Recognition Awards

All individuals benefit from their company culture appreciating their individual contribution to overall company goals and strategy. Marking and praising positive improvements within a role and the celebrating job importance will benefit a business culture by increasing positivity in the workplace, additional motivation to the team and individuals along with an elevated productivity within the business overall.

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The importance of employee recognition awards.

Increase intention to stay

HR departments within all businesses are aware of the cost implications and time spent on recruiting new talent into the business, by putting together a staff recognition award program in place, your true talent within your organisation is more likely to want to stay within your employment.

Increasing internal employee relationships

A key factor to the overall success and productivity within a successful business, employee recognition awards will bring the team closer together as they push forward as a team to hit the company targets for merit and award, and continue to work to the elevated standards or a tighter-knit team.

Reducing the negative effects of stress amongst teams

Incorporating recognition awards will benefit your business with further productivity, reduced absenteeism, better work moral and additional communication within departments, producing a culture of openness and willing amongst employees to discuss stress triggers and workloads with management.

Achievements and improvements

Achievements and improvements within a role can be seen, when businesses implement a program for recognition awards within departments, and also individuals pushing forward with improvements on product innovation, creative problem solving, cost saving and efficiency.

Focus on job implementation and importance of role within the business

Employee recognition awards once planned and correctly communicated within an organisation will allow an employee to understand and improve on their individual contributions to the business objectives, focus on the importance of their significant role within the company and carry on to increase performance during their time within your business.

A positive response to recognition and incentives

A positive response to recognition and incentives can be seen on the within the business overall as teams pull together to contribute their efforts towards business goals and objectives and achieve the employee recognition award for their department and company functions.

Employees feel valued and become more productive

Benefitting the company objectives, goals and sales goals, for businesses looking to improve the quality of their services or products, valued teams are more productive, take more pride in their work and are more likely to stay with your organisation and play a part in the continued growth and success.

Motivation to stay and work harder

Motivation to stay and work harder is also seen amongst dedicated teams with a recognition award program in place, that rewards individuals and departments for increased production and quality of work produced.

Efficiency increases

If a department, production site or individual feels motivated to explore more cost effective routes, more creative and efficient work processes and focus on the level of additional output they can personally produce by focusing harder on the task in hard, and achieving the recognition award for their contributions.

Recognition awards maintain the standard of work

Recognition awards maintain the standard of work after the schemes have finished, as teams and departments have learnt how best to communicate for improvements to production and service, efficiency and problem solving, businesses will continue to see the maintenance of the higher standard of work.

Lowering stress and absence within a happier more productive department

Employee recognition awards increases the productivity of all organisations, due to the increased team morale, improved positive culture within the business and departments. Added benefits can also be seen as lower absence rates from happier staff allow the department to be more productive overall.

Employees will be more satisfied with their work

Employees will be more satisfied with their work and continue to be motivated in their role and team. Having a department full of motivated fulfilled team players will continue to improve a business by creating a positive progressive company culture, with individuals excited to contribute ideas for improvements and set standards for the rest of the team.

Recognition awards will see enhanced relationships within teams and management

For teams to succeed in improvements within departments and individual roles, confident communication needs to be used for the team to push forward with the company’s goals, and organisational improvements. With staff increasing their involvement with the managers and internal teams to achieve the objectives to succeed enhanced relationships can be seen across the entire business.

Motivation will provide outstanding results within your business

Implementing recognition awards across multiple departments and focusing on an individual team member’s contribution to the organisation’s objectives, and improvements will see a business grow from good to great.

Employees acknowledged for success

Employees acknowledged for success benefits companies, as it’s known to reduce turnover of staff and retain talent,  with the added benefits to businesses, as they will also see a culture improved within the departments and overall organisation.

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Things to consider with recognition awards

Identify the action for award

For a successful employee recognition program, organisations need to first identify and then plan to action the chance to recognise the importance of an individual or team action, improvement within role an and heightened contribution, to the businesses objective.

Survey or consult

Consider a survey amongst your employees and internal departments on what they feel a recognition award should represent to your business, and what feedback do they contribute to the overall final judgement of who has achieved the standard and who has contributed to the organisation’s result.

Internal Competition or overall company goal

Recognition awards can be implemented for both individual team efforts or overall department goals.

As a businesses you need to decide if your organization’s scheme will include both the department and individual award, or if you wish to keep it only as an employee award recognition scheme, to fundamentally improve individual performance and improvements and award the winners accordingly, if considering incorporating this approach to recognition awards, consider do you wish to create a positive competitive edge internally?

Perhaps your recognition awards are to support improvements within the organisation and recognise employees who have made an outstanding contribution to the change.

Are management to implement the recognition awards

For individual awards, strong management technique is needed and will need to be planned if the recognition awards are to be implemented correctly and maintain a positive influence on an individual’s performance. Set goals for achievement need to be communicated to the team in advance of the award program commencing to ensure all individuals are on the same page and clear on the set objectives to be work towards

To incentivise towards improvement or performance?

Is your business looking to implement a recognition award as the overall goal is to praise the team for their hard work and dedication or is your company looking to increase the generation of referrals and new business opportunities. Companies can also look to reward teams for the completion of large projects, or achieving industry standards.

Explore opportunities

Companies looking how best to recognise and praise the employees for their efforts should look to include a staff recognition award scheme into their culture to instil a company culture of exploring new business or product opportunities.Rewarding employees for product innovation or creative problem solving will significantly benefit the organisation will an increased edge over the competition.

Team to nominate

Allow your workforce to nominate the winner as a team recognition strategy, implementing recognition awards increases team spirit and department participation, and encourages team work, improves communication and overall production of your organisation.

Award changes

Recognition awards can be included to support improvements within the organisation and recognise employees who have made an outstanding contribution to the change. Rewarding change will allow your team to actively embrace the changes for the better and embrace the opportunity to grow with the business.

Alternative recognition awards


Your company can create a reward culture to also celebrate an individual’s birthday, perfect for ensuring your employees feel valued. Branded confectionery, such as share tins or cakes can bring the team together, and increase positive contributions.

Service Awards

Traditionally recognised with glass awards engraved with company’s logo and years of service to mark the individual’s years of service to the business, along with a presentation and public show of appreciation for the length of time spent within your business.

Team awards

For a high-achieving individual or team, to thank them for their participation in company goals and objectives, or perhaps a new product innovation, recreational gifts or team-based rewards such as restaurant visits or an activity/ fun day out can do wonders for team building and improving working relationships. Cookery classes or team sports events can bring departments together for socialisation, and for individual awards a private membership to a wellness centre, gym or spa will be well received.

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