Football Awards

You want the team to be proud to receive their football trophy and aspire to be winners and display the award to other visiting teams and take pride of place amongst receptions and common rooms.

Football trophies serve as a token to the team of their sports victory along with a lasting reminder of their football success. Acting as a memento of the sporting accomplishment and the special event where the team become ultimate winners.

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Consider your audience for your choice of football awards

Football trophies are an important part of the game for the players, as much as participation as a team along with the dedication to succeed and effort train to become champions in their sport.

Winning a sport trophy for most teams is the ultimate goal and dream for the squad, providing the players with the motivation to continue, to drive forward push their own individual efforts towards contributing their very best to propelling their club forwards to the top of their league.

Things to consider before making your choice of Football Trophies

Organisations looking to become league or match sponsors to football clubs, you will need to consider your appropriate option to present the winners with their football trophy.

You need to explore if the trophies are to be handed out to adult players or to a children’s football team. The two different ages of players will suit different football award types.

A good all rounder

A good all rounder football award is the popular design “golden football boot” appealing to all types of players, young, adolescent or adult, the golden boot is a well-received design that allows the sponsor to include a metal engraved plate perfect for personalising the trophy before presenting the winners.

For local teams and football clubs

Football Trophies showing a football player in the middle of an action shot are popular, cost effective choices, cheap football trophies can be sourced in a variety of action poses, to suit all club budgets and player awards.

Glass awards

Glass awards in the shape of footballs, sports boots and posing players, are a premium choice for football sponsors, of all levels of football matches and leagues. With the ability to engrave directly to the award itself and to present a well-weighted football trophy to the winning team will reflect really well on corporate sponsors, during the team presentation, and potential PR opportunity.

Novelty designs

Designs such as animals in football kits are also available as a champion choice of football trophy to present to children’s youth squad or friendly match winners. Novelty designs are usually made from resin moulds and sprayed to match a popular metal colour such as gold and silver. Novelty trophies are a top choice for sponsors looking to source a cheap football trophy for a bit of fun on the match day.

Presentation shields

Sheilds are a perfect choice for clubs and sporting chairmen to present to winners in the football league and also allow for a multiple winners engraved plates to still remain through the years, as a lasting memento of the matches and winners. Presentation shields are a great alternative for clubs and sponsors looking to present something different to the winners from the standard football trophy.

Trophy cups

Trophy Cups are seen as the ultimate premium choice of football trophies, for winners of football leagues and game players. Football trophies are available in many different styles and finishes, allowing a perfect football trophy cup to be found within all budgets.

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Suggestions on how to present your football awards to the winners

As a football sponsor venue hosting the league games and friendly football matches, how are you going to present your Football Trophies to the winners?

Perhaps the friendly league football games are no formal in nature and the winning club is happy to receive their trophy in front on the spectators, at the end of the match.

For more formal occasions, as a league sponsor, you may wish to consider holding a Black Tie ceremony to celebrate the sport and winners, with an evening of food and entertainment to follow after the presentation. Evening balls present a perfect opportunity to include charity fundraising into the mix to raise funds for a charity cause, close to the football clubs hearts.

Suggestions of Football Trophy winning titles

Football trophy sponsors needing a bit of inspiration for the winning titles to their sponsored football trophies can consider any of the below.

  • End of season
  • Best goalkeeper
  • Best player
  • Ward for the coach
  • Man of the match
  • Best goalkeeper
  • Football league awards

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