Its Easy to Waste Your Promo Product Investment!

Its all too easy to speak to a Promotional Product supplier, that will create a real mess of your Promotional Investment!

Speaking to industry peers recently it was mentioned to me that the larger web based promo suppliers are using a new way to gain business.

Their Sales Team have been targeted to quote as quickly as possible to jump onto the next enquiry, with no Follow Up call or further contact to ensure they had every confidence in the product pricing or selection they have explored.

I Can’t help but see this as bad practice, not providing any advice, guidance or expertise on a product enquiry just gives the investor a terrible service, and potentially a Promo item that will do nothing to help their Brand or Marketing objectives, how do they know if the product is suitable?

I ask myself why are Promotional Suppliers serving enquiries this way?, and seems out of desperation to create business, frantically at any cost, including the prospects ability to choose the right Promotional Item for them.

Just hope this post serves as a gentle reminder for those currently sourcing promotional items, that cheap does not equal quality of service or expertise, more often than not, you are just a number in a large number of enquires that day.

So ask yourself would you rather have the opportunity to discuss an effective range of Promotional Gifts that help you create brand impact, and reflect your business or message, or would you rather have a cheap irrelevant collection of giveaways that confuses your audience and will quickly end up in the bin.

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