Introduction to Promotional Products

  1. What are Promotional Products?
  2. What Makes for a Good Promotional Product?
  3. How are Promotional Products Used?
  4. Who Should Use Promotional Products?

The 5 Main Benefits

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Repeat Exposure
  3. Positive Brand Image
  4. Mass Marketing for a Small Cost
  5. Customer Satisfaction

Are Promotional Products Truly Effective

  1. Marketing
  2. Customer Relations
  3. Positive Image
  4. Competition
  5. Long Lasting Impression
  6. Quick Turn Around

Promotional Products that Work Together as a Pack

Best Use of Promotional Products

  1. Exhibitions, Open Days and Conferences
  2. Work Do’s
  3. Postal Contact
  4. ROI

Key Features of Your Promotional Products

  1. Utility
  2. Quality
  3. Relevance
  4. Audience Appropriate
  5. Uniqueness

Considering ROI for Promotional Products

  1. What is ROI?
  2. Why do we look at ROI?
  3. What to Consider
  4. How to Measure ROI
  5. Problems with measuring ROI
  6. Is there ROI from Promotional Products?

How Can I Ensure that I Choose the Best Promotional Product for my Purpose?

1. Introduction to Promotional Products

You will have at some point come into contact with promotional products. You may even have a few lying around your house or others you use on a day to day basis.

What are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are items of merchandise that are branded with your company name and logo or strapline. They are available in a multitude of different products but some of the most popular ones you may have come into contact with include promotional pens, mugs, USB sticks, bags and keyrings. Almost anything can be branded with a company name or logo so the options are endless.

Promotional merchandise is also a marketing strategy. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book but still remains effective, even up against some of today’s extravagant marketing campaigns.

What Makes for a Good Promotional Product?

Promotional items tend to work best when they are useful products can be kept for long periods of time and will be reused on a regular basis. If you can design a product that is both unique yet practical then this is a winning formula to get your product both utilised and talked about. See ‘best use promotional products’ for more details on what makes for a successful promotional item.

How are Promotional Products Used?

They are often used as thank you gifts for existing customers and/or employees. A helpful tool to attract new customers. They are also used for the purpose of brand awareness and are beneficial to companies to allow them to stand apart from the competition. Many businesses will use them at events such as trade shows, exhibitions, open days or conferences to attract traffic and get their brand talked about.

This guide has been designed to tell you a bit more about the benefits of promotional products, how different businesses can use them in the most effective manner and whether spending money on promotional products is financially viable.

Who Should Use Promotional Products?

If you have a business then you undeniably have a brand and an opportunity to market that brand. If you have a company name, a logo, brand colours or a strapline then the promotional merchandise will work in your favour. Of course, if you have all of the above then even better. Some businesses will choose to just focus on one of the above for their promotional items, which can work equally as effective.

Larger scale marketing campaigns can prove to be costly and this may put some smaller businesses off investing in marketing. However promotional items are cheap and do not require a large budget or even a website to convey effective marketing messages

Promotional products are great for small businesses because it helps to increase awareness of their brand. Small or local businesses will often struggle with the vast competition and getting your company out into the saturated marketplace can be difficult.

For such an effective marketing tool, promotional products do not have the same price tag as most other successful full marketing campaigns. This makes it affordable for both small and large businesses.

Big businesses with money to spend can take promotional products to the next level. For example, if we look at Coca-Cola, they have heavily invested in Retail Stores to specifically sell their branded merchandise. This further strengthens their brand ambassadors following, and further increases the brand’s profits. They sell own branded, promotional clothing, glasses, mugs, pens, keyrings, umbrellas, canvas prints, popcorn makers, drinks machines, clocks, fridges, furniture etc. They also invest in Promotional merchandise and volume giveaways in the form of beer mats and glasses to encourage people to try their brand and purchase in the future.

