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Golf is popular for many different reasons but is enjoyed by many individuals globally, as it allows players to enjoy the great outdoors whilst becoming skilled players and taking part in a competitive sport, whilst exercising in the fresh air.

Scotland was the birthplace of the first golf game back in the 15th century, and the first 18 hole golf course was erected in St Andrews.

Things to consider when sourcing your Golf Awards

Organisations and club heads need to consider the allocated awards budget you wish to spend to present to the golf winners at the end of a game or golf tour. Deciding on your spend per golf award will allow you to source and explore the correct golf trophy.

For an additional layer of presentation to the golf players, perhaps your event managers can also explore the opportunity present a winner’s certificate. Dual branding to the golf certificate will benefit marketers with the opportunity to add their logo and brand message for a lasting memento to the golf players after the event has finished.

Business looking to provide further gifts to the golfers at the end of the tour should consider promotional golf umbrellas to be included as marketing gifts and branded golf items alongside the presented golf trophies. Gifting golf promotional items will benefit your brand and services as your organisation’s logo and marketing messages will be seen by many others once the product is used off the golf course.

Different types of golf trophies & awards

Engraved glass awards in different golf themed shapes is a popular choice for awarding players at the end of a successful golf tour. Glass golf awards are seen as a premium reward once presented due to the weight of the glass and the fine finish. Organisations can also benefit from an engraved finish directly to the glass that includes company logos and winners text. An engraved golf trophy is sure to be appreciated by the golf champion.

Nickel jugs on bases are perfect for organisations looking to source a more traditional style of golf trophy to present to their winning golfers, and for clubs looking to invest in a golf trophy that will look stunning in a board room or golf reception. Metal plates to the base of the award is the common branding method to personalise the golf trophy.

Resin molded golf themed trophies, Allow golf event organisers the choice of exploring multiple shapes and sizes, popular choice include golf balls and clubs. Resin moulded trophies tend to be a very cost effective golf trophy solution for clubs on tighter budgets with less to spend.

Novelty Shapes, Not all golf awards need to be serious in nature, and for golf tournaments such as friendly games, and team building activity days, a novelty shaped golf trophy will allow your golf winners to have a bit of fun at presentation stage and to take home a lasting token of the golf fun day.

Resin figure awards. Continue to be a fashionable choice for the more traditional golf course and tournament, due to the cheap cost of sourcing resin golf trophies, and the ease of availability in many figurines poses and sizes. The branding area to the trophy is generally to the wooden base of the golf trophy where an engraved plate is applied with the winner’s details.

Medals to award winners of golf tournaments is a champion choice for organisations and clubs looking to award a few different choices and tiers of die struck medal to the players in different metal finishes. Golf medals can be sources and supplied in presentation boxes, providing a little more impact to the golf player when presented. Providing a golf award in a silk lined presentation box will allow the winner to safely store the medal as a lasting token of the golf tour to be enjoyed for many years after the event.

Crystal blocks with laser engraved designs running in golf themes provide a lasting token gesture to the golf tournament winners and provide an alternative modern spin on organisations and clubs looking to include a different type of golf trophy in the event schedule.

Golf Plaques remain a popular choice for marketers and golf club heads for awarding winning golf players for their performance during the golf tournament, The metal plate attached to the plaques allowing for quality laser engraved designs to be placed on the plaque for pride and place in a winners cabinet.

The benefits of arranging a networking golf day

For businesses and organisations looking to hold a corporate event, marketers and event managers should consider the benefits of a corporate golf day.

Corporate golf days are a champion choice for marketers looking to invite both prospects or existing clients, or potential charity ambassadors for a competitive day on the golf course.

Your organisation can explore a whole host of promotional golf items to gift to the attendees during the day, alongside branded golf trophies for the golf winners to take home.

Promotional golf umbrellas will be well received by your attendees and will continue to make multiple impressions to the wider world of your product, brand and services, once used away from the golf day.

