Corporate Awards

Business and organisations push for recognition in their sector and industry to achieve corporate awards to present a successful and innovative face to industry competitors and customers.

To achieve an industry award and merit of achievement will propel a company into the media spotlight and increase the presence of the business with both suppliers and customers.

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The importance of corporate Awards

Great positive PR and Marketing

Business accolades and industry recognition is a great opportunity and marketing advantage for companies to invite industry reporters and marketers to cover the achievement and presentation of the corporate award, cover the event in industry papers and discuss via social media.

Volumes of positive PR

Positive PR will be created from an organisation achieving a company award and working on a strong press release to pass out into the media to celebrate the achievement by holding an industry event or open day.

Articles can be written for the company website or blog announcing the win and taking the opportunity to thank their team for the hard work and exceptional performance to allow the corporate award to be achieved and the dedication of the business to continue on with the high standards within their industry.

Company recognition opens the door for new business opportunities

Organisations that have been awarded a corporate award recognised within their field and industry, will open new business opportunities in their marketplace, develop chances to discuss the award with prospects and to gain additional respect from their existing customer base.

Shows your industry that your company is a leader in your field.

Gaining a corporate award and marketing the achievement out to industry competitors and potential new customers will propel your business to be viewed as a leader in your industry and field, enable your organisation to be recognised and respected as being a company at the top of your specialism and a to be approached by new businesses to discuss your services or products.

Adds to your corporate identity

Companies who have been recognised for being industry leaders and winning a corporate award will be able to include the industry award merit on all communications internally and externally and evolve their corporate identity to include the logo of the corporate award and market the achievement to their customers and prospects.

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Why business still need to implement corporate awards

Organisations looking to implement corporate award programs and schemes to their internal teams and include in internal communications to their workforce can consider multiple tiers and options to reward their hard working teams and departments.

Reflection on the business

Businesses seen as investing in corporate awards to show appreciation and recognition to their teams and departments will be viewed as an organisation that cares about their staff and is proud of their achievements.

A true reflection of a company is how well they treat their staff and the time they take to ensure they feel valued and supported.

Corporate awards show the true company culture of a business or organisation and their desire to reward staff for their dedication and hard work.

Companies implementing corporate award schemes for staff who have heavily contributed to the overall success and growth of an organisation will continue to motivate and engage teams in continuing with their high standards of work.

Become an employer of choice

Corporate awards used by leading organisations raises the profile of a business to talented job seekers and positions the company as an employer of choice. Recruitment is core to ensuring organisations can bring new talent into the business so that the organisation can continue to grow and improve.

Aid in the retention of staff

As well as the benefits of bringing new talent on board within the business, corporate awards can benefit your business in retaining your existing team. Recruitment costs businesses in both time and fees, showing appreciation and recognising the efforts of your existing team is just as important.

A stronger more motivated workforce

Businesses rewarding hardworking departments and dedicated staff can include corporate awards in their recognition programs. By exploring your options on corporate awards for your teams, presenting awards to exemplary staff performers, you will continue to motivate the workforce to achieve more and continue with their high standards in product innovation, client retention and customer service.

Healthy internal competition

Internal marketing teams looking to engage the workforce in a bit of healthy internal competition, to drive sales promotions and customer service standards will see a large uptake of improved services and productivity within departments as staff compete to be the ultimate winners in your company’s corporate awards scheme.

Team corporate awards increase department’s relationships

Departments within a business can implement corporate awards within their staff departments to bring managers and staff together to work on projects that will enable them to compete for corporate awards as a team. Once departments have reached their target and become winners of the award, the newly formed communication channels and improved internal relationships will continue to benefit the business and the overall company performance.

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