It has also become increasingly popular to use celebrities ambassadors in promotional Marketing campaigns. By gifting celebrities promotional products branded with the company name with the aim to increase the brand’s media exposure by the individuals appearing to use the item or clothing in circulated media such as videos and photos. This is a popular marketing strategy for larger companies or those in fields such as fashion and trend based industries, selling clothing, jewellery, watches, perfume, makeup etc. This again increases brand awareness and makes fans more likely to invest in these seemingly recommended products.

The moral of the story is that both small and large businesses can use promotional products to aid their marketing. You can just vary the amount of money spent along with the quantity and variety of products purchased. If you are just starting out you may just wish to invest in budget pens or mugs and your promotional product range can grow alongside your business.

2. The 5 Main Benefits

Everyone will have promotional products lying around their house or office that we use on a regular basis without ever really thinking about where they came from. But what are the true benefits of promotional products?

Brand Awareness

Every business strives for brand recognition. Brand awareness is how easily your customers are able to recall your brand when looking to purchase. The more brand awareness you create, the more customers think of you first, ahead of your competition and the greater your chances of increasing sales. Being at the forefront of people’s minds is the place you want your brand to be because you become their first port of call in a time of need.

Over one-third of recipients have said they are more likely to do business with an advertiser after receiving these products than they were beforehand.

Repeat Exposure

Well considered products help people to remember you and not forget your Company and message thanks to repeated exposure. Keeping your business at the forefront of your buyer’s mind is important when it comes to customers making decisions.

You customers endorse your brand unconsciously just by using the product in front of other potential customers. These products will be an unconscious, continuous reminder as they slip into the daily lives of the recipients.

Radio and TV adverts are viewed momentarily but can be easily forgotten. Full Media Marketing Campaigns can be costly as you also have to pay every time you want to advertise and this can get very expensive especially in prime time TV slots. It is easy to lose your foothold in the minds of consumers with these short-term fixes so having a product that they use repeatedly reminds your audience not forget you.

With promotional products, you also benefit with the repeated exposure whilst only paying for the product once, whereas with most marketing campaigns you will have to fork out every time you want people to hear about your brand.

Positive Brand Image

Giving away promotional gifts to existing and potential customers will not only increase awareness of your brand but also improve their opinions of your brand.

Of course, this depends on the quality of your products, which is why the products you choose are very important. These items act as a reflection on your business so bear this in mind when making important decisions.

85% of recipients said that they could identify the advertisers that were on the Branded promotional products that they own. They also reported feeling an overwhelmingly more positive about the advertisers and more likely to provide the Business with more favourable ratings.

Mass Marketing for a Small Cost

Complex Integrated Marketing campaigns are typically extortionate and many small businesses do not place their focus into marketing activities as they are afraid of the costs. However, investing in promotional products is an affordable marketing solution with a much larger market.

Providing a mass marketing opportunity allowing you to gain access to a wide range of people, be it existing or potential new customers as they will be able to repeatedly use your promotional product gift. These products will then be visible to additional new people thus mass marketing your brand.

The products themselves then do further work by exposing your brand directly to those who own them and also anyone that comes in contact with the recipient whilst using the product. This sort of marketing is difficult to do via any other method. If someone uses your promotional product they introduce other people who could be your potential customers to your company name and message. A great working example of brand publicity is the use of promotional t-shirt’s because your Company name and logo is viewed by multiple individuals.

You can benefit from cheap promotional products when you look to buy in bulk and the unit price becomes keener on volume purchases are relatively flexible depending on your budget. You do not have to spend lots of money to market to the masses with a Promotional Product campaign.

Promotional items can reward you with the highest number of impressions for the smallest of cost.

Customer Satisfaction

A happy customer is a loyal customer. There’s no hiding from the fact that everyone loves to receive something for nothing, and if that’s what it takes to make your customers happy then promotional products are the way forward. Satisfied customers will increase the opportunity for continued or repeated custom. This also means they may choose to engage in positive conversation about your brand when using the items and recommend your business and services to new potential customers.

