If you are looking at meeting decision makers, in more executive roles then the promotional gifts you bring need to match this. 

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Promotional Products For Farming and Agriculture

When you work in an industry where people are usually born into it, it may seem a little strange to purchase promotional products. However, farming and agriculture is seeing a decline in farmers. With the need for more young people to join the farming and agriculture sector, the need for promotional products is paramount to entice new people in to the sector. The Young farmers union, for example, do recruitment drives. They need to make sure that potential farmers remember who they are. Promotional Products also need to be useful and have a practical element. As they won’t be spending all day at a desk, they need something useful in the fields. A great promotional product that can be used with many other products is a Carabiner Keyring. It clips to any loop on the farmer, and can safely hold keys or a Rechargeable USB key light keyring without them falling out of their pocket. 

From a more commercial and admin based side of agriculture. Promotional products may be needed to sell your services or to impress clients with business gifts. For instance, we recently had a 2D Soft PVC Coaster made up for client in the shape of an egg! It still functioned as a coaster and would be very memorable. Promotional products can be fun and quirky but they need to make thematic sense and offer good return on investment. 

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Promotional Products For Festival And Concert

For a good portion of the population, music holds a very important role in everyday life. Festivals and concerts see record numbers year on year; leading to some great experiences, and memorable moments. Let us start with festivals, and how everyone who goes talks about the experience. Festival goers will want to remember it for a long time. This is where promotional products are most effective. Leaving the festival with memorabilia. The most cost effective and common branded product used is the Silicone Wristbands with Embossed Logo & Infill. It can be used for both memorabilia and to make sure admissions are accounted for. 

One of the most interesting movements in recent years, was the Glastonbury Festival was plastic free. Festivals and Events have had a poor reputation for being bad for the environment. So going eco is definitely important to the modern day festival goer. So to combat this, while offering a piece of memorabilia or merchandise, you should be looking to offer products like the Bio Bottle 500cc for sale. At such a low cost to yourself it could help increase ROI from the festival and show a good message for the environmentally conscious festival attendees.

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Promotional Products For Finance and Business

In the modern world, business is shifting for a lot of industries. Technology companies have changed how they interact with each other and how they present themselves. They no longer wear suits to meetings and focus more on the innovation and the mantra “fail fast and fail often”. This is not the case for the financial industry where perception is reality. If your financial advisor was wearing sandals and a t-shirt, you may not feel you can trust them with your money. Banks and other financial institutions are still seen as very much a corporate and executive industry. So with this in mind, are promotional products still a viable option for these businesses? Very much so. In fact, in some cases it is the only way you will be able to distinguish your business from the rest. 

Wealth management companies especially need to make their clients feel valued. For such a small outlay they could be potentially worth thousands of pounds. When you consider that the Charger Cable with LED logo Engraved and the Ultra Slim Cross PowerBank would look very professional and impressive from a client point of view, the cost is almost trivial. And as a thank you for using your services in particular, you could follow up as a christmas gift with a Corporate Metal Pen Set – Gift Boxed. It is all in the details and how you show value to your clients. 

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Promotional Products For Golf Promotional Items

Golf is not just a pastime for many people. It is always an important way to connect with clients and other businesses. Golf days are a fun way to bring all your clients together and also be introduced to new ones. As a networking tool it can work wonders. So when the summer comes you may want to put on an event that shows the quality of your brand and also promote your business. The Budget Windproof Golf Umbrella is not only practical, but a large billboard that is raised above everyone else. Making it visible at almost all times. Umbrellas have the unique ability to look professional and smart, while also being very useful. Especially with the typical English Summer! 

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Promotional Products For Motor Industry

The market for automobiles is saturated, competitive, and can be quite cut throat. Depending on the status of the car manufacturer in question, the level of the gift of purchase could make the buyer feel important, but it also could make them feel nothing. Buying a car has now become an experience more than a transaction. It is a big commitment financially, usually the second biggest purchase a person will make. So how do you make sure they come to you and always use your services? You build a culture that really works on the how the customer feels when they visit your dealership. When a customer signs up for a car that is worth over twenty thousand pounds, you want them to feel like their custom is valued even after the sale. I remember buying a german car around the nineteen thousand mark and they unveiled it in a special room under a silk cloth. It also had a bow on it which was funny, but I remember it. 

