Personalised Paperweights

Personalised paperweights are still a champion choice for marketers, brands and charity organisations looking to choose an effective marketing gift to produce and send out to their clients’ prospects or charity patrons.

Promotional paperweights are still enjoyed and one of the most well received desk accessories for a consumer to be gifted by a brand.

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Crystal Globe design Paperweight on Stand

From £11.42

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Executive Metal 3D puzzle – Desk Accessory

From £9.60

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Optic Sliced Wedge Paperweight

From £14.98

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Optical Crystal Square Paperweight with Gift Box

From £6.39

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Optical Crystal Star Paperweight in Giftbox

From £10.03

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Paperweight Glass Ball and Magnifier

From £5.75

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Showing 1-6 of 6 results

As the item sits on a desk either at home in the office, your brand will benefit from multiple impressions as you design will sit the product, and stay fresh in your consumer’s mind as they view the items on multiple occasions throughout the day.

Personalised paperweights can be seen as something a little different for marketers looking for a slightly alternative marketing product to support a new campaign or charity fundraising effort.

Should you wish to gift your customer and thank them for their valued business, a personalised paperweight is a champion choice.

Promotional paperweights can also serve as a corporate award for high performing teams and internal departments, providing a token of recognition for their efforts, showing you appreciate their hard work, and serve as a lasting keepsake and memento for your business or organisation.

Personalised paperweights can also be used for marketing teams, looking to engage their team and workforce on key internal marketing messages and company taglines, or to serve as a reminder to internal teams for a new product range or launch.

For businesses looking to include a promotional item within their sales promotions and incentives, giving thought to a choice of personalised paperweight, and the tagline or messages to be branded to the item will heighten how well they received and how effective they are at spreading your marketing messages.

Consider your presentation of personalised paperweights

Personalised paperweights can be presented to your clients in a number of ways, from standard white tuck boxes for ease of storage or posting to your audience, through to silk lined presentation boxes should you wish to gift your paperweight with a little more flare.

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