3. Are Promotional Products Truly Effective?

This is a controversial question and many marketing professionals seem to have a love-hate relationship with promotional products. However, there are many undisputable benefits to promotional products.


Promotional products are said to give you brand exposure and make your business more memorable, but do they really work?

Yes, because 89% of people who have received a promotional product in the last 24 months will remember the company who gave it to them. Further showing products to increase brand awareness and ensure that you are remembered. In terms of marketing these figures stand well above results produced by TV, radio or Direct Mailing campaigns

These products can provide an invaluable way to promote reciprocal thinking to your customers and prospective customers. In receipt of your promotional product, they are more inclined to come back to you as the supplier for future business or services.

In terms of marketing, promotional products are one of the “oldest tricks in the book” but there must be a reason they’re still so popular and commonly used?

Customer Relations

Gifting promotional products to existing customers keeps them happy and makes them less inclined to drop you for a competitor.

They also provide an interaction between potential new customers and the brand. Whereas other Media Marketing Campaign such as radio and TV advertising are more passive and there is nothing to stop the observer forgetting them as soon as the brief advert is over. Promotional products are used repeatedly, especially when they are proven to be both practical and functional. This opens up many new doorways for possible new customer engagement and the opportunity for further sales.

Positive Image

So we know promotional items enable you to be remembered, but how does alter your image as a business of choice?

52% of people say they have a more positive impression of a company after receiving promotional product gifts from a Business. This is such a simple way to further improve your brand image to over half of your potential audience.

If you select the right products to suit both your business image and sector and your customer base, the consideration will increases how effective your gifted products are. Your product of choice is likely to be kept for a long time if used on a regular basis, and valued by the receiver Promotional products can be a valuable marketing tool to increase your Brand and Services exposure


Stay ahead of the competition. If you are not gifting branded promotional items to your prospects and customers then it is extremely likely that your competitors are. It is always important to stay ahead of your opposition in any industry and avoid the loss of custom. So make sure that you are involved with promotional products so you retain existing customers and make an impression on potential new customers before your competition has the opportunity to.

Promotional items act as a physical advertisement for your brand, services, contact details, social media profiles and website. Exposure to your business then lasts the lifetime of the item. This serves as an excellent advantage when people are looking to change providers and your business already has the upper hand due to the additional visibility.

Long Lasting Impression

Some businesses take the attitude that promotional goods are a waste of money and often get disregarded. However, 50% of people say that they use promotional products on a daily basis. This is a huge proportion of people who are constantly reminding themselves about your business and how useful your products are. These figures stand well above the majority of other marketing strategies in terms of durability.

It is also important to bear in mind that you are not tied into promotional products as a long-term marketing strategy. If you invest once and decide your budget and spend has been reached, or you concluded that your Business did not see an obvious return on your investment, then you do not need to invest any more budget into the promotional product campaign

Quick Turn Around

Some Promotional products can be printed within quick lead times, especially if you already have artwork ready to go. This makes them ideal for last-minute conferences or charity events. This also frees us more time for your marketing team, to re-invest time elsewhere in the run-up to such events. Time is saved by working with a Promotional Product Distributor who will provide you with a full service to ensure your marketing products are delivered promptly in time for your event.

5. Promotional Products that Work Together as a Pack

When most people think of promotional items they consider a promotional pencils, pens or mugs. Whilst these are practical and a reliable choice for repeated exposure, Consider creating more impact with your promotional merchandise offer by investing in promotional products that work together as a gift. Combining a collection of well-chosen products takes your brand awareness and corporate image to the next level.

Below are some great working examples of how combining the correct Promotional Items items together can strengthen the impact of the results once gifted.

If you are a charity who are looking to raise additional revenue and sponsorship for your cause then selling a pack of promotional products may help you raise awareness. For example, you could consider shopping bags, diaries, pens and promotional keyrings. If you sold these packs on for a profit, any profit raised would go towards the charity.