Then when I got in the car I was given a few little extras, the most practical of which was almost identical to the Automatic Storm Umbrella – 23′. Another client that I saw received a bag similar to the 15.6″ Deluxe Computer Messenger. The person’s face was perfect, encapsulating the moment. 

This is more at the higher end market of the motor industry. A lot of people buy family cars or pre-loved ones. The Ashford Plus 450ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle may not be the best idea as the return on investment is just not there. Where as people love Car Air Fresheners, and are incredibly cost effective. Not only is it a nice gesture, it also advertises your business to everyone that person comes into contact with. The fact you can have them in almost any shape to match your brand. Makes them a must buy.

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Promotional Products For Sports

In a world where some variant of sport monopolises the public’s attention, it is impossible not to see some form of branded sportswear. One of the most common branded promotional sportswear products is the 6 Panel Baseball Cap. From cricket to tennis; the baseball cap offers sun protection and a large embroidery area. Perfect for getting your brand noticed. 

A big event in the sports calendars, other than football, are marathons. Whether they are the big London marathon or the multiple race for life campaigns throughout the year. There is one thing everyone needs, a shirt representing what they are doing this for! It can be as simple as a Soft Feel Short Sleeve T-shirt – Various Colours. If the event is taking place at night and safety is paramount, then a great option is to have the Safety Slap Band with Blinking Light to make sure everyone is visible. 

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Promotional Products For Football

Do you, like our office, have a large group of football fanatics? The UK itself has a large football culture, with people of all ages and backgrounds coming together over the sort. So it would stand to reason that it is a very popular source of promotional products. You do not have to be in the business of professional sports to make a statement with a Promotional PVC Football – Size 4 or 5. Giving these to the sales team or marketing to have a kick about at lunch promotes a fun and healthy environment. Of course, not all offices can offer a space to do this. So there is an indoor alternative, with the Promotional Hover Football!

If you are in the football business at some level, or sponsor a club that is, then you can also use this to create a great brand. Kids will need gear for their Sunday league football season and this doesn’t need to be expensive. If you were to get enough of the Youth Sports Grip Bottles for the various age groups everyone would see your business and that you are helping the local community. Which is great for brand awareness and giving back to the community while increasing your local profiling. 

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Promotional Products For Transport and Logistics

With the increase of competition in the UK for logistical services, from the logistic behemoths to small local delivery companies, you really need to find a way to stand out. The big and recognisable names of the industry are no exception to this, as they compete for big contracts. How does anyone stand out in such a saturated market? If you were the biggest logistics company; competing with the second biggest logistics company; for a big tech company distribution contract; how do you make sure you get the business? Turning up to a meeting with a solid plan and the confidence you are the best company for the job is important. As is the competitive cost to level of service you offer. But your competition is going to say that and you need to have an edge. Which is where promotional products come in. Corporate gifts are still one of the most important tools in any business development arsenal. A fun but very practical product would be the Multi-Coloured 6 Function Cable. You can have them in your colours and they will be a forever piece on their desk. 

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Promotional Products For Travel and Leisure

With air travel at its cheapest and most accessible in history, more and more people are jetting off to chase the weather! It is now easier than ever to find your own flights, accommodation and insurance without the need of a travel agent. There are still many that prefer to use the security of a travel agent; especially one they can visit face to face. At this point the potential client is going to weigh there options on a balance of value for money and price. One way the savvy travel agents do this is by offering a useful gift with purchase. Dependant on how much your client is going to be paying, you can go for something cheap or more executive. 

The smart and practical option would be the Reise Travel Accessory Bag which offers a practical way for any traveller to transport valuable everyday pieces of technology safely. If you are appealing to a younger audience, or the gap year student, the same logic can be applied with Large Tote Drawstring Bag. Still very practical, much cheaper, and offers your client an item they wouldn’t get if they decided to book everything on their own.

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