Employee Awards

Modern businesses and companies understand the value of incorporating employee awards schemes into their HR engagement programs and internal marketing communications.

Considering the key messages you wish to instil into your workforce in advance of announcing that your businesses in looking to roll out an employee awards program will ensure your company’s communications and incentives will be an effective engagement exercise with your team.

Apart from benefiting your overall team morale and delivering a platform to transform your company culture to one that values and rewards its hardworking team, an appropriately designed employee award program will also generate a positive working ethic amongst your employees.

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Employee awards are a key aid in making the employee feel valued.

Companies looking to retain and inspire talented employees in their workforce understand the impact of making their team feel valued and appreciated. Happy employees provide stronger company contributions to sales goals, product innovation and overall productivity.

Staff awards and trophies allow a company to celebrate the true worth of their workforce and team, congratulate and applaud their hard work and commitment to the business, company goals and profits.

Companies looking to celebrate talent and achievement within their core values and ethics will include employee awards into their employee engagement schemes.

Employee recognition awards benefit the company’s overall productivity, positive working culture and attract new talent on board to develop with your business and your growth strategy.


Motivation is driven by your employees looking to succeed in the professional targets set by your company or industry, to raise the bar and standards of work and efficiency to qualify for the company’s employee award scheme and recognition in the workplace.

Encouraging high standards

Encouraging high standards is always of benefit to any business or organisation that wishes to continue forward with its company’s growth and achievements, and to ensure they are able to stay ahead of competitors.

Creating a positive organisation and culture

Recruiting true talent within a business is a common concern for human resource managers and recruitment teams. Employee awards will ensure that your business and talented employees remain within your company and see their futures with your business long term. Working environments with an authentic, positive, rewarding working environment is a key concern for all employees. Workers “loving where they work” is usually a driving force in the success of most great companies.

Showing gratitude to the team or individual employees

Showing gratitude to the team or individual employees does wonder for the reciprocal thoughts created from the workforce towards their employers. Gratitude shown towards a company’s team in the form of employee awards, vouchers for event days or personal shopping trips can engage and encourage your staff to be their very best.

Building and maintaining the trust between employees and managers

Building and maintaining the trust between employees and managers is a major concern and challenge for most big businesses, due to the cost of recruitment, human resources, training and time spent finding resolutions due to unengaged employees and management. Implementing employee award schemes and programs will enrich the employee, management relationship as departments will all be aiming for the same goals.

Celebrate the winning of top industry awards

Celebrate the winning of top industry awards for businesses looking to shout about their success within their industry or sector to both competitors and industry peers, and to announce a milestone in achieving an industry award for compliance, standards or customer service, implementing an employee awards scheme for the team will see your business reach the higher industry standards within an exceptional time.

Career development goals

Career development goals to help incentivize your workforce into the view of a long-term career within your business and retain true talent within your company, provide the means for your workforce to realistically achieve career development with hard work and commitment. Employee recognition awards in the form of plaques and desk accessories or vouchers towards higher education, or training courses will legitimately propel your business to a company of choice for employees in your field.

Proven way to improve talent retention

With the ever increasing costs for recruitment for new team members, and the further additional costs by training a new team start before they can contribute to your business or organisation, smart companies understand that by incorporating employee awards, not only do they see a reduction in staff leaving their company, but a great pull for new talent considering a career with your business.

Employee awards are one of the most successful ways to show your staff that you recognise their contribution and achievements, using positive methods to encourage your team to increase their efforts for your business goals, will see lasting results.

Long service award programs

Larger companies comprehend the influence on their staff morale and dedication to service by implementing a service employee award program. Celebrating and thanking dedicated employees for their years of service within your business, such as 5 years, 10 years and 25 plus years, with a personalised award in the form of glass awards or executive gifts or recreational vouchers and certificates can boost positive connections between employees and head office human resource teams.

Retirement awards

Companies showing employees that they have appreciated the time the individual has dedicated to their business and that they are wishing them well during their retirement provides a lasting impression in the existing workforce that the company cares about they staff, and leaves an undeniable pleasant end of working relationship with the individual taking retirement.

Christmas gifts to celebrate the achievements of the team over the course of the year

Businesses looking to engage more with their workforce after a busy and successful year should explore the many options available to provide an employee award such as Christmas gifts, holiday or shopping vouchers or goodies for the office such as confectionary. A branded bottle of wine or even a holiday hamper can significantly improve employee relations.

Great businesses understand how they can motivate and recognise the team efforts with a thank you gift. Employee awards can be reflective of the efforts shown by your team to achieve a company goal, such as increased sales, industry awards, new production innovation or a successful marketing campaign.

Employee awards need not be exceptionally expensive, staff love to be shown you appreciate their efforts considering awarding branded confectionary, complimentary new desk sets, and celebratory printed mugs and glassware.

Companies can invite positive ambition towards achieving company goals and industry targets.

Businesses can explore how they facilitate employee awards and can consider presenting achievement certificates in company branded glass or metal frames. The frames are then likely to be hung or stood in pride of place within an office to serve as a lasting reminder of the achievement, and to continue to motivate the existing team.

To recognise the development of new skills

Employee awards are a perfect way to salute teams and high achieving individuals on the completion of a new course or academic qualification that will help them further develop their skill set within your company, and help your company prosper.

Employee award ideas

  • Incentives for sales
  • In recognition for performance
  • Complete attendance
  • Health and safety competency
  • Team player
  • Customer service star
  • Product Innovation
  • Company Ambassador
  • Most recognised improvements
  • Team achievements
  • Strong leadership
  • Business contribution
  • Contribution to innovation.
  • Multi Tasking superstar
  • Leading team encouragement
  • Employee of the month award

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Tips on how to choose the correct employee recognition awards

Tailoring the award to the team and the individuals being rewarded, this will ensure all participants are motivated and happy with their available options. This can include vouchers for shopping or to be used for holidays or day trips with the family.

Planning your recognition scheme and incentives, and ensure your employees are well advised in advance of the employee recognitions plans before the program commences.

Tailor the award to items that your employees are desperate to have and items they really desire to have. Something your team will strive to succeed to obtain. Employee recognition awards can be in the form of team meals or days out, or an item of technology for the entire office to enjoy.

Consider making multiple options available to the employees to choose from, or bank up for a larger award as they continue to succeed towards the goals.

Team nominations explore your options to allow your employees to nominate their teammates and peers propelling team morale and spirit, forging new relationships with team members that may not have had much involvement with one another on a day to day basis.

Consider your reasons for the award Are you looking to just thank your team on a whole as a joint contribution across the business towards the company’s success.

Perhaps you are at the end of a completion for a large client project or have reached an industry compliance milestone and been awarded a business award for standards.

Your business may be looking to recognise employees that have been with the company for an extended period of time, such as service awards

Employee award alternatives such as a team activity day, evening cookery classes or tickets to a sports events, rewards such as membership to a wellness centre, gym or spa. Awarding your team does not just need to include certificates and glass trophies, you could also consider recognition awards in the form of enjoyable activities for the individual or entire team.

Bespoke to your business, consider making the employee award unique to your business or services. Creating a bespoke acrylic award in the shape of your product or suggestive of your operating sector will further instil your corporate message and internal communications into your departments and teams.

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