If you are hosting a corporate event such as a golf day with key customers then you can theme your promotional gift sets around these. For example, you could have a promotional umbrella and play using branded golf balls and scorecards. These are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression of your hospitality after the day has ended.

If you have new recruits joining your business you can set them up from day one with promotional products. In their working space, you can provide them with an office branded promotional mug, desk pad, promotional pens and promotional USB with your key corporate message on ready for them to use.

If you sponsor a local sports event or team then why not hand out promotional product packs to the children attending such events. These could include promotional water bottles, drawstring bags, promotional flags, colouring pencils and key rings. These packs would be well received by both the children and families and will then be reused within your local community.

When your sales team visit any client or prospect base, taking with them a promotional product pack can be a great idea. These could contain multiple items such as desk pads, promotional mugs, branded confectionery and a promotional notebook is bound to impress. This also leaves a positive image of your business and is a wonderful thank you to show that you appreciated the time they allowed you for the meeting. This also makes you less forgettable when pitching against other businesses.

It may also be a considered idea to tie all of these promotional gifts together relevant branded packaging that resembles a present and that has to be opened. You can purchase promotional bags or boxes to wrap up your gift sets easily presenting a professional, finished image.

You can be flexible with the promotional gifts you use and sometimes putting together these packs yourself can give a more personal touch as you can tailor the products to the customers’ needs.

6. Best Use of Promotional Products

The best use of branded promotional items is to put across your company services and key messages. Ensure people remember what it is that you do and why it should appeal to them.

Promotional goods have many proven benefits in increasing brand awareness. Alternative ways to reap the benefits from promotional products that you may not have considered include: improving employee relations, increasing footfall at conferences, fundraising, Attracting new customers looking for a new dealer and distributor relationships, introducing new product lines, sales incentives, safety education and market research.

Specific opportunities where you can really benefit from promotional items may include the following:

Exhibitions, Open Days and Conferences

Having promotional giveaways at such events is an effective tool to attract traffic and attention to your stand and Sales team to get people talking to you, and about your Business.

Requesting that your employees or volunteers who work on your stalls at events or charity days to showcase your merchandise will get people to notice you both at and away from your exhibition stand. Your team happily wearing your promotional clothing such as branded promotional lanyards, t-shirts and even promotional sunglasses at such events, provides additional visibility and Corporate image

Providing your guests and visitors during open days and launch events with promotional products to take away after the day, promotes brand recognition, increased support for your services, strengthens existing relationships and will leave a lasting impression.

Are you looking to attract additional visitors to your exhibition stand for an initial meet and greet, planning for business follow up after the event? Then a fun giveaway relevant to your sector would work best.

A promotional tool for sponsor events, such as local teams and clubs, handing out promotional products to the attendees of the event, will increase your brand recognition spread your business message further into the local communities, increasing traffic to your social media sites and website.

You can also use them to create traffic to your site at exhibition stands. This opens an opportunity to meet and greet potential clients. It may be beneficial to introduce a follow-up strategy whether it is taking emails in exchange for products or exchanging business cards. This ensures you get another opportunity to re-introduce your brand in the future.

You can include all the necessary information such as contact details and website addresses but in a more memorable format than a booklet or brochure.

Work Do’s

Promotional items for each member of your team can improve Internal communications for your company’s team, remind employees of your core ethics, introduce new product lines, build a stronger business culture, and shared ethics.

You can also utilise promotional products in celebrations such as anniversaries and industry awards achieved. For example, you could have 20th-anniversary jars of sweets produced or engraved champagne glasses for something perceived as a little more special.

Some businesses organise awards evenings for their highest achievers within the business providing gift sets shows your team gratitude and says thank you for their loyalty and hard work to the company.

Postal Contact (Direct Mail Campaigns)

Promotional merchandise is a useful addition when sending direct mail out to your prospect list and wanting to create a real impact when opened. They will add additional attraction to your brochure and price list, which will give your Sales team a reason to call and introduce your business and your services. If you send letters printed on branded letterhead paper or in a branded envelope with your logo on then this makes you more recognisable, whilst also projecting a corporate, professional image of your Business.

