Business Awards

Companies across the globe understand the importance of promotional business awards to incentivize and recognise achievements within their sector and operations.

Coupled with the value added by including business awards within your company’s culture and human resources, is the marketing opportunity to shout about how well your business is performing in the form of PR announcements and industry news.

Including business awards into your marketing and promotional strategy will improve your relations with your workforce in multiple ways that truly benefit your company’s sales goals and growth plans.

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Showing 1-10 of 10 results

How business trophies are a key to providing recognition in the workplace.

Business awards are valued by the Individual or business

Celebrating a star company employee will do wonders for their morale and continued commitment to your overall business performance. A celebration of their performance by handing over a business award to your employees will prove to your team that hard work and commitment are recognised within your company culture and your business values their drive and ambition to succeed.

Engaging your employees

Businesses challenged with engaging their workforce should consider business awards as a champion way to increase engagement within the team. Sending out core internal marketing communications inviting your team to become involved in the qualifying competencies to win internal business awards, allows your HR and internal marketing team to breed a belief in your company ethics and core values.

Drives performance

Business awards are proven to drive companies forward and perform better within their sector or industry when employees are engaged with their company’s values and goals. Driving performance is a key concern for most businesses and implementing a reward and recognition scheme in-house allows the team to feel involved with the continued success.

Goals for achievement

Companies placing an emphasis on rewarding and acknowledging set goals and company targets will benefit from including business awards in the overall business strategy, to see improvements in service levels, sales, quality and product manufacture, an employee that has been set a goal to reach in order to receive a business award and personal recognition, will drive forward with contribution to ensure the goal is achieved.

The honour of receiving a trophy

All individuals are proud and inspired once receiving a company honour in the form of a business award. Presented with a trophy to celebrate the employee’s contribution to the overall success of a company’s team, department or manufacturing sector will instil pride and further commitment from the team or individual that has been awarded. The larger workforce within the business will also be inspired to work towards the honour of being awarded for their contributions throughout the business year.

Public Award

Awarding your internal team for their contributions to your businesses achievements and success over the year increases the drive for your employees to work towards being the winners the following year. Employees looking to become high achievers and seek recognition within your business will strive to be the next individual to be given your choice of business award.

Recognition as a key performer

Companies investing in staff recognition will see improvements with their team performance. Key performers will continue to add value to the business goals and encourage other members of your internal team to push forward with their personal contributions and seek the same recognition as their peers, by ensuring they themselves are the next to receive a business award.

Reward has a meaning

Appreciation is a basic need of all individuals. By showing your workforce that you truly value their work ethics and contributions to your business goals will improve your positive company culture, and strengthen your employee relations.

Winners motivate others to achieve

Employee contribution witnessed by your entire workforce is an assured way to improve company performance. Internal teams are peers participating in business awards will want to become a star performer the very next year.

Business awards are shown to motivate teams needed that little extra push to go further with their contributions towards a company goal.

Positive rewards and encouraging feedback

Employee recognition is a positive way to both encourage and reward those within your business for their personal contribution to your company’s strategies for increasing sales, attendance, customer service and product innovation. Business awards place emphasis on the importance of being a team player and encourage a workplace culture of providing feedback to managers and leaders within the business about areas that can be improved or reworked to increase performance and achieve overall business goals.

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Things to consider when choosing business awards

Design of the award

Consider your business award design and which would work best with your sector and internal marketing message.

With a wide variety of trophies and lead crystal awards to choose from, a perfect business award is available to all companies looking to source an award that reflects their business.

Crystal bowls vases and crystal giftware are also champion choices for companies looking to provide a token business award to recognise years of service and commitment to your business.

Engraved business awards provide a stunning finish to your choice of trophy or crystal award. Allowing the receiver to place their award with pride in their home or desk.

Plaques and frames are an assured choice for companies looking to mark a new office premises or anniversary of trading to prospects and customers visiting your site.

Multiple tiers

Marketers should look to offer their award winners with multiple tiers such as winner, runner up, or best at.

Business awards to recognise achievement in, product innovation, team playing, biggest contributor and star performers within your company and internal departments will be valued by the employee and provide a morale boost for continued improvements.

What is your business award looking to improve?

Perhaps your company is looking for an internal marketing tool to drives a cultural change within the business, a tool to improve profit, increase attendance, provide motivation, award innovative product solutions, and increase creativity and problem-solving.

Quality of your business award

Once your company has decided on the ideal address the quality of the business awards, is it suitable and fitting to represent your business and the achievements of the individual receiving it?

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