Crystal Awards

Businesses around the globe benefit from staff retention, better attendance, increased employee engagement and productivity from incorporating crystal awards into a recognition strategy.

Incentivising your workforce to compete to achieve the goals set by your business to qualify for the crystal award recognition program will allow your company goals to move forward with your employees, positive recognition will increase sales, workforce productivity and product innovation.

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Elegant Round Glass Trophy with Half Globe

From £8.99

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Jade Glass Bevelled Crescent Awards

Jade Glass Facetted Ice Peak Awards

Large Stern Tankard in Presentation Carton

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Optical Crystal Arched Clock with Satin Lined Box

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Optical Crystal Facet Iceberg Award

Optical Crystal Square Paperweight with Gift Box

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Optical Crystal Star Paperweight in Giftbox

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Pair of Crystal Square Tumblers Giftboxed

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Paperweight Glass Ball and Magnifier

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Showing 1-10 of 10 results

The many benefits of including crystal awards in your employee recognition program

Crystal awards can be sourced to match your company ethics and codes, work well with your brand logos and icons, along with colour schemes and industry sector.

Award and recognition products need not fall only into the crystal award category but can also include personal gifts and desktop accessories

An explanation on the different types of crystal awards.

Glass decanters

Also known as crystal dram decanters, a champion choice for businesses clubs and affiliated groups to provide a crystal award to an individual or chairman to mark an anniversary of service or complimentary praise for all the work and services provided over the year.

Crystal tot glasses can also be included in the glass award gift to be presented to the individual as a complete set. Glass decanters look stunning engraved and will take pride of place within a club lounge, boardroom, or home setting.

Glass decanters are a perfect glass award to mark a retirement date and to show appreciation to an individual for continued successful leadership.


For sports chairman’s and winners of sporting accolades, glass tankards are seen as a token gift from the glass awards category. For sporting achievements, the large engrave area to the tankard allows for a number of personalised text lines such as competition date and winners. A great alternative to a sporting trophy.

Bar accessories

Crystal ice buckets and champagne buckets are a popular choice for prestigious catering companies and wine bars. The ice buckets can also serve as a champion choice for business awards looking to mark an achievement within a bar and service sector.

As an engraved glass award ice buckets can accommodate a large amount of text, company or brand logos and icons, a key choice for marketers looking for an award idea to propel their marketing messages.

Crystal award suppliers will be able to advise on the many options for you to consider in varying designs to ice buckets.

Wine glasses and champagne flutes

Glass awards can be obtained to be enjoyed by the individual on a personal basis.

Wine and champagne flutes are an undefeated option for to provide the wow factor to the presented gift.

With many options for celebrating an individual’s wedding, anniversary or retirement, champagne flutes are a splendid choice to put a smile on the face of the receiver.

For an additional level of prestige and impact, some varieties of flutes can be supplied with Swarovski crystal embellishments, creating a distinguished trim.

Speak to a crystal awards supplier if you wish to include a celebratory bottle of wine or champagne, full sized bottles and miniatures are available for a single flute glass award.

Whisky tumblers & High Ball Glasses

Crystal awards in the form of personalised brandy tumblers, whisky tumblers and hall ball glasses can be engraved with your marketing message, company logo, or sports club crest along with a date and text to mark the occasion to be celebrated and recognised,

Provided in a presentation box alongside a token gesture of a choice bottle of brandy or whisky will give an additional layer of enchantment when presented to the deserving individual.

For company departments and sports team, crystal awards and glasses can be gifted to celebrate a victory in a sporting championship to the entire team or to adorn and create a feature in a boardroom.

Lead crystal awards

For a contemporary prestigious finish and a classically appealing option of crystal award, for presenting to key company performers or employees that will appeal to all audiences a lead crystal award is a champion choice.

Options for engraving and etching directly into the glass creates a distinguished finish and premium feel to the award once presented to the winner, at your awards presentation.

Jade and Clear Glass awards

Award ranges available in both the Jade and clear glass variety are available in many different shapes. With the assorted shapes such as stars, globes flames and rectangle designs, a perfect fitting option for all businesses and sports clubs can be found.

With the option to both engrave and screen print the jade and clear glass awards, marketers and sports leaders can rely on an accurate replication of their club shields or brand logos and icons

Bowls Vases and giftware

For companies and clubs looking for a crystal award that will “wow” the receiver upon presentation, crystal bowls and crystal vases will produce a stunning impression once gifted to the receiver. With a large branding space available to engrave directly to the bowl or vase, will allow clubs and businesses to include multiple text lines, such as recognition for achievements and the receiver’s name and date.

Crystal desktop gifts

Crystal awards need not be only trophies and tumbler glasses, for companies looking to provide an award to their employees and recognition of service years, a variety of alternative crystal items such as paperweights, photo frames, crystal letter openers and pen holders, can work well for supporting a presentation gift to a rewarded individual.

Sports Awards

For sports clubs such as Golf, football, rugby, bowls and sailing, crystal awards in reflective shapes can be a perfect choice for clubs to present and award team achievements. Popular choices for golf teams are crystal award styles such as plinths that include golf balls on optic bases, and human figurines in the shape of a footballer or golfer.

Sports awards tend to include a base for the team dates and achievements, that can take additional revisions and dates to act as a rolling award as the sports tournament continues.

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