Whether you use your products for a specific event or just consistently throughout all your marketing then it can be a helpful tool to get you noticed and increase awareness of your brand.

ROI – Return on Investment

Of course, the optimal best use of promotional items would be to create a return on investment. This is usually the ultimate goal when gifting products to clients and prospects. Whether you retail your promotional products at events or give them away hopefully in exchange for custom, then you should be making a return on your investment.

7. Key Features of Your Promotional Products

Whether you are using Promotional Merchandise as a free giveaway or looking to retail product for a profit, you need to make sure they are seen as valuable by your customer. If an object is practical then it is useful, if the item is seen as good quality then it is valuable, if it can be kept for a long period of time then it will be valued by the customer.

If you are able to factor in customer interest, brand relevance and budget then this is a recipe for a perfect promotional product choice


A product that is practical to the owner is always well received. For example, promotional umbrellas come in very handy and if they are associated with being useful in a time of need then so will your company.

Some of the most effective items are products that will be used such as mouse mats, pens and mugs. If it can be used on a regular basis this is ideal for both you and your customer.


Your gifted promotional products will emulate your business image, Consider if the product will reflect well on the Business when handed out. Always bear in mind the quality of the products gifted because you do not want potential customers thinking your products are of a very poor quality. You can choose affordable quality promotional products with a smaller spend there is a wide and varied selection.
It’s best to request product samples before potentially buying poor quality items that will damage the appearance of your Business.


Straplines are an effective way to convey your company ethics or unique selling points. For example, if you are a company that deals with environmental concerns consider giving out recycled products, or if you are a health and safety company, health what about one of many High -visibility products available to you.

Make sure that your company culture is not lost in your marketing messages. Promotional products are one of the simplest ways to communicate your brand image and mission statement.

Audience Appropriate

It is important to make sure you choose the best promotional merchandise for your target audience. Think about your potential customers in every marketing campaign you use. If you are appealing to business owners then think about products that they will be using on a daily basis such as mouse mats, memory sticks, mugs and pens. However if you are appealing to families and children consider products such as teddy bears, jigsaws, colouring pencils and keyrings as these are age appropriate.

You will want your branded merchandise to remain with the user for the longest possible time, to aid in the impression and visibility of your brand. Your audience will need to perceive any gift as being of value to them to want to give back to your company. So simply focus on a product that will appeal to your audience.


If you have placed some consideration in your choice of promotional product to match your target audience, budget and communication goals you will see more results. Although generic pens and mugs work wonderfully in terms of repeated exposure, to make a real impression you may want to consider something a little more unique.

Promotional keyrings are guaranteed to be used on a daily basis so a practical, reliable product that will also be seen as a unique offering from your Business will be very well received. Options such as bottle opener keyrings containing a LED torch is a great example that can be utilised to ensure the key ring makes its way onto someone’s keys and firmly stays there.

There are so many varieties of promotional products UK available in the promotional marketplace, so it should not be too difficult decide on an item considered different. Products increasing in popularity include phone stands, design-led promotional travel mugs and Pantone matched pens, the UK promotional product industry is now launching more products to the market every day. If you want to truly stand out from your competitors then this is an excellent way to do it. If your promotional products are innovative then it gives the impression your company and services are well considered also.

8. Considering ROI for Promotional Products

Promotional products are one of the most established methods when it comes to marketing, but does it really achieve any return on investment?

What is ROI?

ROI is a way to measure how effective a marketing tactic is at making money.
It analyses the profits in comparison with the cost of the strategy.
It is also a good way to compare effectiveness with other strategies in terms of how much money they have made.
Understanding ROI can help you when making business decisions and evaluating their effectiveness.

Why do we look at ROI?