Your chosen receivers of the promotional golf umbrella are likely to take to their local golf course during practice and further advertise your brand whilst in use on a golf course.

Golf promotional items such as branded scorecard holders, printed golf tees and embroidered golf towels can be added to a promotional gift bag to be gifted out to all those that attend.

Considering a mixture of golf items to present to your client at the corporate golf event will provide your brand with a memorable positive reflection in the eyes of the guests and further benefit your company with the opportunity to advertise your brand to a wider audience once the product has been taken home or back to the office.

Award – Teardrop (Full Colour Print)

Heptagon shaped acrylic award printed using the world’s latest print technology, enabling full colour logos and designs to be printed directly onto the reverse side of the award and on quantities as low as one piece. Our wide range of awards have been carefully selected to allow this print process to enhance its final appearance, leave the recipient with an award of prestigious value. Individual personalisation also available at extra cost.

Award – Fin Shaped (Full Colour Print)

Heptagon shaped acrylic award printed using the world’s latest print technology, enabling full colour logos and designs to be printed directly onto the reverse side of the award and on quantities as low as one piece. Our wide range of awards have been carefully selected to allow this print process to enhance its final appearance, leave the recipient with an award of prestigious value. Individual personalisation also available at extra cost.

Stamped Iron Medal

With detailed bespoke designs stamped on one or both sides, our stunning range of medals is ideal for prize giving ceremonies and sports awards. Whether you are organising a football tournament or swimming competition, or looking for a bespoke promotional gift or retail product, our personalised medallions are ideal. The medals are nickel or brass plated as standard and available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Antique brass, bronze, silver or gold finishes are available on request and an attractive sandblasted finish or colour infill is also an option. All of our medals can be supplied with one-side printed 20mm lanyards or V-stitched satin ribbons attached.

UK 7 Day Metal Medals

Full-colour print with dome
Nickel plating
Red/White/Blue Ribbon
50mm diameter
2mm thick with polished edges

Optical Crystal Golf Ball Award

Perfect for the golfing enthusiast, this item makes a great recognition award or incentive. A crystal golf ball sits on top of a perfectly clear optical crystal base which provides the space to convey your message, club crest or corporate logo. The compact size of these awards means they look just as good when used as a desktop gift as they would sitting on the shelf in a trophy cabinet. With three sizes available you can reward first, second and third places. Each award is supplied in an individual foam lined presentation box. Size 4.5cm

Crystal Golf ball Award

Crystal Golf ball and rectangle on base award supplied in a satin box. Dimensions: 145mm(h)
Colours: Clear

8.5oz Whisky Glass & 5cl Miniture Gift Set

8.5oz Whisky glass and a 5cl miniature bells whisky supplied in a Satin lined box. Can be supplied with alternative miniatures POA.

Engrave area to front of glass, size: 45 x 40mm


From £10.04

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Optical Crystal Arched Clock with Satin Lined Box

Optical crystal arched clock supplied in a Satin lined box. Fantastic desktop item.

Engrave or Print Area: 60 x 55mm



From £20.33

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Large Stern Tankard in Presentation Carton

Large stern tankard supplied in a presentation carton. Perfect gift for him

Engrave or Print Area: 60 x 80mm


From £5.47

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Optical Crystal Square Paperweight with Gift Box

Optical Crystal Square paperweight with bevelled edges, 60mm, supplied in a Satin lined box. Ideal gift for schools/ offices

Engrave Area: 42 x 42mm


From £6.39

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Optical Crystal Star Paperweight in Giftbox

Optical crystal star paperweight, 100mm, supplied in a Satin lined box. Ideal gift for rewarding success.

Engrave or Print Area: 30 x 30mm


From £10.03

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Pair of Crystal Square Tumblers Giftboxed

Pair of crystal square tumblers, 10oz, supplied in a Satin lined box. Perfect executive gift.

Engrave Area: 45 x 45mm



From £10.55

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