Staff Awards

Staff recognition implemented within an organisation creates a sense of purpose within a role and allows team members to strive forward to increase their personal achievements.

Companies showing appreciation of good work within their organisation and recognising the individual staff effort towards the organisation’s objectives will benefit in many positive ways, as well as improving team spirit company productivity.

Staff awards once correctly positioned, planned and implemented within an organisation, is proven to benefit a business with the creation and improvement of team morale and commitment to work towards positive changes for the business goals, increased productivity and efficiency.

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Marketing the future

Implementing a well-considered staff recognition awards scheme into your HR department and marketing communications can help create visions for the future within your staff and departments, and involve your workforce in your company goals and successes, or change management process.

Increased efficiency

One of the many benefits of staff awards within an organisation is to increase efficient operations within departments and increase company performance overall.

Internal communications

For human resource teams struggling to improve an organisational message to its workforce on the company’s core values and ethics, including a staff awards scheme to the team, will help reinforce the internal messages to all departments.

Show the world you care

Staff awards show the outside world that your business appreciates your employee’s and will place your company as an employer of choice for talent acquisition, as an organisation that cares about its employees, rewards success and invests in team pride and morale.

Sense of accomplishment

Employees that have been awarded and involved with staff recognition awards, benefit from a sense of accomplishment and pride in their personal or team achievements, as recognition promotes pride in the workplace, and continues to improve performance within departments and individual staff contributions.

Keeping and recruiting talent

Recognising your staff with awards will ensure your organisation is keeping talent within your business and ensuring they choose you as an employer of choice, remain loyal to your business and goals, and continue to contribute over and beyond what is expected of them.

Praise the shining examples

Recognising outstanding achievements within your organisation by using staff recognition awards as an incentive to award shining examples of achievements within the team or department, or to applaud the performance of star staff within your organisation, and engage your other staff members to strive to be the next best performer within the company.

Hard work is valued

Businesses including staff awards are communicating to the rest of the business that hard work is valued and their contribution is recognised, creating a culture of improvement and internal competition to be the best within your business.

Increase motivation and productivity

Staff recognition awards are proven to be a key tool to increased motivation within team and departments and increase productivity. Individuals are more likely to personally contribute towards department or team progressive goals.

Sense of ownership

Staff will feel a sense of ownership over their role and importance in the task at hand, once a well-planned staff recognition scheme is in place within an organisation, and they the team are clear on what needs to be achieved to be rewarded from the management, and recognised for performance.

Enhanced loyalty

Loyalty is enhanced within your business and company ethics are more easily communicated to a team of employees engaged in a staff awards program. Using the medium of incentives companies can benefit from improved loyalty from their staff, as well as increased performance and improved absenteeism.

Source of inspiration

Rewarding high-performing staff can also be a source of inspiration for other team members to push forward to receive the merit and recognition themselves for individual performance and contributions. Staff will be empowered with self confidence and belief in their individual contribution the importance of their role, with the organisation.

Stops stagnated dated beliefs

Staff awards stop a culture of staff stagnation within their role and department. Implementing rewards within an organisation allows new thinking processes for improvement and innovation.

With the many added benefits of organisations including staff recognition awards within their businesses, rewards increase value to a staff belief in their role, and increases the positive working culture of inclusive engagement in the workplace and an opportunity to increase communications within an organisation on their key company ethics, policies and overall goals for improvement.

Suggested categories for Staff Awards

  • Best team player
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Innovation award
  • Strong leadership
  • Team rising star
  • Employee of the month
  • Best team teacher
  • Improved learner
  • Excellent performance
  • Perfect Administrator
  • Outstanding management

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Staff Awards can be sourced for all levels of achievements and need to reflect what has been accomplished.

Engraved glass awards , are a perfect choice for organisations looking to mark service dates for employees after 5, 10 . 25 years of hard work and dedication to their company.

Jade glass awards can also be sourced in a diverse range of sizes to mark staff awards such as improved learner, 1st. 2nd and 3rd place.

Glass staff awards can be very effective for team awards for display within an office environment for all to see, such as visitors or new team starters.

Metal shield & Metal Plaques can be sourced for organisations to mark the continued innovation of a product department, or to recognise and important date of a visitor to a new site opening, or production facility.

Glassware is a great choice for a retirement gift or to mark aN important anniversary date of an organization’s trading years. Displayed clearly within receptions for all visitors to view, will bring an element of prestige and professionalism to all that view.

Planning your staff awards

Organisations understand the benefits of implementing a staff award into their team rewards programs, and how recognition for outstanding performance within a business granted to those who have contributed the most, improved company culture, efficiency, team morale and productivity.

Before you start a staff recognition scheme and program, consider some of the below points before rolling the scheme out across the business.

To create a staff recognition award program your ultimate goal is to show that your organisation appreciates the individual or teams dedication and hard work, along with their contribution to your company goals and objectives.

Your staff award needs to formally acknowledge staff accomplishments, and unique contributions.

Involve your entire workplace and engage in feedback on how the staff awards scheme can be best implemented and discuss how the team can nominate their chosen staff member for the award. Approaching an entire businesses ensures that they feel involved and engaged by the process. Team morale will also be significantly improved if the staff belief it’s their fellow team members voting for their dedication and hardwork.

How are you going to merit the performance, and how will you measure the staff success. Perhaps your organisation is aiming to award team pioneers in cost saving exercises and staff members looking to research competitors for improved practises and performance.

Companies should look to implement staff engagement and staff awards, but above all standardise positive feedback and recognition across the entire company culture and practise.

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