There is nothing worse than spending money on a marketing strategy that does not work and does not bring any money in. This is always a fear of business owners because it can seriously impact on the profitability of a Business.

What to Consider

Consider your budget and what your overall goal is when gifting products to your clients and prospects. What is it that you want to gain from your campaign? Is it new clients, existing client reinvestment, one-off donations or instant increase in sales?

If you are worried about overspending then you might need to think carefully about the numbers attending any promotional event and how many products you will need. You can start small and see if the products attracts attention and then up your order quantity for future events. This avoids you overspending unnecessarily and allows for a more accurate estimate of ROI.

Of course how much you spend per item is important in costing. You do not have to get promotional products UK made, you can source them with many International companies across the world, including the Far East. Of course, this will influence your turnaround time adding approximately a month to your delivery with added concerns on import Tax and the quality and safety of the supplied item. Dealing with a UK Promotional Product Distributor will take the hassle out of dealing outside of the UK and ensure your items will be delivered to an acceptable standard, with a contact and company to discuss any concerns regarding your order based within the UK.

How to Measure ROI

You can measure ROI by cost per impression. This is basically the average cost of the advertisement per each time a person sees it advertised. For example, if a TV advert costs £5000 and 50000 people watch it the cost per impression would be 10p.

Industry standard research advises promotional products have a cost per impression of much less than 1p. However, TV ads tend to be more expensive per impression and as an overall campaign cost. Digital media and Television ads have a much larger minimum spend than promotional products providing a bigger challenge to smaller businesses, that cannot afford hefty budgets a part of an expensive marketing cost.

Overall it is thought that promotional products have a very low cost per impression when compared with other marketing mediums. It is thought in the US they even have a lower CPI than prime time TV advertisements and newspaper ads and similar to that of radio and Internet adverts.

When you look at the audience you are giving your promotional products to. You may assume perhaps only 50% are likely to be customers, and then you consider a 50% loss already. However, if you give your products to an audience where 100% of them are likely to be customers then you are not doubling the cost of your items. If you can figure out your immediate rate of conversion say 10% immediately become customers and applying this to the cost of the promotional products for everyone targeted. This gives you a rough baseline for cost per immediately converted customer.

Although the beauty of promotional products is that they have repeated exposure so this figure will be an underestimate of the overall amount of new customers. It also means that you are not just appealing to direct recipients but also to many other customers who see the promotional product in use.

To measure your success it may be wise to employ KPI’s or targets that are measurable. This may be the number of promotional items given away at an event, an increase in sales after a conference or campaign or new enquiries from customers who received promotional gifts or gift sets.

Problems with measuring ROI

As promotional products elicit repeated impressions not only new impressions, this means even more exposure. Building and maintaining a brand image can help you to keep customers you may have lost, obtain new customers in times they may not have otherwise thought about you and generate new enquiries from your customers or prospects when they are looking for a new provider.

These are of course difficult to measure in terms of ROI because we can never be certain whether or not they would have chosen to speak to your business, without the gentle reminder of your service without your promotional products. Sometimes this effect is unconscious so it can be unreliable if we ask people to report whether the promotional product influenced their decision. However, 62% of people did report that they have done business with someone from which they have received a promotional product.

ROI differs drastically for different businesses. Some customers may bring a lot more value than others. For example, if you are a fleet insurance company then gaining one new customer could bring in repeat businesses for hundreds of pounds a month whereas a customer for a specialist product say a kitchen appliance would only bring in a one-off payment of maybe £40. If your existing customer base generates large spends every month then your ROI is probably easier to calculate than one-off purchases. Charities may find promotional merchandise an imperative tool to maintain and generate regular sponsorships or one-off larger donations. If you can see a spike after a promotion event then you may wish to put this down the use of Promotional Products

Is there ROI from Promotional Products?

It will always be difficult to pin down an exact return on investment figure for such products and most other marketing strategies but we can safely say they are an effective angle to consider to advertise to a wider audience and put your brand out there.

A combination of affordable budget spend and increased traffic to your website is proven to further increase in New Customers and increased profits, creating a high return on investment.

How many people come in contact with these items is also one that is difficult to measure. Bags come in at the top with the most number of impressions, one study said a promotional bag could generate 5772 impressions in a month of use. Anything used in a public place will have a higher number of impressions. Others include pens, hats and Branded clothing.

Sadly the ROI on extended business that comes from indirect exposure is very difficult to measure and you will probably never get an accurate answer. Some companies ask ‘where did you hear about us?’ on their websites and offer promotional products as one of the answers. However, this is unreliable because the products could have reinforced another initial impression or acted to subconsciously encourage people towards your brand.

It may be difficult to accurately pin down the ROI of promotional products but a general increase in sales should support your decision to reinvest.

9. How Can I Ensure that I Choose the Best Promotional Product for my Purpose?

First, you need to define the goal of your marketing campaign and work with your product designers and distributors to establish the message you wish to deliver. This process is critical before you start producing products that miscommunicate your Brand’s message.

The Product

Gifting Promotional products is a tried and tested method and has advanced in recent years to be so much more than the classic mouse mat and pen combination. To make sure you choose the most effective products for your Business, be innovative, look at what the next Product trend and what distributors are recommending.With such a wide and varied selection, you can easily obtain a “wow factor” promotional product. This means you will be able to get something related to your field and that appeals to your customers.

Do not forget that more popular products such as Promotional Pens and Promotional Mugs are still effective items to consider due to the daily use. Or if you want something a little more special and tailored towards your audience there are promotional products available for this too.

The important thing is to make a specific visual effect. Do not be afraid to be bold and different if that is what your company represents. The best products are those that are remembered and enjoyed.

Also, match the products to your brand where possible to push forward a brand connection. For example, a cosmetic company may wish to give out a branded makeup bag, wipes or brushes to ensure they are used in and enjoyed alongside their core products.

The Audience

Your target audience is key to choosing the correct promotional products. If you have the right product that appeals to your target audience and will be used frequently, then you maximise your Brand’s exposure. Things to consider regarding your target audience include gender, age, profession and possible product uses. This allows you to create a product that will impress those in your target audience. You may even wish to carry out a focus group with people of a similar demographic before launching the promotional product’s campaign.

If you can source product that solves a challenge faced by your customers, further increasing the product’s use or just an item that your Customers will appreciate every day.

You may even choose to give different promotional products or packages to different clients. The more personal the better because this makes them feel valued as a customer, which gives a more positive brand connection.

The Specialists

For help in any of these areas just look to speak to a Printed Product Specialist to discuss your budget, your audience and your brand. They will have a wealth of ideas of items that work for each industry, Business Sector and marketing event.

Reach out and speak to a Promotional Product Specialist that can guide and advise you on the best options and items available to you. They will be able to look at your budget, provide insights to the product that has worked in your industry previously, and put forward some great relevant ideas for you to consider, within your available spend. They will also consult you on your artwork requirements, advise on printed and branded products best suited to your logo and design, such as single colour print, or more complex designs requiring digital or transfer print processes.

Assistance can also be supplied on products needed quickly, available on express turnaround times, and budget-friendly promotional products that will allow your event or re-brand marketing budget to stretch further.

The Distribution

The final consideration will be your Promotional Product Campaign implementation, ensuring the process is efficient. It is a skill to be able to get promotional products in front of the right people. New customers are especially difficult to navigate. For existing customers, you may have key clients who you can Premium Promotional Product packs or invite to conferences or hospitality events. If you wish to retail your promotional products for profit then sending emails to your customer list could be a marketing approach you look into or advertising on your website. For charities, this is probably less important because donations can come from a variety of sources.

Hopefully, this guide has helped to clarify what promotional products are, how they are used to make money and what to consider before investing. If you have any other questions or would like some advice specific to your business then do not hesitate to contact Diamond Branded and we would be happy to help.


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